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Dorian finally manages to talk the Herald into having a drink with him at the building Haven is attempting to pass off as a tavern. He starts by examining the Mark but perhaps Elden Trevelyan could benefit from a break from all this.

It’s strange how distracting it is, holding Trevelyan’s hand. Not like that, Dorian was only examining the Mark, but it’s impossible not to notice certain things. Quite a bit could be gleaned from a person simply by examining their hands. Trevelyan’s, for example, were warm and solid, large and calloused, and yet still soft.

Actually, his hands seemed much too soft for a warrior. It was obvious he was used to hard labor, he certainly had the strength for it, but the scars and blisters were new. Perhaps he developed blisters easily? Or he was still growing accustomed to wielding his weapons. Dorian realized he didn’t actually know what the Herald had been doing before all this world saving business.

Trevelyan had obviously been pushing himself, perhaps even too hard since the blisters had been left untended. Dorian pretended he hadn’t noticed and instead refocused on the Mark, making a mental note to pay a visit to the apothecary later to ask the thoroughly charming Adan if he wouldn’t mind making up some sort of salve for just such injuries. Trevelyan may be too embarrassed to bring it up himself but surely he couldn’t refuse an anonymous gift.

As he ran his finger over the Mark down the center of his palm, Dorian launched into theory and speculation as he was prone to doing and the Herald was nothing but attentive. Dorian would have expected most to simply let their mind wander far away as he droned on, but Trevelyan’s soft green eyes never left his and he even asked the occasional question. After a time though Dorian was forced to admit to himself that he had examined Trevelyan’s hand thoroughly and there was nothing left to see. With a start he realized he had been delaying this moment when he would be forced to release his hand.

“Well,” Dorian said quickly, pulling away from him at last. “I’m afraid all I have for you is speculation. There is surprisingly little to see.”

“Still, I appreciate you taking a look,” Trevelyan replied with a smile and Dorian was surprised to see that he looked just as disappointed as Dorian felt at the loss of contact.

No, surely it was just disappointment that Dorian had failed to find anything of note. How many had examined it so far? How many times had he been poked and prodded with nothing to show? Mages and non-mages alike were curious about it and yet no one could give him any answers.

“I imagine you’re rather tired of all this,” Dorian said.

“I’m sorry?”

“The Rift this, the Mark that; you don’t have a moment’s rest from all of this, do you?” Elden laughed and it was such a quiet gentle thing. He looked young and alive and as if the weight of the world had finally fallen away if only for a moment and Dorian was much too pleased to be the cause of it.

“Does this mean you’ve asked me here for another reason, then?” Trevelyan asked and, Maker, he looked much too pleased.

Dorian would have been pleased as well if it hadn’t been so heartbreaking. He couldn’t help but wonder how many people actually saw Trevelyan as he was, not just as the Herald. People were constantly asking him for anything and everything, he barely had time to rest. And soon he would be risking his life yet again to close the breach. And Elden hadn’t complained once.

“Indeed,” Dorian said with his most charming smile. “The academic in me appreciates the opportunity to examine the Mark, but now that that’s done; there are no advisors, nothing urgent that needs your attention, and I intend to avoid all talk of business and perhaps even get you drunk. Perhaps you can even tell me a little about yourself?”

“There isn’t much to tell, I’m afraid,” Trevelyan said, and was that a slight blush creeping into his cheeks?

“Indulge me anyway,” Dorian said as he sipped from his drink.

There wasn’t much he could do for Trevelyan, ultimately, but if he could give the man even one evening away from all this madness he would do his best.

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11 ?

11. Their Parents

Adane and Josmet Lavellan. 
They’re both in their middle fifties in the Inquisition timeline, they haven’t seen their youngest son in about six years and unless we consider the version in which @numin-lavellan’s Numin is Fael’s cousin, they die in the attack on Wycome and they never meet again

Adane is the apothecary/non-mage healer of the clan, and Josmet is the halla keeper (and the chillest person to ever chill). 


Carrie/Rosette looks a lot like Garry but she has slightly more volume in her hair. Unlike him, she is known for being a tomboy and her rough way of speaking. Despite her looks, she gets scared easily and is quite the coward.

