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How do you think Rin will react to all of this? I mean he is the LAST to know about all of his brother's issues and I'm sure he will feel responsible somehow for not realizing it all along. I'm very curious how rin will handle this matter especially that this time it's revolving his own little brother.. + why was bon surprised about his answer at the end of the chapter.. isn't it obvious that he knows nothing?? His look at the end broke my heart already :(

He’s going to be extremely upset no matter what happens.

If he goes to Yukio, only to find him not there, he’s going to go flying off the handle to get him back. That’s his little brother.

If he gets there to see Yukio with blue flames, he’ll be remembering when Shiro died the same way. And he’ll definitely blame himself, just as he blames himself for Shiro’s death.

I’m no sure about Bon’s reaction actually. If someone who knows Japanese could look at the original wording they might know better. The translation I read had Rin saying “Did something happen” instead of “What is it?” or “What about him?” which might account for Bon’s surprise. Rin already seems to suspect something, because he does know that Yukio hasn’t been acting right lately.

I wouldn’t say Rin is the LAST to know. He’s told Yukio again and again that he’s there to talk. And has expressed concern over it.

Just from what I can remember here’s some manga panels (sorry for the lack of order)

Rin has been worried about Yukio for a long time now, and he’s been reaching out and trying to be there for him.

Don’t forget that before Rin knew the truth about his heritage he was always very proud and protective of his little brother, even with the truth about he being a half demon and Yukio being an exorcist, Rin still holds those habits and traits. A lifetime of protectiveness, of being the older brother, doesn’t just go away, even when Rin’s world was turned upside down.


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well then here we go (•⌣•) Can I request some hc for Meph, Amaimon, Rin and Yuki and their smol s/o who has angelic voice? thank you (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆

Of course you can my love  (=^·^=)

  • Very public with his s/o
  • He loves to show you off
  • Grabs your hand and spins you round like a ballet pirouette 
  • If you get dizzy he catches you from behind
  • And hugs you into his chest
  • Lots of kisses
  • And buys you lots of presents
  • They’re usually ugly pink and purple dresses and polka dot hats
  • You pretend you love them and wear them anyway
  • Very playful with his s/o
  • Buys you lots of candy
  • Eats most of it before he gives it to you
  • You forgive him of course
  • Likes to stroke your hair
  • Especially while you’re drifting off to sleep
  • You go sightseeing together around major cities in Assiah
  • He lets you wear his jacket if you get cold 
  • (It’s really big on you since you so smol)
  • Rin loves his s/o’s angelic voice
  • It calms him down if ever he’s upset or about to lose control
  • He’s always smiling when he’s around you
  • Loves to hold hands
  • Cooks you the MOST delicious sukiyaki
  • It’s also super spicy but you eat it anyway
  • While sneakily gulping water
  • You two cuddle in bed with Kuro and watch sad romance movies
  • Rin almost always cries at them
  • Yukio is more private with his s/o
  • He takes you out to fancy restaurants 
  • And he likes walks in the park
  • He gets really cute and shy if you kiss him in public
  • He’s trying his best to open up to you about his feelings
  • One time when you reeeeeally begged him, he let you shoot his gun
  • You accidentally missed the tree you were aiming for and shot a beer can out of Shura’s hand
  • He found it HILARIOUS

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Do you have any Rizumo childhood friends head canons? 👀

Yess always! Let’s pretend Izumo’s family is fine and Illuminati didn’t get them tho right?

- Rin and Izumo going to the same school and start talking bc Izumo is “the weird girl who can see domes” and Rin is “that demon boy Okumura”
- Izumo immediately tells Rin he isn’t a demon bc she knows what real demons look like and that’s kind of how they become friends
- Rin gets into less fights bc Izumo just straight up talks bullies down
- Rin and Izumo learning how to cook together and often both families eat together
- Shirou has to spill the beans a little early bc Izumo accidentally reveals that he’s an exorcist
- Really really accidentally as in she just wanted to know how to get rid of a lot of goblins and he’s a priest so he must be an exorcist, right?
- Rin and Izumo often go outside to play in parks because both rather enjoy being outside then inside
- Izumo’s little sister Tsukumo adores Kuro so when Izumo has to look after her sister bc her mother is busy, Rin and her put her with Kuro
- Rin and Izumo playing pranks together because mischief is fun and yeah their sweet kids and couldn’t hurt a fly but half demon and sb with relations to kitsune?? No way they wouldn’t play pranks
- Surprisingly the more “cruel” one is Izumo who is very sure of herself while Rin has more doubts
- Yukio is kind of terrified and amazed by Rin & Izumo’s friendship and as they grow up he just prays that they will never find a reason to prank him
- Shirou trying to help Tamamo out because he knows that attending your duties and raising kids at the same time is hard. And, when Shirou is out for a mission, Rin & Yukio go over to the Kamikis
- So lots of sleepovers basically
- And lots of game nights
- Mike and Uke don’t like Rin at first simply because he’s a boy
- He grows on them tho
- Yukio and Paku as the Voices Of (more) Reason(able) Behavior
- That one time in which Rin is revealed as Satan’s son and Izumo glares at everyone

I’m sorry this is such a mess I just wrote down everything I could think of :D

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if yuri was a witch does that mean that rin and yukio have magical powers besides demon power?

Maybe little mundane magics, a couple of my favorites which could potentially tie into their behaviors.

