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knightenchanterenjolras asked:

I'm watching Sailor Moon for the first time and at this point (sailor moon s) the only one of the inner senshi I can really see as straight is Minako, but even then, I don't know. They seem like a bunch of bi girls, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. How do you see them?

They’re all queer. Minako may come off as straight in the anime, but in the manga she is queer as fuck. Here’s how I see them.

Usagi- bi (I was gonna say pan, but actually I do think she finds different things attractive in men, women and inbetween) and potentially eventually polyamorous

Rei- open homoromantic asexual in the manga and PGSM and probably Crystal, closeted (but will eventually come out) lesbian in the 90s anime

Ami- biromantic ace (or maybe just bi- hard to say without more evidence)

Mako- bi- tends to favor boys, but when she crushes on a girl, she crushes hard (see: Ami and Haruka)

Minako- pansexual

Haruka and Michiru- lesbian space princesses

Setsuna- bi- equal level crush on Serenity and Endymion

Hotaru- lesbian

Chibiusa- bi like mama

notoriouslyordinary asked:

I apologize if you've been asked a similar question before, but why do you like Madoka much less now?

The main reason is Urobuchi gave an interview where he said that the girls in Madoka were carried away by their “hubris” and “self-righteousness” and compared them to the Taliban (WHAT the fuck). So that pretty much flings any idea the show was trying to say something even vaguely feminist out the window- this guy literally things young girls should be punished for wanting things. women shouldn’t have desires. REVOLUTIONARY concept.

U can still read feminist things into the show for yourself of course (as I did initially), but knowing the opposite was intended puts a damper on it for me.

And also knowing that makes me view the show in a different light. I used to be okay with it because it seemed to reconstruct the genre a bit at the end, with Madoka restoring hope etc. but…

It really is just 11 straight episodes of little girls suffering, intended for a male audience, with some sort of attempt to smooth it all over at the end so the viewer doesn’t feel guilty and it’s still implied they all die or whatever. That’s kind of creepy, when you think about it.  Especially when you consider that this is basically taking a genre meant to empower young girls and making it about little girls being tortured and manipulated. There are some genres that could use deconstruction- the magical girl genre isn’t one of them, at least not deconstructed in a way that’s targetted toward men. If it’s deconstructed, I think it should be deconstructed for a FEMALE AUDIENCE, you know, the actual main consumers of the genre. I mean, thinking about it, Madoka doesn’t really count as a deconstruction- it exaggerates tropes that were already in the genre- dark magical girl, coming of age story, etc.

Utena did a MUCH better job of criticizing shoujo tropes (like ACTUAL CRITICISM OF PROBLEMATIC shoujo tropes like the fucked-up dynamics of idealized shoujo romances, or the damsel-in-distress cliche, not just making stuff ~edgier~ and not really criticizing) while having an actual feminist message that was absolutely intended that you cannot miss, and we also know the creators actually kept the female audience in mind AND oh, it actually managed to have canon queer characters and relationships rather than just ~vaguely imply~ so straight audiences could ignore it. A lot of Madoka fans treat Madoka like it’s Utena, but it’s not. Utena is an actual deconstruction, Madoka is largely just a darknedgy take on things.

And it’s not like the magical girl genre didn’t have DARK STUFF in it, it just still managed to be…about empowering girls rather than punishing them. Princess Tutu was dark. Sailor Moon is the codifier for “dark magical girl warrior’ and “magical girl antihero” concepts and the live action serie got VERY heavy. And then people act like Madoka (and Nanoha) are the only magical girl shows with kickass fight scenes (and that’s somehow the measure of their worth) but Precure, aimed for 5 year old girls, can be ridiculously heavy on the action. I’m tired of ppl talking about how Madoka is great bc it’s got all this stuff the genre already had.

And reading spoilers for the movie, all my fears have been confirmed- the relationships and themes that made the anime work have been thrown out the window for cynicism so it’s basically worthless now. And still no canon queerness, ofc.

So yeah, I still enjoy some parts of Madoka, I’m just much less enamored with it now, mostly just in light of getting more into the magical girl genre and learning more about the creator’s true intentions.

wolfennights asked:

The more I read about Sailor Moon (especially from your blog) the more I realize that Madoka Magica isn't as much of a deconstruction of Magical Girl shows as TVTropes says it is. It's more of a "What if this good thing that happens in this show actually lead to this bad thing instead" and "what if the good guys aligned with our heroine had ulterior motives instead." Star Wars KotOR2 is a much more effective deconstruction bc it actually asks questions about the Jedi and the nature of the Force.

Yeah, I mean, I do like Madoka (disregarding the movie) but it isn’t a deconstruction.

