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Pssst I just got some Johannes Cabal books out of the library and I started treading the one I know is the first one (Johannes Cabal the Necromancer), but I have no idea what the order is for the rest of the books lol. What order should I read them in? It's as good as you say btw I kinda love it lol


The order for reading the main books is: The Necromancer > The Detective > The Fear Institute >The Brothers Cabal > The Fall of the House of Cabal

There are also a few short stories that you can read that are equally as good (I bought them on Amazon Kindle and read them on my phone, haha). They add extra information/flavor and the events in them are sometimes referenced in the main books, so if you’d want to read ALL of the Johannes Cabal material in chronological order, it would be:

Johannes Cabal and the Blustery Day
Exeunt Demon King

The Necromancer
The Detective
The Fear Institute

The Death of Me
Ouroboros Ouzo

The Brothers Cabal
A Long Spoon
The Fall of the House of Cabal

They’re all great stories, and I’d recommend reading A Long Spoon before you read The Fall because tbh it just makes the last book that much more enjoyable <3

I’m so glad you’re reading this series these are my favorite books of all time and I hope you have a wonderful time following this morally corrupt necromancer around! <3