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Everyday Witchcraft

1. Meditate - still the mind, the breath, the heartbeat, open a channel through which the spirits can communicate if they wish to, listen.

2. Walk - honour the genii loci, notice the changing seasons, observe signs and omens, traverse the kingdoms of humanity, flora and fauna, give aid where it is needed.

3. Divine - build relationships with divinatory tools, sharpen skills, train intuition, ask questions, receive answers.

4. Invoke - the presence of spirits to assist in tasks, to protect on journeys, to grant guidance, maintain connections and uphold contracts.

5. Craft - use the hands to create, to construct, imbue each creation with spirit and purpose, a meal, a potion, a carving, a weaving, enchant the mundane and material.

6. Sing - the old songs, the power songs, the prayers, the chants, to heal, to awaken, to enforce, to ward, sing the sun to sleep and the moon to rising, sing in the bath, at the hearth, in the heart.

7. Read - widely and deeply, old and new, academic and popular, across boundaries and taboos, slowly and with full attention, take notes, research, reflect.

8. Write - record experiences, practices, thoughts. keep journals and grimoires, spellbooks and scripts, remember, elucidate, illuminate.

9. Draw - sigils and runes, symbols and signs. Carve, paint, scratch, blacken, redden, scrawl, in the sand, with salt, in the air, with chalk, ink, blood, charcoal, the mind.

10. Collect - herbs, woods, stones, feathers, bones, teeth, soil, the raw materials of natural magic, fill jars, boxes, bags, gather, forage, wildcraft, thrift, take that which is discarded, value the found over the bought.

11. Observe - the cycles of moon, sun, planets, stars, take heed with the eyes as well as the almanac, feel the sap rise, the birds migrate, the bulbs awaken, the leaves wither.

12. Renew - old spells, old wards, protections, and boundaries. Clean what is obscured, recast what has weakened, maintain what is working, replace what is lost. Tie up loose ends.

13. Communicate - with everything, stones, trees, spirits, the dead, that which grows in the garden and that which visits it, other practitioners, mentors, students, seekers, the younger self, the higher self, the wyrd. 

thesadisticsiren  asked:

In your amazing druid spy turned paladin lance au ( which i love to pieces btw) is lances hair still brown when he looks altean? Or is it another color?

No, his hair is white like his mothers.

When he went to Earth and found the McClains, he wanted to make his real hair less like Haggar’s and more like the McClains’ hair color.
So he kept his hair as close as possible, and when he found out that human’s have dyes for their hair, he bought one of the do it yourself packs and started to dye his real hair a nice dark brown (it helped that his hair was completely white so he didn’t have to bleach it or anything).
And he stopped really changing his hair through his camouflage and show his real dyed hair. And that’s not the only hair color he chose, sometimes he would dye it blue or red, he even did a bright pink once, mostly because he never really got to change his hair. If his mother found him making his hair, or anything of himself, unique or special to only him, she would be furious and ‘teach’ him otherwise. And finally being able to not only go through with some of those choices, but have the full support of a family behind him, he pretty much went all out.
He even got a tattoo on himself.

But once he was back out into space, he didn’t have that supply of hair dye anymore. It took a couple of months, but the dye slowly started to come out of his hair and he had to start camouflaging his hair again so that the others didn’t get suspicious. He even started to fear showing his uniqueness again, hiding his tattoo or anything unique about himself, especially when it gets found out that he’s Altean. He sort of shrinks in on himself and hides away.

I hope his answered your question!

thewitchofthewylds  asked:

How did Rosethorn and Lark get together, and how long have they been together?

A lot of you are asking variations on this question, so I’ll answer the first one I received!

A coughing sickness broke out in the Mire, and the people who were taking care of the sick were overwhelmed. Lark was living there at the time, and she came to help. She got sick.  

Rosethorn came to do medicines and noticed her. Even though Lark was sick, she would do her best to tumble for the children who were sick, until she wasn’t able to any more. Rosethorn liked her. She’d look in on her when Lark was in bed, and bring Lark’s share of medicine. She could feel the pull of Lark’s magic, and as Lark began to mend, Rosethorn asked if Lark had ever been examined for magic. Lark laughed and told her not to be ridiculous.

One day, Rosethorn came and Lark was gone. The caretakers told Rosethorn that Lark had felt well enough to go home. Rosethorn got a little panicky and asked where home was, and then went hunting for Lark. She finally found her in this dreadful little room, and the door was open. She was about to go in, but as she looked inside, Lark was holding her hand over a blanket on the chair and the threads were coming out of the blanket and rising up to wrap around her hand.

