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who else is on your team?

Apollo’s a part of a pretty cool team, Team Destiny Bond! There’s Archie (arcanine), Sandstorm (flygon), ‘Kipper (swampert), Destiny (espeon), and Momo (pichu)! They’re all one big family and have led their trainer to being one of the tops.~

Pokemon themed asks

Kecleon- Favourite type

Ditto- Favourite pokemon

Meowth- Favourite villains

Eevee- Favourite method of evolution

Pichu- Favourite baby pokemon

Zubat- Most annoying pokemon

Pikachu- Favourite companion of Ash

Unown- Something that confuses you about the pokemon universe 

Magikarp- A pokemon you believe that has amazing potential, but everyone else thinks otherwise

Castform- Favourite in battle weather condition

Cosplay Pikachu- Favourite contest condition (cute, cool, beauty, tough, smart)

Foongus - Favourite method of capturing/obtaining pokemon

Charmander- Favourite starter

Chansey - Favourite way of healing pokemon

Flygon- A pokemon which deserves a mega evolution

Porygon - A pokemon that takes a while to obtain

Hoopa - Favourite event pokemon

Lunatone - Favourite pokemon who’s origins are not from Earth

Shaymin- Favourite tiny legendary

Vicrteebel- Fvaourite pokemon cry from either the anime or game

Headcanon: Show it some love.

You remember that Pichu Hau first caught? When Hau first caught it, he was ecstatic. He’d seen them on the island all the time and was eager to see it grow up; just like he would on his island journey.

After asking Hala about when Pichu evolved, he was told it evolved through its happiness. Stunned, Hau considered this thoughtfully. He had Pichu sit outside its ball and watch as he paced thoughtfully, concerned about how to make Pichu truly happy.

Eventually he shrugged and just took Pichu along. He told it that he wasn’t going to try to force its happiness; it would happen when it happened. Which was why Pichu could tell when he whooped and took it for some malasada that he was truly doing it because he loved the food and wanted to share it with a friend.

Shortly after leaving the first island, after training and preparing for the water challenge, Pichu rose to the occasion almost immediately after they landed on the island, evolving into Pikachu, knowing it would be best suited for the challenge. It would be his frontline, his forerunner, and most important of all; one of his best, and closest friends.

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Serious- Cool, you’re suddenly a gym leader. Which type is your specialty and what is your team?

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If it isn’t obvious I LOVE electric type pokemon.

My team would consist of:

  • Raichu
  • Luxray
  • Joleton
  • Amphoros
  • Lanturn

Depending on the area of the game I’d obviously have less pokemon but one of my favorite gym leaders is the 8th gym leader in sinnoh cause that’s basically parts of his team…

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Bold- What is your favorite pokemon game outside of the the main series?

Pokemon Ask Meme!

Definitely Pokemon Colosseum XD.

I loved the gamecube games so much and I’ve even loaded up emulators to play them again since my gamecube doesn’t really work anymore. I played those games so much and I still hold both of them very fondly, but the second one was just a higher quality game objectively.