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What is OP's deal with Megatron I can make no sense of his feelings for his villainous counterpart


Optimus Prime and Megatron’s relationship in IDW is certainly…er…hmm. Lets start at the beginning: back in the day Megatron was an idealistic poet with revolutionary ideas and Optimus Orion Pax was the one good cop on the block. When they first encountered each other Megatron made quite an impression on Orion who was impressed with Megatron’s ideas for non-violent change and had his eyes opened to the corruption in the system he worked for. It could be argued that Megatron’s early ideas were the basis for the Autobot philosophy Optimus would go on to champion as he tried bring about peaceful reform whilst opposing violent revolution that would replace one form of tyranny with another. Unfortunately this was around the same time that Megatron soured to the idea of non-violent change and sweetened to the idea of tyranny - if he were the tyrant. 

So I suppose you could say that the battle between Optimus Prime and Megatron is a battle between Megatron’s original ideals and his later ideals that were twisted by rage and pain. Which makes the fact that Megatron becomes an Autobot when he returns to those original ideals all the more fitting, now that I think about it. Given that Optimus has dedicated himself to a philosophy that Megatron had no small part in conceiving, it makes sense that Optimus would have complex feelings towards him. Taking into consideration how strongly they were in agreement to begin with, perhaps Optimus wonders if the only thing that separates them is the suffering Megatron experienced, so if their places were reversed Optimus would be the one burning worlds.

Plus there’s also that whole thing where having an arch-enemy who is the most major and constant thing in your life for four million years creates an intense level of familiarity and even a strange intimacy. Not that I’m talking from experience or anything, that’s just how it always seem to work on TV and we all know that’s a valid source. 

*sunday at the Pax signing*

me: “oh yeah, im really enjoying the whole antisepticeye thing you’ve done so far with the community! I really like how we always come together for it.”

jack: “oh really? i’m really glad to hear that! It’s so much fun doing it with you guys!”

me: “Yeah! I so can’t wait til the next time Anti comes back!! haha”

jack: haha W͈̱̲͞ͅḫ̵͚̩̭̩̮ͅͅo̧̳͎͜ ͓͔̙̟̖̥͡s͏͈̜̤à̹͍̭̭͠i̸̧̝̮̪͞d̛҉͙̻̪ ̵̜̣̱͇̘͎ͅh̥͔̰͎̠̤̰̫e͎̜̞̳̮̭ ̴̷͕ę̸̠̱̻̫̟̭̪̻v̷̸̼͚͡e̶̙̹͓̰r̛̳͎̻ ͏̸̺̮͖̩͖̥͇̤̙l̶͖̝̱̪͖̦͔̫͘e̛̩̩͇̙̝̜f̴̞̮͓̼́̕t̛͠҉̯̗̮͕̝?̵̬̙͚̻͇͔̗̹͢ͅ?̢͖̦͉ 


jack: “Just kidding haha!”

me: yea…….ha…..ha…

also me: (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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hey!!! i saw a bullymagnet post you made a while back (for the record, your art is amazing) and noticed you didn’t know what color max’s eyes were. believe it or not, on ch1 pg12 they are shown to be blue. just for info! have a great day! :)

hi there!! thanks for the info, @callow-maturity pointed it out to me recently too and this is what i got from the screenshot she sent me:

it looks like greyish-blue? i mean, its probably different now but i dont know if zack’s ever released something like a character ref sheet so /shrugs

also its kind of the same-ish colour as his hat in the early early chapters, so its an old hc of mine that max’s hat was a gift from his mom who bought it coz it was the exact same colour of his eyes :) :’)

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i dont know if your still doing these but can you do b2 for jack!

Sure anon friend! :D Hope you like it! C:

Floating head and arms boy, if you couldn’t read that because of my fabulous writing xD :P Can’t wait to watch Jack’s panel, bet it was awesome >u<

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Sterek + A Love Bite. Fluff please. Don't break my fragile heart. T.T

This has been sitting in my inbox for nearly 2 months and I am so sorry for taking so long to respond but I hope this little story was worth the wait. Also we hit 500 followers!!!! Thank you all so much I love all you lovelies and I hope you all enjoy <3

Ironically, Derek never really liked dogs.