Rosethorn asked her again why she never studied magic, and Lark said “I couldn’t afford it.” And Rosethorn said, “Well, you can now.” 

They’ve been together seven or eight years by now, I think.

Experiment #2 - Request

Originally requested by @newts-fan-caseSo could you do a Sherlock x Reader were she is riding his face? (Lol I’m a sinner but I ain’t sorry) like for an experiment ‘cause Sherlock thinks a person can’t get aroused just by giving pleasure to someone else, but he is wrong and yeah ;)
& Anon:  Hi! Can I request a smut one shot with Sherlock where he wants to try have the reader sit on his face and eat her out and she’s shy & a bit self conscious with her body and he makes sure he makes her see Stars (with a little fkuff)? Thank you!
Requested by anon:  The “Experiment” was awesome! Can we have a part 2? Pleeeeeaaaaseeee
& a shit load of other people.

This is Sequel Friday first winner.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 2,886

Warnings: Smut (unprotected), un-edited, secuel (yup, it’s a warning)

A/N: Amazing way to wrap an amazing week. Thank you to everyone who voted!


|PART 1|

After Sherlock’s little “experiment”, his relationship with (Y/N) turned somewhat odd. They would continue to work together and act professional during the cases, but the tension between them was too much.

He had showed her a side that not a single human thought existed, or at least didn’t want to see. He had been patient with her, loving even, making sure to make her feel comfortable at all costs, complimenting her, being gentle and respecting her limits… Definitely thing a real gentleman does, but not the kind of traits one would expect from Sherlock Holmes.

Then there was also the fact that John was sensing some change of vibes in 221B. Of course, he figured it had something to do with Sherlock’s usual arse behaviour, but it was weird to see (Y/N) affected by it.

Sherlock was sitting on his seat, Watson was on his and (Y/N) was between them on the “victim’s chair”. Watson had a stern, determined look on his eyes and Sherlock was calm as usual, thinking that John was too dumb to have figured anything about him and (Y/N).

“What is going on?” John asked carefully.

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sweetmisschesire  asked:

it's meeeeee again. In your spy au what would happen if lance was somehow captured by lotor and haggar? (and how would the team react?)

Well, to be honest it would most likely not happen in the actual au. (Sorry)

but hypothetically, Haggar would want to try and wipe his mind, make him forget everything about his past. His home planet, his family, the team, voltron. Everything. Make him into a killing machine that will only answer to her. OR She would probably try and make him into a robeast and send it off to destroy voltron.

But Lotor would shoot down both of those ideas. Instead he would chain Lance up and make him follow him around like some sort of pet. And whenever he would get mad, or is Lance stepped out of turn, he would make Haggar disable his spine, making it impossible for Lance to do anything by himself.

The team though would literally tear through every Galran ship they run into, get every lick of information they can and figure out where Lance is and how to get him back as soon as possible. Once they square off against Lotor, they don’t hold back any punches. They don’t care about beating him, they just need to get Lance out of there. Of course, Lotor had Lance’s spine disabled during this time, so the team has to literally drag him back to the castle.

Matt and Coran get to work about making sure that no one can ever tap into Lance’s spine again. And after some very tense few days with Lance in and out of he healing pods, they are happy to see Lance moving on his own again.

anonymous asked:

Has anyone ever thought that maybe Sarah knows her books are problematic in some ways but keeps them that way bc it shows that the world isn't how we want it to be and even though the book could be written to make life equal and perfect but it isn't because it's not that kind of story and that's not how the world is and Sarah knows that so she leaves it problematic and frustrating to show that this is what life is like face world or not?

Listen. You seem nice, but I’m getting ready to go off. I’m sorry if this seems aggressive, but it’s going to get serious and no fucks given (ok I do give fucks bc I do love all of you). My short answer is no.

I don’t care why Sarah wrote her books the way she did. It doesn’t make it any less racist or homophobic. That’s also a short answer. Her intention doesn’t matter because at the end of the day it’s racist and homophobic. And why write it when you can just… not?

And who is she educating? Who is she telling racism and homophobia exists? Let’s for a second just think her fandom is 100% white and 100% straight… which it’s not, but let’s imagine for a second.

Sarah J Maas, a white woman, is writing about racism and homophobia, to teach her white and straight readers? What is she teaching? What does she know about it? She obviously doesn’t even know it’s bad if she sits down and thinks “yo let me write this”. And she obviously doesn’t know it’s racist or homophobic if she decides to keep it.

