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HELLO EVERYONE. i think i owe you guys a general overview, especially to the new followers who’ve so kindly pressed that magic follow button & decided to stick around. here we go:

  • yes, this blog is mcu/616 inclusive
  • i primarily follow mcu timeline but acknowledge natasha’s 616 history
  • personally, it’s easier to follow. it is my personal preference.
  • natasha is no longer, officially, an avenger & works alone
  • she is a wanted woman but is no longer considered a priority
  • ( that or i like to think they just got tired of sending men after her & they all came back with broken bones & out of commission, costing ross & the govnmn’t after her money but that’s just me ((’: )
  • my main faceclaim is o*lga k*urylenko. previously s*carlett j*ohansson.
  • i am up to date with recent black widow comic runs ( i.e., phil noto/nathan edmonson & recently concluded, chris samnee/mark waid ) & currently reading/re-reading previous runs
  • um, just a general note, i rly try to avoid the whole comics vs. movies discussion because i write natasha based on what i have read/seen & put my own spin. i am confident where i am, taking a bit of both as i see fit in my portrayal. i also rly hate the whole marvel vs. dc debacle cause i love both & u rly can’t tell me to choose between my faves, batman & black widow cause honestly, i think they’d make a pretty good team l ET ME LIVE ((: 
  • any questions, comments or concerns pls feel free to let me know !! i am always open for discussion. thank you !! 

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Tell me all about how much you rilly love Cid!

questions meme // accepting.

█░     HIGH SUMMONER ( 大召喚士 )

     “ I… ” He hesitated, gaze turning down. Why? He bit his lip and sighed.

So much had changed, since then. And he knew he needed to as well. Looking back up he drew a breath, a subtle defeat, and then smiled, wryly. His head shook as he answered.

     “ I respect him. I always have. ”

That was certainly true. It had taken more than simply a hard-head to bring an entire people together into something cohesive, something that mattered. He had always been impressed, really, and equally regretful that he had not been afforded the opportunity to see more of that side of him, the side that wanted change, to make things better, just as he had.

It was always there, that part of him. It was simply buried perhaps, lost in blind irritation or something akin to a fear of the unknown, losing touch. But, it had shown itself in full when he had decided to help Yuna. He had made her success possible, perhaps more so than even he knew. And regardless of anything that had happened before, that now mattered most.

He’d never deny him that.

     “ But, what he did for Yuna, I… I owe him more than I could possibly say. ”

He gentle laugh left him as he lowered his head, a half-bow to hide his expression, a smile. Then, teasingly, he shifted and looked back, grinning.

     “ Perhaps I’ll tell him, one of these days… ”

