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mercury aspects + the sound of voices

The conjunction is the only aspect possible between Sun and Mercury, so if someone has this aspect, it is likely that their voice is full of confidence, there can be a rich quality to their voice, they may speak with plenty of precision and are not ones to stumble or stammer; they come across as though they know a lot of information.

Mercury-Moon aspects could indicate that the person has a really soothing voice, full of calmness and serenity, speaking softly and femininely. They may have a type of voice that you feel like you can trust and confide in, because they are so gentle through the way they communicate.

Mercury-Venus aspects could indicate that the person has a beautiful voice, a voice that is highly appealing and sweet. They may also be talented at singing because of their lovely voice. They sound very melodic and charming.

Mercury-Mars aspects could indicate that the person has a striking voice, their tone of voice may be brash and probably sounds harsh. They might often sound angry even if they are not actually angry. These natives are also known to speak with tons of passion and intensity, and aggression.

Mercury-Jupiter aspects could indicate that the person has a pretty loud voice, and they make sure that their words are being heard, so therefore their tone of voice is prominent. People with these aspects are prone to laughing a lot, and often have long, loud laughs, which gives them an endearing quality.

Mercury-Saturn aspects could indicate that the person has a quiet, reserved, and respectful tone of voice. When they speak, they seem composed and could have a wise way of speaking. Their voice is often monotone and they usually talk dryly, at a relatively slow pace.

Mercury-Uranus aspects could indicate that the person has a unique voice; maybe their voice is quite different, or stands out among the rest. Think of Morgan Freeman: one of the main things he is recognized for is his renowned voice (he has Mercury conjunct Uranus). These natives attract interest through the way they speak because the voice is typically dissimilar from most.

Mercury-Neptune aspects could indicate that the person has a dreamy, poetic, sleepy tone of voice. They sound laid back and nonchalant, but also with an enchanting quality to the way they speak. Their voice is chilled out and mellow, and they may sound a little shy.

Mercury-Pluto aspects could indicate that the person has a powerful, dominant, and heavy/deep tone of voice. Lauren Bacall had Mercury sextile Pluto and was admired for her deep voice, which sometimes intimidated and intrigued others at the same time.

-space related asks-

pluto: what do you love most about yourself?

mars: who is your ideal best friend?

earth: what’s your ideal house/home?

saturn: what’s your aesthetic?

jupiter: if you could choose your own name what would it be?

neptune: what’s an album that you can listen through entirely w/o skipping song?

venus: go to piece of clothing/outfit?

mercury: what’s something you couldn’t live without?

uranus: what’s your zodiac sign?

the moon: favorite quote?

the sun: what motivates you?

kepler-22b: if you could go anywhere, where would it be/why?

phobos: what was your favorite song as a child?

ceres: out of everyone/thing in this world, who would you elect president?

titan: if you could die your hair absolutely any color and pull it off, what would it be?

callisko: what’s your ideal job?

enceladus: who is your favorite person? what are they like?

hyperion: do you have a favorite store/shop?

comet: what’s your biggest secret?

astroid: what’ your biggest fear? i there a reason why you’re scared of it?

shooting star: who is your ideal s/o?

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Placements that would make someone think about their crush all day/intensely?

moon/venus in gemini, virgo (can obsess over one little thing that they did or their crush did and you can’t really stop them from over-thinking even if they’re getting reassurance from their crush)

moon/venus in cancer, scorpio, pisces (can think back/daydream about when they were around their crush and replay that over and over again, they can also get a bit insecure) 

venus-pluto aspects/pluto in the 7th (can try to find out everything they can about their crush and in general, think about them a lot)

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Hi. What planets in 12th house do you consider being fluid and planets more hard to deal with ? Thank you

This is a very deep and profound topic to discuss…the nature of the 12th house is so grand that the human mind can’t even begin to understand it’s lack of boundaries…in the 12th house there is no “best” or “worst” expression of any of these planets….Any of the planets here can be used for the good of all mankind or for the destruction and ending of the self….They all have equal potential in their own ways….

