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PSA for gif makers

It’s great that we’re in a new era and Seventeen has fansigns, along with fancams that are released for fans to see their cute interactions. But lately there’s been an influx of fancam gifs on tumblr that are not properly credited―some are from fansites that don’t even allow gifing―on our dashboard. 

We would like to just take a moment and remind everyone that there are certain rules when it comes to editing fansites: 

(!!!!) If you are unsure whether a fansite allows gifing or not, please refrain from doing so. They did not give proper consent, therefore, the answer is always a no. 

What you can do: 

Ask for permission (It’s really simple: 안녕하세요! 출처를 밝혀주면, 움짤 만들기 가능해요? which basically translates to Hello! If I give you credit, is it possible to make gifs?) 

When you receive permission: 

Credit properly

Linking in your caption directly to the video or directly to the fansite (official fansite or Twitter) is giving proper credit. Follow their rules. If they don’t allow logo cropping, don’t crop the logo. Simple as that. 

Fansites work hard to take quality pictures and videos to share with us. As they are uploading live previews, they are also our connection to the boys for every event, especially to international fans. It’s concerning and unfair to them if they never had a chance to address the rules, and just because you see that other people are making gifs from a fansite, does not mean that it’s automatically editable. When you gif from a fansite that you’re not sure is editable, and give credit in your caption, it does not mean that it’s acceptable or editable in any way. The best way to be sure is to confirm yourself. Please give them utmost respect, ask them directly because 99% of the time they will reply, and follow their rules.

Straightforward (Jay Park)

Anonymous asked: Hii can I request a jay park scenario where the reader and him are Best friends and he confesses to you 😆

Originally posted by clubeskimo

    “So, what do you want to do today?” you asked, putting your sneaker-clad feet on Jay’s dashboard and watching with no surprise as he shoved them off (the exact same thing happened most times you rode in his car).

    “How about we go to the Bentley dealership and you can buy me a hella nice cleaning kit for this car and then demonstrate how it works? I’ve never gotten this as dirty as you have,” he replied, turning the key in the ignition.

    “That’s not true!” you protested. “I’ll I’ve done is gotten a little dirt on the dashboard. You were the genius who decided to get a white leather interior and then eat flaming hot Cheetos in it while drunk. Did you ever get out the stains?”

    He frowned at you.

    “No good enough comeback for that one, eh?” you asked. “I didn’t think so. So, like I was saying, where are we going?”

    “Well, maybe I’ll just drop you off at your apartment again,” he said. “You’re being kinda annoying…”

    “Jay!” you protested.

    “I’m kidding you, geez,” he said, glancing at you with a playful smile before his eyes returned to the road and his expression became serious.

     “What’s on your mind?” you asked.

     “What are you talking about?” he asked, not looking over at you.

    “I know you, and there’s something you’re not telling me right now,” you said. “When you smile for real, you smile a long time, and that one lasted for like two seconds.”

    “You’re close to being able to read my mind, but not quite there,” he said. “I’m fine. Seriously. Anyway, I was thinking maybe we could just go shopping? Morning on a weekday- the mall shouldn’t be too busy.”

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“Wait, wait! What if pigeons do have feelings and we’re literally just ignoring them?” You slurred, giggling as you asked Harry what seemed to be the most ridiculous question ever. 

“I don’t know, love. Maybe we can ask some bird expert about that.” He teased, nearly swerving off the road when you slapped your hand on his thigh. “Jesus Christ.” 

“You know what I wanna do? What I wanna do when we get home?” 

“What d’ya wanna do?” 

“Wanna make a big ice cream sundae n’ eat it with you.” You hummed, Harry beaming as he took your hand and placed a sweet kiss onto it. 

“Alright, we can do that. And get your legs off the dashboard!” 


“Y/N. I’m serious.” Harry said sternly as you giggled and rested on your stomach in the backseat. “Get out of the car! We need to make your sundae, remember? And you need to take a shower.” 

Feel you on my neck while I’m calling a taxi, climbing over me while I climb in the backseat..” You sang, wiggling your eyebrows seductively as you turned to face Harry. 

