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Birth name: ???
Name: Redeye
Age: Somewhere around 15
Gender: (>///^///<)
Sexual orientation: (\ (>///A///<) /) !!

Talent: Who knows? It might have to do with helping other ponies in some way, as the heart cutiemarks often do.

Likes: Feeling safe, watching other ponies being happy, nice dreams, pie.
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, being asked a lot of questions, physical contact, ponies invading personal space, snow, deep water.
Fears: Fog (Solstice), old memories.

Personality: Redeye is incredibly timid and shy, and prefers to stay out of the way, which is made easier by their small size.

While Redeye may sometimes say things that point at a bit of confidence, that’s not the case. Sometimes the words just slip out, and usually when they do, Redeye will try to find somewhere to hide, afraid of other ponies’ reactions. These slips are pretty rare, though.

While they want to help as much as they can, Redeye often just isn’t brave enough to approach ponies in need of help, unless they really take time to work up the courage. 


[This will be a work in progress. The more you find out about Redeye through the blog updates, the more I’ll write here!]

Redeye’s earliest memory is being taken in by an orphanage somewhere in Equestria.

They lost their wing not too long ago, and it seems related to some suppressed memories about a cabin in the woods.

Scar Patch

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I had planned to draw all the ponies, but I simply couldn’t. I’m sorry, but I at least managed to draw a bunch of them! Quality over quantity I suppose..??

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(\( O//u//O )/)

Happy Halloween!

Halloween, or Nightmare Night, is Redeye’s least favorite holiday, for obvious reasons. >v< Scary things aren’t the greatest things according to little Redeye.

I know it’s early, but I’ll be busy this weekend ovo

Fanart for Dr.Frankensteed!

I spent a whole lot more time and effort on this than I had originally planned to ovo’“

frankensteed has got basically everything I want, it’s pretty much a dream blog for me to follow. It has a supremely designed pony character,  gorgeous art, a developing story instead of random asks being answered, it’s a blog with a darker theme and it has a questionable doctor doing experiments in it! How could I NOT love it?? >v<

Drawing shiny and glowy things is difficult in MS Paint, but I really wanted to make that mane and those eyes of his justice. It took some trial and error, but I think I did alright! Also, I need to draw lightning more often. It’s fun!

Also you all should definitely give this blog a follow. ovo

“Don’t want people thinking I’m some sort of charity or something… this is just a one time thing, alright?”

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