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Even if it doesn’t cure anything, increasing blood flow to the muscles might still help with the ache. :)
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sky above me
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“Rest up, my feathered friend. Preserve your strength. Because tomorrow, we’re going to play a little game.”


“Cards on the table?”

the star signs as batman villains
  • Aries: The Riddler
  • Taurus: Poison Ivy
  • Gemini: Two-Face
  • Cancer: Bane
  • Leo: The Penguin
  • Virgo: Mad Hatter
  • Libra: Catwoman
  • Scorpio: The Joker
  • Sagittarius: Mr Freeze
  • Capricorn: Ra's al Ghul
  • Aquarius: Scarecrow
  • Pisces: Harley Quinn
Jim, Harvey and Oswald confront Ed in the Warehouse

Oswald: Pffffffffffffffft!!!

Ed: What’s so funny?

Jim: Yeah Oswald. What’s so funny?

Oswald: *still laughing* Ed? W-what the hell are you w-wearing!?

Ed: What are you talking about?

Oswald: Y-you look like a goddamn l-leprechaun!!! *laughs harder*

Harvey: *snickers*

Jim: *shoots Harvey a dirty look*

Harvey: What? He does!

Ed: Green happens to be my favorite color!

Oswald: Yeah and I like purple, but you don’t see me parading around in a bright purple suit! You’re blinding me with all that green!

Ed: Shut up Oswald!!!

anonymous asked:

I don't think he's smiling at Oswald. It's hard to tell who it is from that angle, but I don't think it's Oswald

Umm… what? Sorry forgive me, but what? I thought this was common knowledge.

Here’s the original. Take a closer look.

It’s obviously Oswald, like there is not a slither of doubt in my mind. Who else has that jaw structure, that hairstyle? Who else would Ed look at with love and relief shining in his eyes. The only logical and factual conclusion is Oswald. Here’s the brightened version if you haven’t seen it yet. I hope it helps clear some things up.