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More than 300 are following me. How happy I am!
I tried to draw hard for thanking you, but it takes too much time and there are too many people to draw.
I'll upload two completed pictures. I'll upload ones in progress later!


Alphabetical Order. Except for one person, whom I messed up on the placing. Blee de blump:
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Last Panel:

“Also, what’s to stop him from getting up on his hind legs? You didn’t bind them.”
“Of course. Also, what exactly is around his forehooves?”
Stop asking questions and get to work.

((Thanks for 250 followers, guys! I tried to put in more people than I did last time. Five or four more people. Eh, getting there. Anyways, I hope for many more in the future. It would be so rad! After the 300th mark (if we ever get there), I will be only counting through hundreds. So it’ll be 300 then 400, follower milestone wise.))


Thank you ALL so much for 1500+ followers! I still can’t believe that so many would like my silly little oc. ;w; Thank you so much! i don’t know what else to say right now i just aaaah ;w;

I wish I could include everyone, but here are some mutuals!

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Once again, thank you evrybody! 

also I’m sorry if i ruined your ponies with my art style ahsdhjkfhaffkjsf

See ya soon! <3


Boy VS Girl

The constant question.

I decided to draw what Redeye would look like if they had grown up into a “stereotypical gender role” in a normal household. 

I’m always fascinated by how people have a profound need to know what gender Redeye is. Some call them girl, some call them boy. 

So I’m curious, what do you think they are? And why?


It’s not been very long since I made the very first Redeye update, and yet I’ve gotten so many followers! I love each and every one of you, and I’m so excited that you all enjoy my little blog.

I never thought this blog would become so popular when I started it. I’m looking forward to a long time of blogging with you! >v<

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Fanart for Dr.Frankensteed!

I spent a whole lot more time and effort on this than I had originally planned to ovo’“

frankensteed has got basically everything I want, it’s pretty much a dream blog for me to follow. It has a supremely designed pony character,  gorgeous art, a developing story instead of random asks being answered, it’s a blog with a darker theme and it has a questionable doctor doing experiments in it! How could I NOT love it?? >v<

Drawing shiny and glowy things is difficult in MS Paint, but I really wanted to make that mane and those eyes of his justice. It took some trial and error, but I think I did alright! Also, I need to draw lightning more often. It’s fun!

Also you all should definitely give this blog a follow. ovo

“Don’t want people thinking I’m some sort of charity or something… this is just a one time thing, alright?”

Posted by: Hannahmod

Mod: Sorry it took so long to get an update from me!  I’ve been so busy with work and too exhausted.  No shading on this one, I just felt like putting something up and shading would take a long time.  I’ll do better on the next update though, I promise!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween, or Nightmare Night, is Redeye’s least favorite holiday, for obvious reasons. >v< Scary things aren’t the greatest things according to little Redeye.

I know it’s early, but I’ll be busy this weekend ovo

And I give you, the street smart earth pony girl without a talent, who’s somehow sickly in some way. >v<

Name: Vipertongue
Nickname: Viper
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony

She’s been living on the streets of Manehattan for as long as she can remember. Which truthfully isn’t that long, if you look at her entire life so far. But she’s spent at least 8 years roaming the streets, and by now, she’s a real expert. 

Her personal motto seems to be “I can rest when I’m dead”, as she lives her life on as little sleep as possible. When asked why, she usually replies something like “do you even KNOW how many evil fucking creatures feed on sleeping ponies??”.

A firm believer in everything that’s not natural, Viper claims that there are ghosts and ghouls and everything else bad you’ve ever heard or read about in fairy tales out there, just waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting pony. She’s very knowledgeable about these kind of fantasy creatures. Because they can’t be real, can they? All those years on the streets must’ve messed with her mind.

While blunt and straight forward, and sometimes even rude, Viper has the best of intentions.. Most of the time.