When I open a book I don’t want another white author to give me their take on racism (or homophobia, but I’m questioning so I don’t want to speak for the lgbt community) Honey. I live with racism every day. I wake up in a racist world and I go to sleep in one and it’s exhausting. Do you think I want to read about one? I know racism exists. You don’t need to prove it.

But imagine being able to write your own world and it doesn’t have to relate to the “””real””” world, but then you say to yourself ‘Mhm, yes, let me make this world racist and homophobic’ ???

Maybe she should show a world WITHOUT racism and homophobia if she wants to “””””teach””””” someone. News flash - I know, it’s hard to grasp and honestly it’s not your fault or mine but - a world without racism and homophobia wouldn’t cause us all to go up in flames. Just… write everyone as equal? 

We were born in a racist and homophobic world and we’ll die in one. One day I hope that changes. Why would we write about a racist and homophobic world when we can give someone as escape route to get away from the struggles they face every day if only just for a few hundred pages? 

I think I know. You don’t care. Here’s where it gets harsh: SJM doesn’t care about her readers of color or the lgbt+ community. If she did she wouldnt write the way she does. Tokenism /=/ rep. Short answer: they get killed off and/or are mostly stereotypes and they’re only there for the “diversity” stamp.

It’s hard to grasp that, but as I said before: SJM is white and straight. What in the world is she going to teach me about racism? What views does she have? It doesn’t affect her at all?? There’s no reason for her to even address the topic and I can assure you I’m not asking her to.

Writing characters of color or lgbt characters does not mean you have to include racism and homophobia. WE ARE NOT OUR PREJUDICES.

I’m asking her not to kill off her women of color. Why? Because I see it enough. Every show, every book, every movie there’s a token woman of color. I get attached because finally, finally I have representation and then… bam. Dead. Boom. Deceased. Totally for the plot, of course. If you need a woman (or man) of color to die to further your plot that honestly says a lot about your plot. But whose fault is that? It’s not the character’s fault they’re dead. That’s all on the writer.

I’m asking her not to use the slutty bisexual trope. It really is NOT THAT HARD to write a bisexual character and not make them sex-crazed. She did it twice. Aedion and Helion. And I’ve seen the argument “if I lived in a world full of beautiful males and females I would sleep with them all too” ?? That doesn’t excuse anything?? Also… why write a world were f/f and m/m relationships aren’t accepted when you can… easily not have homophobia exist?? Why??

These are just the big things. But don’t you think we want to read about characters who haven’t struggled like us? Who are black, latinx, asian, biracial, gay, bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, non-binary, but havent struggled? Haven’t suffered from racism and homophobia? I’m not asking to read about their struggle. I’m asking for them to be treated just like every other (white and straight) character but still be a character of color and part of the lgbt community.

Guys. Remember when I said you can help so much by just listening and giving us a voice? Give us the microphone. Sit in the crowd and listen. Yes, you can ask questions, but no you can not make excuses for racism and homophobia. Just as I said before, if you’re white or straight (and I’m not attacking anyone, just stating a point), you don’t experience racism or homophobia and you can’t tell us or teach us anything we don’t know.

You also don’t see things. You MAY not see the racism. You MAY not see the homophobia. Ask questions but also be ready to receive the answers. And be an ally instead of pushing us down. 

I’m so sorry to the anon if thought this was aggressive. But at the end of the day racism and homophobia is not a “””opinion””” it’s a fact. 

hoomding  asked:

In regards to the recent "Why did Hamlet kill Polonius so easily?" ask, is it also possible that the physical act was easier because he couldn't see his victim? Besides his doubting the ghost, I've always thought there was a touch of cowardice holding him back, but it doesn't take near as much courage to stab a curtain it would a person

For those who didn’t see the original post, this is in response to this ask.

Your suggestion is a logical possibility if you think of Hamlet as a real person, but given that there’s no textual evidence for such an interpretation, it does have to remain at the level of conjecture. Doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it’s just that there’s no way of proving it. 

