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You should really check out Earth-2 Society lately. They're building up Val Zod and Fury's (Earth-2 Wonder Woman) friendship and from what it looks like they're now partnering them up in battles and (hopefully) more. What's Powergirl going to think about this development? lol

I used to read Earth 2. I like the whole world without Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman idea. The JSA coming together. But then Thomas Wayne is alive… and Convergence happened and I gave up and haven’t returned back to it. Karen maybe be pissed and I was going to draw her and Fury in battle but its more fun to think she sees the opportunity for countless pleasures. Karen will be the mature one.

Plus this cant happen if they are fighting…  

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Wow, ok so I've been following you for a bit of a while now. But I just love the way you've drawn WW and PG. Especially PowerGirl! Do you have like a comic of them? Like I know about the stuff you post, but is there like (+18) comic of them two? Please?

wow thank you. Glad you like my work so much and have been following me for a while. Love you so much. 

Hehehe. I have started to like the way I draw Power Girl as well. 

Oh no. Sorry. It takes me forever to do a drawing that has 2 panels and even longer if theres 4 more boxes. So a comic page is not something I am good at and tend to stay away from. Im working on a few single page stories. That I started a couple of months ago. But that is it. 

Thats why i probably wont have a comic done. Just too long. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe sometime in the future.

“There is such a thing as friendship between women, you know!!”

Decided to do this with my sister from another mister @ask-papasuke.

I wish the fandom would learn to stop pinning the female characters against each other. :’( Just because you like Sakura doesn’t mean you have to hate Karin, and vice versa! Just because you don’t ship a ship doesn’t mean you should bash the other character! All characters have their good and bad, but let’s face the facts - these two are canon friends, as we all should be. <3

So are Sakura and Hinata (which will come later ;D). All these wars are so pointless. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat it and be happy.

Thanks for delivering my baby, love! ;)

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So does Karen love fucking Kal so much because he's one of the only people who can actually give it to her, or because he's a younger version of her Father-figure/Cousin?

That could play into it. She knows his a good guy. No one better. Wont mess with her feelings etc. etc. Will give it to her good etc. 

His another Kryptonian. Who isnt related to her, since his from another Earth, has a few similarities to Earth 2 Superman(her cousin). 

In my head canon. They are small similarities. Since its the multiverse and each action is different and the path a character takes is different, that doesnt necessarily mean they have to be identical to one another. Ever since I watched About Time, that whole sex of the baby changing due to the character taking another path, comes to mind. 

Taking that into account. Not all versions of Superman in multiverse have to look similar. Superman of Earth 23. So lets say Kal isnt a younger version of Superman from Earth 2. He is just another version. Who reminds her of him. But… I am so lost to be honest right now. I had a really good case but I lost it. lol hahahaha. I had so much to say but I guess Im going off track and ended up losing my point. Dammit. Why does this happen to me. Sorry for the long uber useless post. Im such an idiot. Trying to justify some weird head canon of fictional characters. lol

I should really keep things simple from now on. Wont lose my train of thought easily

Is he the only one who could give it to her. Pretty sure there are others who can. But he gives it to her the best with that big package dangling in between his legs. lol