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Nigel is terrified of spiders. Adam... not so much

Oh definitely! (also sorry i don’t write often and i’m bad at it!)

Adam is more annoyed than worried by the shriek that fills the apartment; Nigel never screams, at least not that shrill! Of course Nigel cusses a lot, much to Adam’s chagrin, but the string of expletives that tumble from his lips could have made a sailor blush. Adam rushes to the bathroom, seeing Nigel, Nigel who has killed people with his bare hands, cowering in a corner. “Kill it! Fucking kill the fucking fucker!” Adam follows Nigel’s pointing finger to a medium sized black spot on the wall, near the toilet. “Whaa..?” Adam moves closer to the speck, hearing Nigel let out another offending sound when the thing scurries to the left. Adam smiles a bit, “It’s a spider!” and Nigel nearly pisses himself when Adam moves his hand out towards it. “Adam are you fucking crazy! Don’t touch it! Kill it! Fucking smash it!” He’s grabbing at Adam’s shoulders, hiding behind him, as if the spider is seven foot tall and standing over them. “I’m not going to kill it Nigel! It’s just a spider! a Steatoda grossa actually. They’re called the false black widow because-” Adam starts but Nigel cuts in through with gritted teeth, “Darling, that’s interesting and all but please fucking kill it.” Adam frowns a bit, about to explain to Nigel that killing the spider is pointless as he lets it crawl on his palm but the half scream half gag behind him makes him turn around suddenly, letting the spider crawl around on his fingers, “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH IT ADAM, DON’T-” the color drains from Nigel’s face “-DON’T LET IT TOUCH ME. GET IT AWAY FROM ME.” Adam tilts his head, confused, as Nigel backs from the bathroom, keeping weary eyes on the insect. Adam goes to follow him when the thing falls from his hand onto the floor, scurrying away, “Oh shoot.” Adam says before Nigel screams and runs from the room, “WE HAVE TO MOVE ADAM, I’M BURNING THE FUCKING HOUSE DOWN.”


I’ve had these finished and sitting in my pictures for a few days now and thought that I should post them before I forget about them entirely, so here *throws post at you* have this
(sorry for the shitty coloring, I drew these when I was at my dad’s and I didn’t have as many pencils/markers to use than I do at home; and on another note, the Virgil design is not mine but Serenity’s, I used theirs because I like it more than mine lmao)


Adam Raki and the Accidental Nurse

Today is my darling @hotsauce418‘s birthday and the trash possum extraordinaire requested some Spacedogs sickfic. So happy birthday hotty, I hope you enjoy <3<3<3

Also on AO3.

“Fucking cocksucking asshole cab drivers!”

If he looked at it objectively, Nigel would probably allow that there was a reason cab drivers tended not to stop for him. Six foot of glowering, tattooed Romanian was probably enough to make even your most toughened Californian cabbie lock all his doors, let alone the pussies who drove in this hoity-fucking-toity neck of the woods. Objectivity was not, however, one of Nigel’s strong points, so instead he elected to continue growling obscenities at the entire cab-driving profession as he moved down towards the back of the bus he’d been forced to mount in lieu of any other transport options.

“Motherfucking dick hole son of a fucking whore!”

“Could you please refrain from swearing until you have left the bus, please?”

Nigel swung to find the source of the soft but direct complaint, fully anticipating a welcome chance to knock some cheeky fucker’s face in. What he found, instead, was a face he wouldn’t wish to see damaged by his or any other fists for all the money in the world. Bright blue eyes, wide and innocent looking, were set in a pale, smooth-skinned face, and set off by waves of brown hair, just coming loose from the neat, careful shape they had been tamed into. Nigel took in the young man sitting opposite him, the old man clothes and stiff demeanour not remotely dimming his beauty, and immediately decided to switch from offensive to charm offensive.

He grabbed the rail above the kid’s seat and hung off it, leaning down with a smile to say, “My apologies, gorgeous, I didn’t realise I was being so uncouth. I’d hate to think I made you uncomfortable.”

