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Mario Kart Asks!!

1- First Mario Kart game?

2- Best Mario Kart game?

3- Do you play the handheld Kart games?

4- Is there one of the games that stands out as being really bad?

5- Who do you always race as?

6- Which game has the best tracks?

7- What is your all time favorite track?

8- Describe a silly moment that happened during a race.

9- Are you generally better or generally worse than your friends?

10- Do you ever play Time Trials?

11- Is it disappointing that there aren’t as many tournaments for Mario Kart as there are for other games?

12- Favorite character?

13- How old were you when you played a Kart game for the first time?

14- Preferred controller type/setup?

15- Do you like Battle mode?

16- Do you have a Mario Kart Rival?

17- Which game did you play the most?

18- What is your all time least favorite track?

19- What is the most underrated Mario Kart game?

20- What is the most overrated Mario Kart game?

21- Kart or bike?

22- Do you like playing with the steering wheel?

23- Do you miss DK Jr?

24- What is the best mode to race in?

25- Make up your own question.

Smash Bros asks

1- Smash 64 main?

2- Melee main?

3- Brawl main?

4- Smash 4 main?

5- Which game do you most prefer?

6- Favorite pro Smasher?

7- Favorite Smash 64 stage?

8- Which game do you least prefer?

9- Favorite Brawl stage?

10- All time least favorite stage?

11- Least favorite Smash 64 character?

12- Least favorite Melee character?

13- Ever been to a tournament?

14- All time favorite Smash experience?

15- Best online tag you’ve seen or used yourself?

16- Share a salty Smash story

17- Best alt costume of any character?

18- Favorite Melee stage?

19- 2 stock or 3 stock matches on Smash 4?

20- Have you ever changed mains?

21- Items or no items?

22- Any preferred custom controller setups?

23- Preferred type of controller?

24- Best song track in all of Smash?

25- Have you ever broken a controller playing Smash?

26- Least favorite character to play against?

27- Do you like all the DLC content?

28- Is there a story behind your tag?

29- Have you ever done the Chudat pose?

30- Make up your own question

Super Smash Bros. ask game!~
  • 1.) Favorite thing about Smash Bros.?
  • 2.) Favorite character?
  • 3.) Least favorite character?
  • 4.) Favorite stage to play on?
  • 5.) For Fun or For Glory?
  • 6.) Items on or off?
  • 7.) Favorite iteration? (64, Melee, Brawl, SSB4)
  • 8.) What franchise do you think needs more representation?
  • 9.) You get to choose any character to become playable in Smash Bros. No rules & no limits. Who do you choose?
  • 10.) Favorite Assist Trophy?
  • 11.) Did you play Subspace Emissary (Brawl's adventure mode?) If you did, did you finish it?
  • 12.) Kick one character out of Smash Bros. Who?
  • 13.) Do you play offensive or defensive?
  • 14.) Character you hate fighting against?
  • 15.) What was your first Smash Bros. game?
  • 16.) Who does your best friend play as?
  • 17.) 3DS or Wii U version?
  • 18.) Least favorite thing about Smash Bros.?
  • 19.) Have you ever gone to/played in a tournament? If so, how did you do?
  • 20.) What controller do you play with?
  • 21.) What character do you play best as?
  • 22.) Any stage you would like to see added to Smash Bros.?
  • 23.) How often do you play?
  • 24.) Have you ever played under an influence?
  • 25.) Do you have any Amiibos?
  • 26.) Most attractive character in Smash Bros.?
  • 27.) Favorite Pokemon in Smash Bros.?
  • 28.) Do you taunt? If so, when?
  • 29.) What celebrity would you enjoy playing Smash Bros. with?
  • 30.) What character deserves to be in Smash Bros. the most?
Okay no but get this

A Zelda game where the first incarnation of the hero - the Link from Skyward Sword - is back at his simple life trying to build Hyrule with Zelda on the surface. But one night he’s lured to the Gate of Time and ends up on the surface right after the first war with Demise

- and remember that Impa said that land was completely different, still with so many scars from the war? It should be so much more scary and infested with monsters than the surface that Link walked on his own time, and not every human would be on Skyloft yet, so there would still be some people around, trying to find ways to go up to the sky and save themselves -

ANYWAY, Link gets lured and the gate is broken. It’s a new dark force, a Bokoblin King, anyone, someone from Demise’s force that is not happy with the end of Demise, so he tries to destroy the Hero. Piece of cake, right? Only, Link doesn’t have the Master Sword anymore, he’s swordless, he’s on an unknow environment, with no support from the goddess and no weapons, only-

Well, there is a sword spirit still on the land, a masterless sword filled with evil intent.

Link takes Ghirahim as his sword and it’s awful: we would have Fi all over again, but a Fi that doesn’t want to help, a Fi that lies and takes you out of the path and who’s bloodthirst all the time. Can you imagine? You ask for directions, and Ghirahim lies or doesn’t answer because you haven’t killed enough today!

And if you just kill, Link ends up turning evil: he’ll turn Dark Link. You have a little counting, like the hearts, only it measures if you’re on the dark side or not. If you’re killing too much, you have to take one of the side quests and help people for you to get “good” and heroic again. If you’re not killing enough, your sword won’t answer your questions or help you. And if Link turns “evil” he can’t enter the temples or help people, he has to be clensed in one of the fairies fountains.

And all the time we would have FABULOUS Ghirahim sassying Link around and crying about his dead master and being unhelpful (like all of Link’s companions since Navi, let’s be honest), a little bit like Midna, but only with more personality and the risk of him actually taking our hero down the demon path.

TL;DR: I just want a game where Link has to be the master of Ghirahim’s sword and they can argue and that we can talk about the risk of the Hero turning into a monster like in TP.


Any instrument huh? Well… there is one favorite of mine…