“C’mon, you.” Harry laughed, reaching in and grabbing you, tossing you over his shoulder in one quick motion. “We’ve got a sundae to make.” 

I can be your temporary fix…” 


gif isn’t mine!


So a lot of you guys have been asking what is this app or thingy called on my computer desktop. It’s actually a Google Chrome Extension called Momentum. 

Momentum replaces the new tab page to a personal dashboard where you can place what’s your main focus for today and a to do list. They replace the photo on the background everyday which is so beautiful. They also have a quote at the bottom part which can inspire you more. I love this extension so much! The different photos and quotes helps me get inspired. The focus and to do list also helps me with what I need to get done.

anonymous asked:

Ooooh. This is the first time I've asked for something :3 Your account is fabulous btw. Can you do a scenario where GoM+Kagami+Hanamiya+Imayoshi get into a car accident with their s/o and how they react seeing the blood, broken glass, etc. Thanks ^.^

……I love how you just added that smiley face with this brutal request.

NOTE: Trashymiya & Imayoshit cut out because of the character limit.

AKASHI: Akashi’s eyelids fluttered open and he was greeted by the bright flashing lights. What happened? He groaned and looked around him, blood splattered on the dashboard, broken glass scattered on his lap. Despite his rapidly beating heart, he would first check on your condition, making sure you were still breathing as he dialed up the emergency number.

AOMINE: His heart thudded loudly in his chest at the sound of the incessant beeping and the awful throbbing in his head. What the fuck? He blinked and looked around and the first thing he saw was your limp figure with blood dripping from your head. His heart stopped. He panicked. He didn’t give a shit about the glass that cut through his fingers. What he needed to do was get you free from your seat belt and the fire.

KAGAMI: Sobs wracked his body when he saw you covered in blood and broken glass. “___? Baby. Baby, answer me please.” He tugged on the broken seatbelt and tried to get you free from it. He held his breath, to avoid all the smoke quickly filling in the car, and got you free. It was difficult to move with his numb fingers and thudding heart but he had to man up for you. Afterwards, he called the emergency number.

KISE: Kise wouldn’t know what to do in the beginning. He flailed and panicked at the horror before him. Then his eyes flew to you when he remembered. Oh God, oh God. What had he done? Seeing your small gasps, he felt the spark of hope. He gulped down his fear and began to work on getting you free from all the buckles and the fire and hopefully to safety.

KUROKO: The first thing that escaped Kuroko’s mouth was, “___-chan? Hey, are you okay?” He calmly asked. He shouldn’t panic. No. Even with all the broken glass and blood dripping from the dashboard. Breathe, Kuroko, breathe. However, when he looked towards you, he felt the tears slip from his eyes, mixing in with the blood on his face. Don’t panic, be calm. Through chokes, he slowly freed you from the mess.

MIDORIMA: What had he done? Shit. He looked at the wreck in front of him and wondered how everything just crashed and burn so fast. He prayed to God that you were safe as he worked through the tangled mess and the mess of broken glass all around you. Midorima did this while he called the emergency number as well, hoping that they would make it in time to save the two of you.

MURASAKIBARA: Never in his life had Murasakibara ever panicked this much. Tears slipped down his cheeks as he choked out, “___-chin, please talk to me. Please don’t die on me.” He used all his strength to break you through and carry you away from the accident, up to the main road. He didn’t think of calling the ambulance yet and instead checked on every inch of you.

spenney-dee  asked:

I get so much hate on tumblr just because I'm a cis white male. Any tips on what to do or just to keep positive?

I would advise you to unfollow blogs who reblog posts that are overtly (or repetitivly) vitriolic against cis white males if they upset you.
Your dashboard is your property, you can decide what type of content you’d like to have on there for you to browse, look for blogs who post content that’s uplifting, motivational, compassionate if that’s what you need. :) - Horse

Snapshots II Jaspar ficlets

As an apology for spamming your dashboards tonight (but we have been blessed tonight, oh yes) I wrote this little thingy as the lovely @happyjaspar asked me to in this post about what Joe and Caspar truly wanted to say when asked if they had ever been in love :)

