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What did you think of the last Beelzebub chapter?

 I loved it! I guess its selfish for me to say this — but I enjoyed it not because it was generically a good chapter, but because it ticked off all the right boxes for me.

 Like, it was basically a chapter about Oga and Furuichi’s relationship.  Yes, the TKKH and other characters make prominent appearances too.  But where the story felt the strongest to me was in showing the change in their relationship.  

Warning: I went off the deep end here. Read if you like Ogafuru and TLDR

 Chapter 240 asks us: Now that Oga and Furuichi have attained power and position, does their friendship hold up to all these changes?  Throughout the manga, Oga and Furuichi have been separated by plot multiple times.  Each time, they strengthen their relationship a little bit more. The last chapter gave us one last reunion between them, and it really hammers home how strong their relationship is now.  They’re so independent they don’t need each other any more, but they still want that companionship.  When they were separated they actively missed each other.  And during that time of separation they still made space for one another.

The position Furuichi finds himself in is really endearing. He’s been ruling Ishiyama for the past 6 months alone — and its long enough that newcomers don’t even remember Oga.   But he still considers himself “holding the fort” for him.  And because we see Furuichi more, we see him trying not to admit he missed Oga.  But when he learns the reason Oga can’t come back, he decides to channel his feelings into a speech. God the speech is one of the bro-est things ever.  The best part of it was him admitting he’d give in to his friend’s flattery.  It shows their relationship must have really changed — Oga doesn’t give compliments naturally.

Oga responds to Furuichi’s speech in a really powerful way.  And yeah, he definitely responded to it because why else would Oga make the Gorgonzola monster crack open the gymnasium roof?  And just to say “you called?”  Its because Oga overheard Furuichi’s speech about him.  He knew Furuichi missed him.  That’s also why Oga immediately starts explaining himself.  He didn’t need to — we already know he had to carry out a dangerous and possibly fatal mission.  He even boasts to him that he made it back in time, like he made a promise to Furuichi before he left. I honestly think Oga explains himself so thoroughly because he didn’t want Furuichi to think he didn’t care about him when he was gone. 

Beel’s second word being “Furuichin” reflects just that: how much Oga must have missed him while being away. After all, he spent the last six months battling the Demon Lord, then going to find the Lord’s brother, then getting stuck in the center of hell because Alandelon got eaten. Oga says this all with a smile but he really moved heaven and earth to come back in time. And to borrow from silverbluebaka ‘s headcanon, I think Beel being able to say Furuchin really motivated Oga to come back.  After all, Oga says it with a smile, that Beel knows not one, but two words.

It just gave me so many feels.  Their friendship really did grow all those years of serialization — and they came out liking each other even more than before.  It’s beautiful.

Furuichi's Christmas Squad

Summary: Demons dont understand Christmas but everything works out anyway (though Furuichi disagrees)

Pairing: very mild Ogafuru

Rating: PG-13 (or PG)

Genre: Humor

Words: 1.5k

Thanks thebibi on beelzebub, your knowledge saved me a few hours of researching


He’d assumed this Christmas would be fun; with Furuichi’s parents and sister off on a trip, he and Furuichi would have the house to themselves, to play new videogames all night long and let Hilda roam with the babies without the constant worry of one of them doing something Furuichi’s family shouldn’t see (Baby Beelz’s sister’s tantrums meant earthquakes, and Beel was on that stage where liked to chew on anything – specially steel since that didn’t break too easily).

Now that he was within sight of Furuichi’s gate, Oga had a feeling things wouldn’t be as fun as he expected.

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First name basis

Summary: It’s been nearly ten years since then, and only now has Oga decided to call Furuichi by his first name.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 1.6k
Notes: My submission for ogafuru week, day one: First Time.

The first time Oga calls Furuichi by his given name, barely a day has passed since Oga finally came back from the Demon World.

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Voting for Ogafuru Week has now ended!  You can see the breakdown of the votes here.

Here is how the prompts are distributed throughout the week:

  • July 1st - First Time 
  • July 2nd - Confession 
  • July 3rd - Nico 
  • July 4th - Childhood/Middle School 
  • July 5th - AU 
  • July 6th - Dating 
  • July 7th - Role Reversal

Since we were tied for eight votes, I grouped Childhood and Middle School together, as they are very similar themes.

Now that we have our prompts, happy creating!  I’m seriously SO EXCITED and I can’t wait to see what you guys will do for that week!!!

Next post I’ll compile a FAQ answering commonly asked questions and the like!

Kiss it better

Summary: They say fools don’t catch colds. But Furuichi wasn’t a fool, and only Oga would’ve thought that letting two kids look after a sick person was a good idea. 
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: OgaFuru
Word count: 6.2k
Notes: This is a joint collaboration between cows-quack and me for ogafuru week, day three: Nico. Thank you babe, I would have never gotten this finished without you!

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