((mun : You probably think I didn’t work hard on her design lol, but to me it was important she kept the short hair (for the reversed blue rose effect) and since Garry has a feminine trait to him, I wanted her to have a masculine side to her… Anyway, have fun guys~))

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Do you think that Thace (3G) maybe helped Shiro escape before the events of the show? And that's why he just decided to help Shiro and the rest of the crew escape? I want not sure about this one and I would like your opinion, I'm kinda leaning between the Alien Keith and this one.




Of course 3G helped him. I don’t. That makes so much sense? How could I have been so blind.

There are only three ways (that I can think of) that explain how Shiro escaped:

  1. Shiro is just that awesome and managed to break out of a high-security warship while exhausted and traumatized from his experiences as a prisoner.
  2. Zarkon released Shiro on purpose because he thought Shiro could lead him to Voltron or maybe because Zarkon has some plan that we don’t know of yet.
  3. Someone on Zarkon’s ship (3G???) has a goddamn conscience and gave Shiro an opening to escape.


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I love the Acelu and Sabolu childddddrreeewnnn <3 will u make comics about them? (If so can I request that Luffles spends time with his bbs before he dies like the Pirate King?)

i might make comics about them if people are interested 8) but tbh they wont grow up with luffy there and luff definitely doesnt die nope not in my story so if you wanna see luffles spending time with his babies i hope you are ok with this

Four Days

When Solas hears of the miraculous woman who stumbled out of the Fade, he is eager to offer his services to help.

The first four days after the destruction of the Conclave, from Solas’s POV.

—Day One—

“Do we know anything about the prisoner?” Solas asked calmly as he followed the Seeker. “Perhaps her background holds some clue as to how she obtained this scar you speak of.”

“No,” the woman answered, her voice low and tense. Even as she guided him down the set of stone steps, her face was pulled into a look of severity that was not difficult to read. She was angry. Frightened. She did not trust him. Solas did not blame her for that. She had little reason to. Convincing her to allow him access to the prisoner had not been easy and he was certain her suspicions were raised. “We do not know her name nor where she came from. She is Dalish, which makes her presence at the Conclave suspect. Her people had no place in these negotiations.”

“Do you truly believe she was here for some nefarious purpose?”

Cassandra shot him a look that would have probably struck fear in him, if he were the sort of man he claimed to be. “It is no longer a question of what she was sent here to do but why,” she said sharply. “The Dalish are certainly aware of the chaos this conflict between the mages and Templars has produced. Perhaps they wish to use this war for their own purposes - stage an uprising while the Chantry is weakened. For all we know, this could only be the beginning.”

Solas said nothing. There was no purpose in arguing. He knew their elven prisoner was not responsible for the explosion at the Conclave, but her fate had all but been decided by the people of Haven. Perhaps they would stage a trial of some sort, but he doubted it would be anything more than a lynch mob dressed up in the guise of civility. Maybe it was a blessing, then, that she would most likely die before they had a chance to slip a noose around her neck.

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I'm all for Ace looking proudly to Adan when she is doing an experiment (even if that experiment is to create an explosive).He is proud of his nice and clever daughter that knows chemistry

ohhh boy he’d be so proud of adan and whatever she does. especially the explosives part. i can already imagine him going “thats great!! but consider this: more gunpowder”

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Acelu or sabolu love children? Basically acelu child is a really respectful child raised with an instilled scientific curiosity with fire and combustibles and an inventor and sabolu child is impulsive and likes stories and philosophy and dreams of a peaceful and united world

Acelu lovechild:
She wears simple clothes because it’s hot…also she has abs to show off

Sabolu lovechild:
Wears clothing that looks complicated and fancy but is actually easy to put on…see that ribbon? It’s actually pinned on

you know, these love children could actually exist in the op world ((with iva’s help maybe))

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I really really really hope adam does a great job on SNL. I mean he's so funny. He just has such a dry sense of humor so it can be kind of awkward unless you like that humor. I know how nervous he gets so I hope it goes well for him!

Im super excited to see Adam on SNL (im probably going to liveblog it just fyi). Ever since it was announced ive been so hyped!! I hope it goes well for him too because just like you said he does get pretty nervous about big media things like that. I have a feeling he is going to be amazing and make even more people fall in love with him!!