Venus, Jupiter, Neptune all have an ability to heal on a great lever due to their compassionate nature of being linked to the 12th house.  Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and it rules over the 12th house naturally.  Neptune is of course naturally at home in the 12th and really stresses the good and the bad. Jupiter is anciently ruled by Pisces which is at home in the 12th due to it’s link to spirituality, religion and faith in general.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto tend to struggle more, especially the inner planets.  If you ever wondered how a 12th house planet manifests just think of the sign that rules that planet…..those are the traits that are confused and lost in the 12th house and struggle to come outward in the behavior.

Sun in 12 for instance is like a virgo ascendant with leo in 12….Struggles with having fun, confused about the sense of self.  In a sense it causes the person to work, work, work but for what reason it feels always lost to them.  Moon in 12 is like Like a Leo ascendant with cancer in 12…Troubles showing the emotions outward, recognizing their importance and place….Leo is king and needs to stand tall no matter what over the kingdom…..Mercury in 12 is like having either a Cancer Ascendant or Libra Ascendant.  In terms of cancer ascendant the thoughts are reserved for the end of the day when they have nurtured everyone else.  In similarity to libra ascendant, taking care of the self is reserved for alone time after they are done mingling out in the world and experiencing life through others.

Mars in 12….is like a taurus ascendant.  Anger is confusing, aggression is withheld internally.  Sometimes there is abuse in life in the early years that restricts the vital energy from flowing outward.  Uranus in 12 is like Pisces Ascendant.  Confusion and struggles with the individuality lead to a sense of dissolving with everything.  The subconscious here is riddled with the need to change or give the individuality away towards the benefit of all.  This is why pisces ascendant has a chameleon like appearance.  

Saturn in 12 is a bit more confusing as it outs like a pisces ascendant too. There is a larger overwhelming guilt complex floating around the subconscious where a person has trouble showing their ambitious and focused sides in life. You can see it act out like both capricorn and aquarius in 12; as it also has a bit of the flavoring of uranus in 12.  There is a desire to help underprivileged people due to feeling the guilt of the suffering of the masses;  Afterall classically Saturn classically rules over the impoverished (depressed) masses.  Finally pluto in 12….Quite a tough one.  Like a Sagittarius Ascendant, pluto in 12 shows traits of scorpio in 12.  The willful and intense side is internalized, sometimes confusing.  The need to understand the self and others is given way to the need for freedom and not being held back by the thought of being tied down (by the process of death and intimacy.)

The trick for the planets that struggle in the 12th house listed above is to realize their true potential by connecting with the source.  By researching astrology you see the confusion is only a shield created by the fog of neptune in the 12th house.  Former renowned psychic Edward Cayce shared that all of the planets have souls….by getting in touch with the soul traits of these hidden planets and understanding them we can give them to the greater good of everyone. 

Believe it or not the 12th house is without a doubt the most blessed gift in the entire horoscope…the only problem is you have to see past your own suffering and ego and merge with the ideas suffering is necessary for a great connection to everything.  Since the 12th house is the last house below the horizon before you were born, the souls of these planets were the last ones you took in with you before you were born.  You were given a gift by the universe to be something greater then the physical plane has to offer…you just have to grow into the spiritual mold and understand this through time.

One must remember the 12th house teaches us the most important lessons of all.  Life is not just us, it is everyone and everything.  Letting go of self and ego and understanding all of the struggles on the physical plane are just that…struggles and temporary.

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So my question is a lil silly..but what if the sun disappears suddenly ..will the earth and other planets wander aimlessly or will the earth revolve around jupiter (since it has more mass)👀😅


(First of all, the question isn’t silly at all! -In fact, I enjoy questions like this, seeing as so few people care to ask me :P)

But on to the question.

If you don’t feel like reading my explanation, here’s a TL;DR for ya:

It depends. (Welcome to science)

Let me elaborate.

