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Sudden thought: Netherlands giving Canada tulips (even though they've only been doing that since WW2) and France seeing and fanboying and shipping them like crazy. Then *Le boom* Prussia appears and France is just like "SHIP WARS" and eveRYONE IS SO CONFUSED


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What's your opinion on Matthew (Canada)?

((fun fact of the day mun’s fav actually isn’t purse: it’s maple boi, then purse, then saltea old man. also the cute thing is because it’s canon that purse has a shameless love and weakness for cute things. which mattie is.))


PruCan ‘Comic Strip’~

I definitely need new ideas for the next requested ships help….
It’s not animated I’m sorry for that but I currently work on my 2P!talia stuff ^^;

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44 prucan?

44: “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

(( Note: Gil and Mattie have this running joke about how Mattie always dies but comes back. Yeah. Gilbert knows about that and he just thinks that Matthew is a lucky son-of-a-binch))

Gilbert hated that when he turned the television on, there was always news of how a monster went rogue in Section B of the Main City. Then there would always be a whole clip of civilians bashing monsters. Not all monsters are like that. Only a few are like that so it doesn’t make sense to try to “exterminate” them all. He had always been one of those more progressive people that showed up at protests for monster rights or put out fundraisers for orphaned monster children. It was just something he did.

But one thing he hated the most was that when there was live footage of the attacks, Matthew would always go out. He’d always say “I’m getting groceries.” Even when the fridge didn’t need restocking.

Then every single time Gilbert would get a phone call, so ominous and jerking to his heart, from a police officer informing him that Matthew was now deceased. The first time it happened, Gilbert couldn’t say anything. He was terrified. 


He lost him. He lost Mattie.

God, he wished that he could have at least asked him out.

But he wasn’t okay. Matthew was gone.

Then 20 minutes later, Matthew walked in as if nothing happened and nearly tripped on Gilbert as he came through the door. Gilbert stared up at Matthew in awe, wondering if he was already having hallucinations until Matthew pat his cheek and wiped at the corner of his eyes, biting his lip in concern.

“Have you been crying?”

Gilbert rubbed at his eyes. “The awesome me? Crying?” He laughed, “Of course not!” He smiled at Matthew before pausing, feeling the urge to sob in relief building up in his throat, then pulled Matthew close, gripping onto his shoulders tightly. “Don’t fucking do that again.”

Matthew didn’t respond.


Gilbert didn’t know how or why Matthew always disappeared and ended up dead and coming back every time there was an attack. It was as if he went off to go and fight the monster himself. That’s ridiculous. Matthew was just as human as him and he was just as normal- almost- as normal as anyone else.

But every time Gilbert asked him where he went, Matthew would just say, “Yeah the groceries attacked me on the way back.”

At first it was for laughs but Gilbert never got a straight answer.

Gilbert wanted reassurance. He wanted to know that Matthew could go out and come back to him, without being dead, because… he’s terrified of the day when he would get that call and Matthew wouldn’t walk through that door again. He’s terrified that every time that phone rings when Matthew’s out, that this one time, Lucky Mattie used up all his luck. He’s terrified.

But here they were again, that same scenario of a monster attacking a part of the city, and Matthew going out to “get groceries”.

“I’ll be back soon.” Matthew said haphazardly opening the door and looking at his phone.

Gilbert scrambled up from the couch and grabbed Matthew by the sleeve of his shirt and yanked him close and kissed him. He didn’t really know why he did it but it was… nice. When Gilbert pulled away, Matthew looked at him in shock but didn’t seem to be repulsed or awkward about it. That was a good sign.

“Mattie, I love you.” Gilbert said quietly before looking at him, locking their eyes together and still gripping onto his sleeve. “But if you die again, I’m going to kill you.”

Matthew’s eyes widened and he broke into a smile. “I’ll keep that in mind.” He kissed Gilbert quickly, “I love you too… I’ll be careful.”

Gilbert let Matthew go, the feeling of the fabric ghosting in his hand, but he felt something warm in his chest. He closed the door and looked at the phone but not with the same unease as before because the next time Matthew went out, they did that again.

It kind of became a tradition. But that didn’t excuse Matthew from dying.