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Say my name

Netherlands: “Okay listen up, my name is Nederland.”
Spain: “Holanda?”
Netherlands: “What the-.. no! No that’s not even close! That’s-.. are you using my province?!
Italy: “Olanda.”
Netherlands: “God damn it, I just said that’s just a province of mine!”
France: “Hollande.”
Finland: “Hollanti.”
Croatia: “Hollandija.”
Netherlands: “…”
Portugal: “Holanda!”
Netherlands: “OMG you’re just taking the piss now, Portugal!”
Germany: “Niederlande?”
Netherlands: *cries tears of joy*
England: “Lol we’ll have The Netherlands but we’ll only use Holland.”
Netherlands: “I hate you.”


Carmen: oh Nina, come here please! o v o Nina:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????