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I was tagged by @ask-oncelers-race-car-bed and I really should be doing something useful like buying paper towels but given I’m not ready to leave the house yet, I feel like this is a good thing to get done first. Let’s get to it: 

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bag: 

1. Two full decks of Magic: The Gathering Cards and a few extras just sort of floating around. One is on loan from an acquaintance, and one I created at a chaos draft that I participated in yesterday. I’m really new to Magic, technically I learned to play a few years ago, but these last few months have been the first period of time where I was really exposed to passionate players and got the chance to play fairly regularly and attempt to better myself. 

2. The keys and padlock to a bike lock set. The length of cord that is the actual bike lock is not in my bag at the moment, but I keep the smaller pieces in my bag so that I don’t lose them. I ride my bike everywhere because I don’t have a car yet. It’s inconvenient and awful and this weekend I’ll probably have a gofundme up to help out with that, because I am struggling to live my life in a town where public transportation does not exist. On the flip side, I am getting a ton of exercise and maintaining a body that I am very happy with so that’s good. 

3. My comb and makeup bag. I met a really important person yesterday who could potentially be a part of my life for….forever, really, going forward, if all goes according to plan, and I wanted to look nice, so I brought my primping stuff to class with me so that I could prepare before my club meeting. Hopefully I wasn’t intimidating, that really wasn’t the goal but I worry about it. 

4. Deodorant. I ride a bike to my campus. Which is 5 miles away. Enough said about that. 

5. As of right now I actually have several indecent things in my bag. They’re just rather handy to have. It’s like a Giant Limestone Cube, yeah? Because you never know!

5 Things You’ll Find in My Bedroom: 

1. There’s a cat. There’s another one around here somewhere but I can’t see him from where I’m sitting. There is at least one cat in my room right now thought. 

2. A queen sized bed. It makes me feel like a movie star when I wake up in the mornings. 

3. Several pieces of Labyrinth themed art, including an authentic movie poster from back in the day. I love them all very much, I need more art. My bedroom walls are still rather bare. 

4. Clothing, everywhere. On the floor, on hangers, in my chest of drawers when I manage to get it there, on hooks on my door. I’m not a tidy person and it makes me flip out and go into a whirlwind of activity whenever someone threatens to come over. I want to be a tidy person I just don’t really have time. 

5. A plush ferret. This is a substitution of the real thing, a very sweet very bad girl who still lives with my parents up North. 

5 Things I’ve always wanted to do in my life (I feel these are rather obvious to people who follow me so I’m keeping this section very short) 

1. Publish books

2. Be a singer in a band

3. Have a pitbull

4. Own a wardrobe consisting of 25% ballgowns that I wear regularly and with no occasion required

5. Live in the city. Not all cities work for this, but many do. 

5 Things On My To Do List: 

1. Homework

2. Cleaning

3. Settling the prevailing and tiresome question of ‘What The Hell is Our Relationship, Anyway?”


5. Go shopping. I need milk. And Candy. 

5 Things That Make Me Happy: 

1.Completing a game to 100%. I’m a completionist but I set strict rules for myself for each game so that I don’t let myself go insane and never have fun again and pour 50 hours into doing something that I hate. If its doable, I go for it, and when I do it, I love it. 

2. Writing for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing for D&D, for the various other RPGs I’ve been involved in, and even for assignments, but nothing makes me happier than developing a plot idea myself, with no outside incentive, and then refining and writing that idea and seeing where it takes me. I hope to do more of it in the future. 

3. Spending time with my partner. (And my friends but that’s a given.) With my partner its special, because I live near them now. I spent 5 years not even really with them, and 400 miles away as well. And now I live here. I get to see them four days or more out of the week. It’s fucking incredible. It could be better, there are things to improve on, but I never thought I’d get here, and here I am. 

4. Playing D&D. I can write D&D, sure, but I love playing D&D. I fucked up my last DMs story but he rolled with it and we all had so much fun. I mean D&D also may have permanently burned one of my bridges (working on unburning it) but I still love it. I love it. 

5. College. I’m in college! I hated high school. College is fun. I feel in control of myself for the first time in a very long time. Its a good feeling. 

5 Things I’m (Currently) Into: 

1. The Witcher. Not Wild Hunt, just, The Witcher. I haven’t played Wild Hunt but I can’t wait to because I’m very gay for Yennefer. I played the first one to full completion, it took 60 hours and was a janky time and I loved every minute of it. I’m on the second one now. It feels a little different and I definitely don’t like it as much but I’m going through it. It just opened up and feels like a real game so maybe now I can like it more. 

2. Critical Role. I watch so slowly and the story of Vox Machina has already ended and hhhhhhhhhhh. However, I’m going to keep watching and catching up, and when the new story starts up I’m going to watch that as it goes while I simultaneously watch Vox Machina because I think if I got any more behind I’d go insane. 

3. Dr. Pepper. I had a Dr. Pepper on Monday and it was the best fucking thing I’ve ever drunk. I’ve had Dr. Pepper before but never have I loved it so goddamn much. I want more. I need to buy more Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper in bulk. 

4. Kingdom Hearts. I’m also working on playing through the full Kingdom Hearts series for the first time ever. I’ve played them before, but when I played them I was young and really really bad at games of all kinds. I am no longer bad at games of all kinds, and am doing really well. It hasn’t gotten stupidly complicated yet but I’m ready. 

5. Analytical Youtubers. Last year when my anxiety problems were at a height I couldn’t do anything without something going on in the background, so I found a whole bunch of analytical youtubers that talk about games, philosophy, movies, math, writing, anything, and played them whenever I needed to accomplish a task. Now I play them because I love them. I love thinking about mechanics and cinematography and I love analyzing trends and seeing other people doing it too. 

5 Things People May Not Know About Me: 

1. I started as a strict poetry blog. Now I call my blog the ambiguous ‘journal’ because it has what I need and what I like and what tickles my fancy. It’s got cute animals and a ton of art and a very existentialist thread of humor running through it. I don’t think it will be a poetry blog again. Maybe occasionally. 

2. I read massive amounts of fanfiction from all sorts of fandoms, and have for the last four years, and can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I’m really not public with anyone about that part of my life but it exists, and it makes me happy. 

3. I hate the cold. Anything under 75 F is too cold, and it makes me actively miserable. I endured 18 years of temperate zone living, and now that I’m braving the confederacy its notably better than it was. I still wear a big hoodie with every outfit though, it gives me a really informal look to go with my elegant every day wear. 

4. I expect my body to last until I am at least 93. Harriet Tubman died at 93, and as one of my lifelong heroes, she has set the par for respectable age. My family has some damn good genes so I think its doable. 

5. I am an artist. I’m not a professional artist, but sometimes, I make art. It is rather good art for the most part. I may post some, sometime. It isn’t digital though, I have no idea how to do that.

People I’m tagging: Well, let’s go with 5 because that’s the theme this time around. @scarvesindoors @asurprigingamountofbisexuals @mekonari (Hi Emily!) @friendfromthelitterbox @pessimisticrainbow