For one thing, a deconstruction requires being familiar with the genre and Urobuchi has admitted he wasn’t. Like he had literally never watched any. He based Madoka off porn games, for christ’s sake.

Second, it only really goes as far as “what if the mascot was evil” which is something that has actually been explored in mg shows before (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is an example. Her mascot was literally turned out to be an agent of Satan, not joking). The fact is, in most magical girl shows, the mascot merely tells the girl that she has superpowers she can unlock, rather than granting her power in exchange for something, so the whole “wishes” thing does not hold up as a deconstruction. Either that or, a la Precure, the mascot is very obviously weak and dependent on the girls for help and they help out of the goodness of their hearts.

 I guess you could argue his whole “magical girls would be isolated and fighting each other” thing counts as deconstruction, but there generally ARE loner magical girls in traditional magical girl shows who isolate themselves and conflict with the others before being helped by the power of friendship. There ARE magical girls who turn evil (ala Madoka’s witches) under the strain of whatever, they just tend to be saved. The POINT of magical girl shows is generally that the girls keep themselves from going into loneliness and despair over the shit they have to deal with by finding strength and support in each other.

 I’m not sure why the hell you’d want to “deconstruct” “female friendship is powerful” as a trope, but hey. (Like the Madoka movie literally turned the “sad girl finds redemption and strength in female friendship/strong lesbian subtext” to “WHAT A TWIST the sad girl’s friendship/crush on another girl IS OBVIOUSLY OBSESSIVE AND HORRIBLE AND BASICALLY ABUSIVE” which wow. So progressive.)

So yeah, I don’t really see it as a deconstruction but rather a dark twist on the genre, and not one that uses tropes that haven’t been done before. Is it well-written at times? Yes, the writing of the aftermath of Mami’s death always breaks my heart, as does the time travel ep. The music is fantastic. etc. But it’s not as groundbreaking as people typically act like, imo.

I’ve said it before, but Utena is what an actual deconstruction looks like- as a deconstruction of shoujo and fairy tale shit rather than any particular genre really. It doesn’t just go “okay what if it were a trick” or “what if the heroes failed” but shows how harmful it is for people to try to fit in and follow these archetypes fairy tales/shoujo lay out. 

It shows that someone who actually acts like a typical aggressive male love interest is actually really fucking terrifying when you actually think about it, and would have to be a truly shitty human being. 

It shows that trying to fit men into this narrow “prince” archetype sets them up for failure, and that men inevitably take the shame they feel over that failure out on women.

 It shows that women who are actually forced to act in the role of damsel in distress and victimized over and over again would inevitably be bitter and fucked up and be caught in a genuine abusive cycle. It shows that the problem isn’t magically  solved just because you “save” the woman in question, she needs to be able to heal, break the cycle and reclaim her agency.

To me, that’s what a deconstruction is. It exposes the underlying problems with various facets of a genre and shows how it is harmful for people to try to fit into these archetypes, how they limit and exploit the characters in question. 

I also think the best deconstructions generally show the characters truly breaking out of the roles assigned them and destroying those harmful archetypes, to show stories don’t have to be this way isn’t it so much cooler when we don’t limit ourselves? I mean, honestly, what’s the point of deconstruction if you don’t present a way the genre could improve? It’s just saying “this thing sucks” and that doesn’t help anyone. You need to show how it could break out of the same tired cliches.

Which is what Utena did. It was like “hey, we don’t have to rely on the prince and princess archetypes, hey we can just forget about the shitty male leads, hey women can save themselves, hey, isn’t this a bit better?”

Madoka…definitely did not do that, even if we’re acting like it’s a deconstruction. The magical girl system was still in place, girls were still sacrificed and some were dying because they wanted a boy to be happy, etc. So like, what was it trying to say if we’re calling it a deconstruction? “Well, this is just how it is”, I guess. 

Madoka just really didn’t tackle any of the problems with the magical girl genre or show how these archetypes are flawed. It just took tropes that were already present and hit them with an angsty stick. So no, it’s not deconstruction imho. I did see someone once argue it could be a deconstruction for male-aimed magical girl shows, but I honestly really don’t see that and again, I don’t see how it could have been that considering the writer had never watched a magical girl show, male-aimed or otherwise. 

argostlives asked:

So, you're feminist and you're happy that Stephanie slapped Batman. Well how would you like if male character would slap Wonder Woman?


oh my god

i dunno did Wonder Woman purposefully manipulate a teenage male character endlessly and constantly  put them through weird trials and tests for no fucking reason and was that male character previously abused by a mother figure and WW took advantage of their issues with that? Did she treat him differently from her other charges? Did WW canonically judge that male character for coming from a family with a “criminal background”? Was the male character then subjected to a horrible crossover where they were tortured and treated like shit and WW was automatically absolved of all blame for her role in it by passing the buck to a previously pacifist doctor?