As for cowardice… it’s a valid interpretation; many scholars agree that Hamlet does have a touch of cowardice, but it’s not an argument I personally agree with. Hamlet is the only one who calls himself a coward (on three occasions), and he’s pretty hard on himself. The first time it’s because he’s not entirely certain what’s holding him back, and cowardice is one of his conjectures: ‘Am I a coward?’ (2.2.506) – he’s just not sure. In second instance he claims he’s a coward because of his conscience: ‘thus conscience does make cowards of us all’ (3.1.82). What this shows though, is not so much that he is a coward as that Hamlet is stuck in between two systems of value: that of Christian virtue, and the code of honour. His Christian conscience frustrates his ability to abide by the code of honour and avenge his father’s death. After all, from a Christian point of view, revenge is still murder, and forgiveness is the greater virtue. This means he’s only a ‘coward’ from the perspective of the honour code, and the difficulty is that it’s incompatible for him to be both virtuous and honourable. The third time (only found in Q2) is the only time he says it after he’s got ‘evidence’ of Claudius’ guilt. This one combines his feelings about the honour code and his confusion about what stops him:

Now, whether it be
Bestial oblivion, or some craven scruple
Of thinking too precisely on th’event
(A thought which quarterd hath but one part wisdom
And ever three parts coward) I do not know
Why yet I live to say this thing’s to do,
Sith I have cause and will and strength and means
To do’t. (4.4.38-45)

It’s not only that the expectation that he should abide by the honour code makes Hamlet feel guilty about not murdering someone. His problem is also that he has a perfectly good reason to be uncomfortable with his situation, but is only half conscious of why he’s feeling so disturbed by the role he’s been forced into.

And one of the things that really shows how all this talk about cowardice is more in the contemplation than in reality is that he has no trouble later in the play stabbing and forcing Claudius to drink poison, which is far from squeamish in the face of murder. For that matter, he seems perfectly aware that it was a person behind the arras when he kills Polonius, because when he says ‘I took thee for thy better’ (3.4.30), he indicates that he actually thought it was the king.

Altogether, I’m not fond of interpretations of Hamlet that puts his delay in revenge down to indecision or cowardice (the ‘get on with it’ argument, as I call it) because that kind of interpretation suggests that murder is bravery and that one should be able to kill someone on a whim. But isn’t it strange to vilify someone for not killing another person? Would it have been better for Hamlet to act on impulse and kill Claudius with no evidence or premeditation? It completely misses the point of the complex dilemma that Hamlet faces about death, religion, and his existence in the kind of society that encourages murder under certain circumstances.

You Should Know Better Pt.3

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)  (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen)

Summary: During class, Natalie arrives late and as a punishment, Joe demonstrates a procedure on her. As a result, things begin to shift in their relationship and blood begins to boil - in a good way. 
POV: Natalie
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Landon
Word Count: 2582
Author’s Note: This picks up four days later…blah, blah, blah. ALL ABOARD THE SMUT TRAIN BECAUSE IT’S PULLING OUT OF THE STATION SOON. 
Quote:   “Before we start, do you give me permission to touch you?”



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anonymous asked:

Hi! Are you by any chance planning to write more of your Jonsa soulmates AU? The first two chapters are more than enough on their own, but I certainly wouldn't say no to more. :)

ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE, anon. (To answer your question, this is all extremely unplanned! But I welcome requests and prompts for it. :D)

(I have several asks in my inbox about continuing this fic, I will get to all of them with snippets soon!)

Part 1, Part 2

Mercifully, Jon is almost immediately sent out on a call, a report of a midnight intruder made by a neighbor. Sinking into the routine of work pushes everything else out of his mind. There’s nothing like work for clearing his head, focusing on what matters. By the time he gets back to the station at 2:30, Jon has convinced himself that everything is back to normal. Status quo restored.

Sam is waiting for him when he gets back, with an accusing glare to boot. He pulls Jon into an interrogation room. The same one.

Jon manages to return the glare for all of three seconds before snapping. “What is it?”

“I spoke with your … visitor.”

Jon hears the words unspoken. Cousin. Soulmate. Whatever the fuck that means.


“You weren’t very kind to her.”

Sam has a way of understating things while at the same time giving them a painful heft. From others, “not very kind” is hardly even a criticism. From the lips of Pyp or Grenn or Captain Mormont, it could even be a compliment admiring someone’s determination to find the truth in the face of a recalcitrant suspect.

From Sam, it’s absolute condemnation.

Funny. Jon’s eyes are burning. Lack of sleep, no doubt. “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.”

Sam is unfazed. “Maybe it’s not. But it turned out she had something to say.”

You can’t be my … This is a mistake. There’s been a horrible mix-up.

“Yeah, I’ll bet,” Jon says sourly. Something to say.

Sam taps his pad, which Jon hadn’t noticed when he first came in. “She has reason to think the Boltons might be involved in the disappearance of her friend.”

