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Welp!  It’s finally happened…I’ve reached 50 followers!  Thank you all so much!  With a little randomizer, 12 lucky ponies are featured in this pic.  Again, thank ALL of you for following me, I really appreciate it, and can only hope to keep making some entertaining art for you all to hopefully enjoy!  n_n  A little shoutout for the following ponies in this pic:


And remember, Keep Living, Breathing, Surviving~!

[By the way, this does NOT mean Wisp can grow into ginormous sizes, this was just some random idea generated in another randomizer. ;) ]


Wisp:  As a traveler, I explore, seek the darkness, and reshape it into a Time-Warp crystal.  This power also protects the planet from Sish that may attempt to invade via space travel by emitting a wave of hidden energy all over the planet.  But using this crystal has a drawback; its energy also removes memories of me and knowledge of the Sish from those who’ve ever seen, met, or heard of me.

One more part to end this story…part 8 - Rebirth