The ability to find good luck charms more often than not (such as 4-leaf clovers or coins in anew jacket pocket)

The ability to always remember where they set something down. A cellphone? Sitting on the third from the left, second column cafeteria table. Yukio’s officially prescribed exorcist rosary? Hanging up next to his coat. Rin’s homework? It’s nestled between pages 44&45 in Ukobach’s favorite cookbook.

Or the ability to instantly identify a magic circle or sigil as long as they’ve seen it at least once. Have they seen it once in a textbook? Another in an ancient scroll? Maybe a powerful tamer sketched in on the ground during a mission? Too easy, Rin knows exactly that that exorcist is summoning a Snow Lion and Yukio knows that that other exorcist just created a protection sigil that will repel spirit demons, neither of them had to think about it, they just KNEW.

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assuming he ever has free time, does Yukio ever get bible-bashy with people/classmates of different christians sects? (it's fannon that they're catholic, but like, what if a lutheran or methodist was talking shit at lunch)

//Thank you for noticing that Rin & Yukio are Catholic!! I hate when people just say their Christian - because its such a big difference! Omfg thank you//

But I don’t think that Yukio would Bible-bash anybody ^^’ Its not his kinda thing honestly. Plus, in his line of work - he’s realized that there’s truth to each religion - and he has to rely on a lot of different religions to get through the day. 

But if someone went out of their way to talk trash about Catholicism to him specifically - or if someone was bullying someone else for being Catholic - he’d probably intervene. He wouldn’t bash them - but he would give them a long well thought out lecture (because he’s had to do this before).  

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Thank you for answering. I know that rin has always been worried but I mean he kept repeating his stance, always saying the same thing "talk to me if you have anything" which he should have realized at one point that doesn't work with yukio & he won't speak up this way. Rin is more of an actions>>>words we would see him "doing" something when friends are in danger he would rush and act but this time he never really acted up which is odd to me? Probably for the sake of the plot >>

>so it makes me believe that he really wasnt aware of the depth of yukio’s problem & I don’t blame rin for that I feel sorry because he only wants the best for yukio but come on your brother keeps attempting suicide then comes home to you & you notice nothing that makes you want to take an action instead of telling him “if you have anything talk to me”. Thats why I believe rin will feel responsible/broken. He ‘should’ be the one to understand yukio the most but he didn’t see that and it will hurt

I’ll have to defend Rin in this. He’s 15/16, and he doesn’t exactly have a lot of options available to him. You’re right in that Rin springs into action when his loved ones are in danger, but that’s only when there’s actually something to fight. Rin has acted up with Yukio, a few times actually. When Rin first learned Yukio was an exorcist, when Yukio points a gun at him and Rin says he wouldn’t fight his little brother, that whole scene is Rin “acting up” and yelling/talking to Yukio. He tells Yukio why he wants to be an exorcist, tells him that he wouldn’t blame him if h thought Rin was responsible to Shiro’s death, asks how long Yukio has known the truth. There’s the whole “what about me is pissing you off!?” scene too. Rin has tried various approaches to Yukio, from laid back “hey what’s going on?” to “i’m here for you, even if you don’t want to talk” and “what’s this dangerous training??” and then “why don’t you rest and heal up then you can go back to your training” and “I’m worried about you” to just plain asking what’s going through his mind.

Rin has tried multiple angles to get through the Yukio, there wasn’t much “action” he could take. He told Shiemi, the next closest person to Yukio. Shura already knows and has also tried to get through to Yukio. Who else can Rin go to? Mephisto? Who has been proven to not have their best interests in mind and who Rin is already, rightly, very wary of?

Rin has no idea about what Yukio’s “training” entailed, let alone about his suicidal tendencies, so he can’t be blamed there. Yukio has been actively making sure to keep Rin and Shura off his tail. Plus Rin himself has a very skewed view of everything, so he might not have a proper frame of reference to compare Yukio’s behavior to. And Yukio’s elevated position of power within the order over Rin also has Rin doubting what he can do/say in regards to what Yukio is doing.

Rin will feel responsible and heartbroken and he will blame himself, but he really shouldn’t. He could have been more aggressive, could have tried to sound the alarm earlier with Shura and/or Shiemi or the other exwires, but we don’t know if it would have made a difference. Besides, Rin is just a teenager, just like Yukio, and is dealing with his own problems (execution, controlling his powers, getting people to stop seeing him as a beast) so despite the guilt he will surely feel, Rin did try his damnedest. 

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hello there~! can I request Meph, Amaimon (your husbando), Luci, Rin and Yukio's reaction (a few hc) when they saw their s/o sleeping naked in their shared bed? Thank you! <3

((Two Mephisto gifs for you bc he’s your fave!!) <3 

  • Mephi is not at all surprised
  • You guys sleep naked together every night
  • But it never gets old for him, he absolutely loves it
  • Gets in bed with you and whispers in your ear
  • He smirks at you and you know exactly what it means
  • Things probably heat up reeeeeally fast
  • Cutie Amaimon is enjoying the view
  • ……But now hes bored
  • He doesn’t like being ignored by his s/o while they sleep
  • So probably wakes his s/o up
  • Sexytimes.jpeg
  • Luci thinks his s/o looks adorable
  • Enjoys watching them sleep peacefully
  • Has a couple naughty thoughts but tucks them away for later
  • He knows their sleep is very important
  • He will probably treat his s/o in the morning
  • HECK
  • Rin is blushing like crazy
  • Has to cover his face with his hands to quieten his giggles
  • Snuggles up in bed with his s/o
  • Maybe a cheeky butt squeeze?
  • But he is a gentleman
  • So he covers his s/o with a blanket
  • Keeps his hands to himself
  • But lies awake all night thinking about it

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I think it's unfair how teachers treat Rin, especially Yukio is insensitive in that aspect. As his twin brother, he should know that Rin has a hard time learning, and after having all the demon shit dropped on him, studying hasn't suddenly gotten easier. But instead of helping his brother (specialized learning, tutoring sessions, anything) he condescendingly gives him children's books and basically says "Good luck with this shit" I mean, if Rin was given proper help, he'd probably do better.

