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Marichat Fluff 3

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Another small fic. For @kwamikwami

“Are you sure you’re allowed here after the CopyChat incident?” Marinette laughed as she walked into the Louvre with her arm wrapped around his.

“Sure, I’m sure. They understand it was a big misunderstanding and I know some of the guys here. Isn’t that right, Ralph?” He asked a security guard as they passed by.

“I got my eye on you cat.” The guard growled, moving to fingers to his eyes then pointed them at Chat.

“Okay maybe I’m not so sure.” He confessed as Marinette busted out laughing.

“So why did you drag me here, Chat?” She asked him, wiping a tear away.

“Well Princess, you lost a bet so you had to go on a date with yours truly.” He smirked, “and what better place than a museum.” He waved his hand, show casing the many pieces of art work.

“Uh huh, sure.” She rolled her eyes. “I just bet you have some art puns you wanted to subject me to.”

“Well you caught me. I wanted a cat-ptive pawdience, for my puns are truly works of art.” He replied smugly, his Chat like smile spread a cross his lips.

“You are a regular Pawcatsso.” She joked, shaking her head.

“Oooh princess, very good.” He laughed.

“That’s the only pun you will be getting out of me.” She flicked his nose as they continued to walk through the museum.

However as they walked through the museum, Chat didn’t stare at any of the art, only at Marinette and when she looked at him, he would look away.

“Okay,” she pushed him away. “We are here to look at art not at me. Is there something on me?” She asked looking over her outfit.

“No, no.” He laughed. “And I am looking at art.”

“What are you talking about?” She placed a hand on her hip and raised an eyebrow at him.

“I’m saying that I’m staring at the most beautiful work of art in the whole of Paris.” He confessed grabbing her hand.

Marinette gasped, blushing a bright red. Before scrunching up her nose at him. “You brought me here just to say that didn’t you?”

He nodded.

“You are so extra.” She laughed and kissed him.

“I know but it’s true. You are beautiful.”

all too real

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Philkas week day 6: long-distance

“Who’s Philip talking to?” Sarah asked Ralph. She just got to their usual table in the dining hall and noticed that Philip was off sitting by himself on the phone.

Ralph looked up from his plate. “His boyfriend,” he replies. Mikala next to him snorted. And Sarah rolled her eyes. “What?” Ralph asked with his mouth full.

“You don’t actually think that this guy exists, right?” Mikala asked with a look that said she thought Ralph was an idiot.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“You believe that Lukas whatever, agriculture student in Michigan, who has the dreamiest eyes and just says the sweetest things is a real person?” Sarah asked. Ralph shrugged. “No one has even seen a picture of this guy.”

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Random Ralph Headcanons

Alright anon I hope you’re prepared, here’s what I got for Ralph headcanons! :D

•Introvert disguised as a very convincing extrovert
•Low key the mom friend of the group
•Makes sure everyone puts on sunscreen when it’s sunny, and brings extra layers for people when it’s cold
•Really likes having a routine schedule to follow (he likes familiarity)
•The friend that everyone goes to when they need advice, or need someone to diplomatically help them through and issue they’re having with another person
•Feels like it’s his personal responsibility for fixing any and all problems, even if the problems aren’t directly related to him
•Would actually take a bullet a stranger
•A very strange mix of overly trusting and constantly suspicious (don’t ask, he just somehow manages to do this)
•Doesn’t suppress emotions like Roger, but definitely lies to hide how he’s actually feeling
•However when he breaks, he’s capable of very violent emotional outbursts
•Always up for an adventure, but typically cautious about how he goes about said adventure (the best example of this is one time where him, Jack, and Roger went to break in to an old abandoned house, Ralph appointed himself the official lookout for the police even though Jack and Roger insisted it wasn’t necessary)
•Likes singer/songwriter music
•Organizes movie/pizza nights
•Falls asleep fairly early, but always wakes up at like 2 am to eat food
•Has a bit of anxiety about where he’ll end up in life; having a strong dislike for uncertainty, he often doubts himself and gets nervous about if he’ll be good enough
•Fairly popular in his school, but much prefers to stick to his friends/smaller crowds
•Will take care of others before he takes care of himself
•Often rushes in to break up fights that Jack and Roger get into, but will swing a punch if need be (only if he’s SEVERELY provoked)
•Would live at the beach if given the option
•Captain of the soccer team at his school, but also does track and field and is involved with student government
•Studies for hours at home if he has a big test the next day, but is not a good test taker
•Often times his overall grade in a class will be extremely high, but his individual test grades bring him down
•Refuses help from Piggy because he doesn’t like others getting involved in his business
•Piggy helps him anyway, and Ralph’s grades go up slowly but surely
•Not in band or choir, but has a very nice singing voice and can sorta play the piano
•Jack constantly tries to get him to do choir, but there just isn’t enough room in Ralph’s schedule
•Ralph and Jack are the couple that no one understands
•They’re opposites, at times they even seem like they hate each other, but really neither of them feel complete without the other
•Each of them brings what the other lacks (and secretly wants) in their life
•Jack brings adventure and excitement into Ralph’s life, and Ralph brings stability and comfortability into Jack’s
•Besides Jack, Ralph is closest to Piggy and Simon
•Piggy has been there for Ralph through thick and thin; he’s been the person that the advice giver goes to for advice
•And Simon is very similar to Ralph in a lot of ways, but often gives Ralph a completely different perspective of things that Ralph otherwise never would have realized
•Family is as equally important as friends, in Ralph’s book
•Ralph is a very loyal person, and it takes a lot for someone to truly lose his trust (he believes in second chances)
•But once someone’s lost that trust, Ralph will never think of them the same way again because it means they have literally broken every last straw
•With school, family, and friends, Ralph feels a lot of pressure to be “perfect”
•A lot of times he genuinely comes across like he IS perfect, but really he doesn’t like being help up to that standard
•He’s only concerned with doing what he likes, and doing what he thinks is right/beneficial; he neither likes not understands why he’s suddenly Mr. Perfect
•Ralph doesn’t want perfection, he just wants to do (and does) what feels right