I’m not particularly good with headcanons, so I decided to make a mini snapshot out of it! It’s romantic (yeah, I can do more than filthy, believe it or not) and with a bit of drama sprinkled in! :)

“Love… love is when I kiss you and the world brightens around me”

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I’ve been meaning to say something about this for a while (that makes it sound really bad it’s not bad).
If you want your ask to be answered it can’t be anonymous (unless if a lot of people are asking then I will post it). But one of my biggest pet peeves on blogs like this is answering too many asks and filling up my dashboard with everything but what I followed for so I try not to do that. I still allow anonymous so people can say something quick but might be embarrassed about getting off anon, hey sometimes that’s me it’s totally fine. So, please, if you want an ask answered or you know it’s something I’m going to need to respond to it or ask for clarification please don’t make it anonymous. If you’re afraid I’ll post it just make sure you write “please don’t post this” or something along those lines, but chances are I wasn’t going to post it anyways so no need to worry.
Okay that’s it, just a quick update.

You pushed yourself down in the leather seat of the impala and rolled your eyes. Dean sat in the driver’s seat and looked at you with a raised eyebrow.

“How long can it take to buy some beer and a burger?” You asked yourself out loud and scratched your head. Dean moved so he was facing you and shook his head.

“I don’t know but Cas is with him, and as always he gets excited to see human stuff.” You could clearly see that he was restless, so you picked up your bag and dug up a mixtape that you made for these occasions.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Dean asked when you took away his tape, and placed it on the dashboard and he looked a bit offended. You placed your tape in the player and pressed the pay button. Pour some sugar on me started to play, and you turned the music up.

Dean’s POV
Y/N placed the mixtape in the tape player and I felt kind of offended.
Excuse me? Do you say that I have a crappy music taste? Ok, let’s see what you got. I bet your music sucks anyways.
I could hear a really familiar riff starting to play and my heart skipped a beat. What? Does she like Def Leppard?

Your POV
you could see that Dean got surprised and you laughed. His face cracked up in a big grin, and he turned the volume even higher as you both sang to the song you both liked. You laughed so hard that your stomach hurt when he really took it out. You faced each other and got really close as you both sang

“Pour some sugar on me!”

You stopped singing and you could feel his warm breath cherish your face. You looked at his lips and back at his green sparkling eyes. They were like the spring and summer at once. Your heart exploded in your chest as he touched your cheek. I was made for lovin’ you  by Kiss started playing and you could see that his eyes widened. You took a deep breath. 

“Y/N… I’ve never really seen it before but your eyes… They are… Amazing.” Dean whispered. “Same to you, Dean… But I’ve noticed quite a few times.” You whispered back. 

“Will you guys let us in already?” Sam asked and knocked on the window. Dean sat up straight and you opened the lock. “Did we interrupt something?” Castiel asked as he closed the door. 

“No, no! Not at all!” Dean and you answered. Dean started the impala and Rock You Like A Hurricane rung out in the car.You both looked at each other and smiled.

Heeeeeeeeeey guys.

So I had this amazing idea yesterday and I’ve been up all night making a mock magazine. It’s now 5 AM and I regret nothing. I’d really like to get feedback on my idea to release magazine pages (which I would just post as photos on Tumblr) to see if this is something people would actually read if it came up on their dashboard. The whole idea is to write articles on fan experiences, fan opinions, and just anything else that Taylor Swift is up to. I only wanna do this if people are interested. ALSO, keep in mind that if I use any photos or personal information about you, I will always ask first AND I will be sure to credit.

Let me know what you guys think AND reblog to share with other Swifties. I can’t do this without all your help!!

Thanks a bunch! <3


I know the situation’s been cleared up but:

  • don’t send anon hate to other RP blogs because they don’t ship what you ship
  • don’t send anon hate to other RP blogs because they don’t ship what you ship
  • don’t send anon hate to other RP blogs because they don’t ship what you ship

If you are clutching your pearls over what two RPers are doing with their blogs in terms of a ship and somehow seeing it on your dashboard is just grounds for you getting ready to send anons to them consider asking politely if there is a tag you can blacklist. If they don’t have a tag and after you’ve asked them if they could make a custom tag for it they told you no? UNFOLLOW THEM.