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Quick question, how do you draw Ozzy in his original Disney design so well? I try and I can never get his body to come out right, any tips for a fellow Ozzy fangirl? I'm Oswald trash so if you can help me out I've got content to spam for a while.

oh gosh, thank you! i honestly always feel like i’m slightly off-model when i draw him haha like i have my own little style going on when i draw him sometimes… but anyway ummm i guess it just takes a lot of practice and playing around with shapes and stuff?? also just study official art of oswald and take note of the little details!

in regards to how i draw his body (in my style at least) here’s a little quick messy guide i guess?! it’s really not as tough once you figure out his body is basically just a sphere and an itty bitty cylinder… he’s very simplistic!

i tend to break these rules a lot though like especially if i want to make him look more cartoony and less stiff-looking i’ll go more off-model and exaggerate stuff

sorry that wasn’t too exciting i’m not very good at explaining my art process wahhh but i hope maybe it helped a little! like i said, practice practice practice! you can only get better from here!

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