As most people know, the light from the sun takes approximately eight and a half minutes to reach Earth. (Remember this, it will be important in a bit.)

However, what would happen to all the plants, in let’s say, the first day or so of the sun’s disappearance? Imagine if you were holding a rock by a string. Now imagine that you’re slinging this rock around you while spinning, what would happen if you let go?

Something like this:

This is pretty much what would happen to the planets if the sun disappeared-all the planets would travel in straight lines from their orbits, like a hammer thrower’s hammer. (At least after a week or so, for the first couple of days we wouldn’t notice much, other than the complete lack of sunlight.)

But, as you so aptly specified in your question, the masses of the planets would cause most of them to just fall into Jupiter or something, right? Not necessarily. Although it IS likely to happen, given enough time, most of the planets would be hurled out of the solar system before interacting with anything gravitationally. (at least, to great effect that is)

But what would this mean for Earth? (Because, let’s be perfectly honest, who cares about mercury when your own life is on the line?)

Remember that thing I said about sunlight earlier? Here’s where that gets to be important. If you live on the side of Earth where it happens to be daytime when the Sun disappears, then you get about 8 more minutes of sunlight. Congratulations! If it’s nighttime where you are, then you probably won’t realise it for a little while longer, as you’d probably be asleep. But the Moon would appear to “disappear from the sky”. (seeing as there’s no sun to reflect light off of it.) Unless that is, we have the coincidence of it being a new moon that night also, but really what are the chances of that?;)

Here’s where Earth gets a break: (but warning, from here on out it’s all downhill) As you may know, our planet is REALLY good at retaining heat, so for the first week or so it wouldn’t be ‘that bad’. On “day” one it would be like a regular night, but would slowly get colder and colder until the Earth’s surface temperature would be about that of space. (Give or take a few degrees.) 

Everything on the surface would become a wasteland, the parts of the oceans that don’t boil/freeze off into space (Did I mention that the atmosphere is gone too? Happy times.) the remainder of the water on earth would be frozen to the ocean floors. Humans would die by the millions- nay, billions. The few of us left able to escape underground would probably have to make heat by means of something like a nuclear reactor. Attempts to scavenge off the surface wouldn’t work- the radiation of space would make it EXTEREMLY unadvisable, aside from temperatures nearing absolute zero. Almost all life would be exterminated ice-age style, except for a few hardy bacteria. As our planet spins off into space, (assuming we don’t fall into the gravity well of a nearby planet, like Jupiter) we would be bombarded by various sizes of space debris, slowly tearing the planet apart. This could take anywhere from a few years to hundreds of thousands of years- maybe even more if we’re that lucky. MAYBE we could survive long enough to evacuate the remaining population of Earth onto spaceships capable of travel to the closest near-earth planets. (Proxima Centauri B at 4.2 light-years away, or Wolf 1061b at 13.8 light years.) However, even this would be unlikely because we honestly don’t know which direction we would be going at the time of Sol’s disappearance. 

In truth, if the Sun suddenly disappeared, humanity would be pretty screwed.

But when did that stop us before?

Again, thanks for the ask! If you have any more questions, I’m always up to answer more!

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Best and worst synastry aspects (in your opinion)?


venus-mars aspects (creates a flowing energy between the two and even though the hard aspects can be more difficult, it can create a lot of attraction)

mars-pluto aspects (especially harmonious aspects, a lot of very intense energies, sexual attractions)

harmonious venus-pluto aspects (a really intense, transforming relationship. harmonious aspects are less likely to become unhealthy and manipulative) 

harmonious moon/venus-saturn aspects (they can have a very stable relationship and can be there for the other when they need it) 

harmonious moon-pluto aspects (can be very open and honest with each other or they at least feel very comfortable with each other)


venus-uranus aspects (can make for an unstable but exciting relationship especially the hard aspects, one or both people can have a hard time committing) 

venus/mars-neptune aspects (especially hard aspects, it can make the venus/mars person have unrealistic expectations of neptune and neptune can lie to live up to them) 

hard moon-neptune aspects (there can be an avoidance issue with the two and misunderstandings of feelings) 

mercury-neptune aspects (especially hard aspects, there can be a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings causing fights and maybe more)

hard mars-pluto aspects (there can be a struggle for control, each using their own ways to control the other causing an explosion)

(unless it’s contradicted by other aspects)

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What would Venus sextile Pluto mean?