Just a misunderstanding, then. Sam is sharp, easily the smartest person Jon knows, but he has a soft heart. He rushes to reassure his partner. “She doesn’t have any evidence.”

Sam says, almost gently, “Nothing concrete. But circumstantial, yes.”

Something freezes over in Jon. “She didn’t say anything about that to me.”

“Did you let her?”

Those four words make Jon’s jaw clench powerfully. He wants to speak. He wants to leap to his own defense. The thoughts fly through his mind. I heard her out. I asked her if she had evidence. She said she didn’t. I did my due diligence. But he can’t unglue his jaw. If he does, something will …

Sam keeps speaking, and the hardest thing Jon has ever done in his life is listen.

Part 4

50 Probing, Personal Questions
  1. You can only listen to three albums for the rest of your life. What are they?
  2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?
  3. What three words would your best friend use to describe you?
  4. Elevator-pitch me your life story.
  5. Are you more left-brained, more right-brained, or pretty evenly balanced?
  6. What did you learn from your last relationship?
  7. What fictional character most resonates with you, and why?
  8. When you have a problem, or issue, who is the first person you talk to?
  9. Describe your ideal day.
  10. What is your favorite band or musical artist? Tell me how you discovered them.
  11. Do you forgive people easily, or do you hold grudges?
  12. Is there a song you used to love that you can’t listen to anymore? What is it, and why?
  13. What is typically on your mind as you drift off to sleep?
  14. What gave you the biggest adrenaline rush?
  15. What is one thing people typically misunderstand or don’t get about you?
  16. Why did you choose your work, career, or profession?
  17. What book influenced you the most as a child? As an adult?
  18. What was your favorite book, movie, or story when you were 10 years old? Have you read/seen it recently? If so, how did it make you feel?
  19. Do you prefer to lead, to follow, or to get out of the way?
  20. If you had the ability to time travel, would you go to the past or to the future? Why?
  21. You have the opportunity to send a message that will simultaneously be transmitted to and understood by every human being on the planet. What does your message say?
  22. God exists. You have the opportunity to ask one question, for which you will receive a direct and honest answer. What question do you ask?
  23. How do you feel about public displays of affection? Are you a physically affectionate person?
  24. Name one trait (could be physical or mental) that, upon discovery, would make you fall in love with someone a little.
  25. Tell me about a friend you have who you find yourself sometimes wishing was not your friend, or that you’d never met them (you don’t have to name names).
  26. Which is easier: being the object of unrequited love, or having unrequited love for someone else?
  27. Describe your favorite method of flirting.
  28. Tell me three things you like about me, and why.
  29. How do you know when you are in love with someone? If you’ve ever fallen out of love with someone, how did you know your feelings had changed?
  30. When was the last time you cried in front of another person? Who were they, and why were you crying?
  31. What is something that you feel is too serious, or too important, to joke about?
  32. You will be granted limitless wealth, but first you must spend a year having horrifying nightmares every time you sleep. Do you take the deal? Why or why not?
  33. When you’re sick, do you want someone to baby you, or do you want everyone to leave you alone?
  34. A wealthy stranger offers you $100,000 to found your own non-profit organization. What will your organization do?
  35. Tell me your favorite memory of childhood.
  36. After you die, how do you hope that people remember you? What do you hope that people will say about you?
  37. Do you save old greeting cards, or throw them away? If you do throw them away, do you get a pang when you do?
  38. Tell me about something you’ve gotten rid of and later regretted and wished you’d kept.
  39. If you consider yourself high maintenance, tell me about something that you’re really low-maintenance about. If you consider yourself low maintenance, tell me about something that you’re really high-maintenance about.
  40. What are the best ways for someone to show you they love you, or care about you (not necessarily romantically)? That is, what makes you feel loved?
  41. I’m passing through your town, and we decide to meet up. You have six hours to show me around. What are we gonna do?
  42. If you were free to go anywhere and do anything for one week (and money was no object), where would you go and what would you do? Now you learn that you will never be able to go to that place and do that again for the rest of your life. Does that change your answer?
  43. What is your favorite nickname or term of endearment, and who calls (or called) you that? Is there something you wish someone would call you but no one ever has?
  44. Where is home for you? Is it the place you currently live, the place you grew up, or is it a person or group of people? Have you ever felt like you were home in a place you’d never been?
  45. Do you have any tattoos? If so, did you get them simply because you liked the way they looked, because they had personal meaning for you, or for some other reason? Tell me the story. If you don’t have any tattoos, do you want one/some some day? What and why?
  46. You are approached by a powerful magical person who offers to turn you into any animal of your choosing for 24 hours. What animal do you want to be and why?
  47. Tell me about someone you wish was sitting beside you right now (okay not to name names). What would their presence mean to you?
  48. Are you fairly laid-back or quick to anger? When you do get angry, how do you handle it?
  49. Is there a moment or period of time in your life that stands out as your happiest? What made it so wonderful?
  50. What is a question you are secretly hoping you’ll be asked? (It doesn’t have to be on this list.) Answer it.
You Should Know Better Pt. 9

