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Happy birthday DennyButt! We haven’t talked a lot before but I hope we will be able to soon- you’ve always supported me and given me such an amazing piece of fanart- I know this would never make up for it nor will it really convey just how grateful I am to you but please accept this Happy Birthday drawing! It’s Joen and Palette and their not canon foal! :,) I imagine that Joen and her would often make silly faces at each other such as sticking their tongues out! Happy Birthday and warm wishes from a friend! :D


Sorry for the bandwagoning, but I saw all the palette swapping going on, and it was a lot of fun to do! I may do some more of these later for fun, but for now have some palettes for rad ponies I like a lot, that for some reason or another choose to follow me too. ♥


Songbreeze original flavour, Heals, Peachy, and Foxglove (both of whom appeared in a single update and never got properly introduced, whoops!)

Tyrant Sombra
Coffe Talk
Dream Baker
Orange Cream
Chiffon Chemise
Lavender Gleam


Fluttershy: I’m a Green Lantern! And nothing will stop me from protecting those I care about! NOT EVEN TWILIGHT SPARKLE!

Werelight: Then you’re obviously not in enough pain!


((OOC: WOO! Finally got this out! I’m super happy I could even do it! And now that second trimester has started at Uni, I’ll try to be more regular around my schoolwork. (Blame Achievements alright! I got addicted)

But I have some guest stars to commemorate today, based entirely off the first two blogs on my dash when I came up to the last panel.

So please please please give some love to 

Graphite Sketch! (Freaking awesome artist!)


Palette Swap! (Actually, I’ve been wanting to do Palette art for a while since their blog was a huge influence on my decision to do one.)

And lastly, Werelight Shine. (The mod is so patient. I just always hope I do their Werelight justice.)

And by the way; 

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I passed 2000 followers!!!