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asklatias  asked:

hi! nice to meet you! your circus looks interesting! do you have any legendaries in there? *floats around, trying to peek behind Lorna*

Lorna: Hm? You mean in the tent?

Lorna: It’s empty.

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Yooo! Evan here! Sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve done a give away with you guys, hehe

Here today I’m gonna celebrate the release of this new cute show, We Bare Bears! Come get a shiny fluffy carnivore to show pride for your favorite Bear! 


  • Upload a Tentacool to the GTS 
  • Use the message MudkipGiveaways! 
  • Ask for an Pangoro/Ursaring Level 91 + OR a Beartic Level 81 + 
  • Please only take one unless I later announce extras! 

I will start the giveaway at 9:30 PM EST and go until I run low, so go catch your squids! Have fun, everyone! 

anonymous asked:

to the bears, why are you all in a poly-amorous relationship anyway in the first place? Wasn't the idea weird to you at first, and why do you have the partners you do?

“Oh, what, are you talking with the folks around that Grass Fields town?! They turn you off to the idea of polyamory? Go on, say it, tell us how offended you are by it! Do it!”

“Pangoro, relax. They just don’t understand, as far as we know for now. At any rate, we became the toughest knights around the Empire and joined around the same time. Some flirting between sparring sessions kicked off our interests in each other, and rather than squabble over who dated who, we decided that it would be better if we just dated each other.”

“Lasting long in the Empire wasn’t a guarantee for anyone, so we wanted to get the most out of a relationship. It wasn’t really weird, since we all liked each other, and were comfortable being so open together. So, all three of us together just worked out well enough, in the end.”