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Day Three - Compass

Travelling together on a mission, Keith and Allura buy a broken compass that ends up not being so broken after all. 

For Day Three of Kallura Month.

“This thing isn’t even working.” Growling in frustration, Keith bangs the compass against his gloved palm a few times. As the metal parts rattle around inside, Allura grimaces. If it wasn’t broken before, it definitely is now.

“All this does is point toward you,” he continues, moving the compass in wide circles. She’s too tired to care, but she watches as the needle adjusts to aim in her direction, no matter where his hand takes it.

“Do Alteans have polarity?” he asks. There’s genuine curiosity in his voice, and she doesn’t have a better theory, but she can’t help herself from rolling her eyes at him before answering.

“No, we do not.” Every time she speaks, she can only manage to get out a few words. The sweltering heat is pushing into her skull and causing her head to throb.

“That lady scammed us,” he says. His dark eyes narrow as he inspects the compass, bringing it right up to his face. Harsh sun reflects off the metal, and the light plays over his cheek.  

“You mean that lady scammed you,” she counters. He shrugs at her correction and continues fiddling with the dials on the copper casing. With a sigh, she wipes her damp forehead and looks to the horizon.

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ninth-00-deactivated20170324  asked:

I really like the new things you've added to Citrus' design. Also good luck with the naming! I also was wondering how revamping the main group of characters are going? c:

thank you! and its going alright but wicky continues to be the primary Problem Child. i kinda like the more crustacean/shelled look and there’s a lot of ideas and gags it opens up BUT dwelling on it there’s some Plot Stuff that would have to be changed or dropped altogether to accommodate it…

i’m still trying to figure out a design i like that a) isn’t a total departure from the original and is adequately buggy b) something that won’t mandate too much rewriting since him being a bug and certain bug traits of his are plot important and c) something i can draw a lot at many poses and angles and not get frustrated with