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pasiphilo  asked:

Besides Korra, are there any other characters you have or want to cosplay?

I have cosplayed as Fang from Final Fantasy 13, San from Princess Mononoke, Rinkah from Fire Emblems Fates, and Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. I am hoping to do either Pharah or Zarya from Overwatch, and I had also been considering Nidalee from League of Legends. 

How To Date Lightning Farron

There’s dating, and then there’s dating Lightning Farron. If you want to date this most legendary of soldiers, you’re going to need to remember a few things. Here’s how you can survive date Lightning Farron.

  • Have an iron jaw. At some point you are going to say something that pisses her off. When that happens, it is highly likely that she will punch you in the face. Having a jaw like cast iron will ensure that you survive long enough to get a second date.
  • Do not expect romantic conversations. Lightning has the emotional intelligence of a drunk hedgehog with rabies. That is to say, your odds of engaging in romantic conversation with her are basically nil.
  • Be persistent. Getting to know Lightning is a long and arduous process, one marked by repeated close encounters with her fists and/or gun blade. Be prepared for a long, long courtship, and be prepared to run very, very fast.
  • Develop resistance to glares and scowls. The Farron Death Glare is an actual thing, and it will kill you if you don’t already have some level of immunity. If possible, practice by having Serah Farron scowl and glare at you. It isn’t quite the same, but it’ll help. If Serah isn’t willing to help you, then you can practice by trying to stare down a starving wolverine. Note: restrain the wolverine before engaging it in a staring contest.
  • Be good at killing things and be extremely fit. Lightning enjoys any number of martial pursuits. She will absolutely expect you to keep up with her when she decides to save the world or face an army of bloodthirsty monsters. She also considers sparring a suitable form of bonding.
  • Learn to understand body language. Despite her ability to give the occasional inspiring speech, Lightning is not a particularly talkative person. This is particularly true when it comes to feelings. If you want to get along with her, you need to learn to read her body language. This includes everything from glares and scowls to the way she holds herself. Even how hard she tries to punch you can give you insight into her state of mind.
  • Do not let her make any deals with ridiculously powerful beings. Lightning has a tendency to do heroic, self-sacrificing things. Some of these things turn out well. Some of them do not. Under no circumstances should you allow her to make a bargain with Etro or the Maker if you want to keep dating her. Well, you could… but you’d have to be prepared to wait hundreds of years and possibly go to an alternate universe if you want to continue dating her. 
  • Be prepared to deal with Serah Farron. Everyone jokes about how Lightning has a sister fixation. Well, they’re right. What they don’t mention is that Serah has an even bigger fixation on Lightning. Serah also happens to be very good with a bow, as in very, very good. Scary good.
  • If you ever have to give her any bad news, do not give it to her on her birthday. This is an absolute deal breaker for her. If you give her bad news on her birthday, she will do a lot worse than break up with you. And whatever you do, do not ask anyone (especially Serah) about this.
  • Be Fang.