I thought I had already answered this aah! Sorry anon!

100% agree. But I also think that Yukio doesn’t really know how to teach Rin/has no idea how Rin could learn. Because Yukio himself is just a teenager who just got the whole teaching gig dropped on him. Never mind that he has to study for normal school as well to keep up his grades there, go on missions for the Order and prepare lessons for his exorcist classes. Even when they were younger, Yukio was always busy so how the hell should he know how his brother learns besides the fact that he doesn’t? That also most likely because I imagine that Rin never had any luck with teachers so “why bother when the result is always the same?”

And my boy Yukio is stressed and - as we all collective now know (and if not SPOILER:) - everything Yukio carries is enough to make him suicidal.

Back to Rin though. He’d benefit much more from being an apprentice to one exorcist instead of attending class. *cough* Anybody willing to write a story of Shura entirely teaching Rin? *cough*

Because then he‘d be the center of attention and could learn the stuff other people already know because they grew up in exorcist families or informed themselves before attending classes in peace without feeling bad for it,

Also, while I think that education is good and all, considering Rin’s situation I think it’s stupid to have him attend normal classes. He has so much to catch up to, normal classes are just hindering him at this point. Never mind that Rin hadn’t wanted to attend school in the first place and probably can’t keep up there either, so it’s even more stress.

So, yeah. #get Rin another teacher 2k17 and #get Yukio some help 2k17

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Once during a training session with the exwires and they were testing out different weapons and everyone was laughing at Rin saying 'well he's only good at cooking so why would he be trying out other weapons?' And Rin just takes a bunch of throwing knives and hits the target every time,and then takes a bow and a few arrows and does the same,looks at the exwires,glares at them then walked off and slams the door.Please headcannon the exwires & yukio's reaction

  • Rin shows proficiency with throwing knives, a bow and arrow, and Yukio’s pistols. It kind of scares everyone how much potential Rin has to be a Dragoon. 
  • Ryuji stares in shock at how accurate Rin was in that department. He wants Rin to teach him some shit about being a Dragoon because that shit was awesome. Although he did play a pretty big part in the teasing, so he’s humbled and is the first to apologize to Rin. 
  • Renzo and Koneko are frozen in shock, jaw’s agape, and now they know they’ve messed up. Koneko apologizes immediately after Bon does, Renzo doesn’t say ‘sorry’ at all, but he does go out of his way to compliment Rin as if that’ll make up for it. 
  • Shura starts cracking up. She teases Rin a bit. “How long have a been holding out on us, ya blue monkey?!” Rin pouts but is ultimately quick to forgive her first and Ryuji second. 
  • Izumo and Shiemi didn’t really take part in the teasing but apologize nonetheless because it’s the right thing to do. Izumo gets Rin to teach her some Dragoon tips after that because she wants to add a second Meister to her roster. 
  • Yukio is lowkey possessive of his pistols, however, he doesn’t look Rin in the eye for about a week straight before he manages to swallow his pride. He skims around the apology for about five minutes of talking and compliments Rin on his talents and abilities before Rin just kind of starts laughing and tells him to get it over with. They bond over this and come closer as brothers (hopefully.) 

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yukio 7?

07. What’s their favorite thing their s\o does that always leaves them smiling?

With Yukio, it’s less a particular thing that he loves about his partner but more a collection of them? Being lost and wondering what the fuck is going on is something he’s very familiar with - as we’ve seen in recent chapters - so anything that makes him have this warm fuzzy feeling inside and tells him that he’s home and that he doesn’t need to watch his back 24/7 around his partner is something he absolutely adores. 

Also, this is pretty much his knock-out criteria: if he’s not able to relax around someone, he won’t consider them as a partner and will be very quick in leaving them. 

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Headcanons for Ryuji, Rin, Renzo, and Yukio as boyfriends!

Bon -

  • He would probably be hesitant to date at first, considering he did come to True Cross to study and become an exorcist
  • After a while, though, he would come to terms with the fact he can study and date you at the same time 
  • He’s more of a verbal and emotional guy than physical, but that doesn’t stop him from holding your hand or holding you close sometimes
  • Kind of awkward with romance at first, but he warms up to it because of how strongly he feels for you
  • Study dates are a must with him
  • Doesn’t mind if you want to play with his hair after he showers

Renzo - 

  • Flirt, flirt, flirt. That’s all he’ll do when you guys are left alone somewhere
  • Very open to PDA and actually enjoys showing you off 
  • While he can be a bit insensitive sometimes, he really does care about you, and wants to see you happy above all else
  • A bit more protective than people first think. He also gets jealous fairly easily, but he tries to keep a casual, friendly tone to anyone he talks to regardless
  • Loves taking you out and about True Cross Town on cute little dates
  • Hides his dirty magazines when you come to his dorm room like a gentleman