There were just so loud and they made a mess of everything. He was always a bit scared of them as a kid, especially the larger breeds, his family always found it hilarious that a werewolf could be afraid of dogs.

He’s not scared of them anymore, obviously, but he doesn’t enjoy being around them either.

Which is why he’s less than impressed when he comes home to find Stiles on the floor wrestling with a full grown pit bull. 

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may be a bit late but Megop if you're still doing the ask meme? no worries if you don't want to tho :)

(You’re good!  Let’s go with some pre-war, IDW fluff <3)

Who said “I love you” first:  Megatron, surprisingly.  It was through one of his many letters to Orion, which got progressively more poetic and sexual intimate as time went on. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:  Probably neither.  Their phones are mostly about function and not much else.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:  Both.  They almost have mini conversations with them, which is why they mainly use sticky notes instead.  (“Nice aft.”  “Thanks, you should see it from up top.”  “You free after work?”  “Definitely.  I’ll be waiting… <3″)

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:  Neither of them are really into cheesy gifts per say.

Who initiated the first kiss:  Orion made the verbal indication which left them both standing there, silently pressed up against one another, but it was Megs who actually initiated the lip lock.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:  Megatron.  He’s very affectionate when he first wakes up (provided he got a good night’s sleep that is.)  He always tells Orion how beautiful he is with the morning sunlight playing over his frame.

Who starts tickle fights:  They don’t really do tickle fights…

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:  Megatron, though usually Orion will just ask if he wants to join when he’s getting in.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:  Orion, as his work schedule is a lot more flexible.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:  Both of them were a little awkward, but not anything that would have spoiled the date.

Who kills/takes out the spiders:  Megs squashes them whenever he sees them (he’s got a real thing against organics)  Orion takes them outside.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:  Megatron, though he will deny it to his dying day.

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Just had this pointed out to me. It's said they can't reach Functionist Orion Pax. But who would Orion be without reading Megatron's book? Would he still be the same bot or would he have been corrupted without Megatron's influence?

I was wondering this myself, since that fact that Megs and Roller discussed him felt like foreshadowing, and Megatron’s assumption that Orion would still be noble in this reality seemed like something that was set up to be knocked down. I could see Orion being written as corrupt in some way in the Functionalist Universe in order to further draw parallels between him and Megatron, and to ask the question if they’re really fundamentally different or if their roles as hero and villain were largely decided by experience. 

“ It even looks like Anti in the background “

Why would Jack link a vague looking something, that looks like 2 weird eyes and a silly mouth in a green mist to Anti, why nobody else of us would really. We know what Anti looks like. We recognize him as a human looking being with green hair, black/green/blue eyes, and a slit throat. Why does Jack recognize him as something else.

I can explain why..

At PAX Jack asked us to film something, all together. Then Anti showed up on our devices. I dont know if this has become canon by now but i have the feeling that our devices, PC’s, Laptops, Mobile phones, Ipads. Whatever it is, it is corrupted. Anti shows up as the being he wants us to see him.
But Jacks device isn’t corrupted. His phone, PC, Laptop, was not recording Anti during PAX. So Anti shows up on his monitors and screens differently than it does to us. To Jack, Anti might not fit the same visual description than how we see him.

After all we created Anti, We gave him the look of a slit throat, green hair and earrings. Jack had nothing to do with that all.

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What if KO figures out She's faking the amnesia (he's less willing to cuddle or something, idk) and comes up with a serum to induce amnesia, which he slips into Jack's food every time he thinks Jack is starting to remember the truth again? That way he has a willing and happy child to cuddle and spoil forever!

Oh he definitely would!  After all, what Jack doesn’t know can’t hurt him.  He can’t miss his mother or his friends if he doesn’t remember them.  Ignorance is bliss as they say…

Meanwhile Megatron is like “Where the frag was this stuff when I had Optimus freaking Prime on my payroll?!?!?”  XD

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Megacat hates being wet (see exhibit A, poor OP being all banged up after that bath) , so whenever he happens to get caught in the rain during his nightly raids he´ll climb under OP´s blanket sopping wet, stretching himself out completely all over his chest and belly, head tucked snuggly under his chin after rattling OP´s brains with the mother of all headbutts, purring contentedly until he´s all warm and dry again^^

true love :D