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asklatias  asked:

hi! nice to meet you! your circus looks interesting! do you have any legendaries in there? *floats around, trying to peek behind Lorna*

Lorna: Hm? You mean in the tent?

Lorna: It’s empty.

pink-pangoro  asked:

What kind of things do you know about Pangoro? And do you think a domestic Pangoro could make a good pet?

I know many things about Pangoro! For example, did you know that the coat-like fur is actually an annually molted part of a Pangoro, and clumps off gradually in spring to entirely disappear during the summer?

And no, I don’t think a domesticated Pangoro would be a good choice for a pet. They’re simply too rowdy to keep safely in someone’s house, and need a strenuous training regime to stay fit. It’s simply unsafe for both the Trainer and the Pokémon to attempt to keep a Pangoro as a pet.

Monstrous Mamas - by CreepingArtCreature

Yes I ship it these two! It’s just too precious!
So this scenario kinda needs some explaining…

    1) Yes, that’s Samhain’s actual face, the many many eyes on her tar-like face actually belong to other people Samhain has….“haunted”. She has her own eyes though, but she never shows them.

    2) Although Sam’s bio said that she was male, that was a lie! She had disguised herself as a male due to some psychological trauma caused by a wretched being when she was very little. But she reveals
her secret to the one person she felt close to, Stella.

ANYWAY, I love these two ladies and they deserve each other!
Help me think of a ship name?

    EyeLoveU, MonsterMash, Samella, Stelain?

Stella belongs to @pink-pangoro and Samhain from @ask-a-holiday belongs to me!

I finished this at 1:30am, WORTH IT! XD

anonymous asked:

Hey, a while ago I sent an ask about teaching my Pangoro the TM Infestation. The move was great in combat, but I had a problem with the move outside of battle. And by that I mean my Pangoro accidently infested my house. Now I know you're probably thinking that I should just call pest control, but the guy I usually go to is out of town and... Would it be smart to release a bunch of Poliwags in my house? They eat bugs, right? There's a whole pond of 'em near by... Is this a good idea? Please help.

This would only be a good idea if you didn’t mind recreating There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly but with a house instead of the elderly.

In all seriousness, anonymous, never use wild pokémon to solve a domestic issue. Wild pokémon rarely understand house manners. Instead, consider catching one and training it to clean up insects. Just one should be sufficient.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't think much about your name, so, it's ok if I called you just "Pangoro"? You're pretty cute and desirable to be hugged, btw.

Pangoro: Sure, go ahead, and uh…. thanks?

Pom: You should try cutting your fur, maybe then you won’t get weird comments like that.

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anonymous asked:

to the bears, why are you all in a poly-amorous relationship anyway in the first place? Wasn't the idea weird to you at first, and why do you have the partners you do?

“Oh, what, are you talking with the folks around that Grass Fields town?! They turn you off to the idea of polyamory? Go on, say it, tell us how offended you are by it! Do it!”

“Pangoro, relax. They just don’t understand, as far as we know for now. At any rate, we became the toughest knights around the Empire and joined around the same time. Some flirting between sparring sessions kicked off our interests in each other, and rather than squabble over who dated who, we decided that it would be better if we just dated each other.”

“Lasting long in the Empire wasn’t a guarantee for anyone, so we wanted to get the most out of a relationship. It wasn’t really weird, since we all liked each other, and were comfortable being so open together. So, all three of us together just worked out well enough, in the end.”