Rin - 

  • Will cook for you every night if you asked him to. He’s always happy to make you happy
  • A huge dork when it comes to cuddling and hand holding. He loves touching you
  • Even more over protective than Shima, but unlike him will rage hard at anyone who attempts to flirt with you
  • Makes your lunch for the next day along with his own and his brother’s every evening, and even tries to leave little notes with yours, though they’re illegible a lot of the time
  • When you’re alone, he’ll wrap his tail around you and hold you close
  • If there’s a moment when you’re feeling down and he can’t be there, he’ll send Kuro to keep you company if he can

Yukio - 

  • He enjoys having tea dates with you. Having conversation over a nice cup of tea really does destress him a lot
  • He’s surprisingly unsure of what to do when it comes to romance. He’s never really given it much thought
  • While he’s grading papers, he’ll let you sit on his lap if you insist on doing so
  • Like Bon, he’s not much of a physical person, but he does have his moments and enjoys making you happy with physical interaction
  • Sometimes, if he isn’t busy and you’re having trouble sleeping, he’ll read to you to try to help you get there
  • Surprisingly quick with kisses, even though they’re just quick pecks on the head

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yukio + rin, #10?

Awwwww I love this request!!

Originally posted by gameraboy

  • Yukio struggles to sleep
  • Everything has to be perfect
  • Silence
  • Total darkness
  • Not too hot or too cold
  • Has to be lying on his left side, with two medium pillows
  • Tries to keep his mind off of topics that cause him anxiety or dark thoughts
  • Often, he reads before bed to relax
  • He just starts drifting off to sleep and Rin starts f**king snoring

Originally posted by lady-necro-hoffmann

  • Rin can sleep anywhere
  • Any time
  • Sometimes even while standing up
  • He moves around a lot in his sleep
  • And talks a lot
  • Sometimes he wriggles so much that he even falls out of bed
  • Then he just sleeps on the floor
  • He’s almost impossible to wake up in the morning
  • However, Yukio reports that wafting miso soup in front of his bedroom door often has positive results
Bonrin Week Day 4: First

Okay I know this is late, but it took longer than I thought. Since I got such nice comments on my last fanic, I wanted to write another! This one is kinda long, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy!

It’s all Shima’s Fault

Rin has never felt this sort of fear in his life. Not when Satan took over Shiro’s body and tried to kill him or that time during the Impure King incident back in Kyoto. Not even going up against zombies in the Illuminati headquarters scared him as much as this moment. But as he looked up at that the jumbotron displaying himself and Suguro surrounded by hearts with the words “Kiss Cam” right below, Rin’s pretty sure this sort of fear is one feeling he doesn’t like.

If you look at things through Rin’s eyes, this whole ordeal was Shima’s fault. Two weeks earlier, Shima asked Rin if he wanted to go to a basketball game in Tokyo. Rin, being the eager little kid he is, jumped at the opportunity since he’s never been to a real game before. Shiro was always a basketball fan, he kinda pushed his love for basketball onto Rin while raising the twins. Neither of them actually played the sport though, Shiro always had missions and the boys to take care of while Rin was just bad at it. But that didn’t stop them from watching games on TV.

The Saturday of the game, Rin bounded to his friends dorm, expecting him to be as excited as he was. “Shima!” yelled Rin as he burst through the room door. “C’mon, the game starts at five!” Rin had to duck down to escape the sneaker flying at his head. “Suguro, what the hell?”

“Shut your trap Okumura!” Another sneaker flew from his hand. “Shima ain’t feeling well, Koneko took him to the doctors.”

“What? Why? He was perfectly fine yesterday.”

“The idiot drank some milk that spoiled sometime last month in the cafeteria this morning,” explained Suguro as he threw a pillow from his place on his bed.

“How the hell? Not even Shima is that stupid to-”

“He was too busy drooling over his new bikini mags.” Rin face palmed.

“That pink haired perv!” Rin flopped down on the bed. “What about the game?”

A swift kick to the side had Rin flailing off the bed onto the floor. “Here, Shima told me to give this to you.” Two tickets floated down onto Rin’s face. “He said to find someone else to go with.”

“Haaah? Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Now get out of my room.”

Rin sat bolt up. “But I can’t find anyone this last minute! Who’d want to go to a game that starts in an hour?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care. Get out of my room.”

“Maybe Shiemi would like to go.” Rin stood and started pacing the room. “But she doesn’t like big crowds.”


“I could ask Yukio-”


“-but he’s already pissed at me for not buying him his damn mineral water.”


“You think Izumo would like-”

“For fucks sake, Okumura!” This time the sneaker didn’t miss. “I’ll go with you if it makes you shut up!”

Rubbing the back of his head, Rin turned around. “What?”

Suguro stood up from his bed and grabbed his jacket. “Jeez, it goes in one ear and out the other.” He made his way to the corner of the room to put his shoes on. “I said I’ll go with you. If it gets you to stop complaining and outta my room, I’ll go.”

A smile appeared on Rin’s face. “Thanks Suguro.”

“Y-yeah, whatever,” a faint blush tinted the taller boys cheeks. “Move it or else we’re gonna be late.”

The two exited the dorms and walked the path to the campus gates. While Rin was telling Suguro about the bentos he made in case they got hungry, they ran into Kuro. “Hey Rin! Where you’re going?”

The half demon ran a hand over his familiar’s fur. “We’re going to a basketball game in Tokyo.”

“Oh, so you mean like a date!”