Passionate and devoted lovers. These people are often deep and intense in their love relationships. Financially resourceful people. Love may have some fated feeling to it and these people often fall at first sight. Venus-Pluto are often intensely sexual people,even with the soft aspects. Strong emotional ties.

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Sagittarius Pluto for song?

Oh, another generational aspect

New Romantics by Taylor Swift

We’re all bored
We’re all so tired of everything
We wait for
Trains that just aren’t coming
We show off
Our different scarlet letters
Trust me, mine is betterWe’re so young
But we’re on the road to ruin
We play dumb
But we know exactly what we’re doing
We cry tears
Of mascara in the bathroom
Honey, life is just a classroom

Like yea, sag is the sign of fun and adventure, but pluto expresses the shadow side of the sign it occupies. The desire for fun, adventure, and something more stems from boredom, feeling trapped and restless. Cynicism is a huge thing with the pluto in sag generation. 

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Which placements likes love/hate relationships?

venus in aries, scorpio (gravitate towards very intense relationships, the ups and downs can sometimes be what they love about it. the passion) 

mars in 7th (they might be somebody who look for fights in relationships or friendships but they are very passionate about a lot of things)

pluto in 7th (needs/wants intensity, sometimes that can spiral out of control for them and that can turn into love/hate relationships)

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What placements do you think that could indicate a vengeful personality?

Planetary placements:

- Scorpio Moon/Mars because they have a tendency to take things very personally and never forget a slight.

- Aries Moon/Mars can be indicative of a vengeful nature, although there vengeance is much more impulsive as they aren’t necessarily grudge holders.

-Cancer Moon/Mars may be similar to Aries, but more likely to feel bad afterwards.


Sun/Moon squares/opposes Mars: People with this aspect may be especially aggressive and want to get back at whoever has offended them.

Moon squares/opposes Pluto: Can indicate someone who may lash out viciously at those who has threatened or upset them in order to control the situation.

Moon/Mars squares/opposes/conjuncts Neptune: Feels things very deeply so being hurt or angered can really affect them and possibly turn nasty and angry, resulting in a search for vengeance.

Mars squares/opposes Pluto: Lack control of their rage which can lead to attempts to get back at people for things.

These are just some that come to mind. Thank you for asking. 🖤

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Hi! I'm trying to modify my Pluto cospay and you are forever going to be the person I look to for comparison! I wanted to see if you had any idea how much worbla you used to cover the top piece? I know it's been a while. I haven't used it before and I'm thinking about giving it a try. Thanks!

Hey thank you~!! If I estimate I cut a maybe 20″x20″ piece of from a jumbo sheet of worbla. I don’t anticipate that it would need that much, but I did make some mistakes so it’s hard to gauge. Going for a medium size sheet would probably be a good idea. (ffff.. if you or anyone out there wants to buy some discount worbla, I have a lot left from 5 years ago when it was on promo sale in Canada that’s just sitting around.)

As a reminder! I took thick cotton piping:

And then heated up a square of worbla and rolled the warm worbla over the piping like kneading bread until it was smooth. While it was still warm I curved the pieces into the half heart shapes. 

The scallop portion and rest is is craft foam with worbla layers on top! Used popsicle sticks as a tool to help fuse the hot pieces of worbla together

Check out this link on my facebook page if you haven’t already!

Hope that helps!!