The kid crossed his arms in front of himself, not meeting Nigel’s gaze, and said, “I don’t like loud noises or swearing, they make me uncomfortable. In addition, I have a very bad headache and am not feeling very well, so I would appreciate it if you could wait until you are further away before continuing your tirade. And my name is Adam,” he added. “Please don’t call me gorgeous, it is demonstrably untrue and therefore either you are mocking me, or attempting to use an endearment inappropriate for someone you have just met.”

Nigel blinked, and then gave Adam a slow look up and down. “Darling, I’m not sure what you see when you look in the mirror, but from here you are very evidently the most gorgeous thing in this whole damn state.”

At this, Adam flicked his eyes up to Nigel’s for a fraction of a second before he looked away again. He sighed and said, “I can’t tell if you mean what you say. Normally I would attempt to understand, but I’m really not feeling well enough to do so today. My stop is not far away, would you mind if we don’t talk anymore?”

“I don’t mind darling,” Nigel grinned. He was suddenly very glad to have taken the fucking bus this once, if it meant getting to sit next to this strange, pretty kid for a little while. “But in return, might I sit with you, seems like all the other seats are taken. Promise to keep my trap shut,” he added, holding his hands up as Adam narrowed his eyes. The kid peered at him – or at least, near to him – for another moment, then gave a curt nod of his head, and moved a little to the side to make space for Nigel.

True to his word, Nigel didn’t utter another syllable. He did, however, take advantage of Adam’s resolutely front-facing gaze to look his fill. At first, he simply admired the kid’s trim figure, his long legs and the way his surprisingly broad shoulders tapered into a slim waist. Eventually, though, he lifted his gaze above the kid’s neck and began to get concerned. There was sweat on Adam’s brow, and high colour in his cheeks. He hadn’t been lying when he said he was sick.

“Adam, I know I said I would be quiet, but you don’t look good, darling. Are you going to be ok?” The question drew no response, and Nigel began to get truly worried at the glassy look in Adam’s eyes. He was about to try again when the bus started to slow, and Adam stood jerkily, swaying a little as he gathered his things. Apparently this was his stop. Reluctantly, Nigel stood to let him past, already wondering if he should offer to see the kid home, if that would be unwelcome to this closed off young man. His mind was made up for him, though, when Adam fainted clean into his arms.

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"care to give me a back scratch?" ....spacedogs?? I am not a trash possum....I'm uh, someone else

Oh yes, you’re definitely not any trash possum I know. But, you know, just in case a certain trash possum I do know of is interested, I’m going to tag @hotsauce418​. Better safe than sorry and all.

Also this is me wading into the waters of a/b/o with a little Alpha!Adam and Omega!Nigel. Sorry not sorry.

Tired and bored of work, Nigel tossed his phone onto an end table and turned his attention to Adam.

Adam was sat on the sofa, an expression on his face far too serious for someone who was watching a film on TV. He attacked every task with a level of focus and determination that left Nigel unable to resist touching him up and teasing him until he put a smile on his face.

He watched Adam’s eyes follow the characters on screen for a moment, and then heaved himself onto the sofa, face down in Adam’s lap.

“Care to give me a back scratch, gorgeous?” he asked, arching his shoulder blades up for effect.

Without taking his eyes off the screen, Adam ran his fingers over Nigel’s back, short nails digging in in all the right places. Nigel groaned.

“Your heat must be coming soon,” Adam said absently.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you always demand more affection from me within forty-eight hours of your heat arriving,” Adam explained as he picked at a small bump he’d found near Nigel’s shoulder. Nigel shifted around, squirming away from his touch until he returned to scratching.“It’s likely due to the hormonal shifts you’re experiencing.”

Adam slipped his hand beneath Nigel’s shirt. His fingers were cold, and Nigel shivered as they moved up his spine. Above him, Adam huffed out a soft laugh.

Adam wasn’t wrong. Maybe it was part of Nigel’s personality, or maybe it was his years of posturing to hide the fact that he was an omega, but short of four days every month Nigel publicly took the role of dominant partner. But then his hormones would shift and it would come. Behind closed doors Nigel would find himself rubbing up against Adam, as desperate for attention as a barn cat. It made his face go red just thinking about it.

In a world of nature versus nurture, nature always had to fucking win out in the end.

“You little shit,” Nigel mumbled. He pressed his face into the soft skin of Adam’s stomach. “You keeping notes about me like a science experiment?”

“No. I’m just stating an observation.”