A deep blush crawled its way up to Rin’s face. “What? N-no, it’s not like that! We’re just going to-”

“Rin’s on a date! Rin’s on a date!”

“Stop it you damned cat or else I’m not making you anymore tempura!”
Suguro watched as his friend and his cat had a very heated argument turned fist fight (paw fight?) once Kuro jumped on Rin’s head and the boy started swinging. He didn’t understand what the cat was saying, but he was pissed. He kept hissing and digging his claws into the shorter boys scalp. After Suguro took out his phone and snapped a picture of Rin getting his ass beat by a cat, he pulled the two apart. “Alright, cut it out. Kuro, whatever this idiot did, I’ll make it up to you by picking up some sushi and milk before we get back. That sound good to you?”

The little black familier perked up. He nodded his head and allowed Suguro to pet him before him and Rin walked off campus. Kuro said something to his owner before they were out of earshot, whatever it was made Rin flustered again. “That damn cat! One of these days I’m gonna completely cut his sake line.”

“Sure, cut his alcohol supply and make him even more angry. That way, he can beat your ass while full sized.” Suguro laughed as the color drained from Rin’s face. As the two walked to the bus stop, Suguro asked, “What did he say to you to get you so riled up?”

The color returned to Rin’s face as a blazing red. “Oh, it was nothing. He just insulted my cooking. He always says my yakitori is a little too burnt.” When the bus came and they boarded, he avoided eye contact the whole ride.

By the time they arrived at the stadium, the game was to start in ten minutes. They gave their tickets to the ushers outside and rushed to find seats. Fortunately, they found some a few rows above court side. During the bus ride, Rin explained who was playing, the players, and their current records. Suguro tried to seem interested, he really did, but he was never a sports kinda guy. Yeah he did play football with Juzo and Kinzo when they needed extra players, but that was about it. But while Rin was talking about the different plays, it made him smile, so Suguro pretended to listen.

When the referee blew the whistle and threw the ball in the air, the game finally began. Throughout the first ten minutes nothing really happened. It was the same thing, one player has the ball. The opposing team steals it and so on. It was pretty interesting to watch a bunch of guys run after a ball. But when one team scored the first two points, that smile was back on Rin’s face. Suguro didn’t know why that smile made him feel lighter than air. It wasn’t because he liked that goofy look, or anything. Or the way his eyes would light up whenever an amazing pass was made. Or the fact that whenever Rin got too excited he would latch onto Suguro’s arm, jumping up and down. Nope, none of that.

At halftime, they grew hungry so Rin pulled out some sodas and the bentos he made earlier that day. While the two ate, Rin looked at Suguro and couldn’t help but feel…something. Sometimes it’s a light flutter in his stomach, other times it feels like he’s doing twist and turns on a roller coaster. The only time Rin has these feeling is when he’s with Suguro.

Rin must’ve been staring too long because Suguro poked him with his chopsticks. “Oi, Okumura, you alright? You look kinda funny. What, you gotta a fever?” The boy leaned over his seat and pressed his forehead against Rin’s. If the poking didn’t snap him out of whatever trance he was in, that definitely did.

Rin was frozen in place. His heart was beating a little faster than usual and his hand that didn’t have the bento wouldn’t stop shaking. At one point he even forgot to breath. When Suguro pulled away, Rin had this feeling of losing something that’s supposed to be there. After a few seconds his heart rate returned to normal and he let out a big huff of air. But his hand wouldn’t stop shaking. He closed the bento and returned it to his bag, he tried to hide his shaking but failed miserably.

“Okumura, are you cold? You’re shivering like crazy.” Suguro put his finished box back in the backpack, he then proceeded to remove his black hoodie. “Here take my jacket.”

Rin nodded and slipped the hoodie on. It was a few sizes too big, so he swam in it, but other than that it gave him a sense of comfort. “Thanks Suguro.”

For the second time that day, Suguro blushed because of that blue idiot. “S-shut up. I just don’t want you catching a cold out here. That’ll mean I gotta haul your sorry ass back to campus and get an earful from your brother.”

The atmosphere turned awkward after a few minutes of not speaking. Rin was about to say that he was fine when the crowd erupted in cheers and excitement. The two looked above to see the jumbotron blinking red, white, and pink. When the flashing colors stopped, the screen was displaying a young couple on the east side of the stadium. The words “Kiss Cam” bouncing around the screen with hearts popping up. They smiled and turned to each other, dumbstruck looks on their faces. The guy leaned in and pecked his girlfriend on the lips, earning them hoots and hollers.

“Wow, this stuff is so cheesy,” said Suguro, as his eyes followed the next victims. “It’s gross when couples do it in public, but now they have to kiss in front of hundreds of people.”

“Y-yeah. It’s so dumb.” Rin started to fidget in place, looking anywhere else but at the boy next to him. “I feel sorry for the poor saps who-”

“Oi, Okumura?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Rin turned to find a blushing Suguro. “You look like you wanna puke.”

“Don’t look now,” He pointed to the jumbotron and Rin’s stomach dropped. “But I think those poor saps are us.” Rin hoped he was lying, he wanted it to be a joke, but nope. There they were, plain as day. A huge heart around their frame with smaller ones moving along the screen. The universe has decided to put the two in the worst situation possible.

At this point, Rin started to panic. His face turned as red as Shura’s hair as Suguro looked from him to the screen displaying their blushing faces. His hands clutched his seat and his body felt heavy.

