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I'd love to see a drabble playing on the recent fan art showing Twelve carrying Clara because she's tuckered out. (It doesn't have to be because of her shoes.)

“We need to run,” the Doctor insists for what feels like the hundredth time that hour, wringing his hands together as he looks down at where his tiny companion is crumpled on the ground, and then turns his gaze to the flames creeping towards them from the horizon. The planet was ablaze, and they needed to flee before it was too late. “Clara, we need to get back to the TARDIS, or we’re going to-”

“I can’t,” she whimpers, not looking up at him as she spoke, and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I’ve told you, I can’t.”

“Well, why not?!” he snaps, regretting his furious tone even before the words have fully left his mouth, and Clara raises her gaze to blink at him in shock, tears running down her face and leaving trails in the dust coating her skin. For a moment, she only stares at him, her expression wounded and hurt, and then her jaw sets and she gets to her feet with difficulty, leaning on the wall as she does so. 

“This is why,” she says coldly, taking a step towards him and crying out as her foot makes contact with the ground. She stumbles into his arms and he realises something is terribly wrong, looking down at her leg and shifting her carefully as he examines her. “Don’t,” she argues feebly, but he takes no notice of her protests. “Don’t bother.” 

“Clara, you’re hurt,” he says pragmatically, noticing a jagged hole in her tights and then a large, angry gash running the length of her calf. “How did you do that?” 

“I don’t know,” she says in a small voice. “I think when we left the control room, but I don’t know.” 

“How did you get this far?” he asks in wonder, proud of how brave she has already been. “It must be agony.”

“I don’t know,” she says again, leaning her forehead against his shoulder and exhaling shakily. “Just go, OK? Just go, and get the TARDIS, and come back for me.”

“There’s no time.”

“So go,” she swallows and raises her head, meeting his eyes bravely. “Go, I’ll only slow you down.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he scoffs, and before she can argue he’s lifted her onto his back, holding her with the utmost care and resolving to do the running for the both of them. “Hold on, OK?”

She hums an assertion, and he smiles. 

“To the TARDIS.”


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“Hey, Ed!” you cheerily skipped over to your boyfriend, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as he wrapped an arm around your waist. Oswald slowly turned his head, jealousy filling his chest as he watched you and Ed. Ed gave him a small smile, sensing Oswald’s jealousy.

“Something wrong, Oswald?” Ed asked, almost mockingly. You turned to Oswald, looking concerned, and he quickly plastered a smile on his face, trying to seem as friendly as possible.

“No!” Oswald smiled. “Nothing’s wrong.”

But something was wrong. The two people he loved the most were together, without him, and he didn’t know how to deal with it.



“You doing okay? You look kinda funky…”
                                                                “I confess I’ve felt better”


“Cards on the table?”

No concept of personal space

Even if it doesn’t cure anything, increasing blood flow to the muscles might still help with the ache. :)
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this cat talk has got me curious: any pet hc's for the other rogues???? jervis definitely keeps rabbits and i really want croc to have something fuzzy that he can cuddle

ahhhh sorry i am publishing this so late!!! i am so behind on asks and i get a lot so some of them get lost. but honestly someone asked me this question before a looooong time ago so consider this the amended version.

eddie: a white cat so he could stroke it while talking to batman like a bond villain lmao. i answered a question earlier where i thought his cat would be an oriental longhair (that looks like this) with a very loud, attention-seeking meow. it’s one of those cats that knocks everything over. selina def gave him the cat bcos it wasn’t getting along with her other cats (it most likely had a sense of superiority haha)

harley: one-woman-animal-shelter. as well as having bud and lou, harley would take in any and all animals in need of homes, probably to the point it would get out of control… cats, dogs, birds, snakes, lizards, rabbits, bugs and so on. catch her trying to climb into the lion enclosure at the zoo to keep them company before ivy drags her ass off the fence. 

ivy: i think due to ivy’s apathy/borderline hatred of any non-plant living thing she would stay away from the furry and the scaly. she puts up with harley’s menagerie but only barely bcos at the end of the day, plants are her priority, so she probably has lots of different species of plants around her home and in her greenhouse. maybe the only exception would be pollinators: bees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and bats (she knows the irony.) beekeeper/save the bees ivy gives me life. 

selina: cats obviously. i feel like she has like, a core squad of cats that belong to her and that she gets the other rogues or some of her more trusted superhero friends to look after when she’s in lock-up or flying under the radar. she loves all cats tho and she is always feeding strays and saving cats from abusive owners (and probably beating up the owners as well.) 

jon: he has an affinity for crows but i’m not sure i could see him keeping one as pet just because i don’t see him keeping a bird in a cage. but he makes friends with the ones on the grounds at arkham/near his safe houses and they come land next to him and he feeds them. it makes it a lil problematic when he’s trying to lay low and it’s like batman: *sees a house with like 50 crows on the roof and in the garden* found him. this is a weird one but he might have a snake as well? he originally got it to fuck w/ some poor guy who was afraid of snakes but the snake grew on him and now it just lays across his shoulders and hisses softly when he’s trying to be intimidating. 

harvey: everyone thinks harvey is a dog person but hear me out… harvey dent and cats. specifically two cats of two different colors because he’s got to keep an aesthetic going. my reasoning is that it mellows him out esp when he’s trying not to be impulsive. like “i really wanna shoot this guy but i need him as my ally so i’m just gunna go home and stroke away the anger instead.” 

oswald: birds. everywhere. just flying wildly all over the iceberg lounge??? eddie can come but take that goddamn cat away from his precious birds. black mask comes for a meeting one time and gets pooped on.

croc: uh… idk if he would have a mammal as a pet bcos he might be prone to eat it? i’m not sure if croc stops at cannibalizing people or if he would actually eat an animal so maybe something scaly like him! or an amphibian. maybe just a frog he saw in the sewers one day. 

mr freeze: again, don’t know if he’d care about a pet but maybe something low maintenance like a cat. harley gives it to him bcos she insists he’s lonely and he only agrees to take it because she won’t leave otherwise. and at first he thinks about just giving the cat to an animal shelter but then it starts sitting on his desk while he’s doing research (but staying in its lane unlike eddie’s cat who would wreak havoc) and just kind of watches him while purring. victor ends up stroking it subconsciously while he’s mulling a problem over, so the cat gets to stay. 

joker: should not be allowed within 30 feet of an animal. ever. instead he probably has a pet rock that he drew a smiley face on that he throws at batman.