ask portugal

Portugal was the first country to invade me so… we kinda had a rough start

After much interaction, I started to feel a bit comfortable with him…

Much, much later…

And that’s how we became friends. THE END.

Don’t tell him this but… Portugal is actually my favourite country in Europe ouo

(Sorry if the Portuguese translation is wrong… i searched it on google hehe)

for you @cherry-armor 

Say my name

Netherlands: “Okay listen up, my name is Nederland.”
Spain: “Holanda?”
Netherlands: “What the-.. no! No that’s not even close! That’s-.. are you using my province?!
Italy: “Olanda.”
Netherlands: “God damn it, I just said that’s just a province of mine!”
France: “Hollande.”
Finland: “Hollanti.”
Croatia: “Hollandija.”
Netherlands: “…”
Portugal: “Holanda!”
Netherlands: “OMG you’re just taking the piss now, Portugal!”
Germany: “Niederlande?”
Netherlands: *cries tears of joy*
England: “Lol we’ll have The Netherlands but we’ll only use Holland.”
Netherlands: “I hate you.”


Carmen: oh Nina, come here please! o v o Nina:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????