I want to die. I want to bury myself under a rock and die. I didn’t do anything to deserve this sort of punishment! Was it because I forgot Yukio’s mineral water?

The crowd started to get anxious, they were chanting “kiss him!” and screaming for the two to get on with it. An elderly woman in the seat below looked at Suguro and yelled, “C’mon young man! Lay one on your boyfriend!”

“W-what? He’s not my… We’re just friends!” Rin protested. “C’mon Suguro, tell her we’re-” Rin never got to finish his sentence because a pair of lips crashed against his.

At this point in his life, Rin was supposed to have his first kiss by the age of ten. Sadly, him being unsociable never really helped him get any girls. But right now, he’s sorta glad that his first kiss was with his best friend, despite how awkward it is. Suguro’s lips moved Rins, they were slightly chapped and tasted like the orange soda he drank. The two didn’t pay attention to how the crowd exploded into cheers or how they cat called when Suguro placed a hand on Rin’s cheek. They were in their own little world.

By the time they pulled away, both boys were breathing hard. Suguro scooted back a bit and cleared his throat. “Sorry ‘bout that.”

It took a few seconds for Rin to come back down to Earth. When the world stopped spinning, he took a huge swig of his soda. He tried to stop his heart threatening to burst from his chest, but his heart didn’t want to listen to him. “No, no. It’s fine.”

“Really? I acted on impulse. I didn’t the crowd to come after us.” He rubbed the back of his neck, the blush still present on his cheeks.

“Really, it was… Nice.” Rin pretended like he didn’t see the spark that lit Suguro’s eyes.

The rest of the game went by in a blur. The two didn’t really pay close attention like they did in the beginning. After the whole Kiss Cam episode, they didn’t say much to each other, the tension was so thick you needed a knife to cut through. But after a few moments in the painful silence, they eased into comfortable conversation. After they exited the stadium and caught the bus, they went to buy Kuro’s sushi. They were walking back from the small store, when Rin, being one to speak before he thinks, blurted out, “You know, that was my first kiss.”

Suguro looked at him in bewilderment. “Are you serious?”

Rin let out a small chuckle. “Yes, I am. Why do you seemed so surprised?”

“Well, to be completely honest, I thought you and Shiemi hooked up.”

Now it was Rin’s turn to be shocked. “No you saw it, she shot me down. But I’m pretty sure she has a thing for mole face.”

Suguro must be a horrible friend. Only bad friends would feel kinda…happy at this sort of news. He see’s the way Shiemi looks at Yukio, there’s a glint in her eye and a hop in her step whenever she’s around him. She doesn’t look at Rin the way he wants her too.

“What about you? You had your first kiss yet?” Rin asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been kissed before.”

“I don’t think your mom counts.”

A smile made its way to Suguro’s face. “Shut up!” He lightly shoved the boy, making him stumble. Rin laughed. Suguro felt responsible for making him laugh. He liked his laugh. “It was back in junior high, during my third year. Shima dared me to kiss a girl and I did it.”

“Wow,” Rin deadpanned. “How romantic.”

The two friends laughed at Rin’s remark. “Well, at least my first kiss wasn’t with a dude.”

Rin smiled. That smile made Suguro feel funny. A good kinda funny. “It wasn’t just any dude, it was with you.”

Holy shit.

It was a good thing it was dark or else the blush on Suguro’s face would’ve made Rin laugh again. He lost count on how many times his cheeks flamed up while out with the shorter boy. It was hard to make Suguro crack a smile let alone blush. But when he’s with Rin, his face just decides to disobey what his brain tells it.

The two didn’t notice that they reached Rin’s dorm, until he stopped walking. They both looked up at the building, there was a little pang that shot through Suguro as he walked the half demon to his door. He stood a step below Rin, making the boy a few inches taller. Silence hung in the air along with a gloomy feeling.

“Thanks again for coming with me.” It must’ve been his imagination, but with the moonlight shining down on them, a halo appeared above Rin’s head. The son of Satan wearing a halo, the universe must think it’s funny.

Suguro stuffed his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “It was nothin’. I had a good time.”

“You did? Even though we were forced to kiss in front of a whole stadium of people?”

“The bento boxes made up for it.”

Rin snorted. “I’m happy you thought so. I’ll make another one for you if you want.”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Here,” Suguro held up the plastic bag with Kuro’s food. “Tell Kuro that I couldn’t get him tempura, but I hope tuna will suffice.”

Rin took the bag, making their hands brush against each other. “Don’t worry, he’ll eat about anything. Actually scratch that, he’ll eat anything except Shiemi’s grass sandwiches.”

“But I ate those.”

“Which tells me that your taste buds are broken. You better get ready to eat real food.” Rin’s eyes softened as Suguro laughed, his shoulders shaking with every breath he took.

“I’ll be looking forward to it.” Suguro sighed. “I better be going. Shima and Koneko must be back in the dorms. They’re probably wondering where I am.”

“Yeah okay. I’ll see on Monday.” Rin dug his keys out of his pocket. “Goodnight, Suguro.”

“Goodnight, Okumura.” He turned and descended the steps.

Suguro was on the last step when his mouth moved of his own accord. “Hey Okumura?”

“Yes?” Rin looked over his shoulder.

What the hell am I doing?

“Would you like to, um.” Suguro scratched the back of his head, not looking up at Rin.

Why am I speaking? I should shut up right about now.

