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Re: Blue Diamond, I find it interesting that she so strongly resembles a very well-known piece of funeral art. Google 'Black Aggie Statue' (also known as 'Grief') and you'll see what I mean. There's a legend about the statue that it's bad luck or cursed! This statue was so well known in its day that it was widely copied for headstones and memorials around the world. Sugar talks about a dance being an inspiration for the character design, but I think Black Aggie must have been as well.

That’s an interesting idea! And it further reinforces the idea that BD is in perpetual mourning, or at least she’d like to be. 

And to add to that, the veiled figure of mourning is one that is well-known as well. I feel all this historical imagery blends together into BD’s aesthetic so that immediately looking at her, we already get a set of ideas about who she’s supposed to be and what she does.

The thing is, Crewnvierse has always introduced these tropes knowingly and then subverted them. Every antagonist ever is a good example. So I think that’s also a really good hint at what’s to come for us, and it’s that the Diamonds aren’t the one-note characters they present as.