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Any thoughts about Engie and Pyro. Not necessarily as a couple but as partners or how they work together? I'm really enjoying these discussions. Ty for your time.

Oh, this is fun! When it’s the two of them hanging out on the battlefield, I see them as having a mutualistic relationship, which is a sort of behavioral symbiosis. (Like, have you ever seen those birds that perch on big animals like rhinos and elephants and eat ticks and other parasites off of them, which benefits both animals? It’s like that.) Pyro will keep close to the nest for supplies and healing but also help Engie out by spychecking—a little flame puff will do—and deflecting rockets with airblasts. It also provides a little spot that the others can jog over to if they’re on fire and get put out in a jiff!

I think Engie appreciates the company when this happens and has figured out how to understand Pyro’s speech better than any of the other mercs. He’s polite about not asking them any personal questions, though. Questions like “what’s your family like?” or “where’d you grow up?” or “are you actually several snakes in the semblance of a man?” He’s curious, of course, but you have to respect these boundaries when you work closely with others.

Pyro’s happy to have a party headquarters where all their best friends like to come! They all leave pretty quickly, though, which is fine because they always come back. Sometimes they come back covered in bubbles and seem upset, so Pyro dries them off. Balloonicorn says that they can trust Engie, which is silly because why wouldn’t Pyro trust one of their very best friends? Sometimes Balloonicorn tells Pyro things they don’t understand, but they know it means well. Pyro just wants to party!


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No one can tell how Pyro’s so happy and relieved at that moment…

I haven’t figured out how my maskless!Pyro would actually look, so I have to apologize for still hiding his face Besides, he’s only showing it to Scout! Not to anyone else. But I’d like to think he’s got burns that deformed his face and… yeah that.

Thanks to my twin for fixing Scout’s original compliment that I was supposed to use. He gave me a better one.♥