“What other ‘observations’ have you made about me, gorgeous?”

Adam ran his nails around the curve of Nigel’s shoulder blade. Goosebumps sprung up on his skin. While Adam considered the question, Nigel busied himself with wedging an arm between Adam’s back and the sofa, so he could wrap his arms around his waist and keep him close.

Adam smelled so sweet. Like soap, and the spices he’d used while making their dinner. Nigel inhaled deeply, scenting him.

“You pretend to like beer, but whenever we go out you end up drinking half of my cocktail instead. Your nose twitches when you’re upset,” Adam said. “You seem to enjoy receiving affection more than giving it, but you’re reluctant to admit it. You only ever ask for it during your heat and I don’t understand why.”

Nigel turned his head, just enough to peer up at Adam. Adam had taken his eyes off the TV entirely in favor of watching his fingers move beneath the fabric of Nigel’s t-shirt.

Nigel nuzzled his stomach. “Damn. Read me like a book, didn’t you?”

“No. The books I read are difficult to understand,” Adam said with a smile. “You’re mostly very easy.”

Very carefully, Nigel untangled himself from Adam’s lap so that he could sit up. He kissed Adam, nuzzling their noses together when he drew back.

“What did I ever do to deserve a sweet little alpha like you?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” Adam said, puzzled frown creeping onto his face. Nigel kissed it away. “But Nigel, if you want affection from me, you don’t have to hold back until your heat. I enjoy touching you and making you happy.”

“I know, darling. Old habits die hard, I guess,” Nigel said. “You going to stay home and fuck me when my heat gets here? Keep me feeling good?”

“Of course. My work has special leave for mated alphas, you know that.”

Adam’s voice was serious, but the way a grin played about the corners of his mouth told Nigel he was only winding him up. Nigel stood and, before Adam could stop him, swept his alpha into his arms and carried him off towards the bedroom. Adam laughed and clutched at his shoulders.

“Then why not practice until then?” Nigel asked and kicked the bedroom door shut behind them.

I have about six more prompts in my inbox waiting for fills, so I’m temporarily closing prompts until I get more of those done. For the full prompt list, check here!
Chapter 1/2 - It's A Fucking Art - Weconqueratdawn - Nigel (Charlie Countryman)/Adam Raki [Archive of Our Own]
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So I needed to write something cute and fluffy in the midst of working on my @radiance-anthology submission. This is it :)

Rating - Mature
Words - 1,200 / 3,000
Tags - Non-Sexual Bondage, Shibari, Fluff and Humour, Misunderstandings, Established Relationship
Summary - Adam asks Nigel if he knows how to tie people up. Nigel misunderstands. Twice.

“Nigel, do you know how to tie people up?”

Nigel barely paused. He had learned to trust that Adam’s questions always had their own sweet logic. “'Course I do, darlin’.” He pulled his mouth to the side and swiped the razor down the other cheek. “Just give me some duct tape and I’ll tie up anyone you want.”

That was the exact moment the subject of their conversation reared up and hit him in the face. Understanding bloomed bright and sharp and clear. Every muscle in his body stiffened.

He flicked a glance towards Adam in the mirror, who was standing in the doorway, watching Nigel shave. He didn’t look upset or worried or anything which could cause Nigel concern.

But still. It was concerning.

Keeping his voice as light as possible, Nigel said, “Who do you need tying up, sweetheart, and what did they do?”

Adam smiled quietly, and shuffled a little closer. “Only me,” he said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “I don’t need to be tied up, though. I’d just like it if you could.” He frowned and bit his lip. “But not with duct tape. With rope. Can you?”

@fragile-teacup @wrathofthestag fairly sure I remember you both asked to be tagged? *brain is useless*

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Adam| Gasoline 2/2 |Cole

Title; Gasoline Pt. 2/2

Pairing; Adam Cole/Reader

Words; 10,106

Summary; “I guess it just depends on you.”  -“What do you mean it depends on me? "What do you want with Adam Cole?”

Warnings; KAYFABE COMPLIANT. NSFW, smut, strong language, some violence against women, possessive!Adam, biting/intentional marking, latex free. Use your condoms kids.

