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i don't like jasico, and it's because I think the fandom exaggerated their relationship a lot. Oh yeah, Jason it's nice to Nico, and supports him. So what? Jason was pretty nice to Frank too, being cool with the whole praetor thing, but I don't see fanfiction, or fanart everywhere of them. I'm sure that if another person was with Nico there, like Hedge, or Frank, they wouldn't have reacted in such a way. Let alone if he was with a girl -ignoring the crush revelation-

This is a really nice point that I’d like to talk about for a second—not on Jasico, but on Nico’s reveal and Jason’s rise to prominence within the fandom.  

Pre-HoH Jason was one of the least liked of the boys. It seems after Nico’s forced reveal, his status was upgraded to “totally shippable material with popular male” and therefore became a fan favorite. I hate claims of “but Jason accepted Nico!!1” and “this was character development for Jason1111!!!” because that just deflects the focus from Nico’s traumatic reveal to Jason’s….being a decent person. In my opinion, we shouldn’t really heap praise onto Jason in this instance because wow accepting a person’s sexuality that’s hero material right there give the boy a medal and his own book deal wow amaze. 

And I’m not trying to rag on Jason here, he’s one of my favorite characters and all, but I can’t help think about what if it had been Frank, or Piper or Hazel in that room. Not Jason. If they had done the same thing Jason did. Would they have gotten the same praise. 

And I think the answer to that is no. They wouldn’t have.