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The cast of Motherly has come together to enjoy the fireworks of New Years! A New Year, new adventures, what awaits them around the horizon? Only time will tell!

Guest Artist #9:

And that’s all of the guest art updates I’ve received so far! I really can’t thank all of my guest artists enough for giving me something to update with while I’ve been working behind the scenes, though it seems that it’s now time for Motherly to go into slumber for a month~

If I get more guest updates I’ll post them, but until then Motherly will properly return April 4th! See you then~


Seriously though, this movie is quite something. It has a lot of charm, a very catchy soundtrack, great acting, and quite a powerful message behind it, you know the one: “Don’t stop smiling, regardless of how dire your situation might be”. It’s kind of funny how this can get lost in the great choreography and fantastic singing.

Also, some people say that the rain in the movie was a mix of water and milk to make the raindrops show up better on camera. This is false. Nopony is crazy enough to do this in your world. Now, on my world though…

And now, if you excuse me, I have to go drain my cinema…again. No more rain related movies! This just keeps happening!