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Synastry placements that would make him/her be mesmerized,hypnotized by him/her?

especially the hard aspects between these planets can have more effect on the whole mesmerized thing, it’s more intense

venus/mars-Neptune aspects (the neptune person can really idealize the venus/mars person and put them on a pedestal, the venus/mars person can also lie to be who neptune thinks they are)

venus-pluto aspects (there can be a mutual intense attraction but unlike the Neptune aspects, people in this aspect can usually see each other’s flaws and choose to ignore it. It’s a really “i’d do anything for you” kind of thing going on especially on pluto’s part usually) 

Venus in 12th house (the 12th house person can be very attracted to the venus person and can be willing to blindly follow them, the venus person can easily take advantage if they wanted to) 

pluto-support  asked:

Do you have any tumblr headcanons for the ipliers? (Who would run an emo fan blog, etc)

Sure! Let’s see…

Wilford - Would probably have something pink and circus like for his theme, uses it primarily to promote his show and will reblog ANYTHING related to it, also reblogs stuff on gossip with celebrities, he was probably the first to get one and the one to push for others to get them

Dark - Uses primarily black with red and blue accenting things for his theme, he rarely uses it but when he does it’s to reblog aaall that emo brooding stuff (he’s the emo blog) and to post a call out for either the Ipliers or Mark, was the last one to get one and tried desperately to hide it, lowkey has a side blog that’s about cryptids and conspiracies, has managed to keep it a secret from everyone

Google(s) - Has a blue, red, green, and yellow plain theme, they get asked the most questions out of everyone and it’s used as a lesser source of information (like keeping tabs on the community and if Mark posts anything), the Google to use it the most would be Oliver since he enjoys interacting with people the most

The Host - Uses tan and gold for colors while also making it look like reading an ancient scroll, uses it the most out of everyone, posts his own original works while also writing fan fictions, likes to reblog all that author aesthetic stuff and others stories/fanfics, has a a few side blogs dedicated to different things, mutuals with Bim Trimmer

Dr. Iplier - Uses white and has an overall plain looking theme, surprisingly fairly gross since he likes to reblog a lot of things relating to anything medical (like someone talking about a cut that got infected and going into detail about it) but also reblogs gifs from hospital shows like Greys Anatomy and House, is a proud member of the medical side of Tumblr, has a side blog dedicated to his hospital aesthetics

Edd Edgar - He’s that blog we never speak about because it’s high key frightening since all he does with it is post/reblog photos of baby’s and puts different prices

Silver Shepherd - A super hero theme, likes to reblog things relating to him and superheroes in general, most people know he’s the actual Silver Shepherd and he terribly tries to prove them wrong, has become a meme unintentionally

Bim Trimmer - Has Matthias as his theme, it’s basically a blog dedicated to Matthias and how much he loves him while also promoting his show too, loves to post selfies of himself, him and Host are mutuals and like to show support for each other, he’s a close second to Host on usage

Bingiplier - Tries to have the most radical theme of them all but it looks more like a meme if anything, also holy crap the M E M E S on his blog, likes to ask the Googles joke questions via anon, has a side blog for his skateboarding

Yandere - Super cutesy pink aesthetic, posts selfies of themselves and a lot of Jacksepticeye strangely, most of them are ones he really shouldn’t have like Jack sleeping or one at an angle like he’s trying to hide, similarly to Bim his blog is dedicated to Jack, aside from Jack they also reblog a lot of gifs on animes, lowkey their blog is kind of frightening

Holy freaking cow I think I got them all but damn there’s a lot of Ipliers @.@ Thanks for the question tho!! :D

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What's placements would make a person extremely jealous or possessive especially in relationships

Possessive Placements

  • sun/moon/venus/mars in aries/SCORPIO
  • venus in taurus (surprise surprise lol)
  • mars aspecting venus harshly
  • mars in detriment or fall (taurus/cancer/libra)
  • mars in the 7th/8th house/aspecting pluto
  • moon/venus in the 8th house/aspecting pluto