“I dunno now, go get some coffee tomorrow?” He glanced up to find Rin with a confused look. “ I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I get that you may need to catch up on work or Yukio might need your help on a mission. I just thought that we could- ” The sound of Rin laughing stopped Suguro from his ramblings.

God damnit. You done fucked up boy.

The sight of Rin clutching his stomach with tears in his eyes, only angered Suguro. He asked if the guy wanted to get coffee and what he gets in return is Rin laughing at him. The bastard.
“Oi! Why’re you laughn’? Listen fuck face, you better shut up or else-”

“Suguro I’d love to get coffee with you,” Rin said as he calmed down, he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

That definitely shut him up. “Oh. Um, okay. I’ll meet you at the campus gates. Nine sound good?”

That damn smile was back. “Yeah, sounds good.”

It seems like that goofy smile of his is contagious because it found its way to Suguro’s face. “Great, I’ll you tomorrow.”

“See you then.”

Suguro took a few steps towards his dorms when he heard Rin call out. “Oh one more thing!” He turned back round. “‘Fuck Face’? Really? You couldn’t come up with anything better than that?”

Suguro snickered. “What? I thought it was pretty good.”

Rin rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Goodnight douche bag!”

“Sweet dreams bastard!”

Suguro headed in the direction of his dorms, the idiots smile still fresh in his mind.

As Rin opened his bedroom door, he expected Yukio to start at yelling him for being out so late, but he only found Kuro curled up on his bed. “Hey Rin, how was your date?”

After dropping his backpack by his desk, the boy sat next to his cat, he’s in too good of a mood to put up with his teasing. “It was pretty good actually. We had a good time. Here.” Rin brought out the sushi from its bag. “Suguro brought tuna rolls if that’s okay.”

“Yay! I’m starving! Nice jacket by the way.”

Rin looked down and realized that he was still wearing Suguro’s hoodie. He completely forgot to return it to him before they departed, his mind was too preoccupied with sight of him blushing while asking him to coffee. Out of curiosity, Rin brought the sleeve up to his nose and sniffed it. It smelled like grass mixed in with the scent of books. It also had a faint hint of sweat and body spray. Overall, it smelled like Suguro. Rin slid out of the jacket and hung it on his desk chair.

While Kuro ate, Rin told him the night’s event. Even though the cat was stuffing his face, he was listening to everything Rin told him. When he explained the Kiss Cam, Kuro almost choked on a piece of tuna. “Wait, you did what?”

“I kissed Suguro.” By finally saying it out loud, Rin completely lost his shit. “I kissed Suguro.” His hands flew to his head, grabbing fistful of hair. “Suguro kissed me.” He jumped to his feet. “I kissed Suguro!” The boy started pacing the room, mumbling to himself.

“Well he is a nice guy,” said Kuro with rice in his mouth. “I approve.”

“You approve? What are you my mother?” Rin stopped his pacing to kneel in front of his friend.

“No, I’m your familiar.” Kuro cocked his head. “I don’t know how I’d be able to birth you. I’m a boy.”

Rin chuckled as he scratched behind Kuro’s ear. “Yes, that’s the reason. It has nothing to deal with you being a cat.”

He leaned into the boys’ touch, purring as he laid on his stomach. “So this whole date was all Shima’s fault?”

Rin smiled. “Yup, it’s all Shima’s fault. Remind me to thank him later.”

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How would shura and the exwires react to yukio joining the Illuminati and trying to kill rin? (Also can you make shima not working for the illuminati in this please) thank you!

  • Renzo is shocked. He doesn’t really care and he’s a little upset to see people so out of it after the news, but he takes it better than everyone else. Let’s be honest, if they’re not screaming and running around in a panic by now, then they’re all sulking and hoping to get their friend back. 
  • Ryuji is pissed. Yukio was their teacher and Ryuji didn’t think that Okumura-sensei could be so stupid as to do something like this. Joining the occult? Stupid, dumb, I’m gonna beat the shit out of him. 
  • Koneko is asking questions, doing research, he’s like a detective on Criminal Minds at this point. He wants to know motive and reasoning, he is confronting Mephisto and going at it L vs Light Death Note style. (Why did Okumura-sensei join the occult? How is Mephisto involved? What was the final straw for Yukio?) 
  • Izumo is still trying to recover from being kidnapped, so she’s off in her own little world and trying to prevent nightmares. She mostly confides in Noriko to help her through it and with that she tries to comfort Shiemi.
  • Shiemi, this girl… she’s known Yukio for two to three years give or take. She bashes herself repeatedly, calls herself useless and weak, cries. She thought Yukio was amazing, her role model, a hero, and to find that he’s done something so awful hurts her on a such a personal level. 
  • Rin is heartbroken. That was his twin brother, an important piece of his life, and he just tried to kill Rin. That stuff hurts, it’s betrayal at it’s finest. He doesn’t do anything at first, he just kind of sulks, lays down, sleep, have nightmares. After a while, he convinces himself he can bring Yukio back and save him. It’s fake confidence and probably an impossible task, but that’s Rin’s middle name. Rin “Impossible” Okumura. 
  • Shura… Shura is the most hurt out of anyone minus Rin. She’s harder on herself than Shiemi, because she saw this boy’s transition from Innocent Baby Boy™ to Badass Exorcist™ and yet she didn’t see any of the signs indicating that Yukio would do this. Yukio is more than just her junior, he’s like a brother or a son to her, he’s her closest friend. 


01.  Do they believe in love at first sight?

Nope, not even lust at first sight. Every possible outcome has to be thought through before he even thinks about making a move. 

