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Rin doesn’t quite believe in luck, but sometimes she’s not quite sure how she’s scrapped out alive on a few occasions.

Many times while developing her glider, she’s had things go awry, one time nearly falling to the depths of Zaun’s gray, only to barely get her gliders wings to expand and save her.

That’s when she found out that the energy it collected was very dependent on herself and her own collective ability to keep control of the glider mentally as much physically, rather than just its actual functionality. (IE: When in danger, her glider reacts to her emotions. Magic is truly a fickle, interesting thing when combined with hextechnology.)

She still thinks she was incredibly lucky that day.

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“It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do anyway. Ask away, I suppose.”

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DEMACIA, FUCK YEAH ( 4th of July Celebration!)
  • DEMACIA, FUCK YEAH ( 4th of July Celebration!)
  • Cassiopeia, Quinn... And Demacians

“ REMIND ME WHY I LIVE HERE. SOMEONE PLEASE DO. I HATE THIS HOLIDAY AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. ask-quinn-valor , please help me. asktheexemplarofdemacia , shhh-imchargingmylaser, ask-iceborn-shyvana, purge-with-silver, lucianthelightslinger, poppyboronchief, righteous-judicature,@ladybuvelle, asksonabuvelle, gemknighttaric, ask-fiora-laurent, ask-xinzhao , resolute-defender! IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. “

((I couldn’t help but try and string this all the shennanigans together- Hope you guys don’t mind. Hand patting went all the way around with 56 paps from:

mustache-and-mushrooms kitchel itcamefromtheglade ask-a-lone-wanderer without–sound luxannaeterna timeforatruedisplayofskill shadowprincemalzahar kayron-the-shy eliminate-zaun-gray sona-and-friends ask-iceborn-shyvana nithhaiahh askfireannie aatroxthedarkin-blade iloveudarius the-primordialburst summonerkannu flinttheblazemage askbirdbrainswain resolute-smite piltoversnerd dianamoonfall askvoidwukong noxiancorrosion theenforcerofpiltover askgeneraldardar techmaturgists-like-pastries techn0kami drills-of-defiance cantcatchmecoppers theblackangel07 sharing-the-torment power-of-the-stars threshdad ask-yorick-mori the-prince-warden askthestarchild project–zed asktheabysskogmaw rinidinger ask-quinn-valor ask-chibi-lulu ezplorer-exreal (2x) ask-the-purple-minion strong-hero smolvoidling checkoutmysmashhits mortalshaco letsuseallthecolors ionianlightning scarletgunslinger mylittlechimera askkarthusthedeathsinger the-shadowmanzed

Thank you all for adding your hands to the hand bin- I will now use them to Frankenstein Sona into a multihanded instrument being. <3))