A/N: It’s heeerrreeee. Be gentle, this is the first smut i have written in years. YEARS people. I also can’t thank you all enough, as of this writing, Gasoline pt. 1 is at over 100 notes. :)



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Bits and Pieces

Chapter 14
“Not Too Insane For You“


Word Count: 2.3K

[be safe, dear readers!]

Summary: Dragon’s decided it’s time to execute his plans. Meanwhile, Sam’s fate is brought before the medical board.

A/N: I ended up doing a lot of research for this chapter. I’m really quite proud of myself. This chapter is the beginning of the darkest heart of this series. I’ve listed all of the triggers that I feel are worth noting, but there will be a LOT of ones that aren’t listed. If you need to remove yourself from the tag list because it gets too dark for you, I’ll understand. As the lovely @sofreddie​ pointed out to me today, writing dark angsty shit is my forte. And I’m proud of that. The taglist is below if you feel you need it. Thanks again for all the love this series has generated!

A/N2: I had originally planned for there to be more in depth interaction between the board and Sam but given how much I had written and how late it is tonight (almost 1am here on the East Coast) I went a different route. Hope it doesn’t disappoint!

You could feel it coming on. You’d felt this feeling so many times, you thought you’d be used to it by now. But in reality it never got easier.

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Thoughts on this? independent(.)co(.)uk/news/world/europe/poland-no-refugees-eu-legal-action-infringement-quotas-resettlement-beata-szydlo-commission-a7741236(.)html ~~ this is why I've become resistant in letting Poles mass migrate here to be brutally honest, given that most Poles support these measures. I'm sorry but you can't take, take, take and not give (Poland receives the highest amount of EU aid & Poles use Freedom of movement the most in the EU). We need to get tough.

………………………………. okay while I agree that the polish PM is a fucking idiot and I’m 100% behind fining them if they don’t take in refugees, they’ve been in power since 2015 so it’s not like they’re behind the entirety of what happened between poland and europe since the EE countries were admitted and

*migrate here*

k listen if you’re british and as I suspect you’re brexit anon, which means that I’m not replying to any more of likely toned asks from now on:

THE MAIN REASON EE COUNTRIES WERE ADMITTED INTO THE EU WAS UK PRESSING FOR IT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO DISRUPT THE CONTINENTAL VOTE WHICH WAS AGAINST THEM MOST TIMES, guess why bc the uk never wanted the obligations but wanted the benefits, therefore the brits are not absolutely in any way whatsoever allowed to go and say shit like GET TOUGH over polish immigrants. if anyone has to it’s not the fucking british, who btw really have shown an insane amount of hypocrisy brexiting over polish immigrants too when they pretty much went and were the ones pushing for poland to be in the EU.

like, gdi, learn some coherence and shut the fuck up about ‘letting poles mass migrate there’ because sorry but you wanted it, most poles who arrive in the UK just want to work and aren’t the part who votes for their current ruling class and just, shut up with this rhetoric. honestly. just shut up.
Maybe Once, Maybe Twice - shiphitsthefan - Hannibal (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/5
Fandom: Hannibal (TV), Charlie Countryman (2013), The Big C (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Lee Fallon/Nigel (Charlie Countryman)
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha/Alpha, Alpha/Omega, Alpha Nigel (Charlie Countryman), Alpha Lee (The Big C), Omega Lee (The Big C), Trans Character, BDSM, Bondage, Breeding Bench, Power Exchange, Blanket Permission, References to Past Non-Consensual Situation Not Between the Main Characters, Domestic Disputes, BearDogs, Other Additional Tags to Be Added
Series: Part 1 of Times Tables

“The fuck is all this?” Nigel asks, stepping into the room, kicking at a set of stocks.

Lee chuckles. “I think we could safely call it a dungeon, my dear Watson.”

“There’s nothing down here that couldn’t be achieved with plastic wrap, toothpicks, and a clothespin or three.”

“Why, Nigel,” begins Lee, looking at him over his shoulder, teasing and sultry and absurdly innocent in that way only Lee could ever manage. “I had no idea I was dating the Marquis de MacGyver.”

Nigel grins, and starts to reply, and then sees what Lee is standing directly in front of.

A breeding bench.

Nigel has demons to face; Lee has himself to unravel. The answer, obviously, is sexual healing.