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen)

Summary: Look above?? I suck at these. 
POV: Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie
Word Count: 3500ish
Author’s Note: FYLDNFF coming at cha with not one but TWO gifs. I’ll probably do two gifs from now on.
Quote: “Like I said, I’m three steps ahead of you in thirty different directions, Naïve little Natalie.”



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just @ the other anons in my inbox: just because i don’t like something doesn’t mean you can’t like it, and just because i like something doesn’t mean you have to like it too. i’m not that kind of person by any means, and i think the majority of my followers will attest to that. i have favorite players that some of my followers absolutely detest, and some of my followers have favorite players that i have to blacklist because i don’t want to see them. if you like something, keep liking it! you’re entitled to like whatever you want, and i’m not going to tell you not to even if i, personally, don’t like it. on the flip side, you’re entitled to dislike whatever you want and i’m not going to have an issue with it – provided you’re respectful, honestly – even if i, personally, love it. life would be boring as shit if we all loved the same things. if you love *** tumblr, that’s great! i’m glad you do. that’s your right, that’s your opinion, and i’m happy you get enjoyment out of it. if you don’t like *** tumblr, that’s cool too! you’re entitled to your opinion. like whatever you like, dislike whatever you like. don’t let me stop you.

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Allisaac? I don't get it. They're so cute.

Really? We’re doing this again. Okay. Here’s the full list of why I don’t support Allisaac.

  • The chemistry between them is forced and inorganic. Allison and Isaac basically don’t interact with each other except for one scene in a closet where she “kind of” apologizes (I will get to that in a minute) until the end of 3A when they are basically shoved together and all of the sudden it’s all “OMG Allison I love you”, “OMG ily2 Isaac”. No.
  • Allison never really apologized to Isaac, or anyone really, for attacking him and the pack. It was basically thanks to her that Erica and Boyd, Isaac’s closet friends before Scott, were murdered and she doesn’t even say “I’m sorry”. There’s not even a mention of it off screen, so don’t give me that ‘well, she could have do it in the background’. No. In my book, if I didn’t see it happen in a show it didn’t happen.
  • In conjunction with the above: Isaac’s really going to date/want to date someone who stabbed him a bunch. Really? I have never been stabbed but I wouldn’t just let that go. Also, given that his only ‘loving’ relationship we know of is with his father, who beat him, don’t you think it’s a little unhealthy for him to be with someone who tried to kill him/keeps pointing very dangerous objects at him. No. I think that from a clinical stand point that Isaac’s ‘love’ for Allison is a misconception of positive affection and having someone like him be love and it’s not the case.
  • They just aren’t good for each other. In my opinion, Isaac needs a girl who can be sweet, loving, vulnerable, and he can protect. It would give him purpose, someone to watch over, and someone to show affection to. Allison is not these thing. She’s a hunter who is very focused on hunting and strength. She doesn’t want to be weak or vulnerable ever. On the flip side, I think that Allison needs someone strong, consistent, and can put her in her place. Isaac really isn’t these things. He’s very much a follower and not a leader (and there’s nothing wrong with that) and we all know how he reacts to even a little bit of power (not well).
  • You don’t date your friends ex. You don’t date your exs friends. That’s it. That’s the rule. You can and should venture out from the circle if you want to date again. It’s not fair to anyone involved.
  • In conjunction with the above: I feel their whole relationship is fabricated by Jeff to make more drama for Scott.
  • In conjunction with the conjunction: I also think their whole relationship is fabricated by fans because Dan and Crystal used to date in RL (think how awkward this is for them now…) and are both very pretty.
  • Just because they are pretty together does not mean they should be together

That’s it. That’s the thing. I would like to add though that Allisaac as a BROTP is one of my favorites. I would love for them to just be friends (why is so rare and hard for people to just have a boy and a girl be friends?!) and have scene time and help Scott be a better Alpha through their friendship even if one of neither of them is involved with him romantically.