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concept-gay  asked:

Omg talk to me about purebloods getting introduced to science shit like the moon and the fact that every living thing is made of cells

I will talk to you about this! 

Long discussions in the Ravenclaw common room, with the muggleborns drawing diagrams and explaining their grammar school biology. Purebloods with their mouths all the way open. “But not…not the things here? And not us? We’re made of particles, too?” 

Professor Sprout teaching about the properties of different plants, when a student asks “but why?” She hesitates for a second, before launching into an explanation about botany and muggle science and what’s inside the plant that makes it act that way. 

Crabbe and Goyle asking Draco shakily if what Snape had said about the sun being the same thing as the stars is true, and even though Draco’s whole childhood was full of astronomy lessons and constellation drawings from his mother, he doesn’t know. 

Muggleborns like Hermione and Justin Finch-Fletchley trying to keep up with their Muggle studies as best they can in the early years, learning conflicting lessons at Hogwarts and from their textbooks from home, confused and hurting when no one is around from both worlds to help them reconcile the two. 

Professor Binns talking about how hippogriffs are different now than they were two thousand years ago, and going on a tangent about evolution after someone asks how. 

Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil loving Divination more than any other subject because it’s the only one Hermione isn’t around to “rationalize.” 

This is so much fun <3 Thanks for the ask!