NEW 2014 Tony:
Welcome to Arizone-I-A
Back when all I cared about is when I can play
Back when I questioned why dad was MIA
then found out and wanted him KIA
Now forgiven but still question to let it spray
Thanking god I lived another day
Sitting in class daydreaming
About a love I never had
Still don’t, but focused on goals
Turing coal into diamonds glow
The state where I stomped and fell
Back when I was so alone I created alter egos
Back when I questioned an alter’s heros
Back when mom drove me around in her jeep so I could sleep
Before I was inspired by eminem spitting heat
Back when mom packed a baseball bat in the back of the fridge
Before a Burt bridge and just trying to live.
Now a verbal assassin still courteous
Soon victorious story teller who’s mic packin
Me with a pen and a pad that’s like your girl with a maxi
I spill blood not ink
Yeah I got issues but these break beats are my shrink
Soul is at a mode only God control
Take to sacrifice all vices that I hold
All the dates, going to the same places to eat,
got waitresses asking questions to peep
But unlike them I mind my biz, like Marie
I use to see myself as an ugly darkie
Till I attracted attention cause I was lyrically lynchin
Half Mexican and engine
So of course when I spit you hear (vrriin vrriin)
Spitting sharper than armored harps playing music to homer using shark teeth
Confidence increased since I flattened my belly
Rhyme nuts and watch dudes get jelly
I’m just trying to get respect & bread, wheat
So unique flow gallons, catch everyone praising a leak
A freak like: me, Mystik, Storm, rouge in bed while its video tapped by beast
Watch people Worship (worsh-up)
What I cook up
Love like arroz con leche,
Or like I was arroused and let it spray on your girls face
And come after the rhyming pastor
Found playing in the hay sucking on nips for milk in a paster
See old girls miss me buying my poster
Be on top of the world but still stopped by bigot cops (no sir)
Verb superb though they can’t comprehend
So they just pretend
Pretests proved I was a genius but lost it when helium intakes
And low attention rates
Yet sharp as Katana blades & ice skates
Dance on your face
and leave my name in the shape of an 8
Never to late unless you tryin to beat me
Maybe in middle school you could’ve claimed victory
But even then I’d have you reachin for your written words
When y'all suck kid backwards
While eyes stare like the hungry wolf
Now I’m more concerned with you removing your eyes from the wool
And trying to survive school
College English majored
When I’m in class I just wanna quit
And prove I’m Tyson eating mike & Ikes
Wearing fresh nikes, in the middle of the night
Wielding a street spike, and a mind like the island of rike
With verses you’d break your fingers trying to type
And each step is seismic hype
Is what I am on a mic.
Rhymin like I came up with this on the locomotive
And the locals are my motive
Damn right I’m a loco but glad few know it

Tired of people doubting skill
Started in the underground and this is my drill
Cause riots and thrill
Over lyrical feel

Waking up in the middle of the night to write a dope line before I forget
But all the schemes of rhymes
That I lost still prove I’m the best yet
Trying to slap box God with arms of a t-Rex
Got family that grew up on a ranch,
And a step dad who always criticizes my hairstyle an how I’m dressing
Appreently I look to much like an ese
But speak like I wrote a thousand of em, but let the ignorance stay
But when I try to grow my hair out he fusses and complains
Then I shave it and almosts busts paint
I remember the first time a girl let me grind
The only awkward part was my boner busting out of my slacks
She felt it and looked at me almost mad
I said cut me some slack
You’re dancing like you want me to E-Jack
And if you don’t know me now U-Late
I spit love like arrows from Cupid
And his hairs, pubic
But i make it public and you better enjoy it
I am kind but I’ll fight like driving around the parking lot in college looking for a spot And if you steal mine
You’ll greet more than sunshine
but a steel consealed sheathed
if not a fist of mine
My dream is like a left turn you hesitate when an oncoming car might hit
But I risk it all to prove skill in my spit
Remember seeing the same movie with 3 different girls acting like the first
Once low but since my first girl quenched with thirst
Confidence higher than politicians off the smoke from the working man’s joints
But I’m just striving to live a godly life
Forget a side chick I need a wife
Sitting in class I mute the teacher as I start to beatbox
Peers ease drop as I spit tree tops
Ease seeds pleads with god’s decrees
Call me Sherlock when I’m eatin honey combs stating the obvious.
Consoling the soltin
Lyrics are moultin lava
Laying down feeling like I’m sky divin
Screw driver like I’m bumping chopped and screwed when I’m driving
Praising God for the steps I made in a smog
If you can’t handle the heat get out my desert
Word to my mother that made me dessert
When dad deser-Ted
Still in the state where i planted my steak
Bleeding while I’m reading scripture
Ask what faith is and show them the life I lived through
Since I was born felt torn between light and darkness
But when I rap like a blade I just wanna prove I’m the hardest and sharpest
Sitting back with burrito and music bumping spitting dime sacks
Battling this Aztec and Apache will leave you with an Indian burn
From This corninal that pops your corn at the fune-eral
Don’t try to queral against wargreymon you squirrel
Till then I’m breaking pens
ASU student without a dorm
Mentally find peace amongst a apocalyptic storm
Talking hip hop politics with apocalypto
Me with a mic and without is two different forms
And wonder who will bother to remember this author to mourn
But till then im awaiting the sound of Gabriel’s horn

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