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Paradigmal Dogma

Dogma is an essential tool of Chaos Magick and goes hand in hand with adopting a paradigm.

What is a paradigm? Common usage today conceives a paradigm as a system of belief. The term originates from Thomas Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and refers to a reference experiment and methodology that frames a practice of science. In Chaos Magick we do well to stick with Kuhn’s original insight and conceive of a paradigm in similar manner, in terms of reference practice and method rather than in terms of belief.

What is dogma? Dogma is arbitrary assertion of ways of thinking and common use includes associated practices. Dogma and paradigms fit well together. Francis Crick asserted the “central dogma” of molecular biology which asserted a way of approaching and organizing research efforts based on an assumed “truth” which seemed likely, but well beyond ability to prove at the time. In Chaos Magick we should also identify similar effective dogmas.

In chaos magick we adopt paradigms at will. To work within a paradigm is to also assert associated dogmas. When exploring or developing a paradigm, ask yourself what dogmas one should hold in association with the paradigm. Dogmas are optional refinements and extensions of the base paradigm.

Many of us have such an anti-establishment bent that we resist adopting any dogma, missing the point that all a dogma need be is structure for thought. A dogma need not be believed or constantly held. It is a constraint on thought which can be compared to a structure of constraint in poetry. We have no need of constraining ourselves to constraints established by authority, though having some devised structure of constraint can get us further and produce more interesting results than rejecting constraint entirely.

Conceive of your own constraints, your own central dogma, and judge it by its effectiveness in working within your paradigm.


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Seeing is Believing: Actually Perceiving Magic Might Be Harder Than It Looks

Alternate title: They Were Car Crash Victims, Until They Weren’t

WARNING: This has Nightmare Hospital spoilers. In fact, the very foundation of this meta comes from Nightmare Hospital, so watch that before you read this, or you will be very confused.

Okay, so I think we can all agree that Dr. Maheswaran underreacted to the cluster-monsters in Nightmare Hospital. The hospital’s entire staff seemed to have underreacted (with the possible exception of the individual who called her back to work to begin with). We have already made jokes at Dr. Maheswaran’s expense—a particular Toy Story gif comes to mind (“I don’t think that man’s ever been to medical school”). I laughed, too, but then I got to thinking: The writing of Steven Universe is phenomenal. Up until this glaring oversight, they’ve thought everything through.

So, then I start to wonder, is this really an oversight? What if, instead of being so desensitized to Weird Stuff as brought to Beach City by the gems and an Earth that has been altered by their presence (I’ll get into that later), the regular citizens literally can’t see the Weird Stuff at all?

Hear me out. I think I might be on to something.

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