ask princess cadance

“You may not be my mommy @teenprincesscadance but you know how to feel better just like mommy does…”


Responding to this lovely art right here –> - … assume this takes place after the whole ice cream thing… she loves her mommy so much even a younger version that’s not her mommy exactly!


“Just had a kid lol. I love Flurry to pieces, but even with that magical dampener she’s still a hoofful! Twilight managed to bring back a souvenir from the ‘hooman’ land that helps, though. This ‘empythree’ player is incredible! There are so many uses… Stuck in boring briefings detailing the Guards’ choice of helmet shiner? I Will Survive! Flurry just won’t go to sleep? The Fresh Prince will take care of that! Ponies doubting that I’m not ready to absolutely decimate the competition? Please - you know the Empire Strikes First!”

“the shot seen ‘round the world”

(this is non Canon)


Kinda fan art for @ask-wiggles ‘s @ask-king-sombra blog! I do hope you enjoy this! 


dear i think you may have a problem

♫♪ Music can be such a revelation

Dancing around you, feel the sweet sensation

We might be lovers if the rhythm’s right

I hope this feeling never ends tonight ♪♫

– Imagine Spot, Night Shift and Cadence dancing to the newly released “Into the Groove” by Maredonna (the blog’s current time is about 1985 so yeah!)

((I feel really bad about having to keep pushing back the re-opening of the blog because of IRL business and having to re-do some of the older updates I did during the hiatus so I might draw some quickie pictures occasionally showing off character changes and plot stuff and what not until I can come back consistently!))

((Imagine Spot got an 80’s makeover to the extreme, I finally have a solid batpony design for Night Shift and I re-did their cutie marks as well! Night Shift’s especially, which will be explained later (but you could probably guess how he got it, the basic gist anyway) … I really really love Imagine Spot’s new design <3))

((As far as Fritz goes, he’s probably gonna show up in the next “mini-date” I do))

250 followers! What a milestone! Seriously, I can’t thank you all enough! I can’t think of a way to thank you, so I thought this might do. I spent about 8 hours on this.

Honestly though, I seriously never thought I’d even get 10 followers! And now, here we are with 250!! Thank you all so much, from the bottom of my heart!