05.  Would they ever kill for their s\o?

I would like to say no but if he has someone that he really trusts, especially in the current canon-verse, especially if he only trusts them, and someone would dare to hurt them, you can bet your ass that he would kill any danger coming their way. 

06.  Could they ever be in a polyamory relationship?

No. Not because he thinks it’s weird but because one person to date is already too much work for him, not to say more than one. 

08.  Are they more of a long term relationship kind of gal or can never keep a relationship longer than 3 months even if they tried?

It’s very unlikely that he will pursue a relationship with how much he has to deal with me but given that he finds someone he wants to spend his time with, it will most likely be forever. Once he trusts you, you better not hurt him or I will personally maim you.

09. Do they like celebrating their own birthdays?

No, too much attention on him. 

11. Are they good at keeping secrets wether of their own or someone else?

Whatever secret you share with him, he will take into his grave, unless you say he’s safe to spill it (but even then he won’t due to respecting you). Although, if your secret may protect others, he will tell his superiors about it. 

12. Do they cry when watching emotional scenes in a movie, a tv show or an emotional video?

No, the few times he has cried in his life - post-childhood where Rin was his hero -, it was because of his fucked up life and not because of a movie. Although, a scene might have triggered him. 

13. Would they ever date someone that is a few years younger or older than they are?

I can see him with someone older but not someone younger. He needs a person that he can rely on for once and with someone younger, he would feel too caught in his authoritative figure. 

15. Would they ever have sex with someone they don’t actually have feelings for but only for fun? aka a fuck buddy

No. This guy is a workaholic through and through. Neither does he have time for a life, nor will he ever do it when he could just as easily explore what the fuck is wrong with him. 

16. Could they ever become Yandere?

Well, he’s pretty much on the way canonically, so he definitely has the potential. 

18. Do they like to be called pet names?

A shortage of his name and something like ‘darling’ (although keep it at a minimum) is okay, anything else isn’t. 

19. What is one of their worst fears?

His life right now, to be honest. He never wanted to have any connection to Satan, and after Rin inherited the powers, he thought he was out of it, but now it all took a turn for the worse. 

20. Would they ever get a matching tattoo with their s\o?

Nope, never. Forget it. 

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i kno you've gotten a lot of yukios already but if you want to do it, yukio with b1!!

You said to draw Yukio, but I ended up drawing a happy person instead, i hope that’s alright ;o;

lol anyway, this is the last of these i’m doing, i’ve got other arts i wanna do :’D thanks to everyone for all the suggestions tho!!

thiscityneedsyounow  asked:

aah, I love your stuff so much!! <3 Any chance we can get a headcanon thing where Rin, Yukio, Shiemi, Bon, Amaimon and Izumo realize they're falling in love with their best friend?

[[Thank you so much sweetie! 💖]]

Rin -

• at first he doesn’t realize he’s falling in love
• he interprets it as just being very close to a good friend
• though when he explains the situation to his brother and his friends they know what’s up
• but they let him find out on his own
• once it becomes clear to him how he feels, he turns into an awkward, dorky mess around you
• he makes super lame jokes and wags his tail constantly
• eventually he’d gather the courage to ask you out
• but only if he expects it to go well
• otherwise he’d be too shy poor baby

Yukio -

• he’s aware of his feelings as soon as it happens
• but he tries to isolate himself and push the feelings he has for you away
• he doesn’t want to get too attached in case something happens to you or him
• eventually he realizes he can’t avoid you forever
• and he tells you how he feels
• you manage to calm him down a bit and explain to him that you feel the same way
• and you’d always be there for him
• he wants to take things slowly with you

Shiemi -

• at first she’s not sure about how she feels for you
• she enjoys your company and she goes to you first before anyone else
• she thought perhaps that you two just had a close platonic bond
• but then she realized how attractive you were and how she admired you so much
• so she eventually realized how she really feels about you
• she becomes blushy and nervous and stumbles a lot when you’re around
• but she eventually tells you how she truly feels though you can definitely tell she’s nervous
• she makes you homemade herb cookies often

Ryuji -

• he’s aware but also kind of oblivious
• he thinks what he’s feeling is just a small crush that’ll go away eventually
• but alas, that’s not how it worked out
• as he realizes he’s in love with you, he’s not sure what to do
• he doesn’t want to potentially ruin your friendship
• plus he also is very serious about his education and isn’t sure about a relationship
• but considering how well he balances things normally, he figures he can tell you
• he pulls you aside after class and tries to get it out
• kind of beats around the bush to avoid telling you straight up
• how cute

Izumo -

• she gets along pretty well with you
• seeing as how you two are best friends that’s no surprise
• but when she becomes more and more aware of her feelings she sort of changes
• acts like she doesn’t care for you as much and tries to
• tries to do things on her own, too
• though secretly she wants you to offer to tag along or help her
• when you confront her about this new behavior she gets defensive and blushes
• but she eventually spills the beans, no matter how uncomfortable she is doing it

Amaimon -

• at first he has absolutely no clue what he’s feeling
• he really considers you to be someone he tolerates being around rather than a friend
• but it seems he tolerates you a little more than he lets on
• he’s upfront about what he’s feeling and asks you what it might mean
• you find it somewhat amusing that he’s so oblivious
• but then again he’s a demon, of course he’s not familiar with how he feels
• when you explain, he’s pretty chill about it
• he doesn’t ask again, but he’s under the assumption you two are together without him even asking