Yeah then, I’d be down for her getting slapped for that.

But guess what. THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. DC would NEVER treat a male character like that (unless he was poc, I suppose, but it would take a different form then) DC would NEVER tear down a male sidekick to build WW up. Fuck, they’ve never given WW a male sidekick in the first place. A dude looking up to a lady and carrying on her legacy is too much for them.


And most importantly? WW has never been shown to be capable of the kind of treatment Bruce gave Stephanie. I couldn’t ever see her saying a person from a criminal family needs to be watched, or putting children through weirdass psychological manipulation.

nice try.

nineteenninetyonenostalgia asked:

What do you think of Superman and Lois Lane as individual characters unto themselves? As in do you like/dislike Lois. Do you like/dislike Superman.

I’m surprised anyone could know me and not know how ridiculously in love with Lois Lane I am, but I suppose that comes with not posting about comics a lot anymore.

Lois is the absolute greatest. She’s the incarnation of journalistic integrity and dedication. As someone who has worked in journalism, she’s my idol. Moreover, you gotta recall she originally was a lady working as a journalist in the 1940s, railing against sexism (she hated being relegated to advice columns because of her gender) and taking down goons on her own. She’s every inch the hero Superman is and his living example of the greatness of humanity- she rushes right in there to get her story and help people no matter the danger despite being mortal. And she’s just unabashedly married to her career and ambitious as hell, and it’s (in good stories) played as a great thing about her.

She’s also directly referred to herself as a feminist at least twice in comics (once in a really bad comic, but once during the arc where she got married to Clark and that was a fantastic comic). She’s…actually the only character I’ve seen do that? Like I haven’t even seen Wonder Woman say “I’m a feminist” and I’ve read a lot of Wonder Woman, though I might have missed something. But I only needed to read a handful of Lois comics before I happened on her talking about how she supports feminism.

I also love Clark, a lot, when he’s written right. He’s the kind of man who admires and adores someone like Lois for the exact reasons I’ve stated,which is honestly enough for me to love him? I’ve made it clear dudes who respect and love ladies I love as much as I do get my support as default because WE ARE CLEARLY ON THE SAME PAGE. He’s just so unashamedly good and loves everything so much. He’s the dude who sees that human spirit is so much greater than power. He’s the guy who just loves working for a newspaper and being on the farm when he has the power to bring the entire world to its knees. I love that kind of person and it’s sad that people think that kind of person is automatically boring. 

my-life-is-a-bad-romcom asked:

Why would you have a problem with guys watching Sailor Moon? As long as they aren't assholes about it like they are with MLP then I see no problem with it.

I don’t have a problem with guys watching Sailor Moon. I never said that or anything like that. I responded to the brony questions, which means “if they’re assholes like with MLP” implicitly. Please read more carefully.

Guys can watch Sailor Moon all they want and participate in the fandom all they want. I have no problem with that if they’re not gross or entitled about it and they don’t feel the need to take over and demand the show pander to them. Because it’s not a show that’s supposed to be aimed for them, it’s been Takeuchi’s goal to make this a franchise to empower girls from the beginning, and that needs to be respected.

themetaisawesome asked:

I'm not sure if someone else already asked for this one, but sorting hat with Steven Universe?

Steven- THE MOST HUFFLEPUFF TO EVER HUFFLEPUFF. A sweetie who just wants everyone to get along.

Rose- same 

Greg- this is a family of hufflepuffs?

Connie- Gryffindor yo. CHALLENGE AUTHORITY.

Garnet- also Gryffindor, though I have a feeling Sapphire might be Ravenclaw. Ruby is Gryff though.

Pearl- Ravenclaw. intellectual, methodical, fights thoughtfully…maybe some traces of hufflepuff since she’s such a worrywart. She really values her brains though, so she’d definitely have the hat sort her in Ravenclaw.

Amethyst- Reckless Gryffindor.

Peridot- Either a Ravenclaw who is very detached from the subject of her studies or a Slytherin

Jasper- the eagerness to fight says Gryffindor really


Sadie- Gryffindor

Lars- Slytherin tbh. Also Mayor Dewey. 

wolfennights asked:

I was very disappointed with the joke in Pearl's dream given that it relies on the transmisogynistic trope of laughing at a man/dmab person in a dress.

Hmmm. I guess that didn’t occur to me due to my  ignorance or something. While watching the scene, I saw it as Pearl being horrified by the person she pines for being replaced by the person she resents honestly (just like what actually happened to her in real life) I mean she screamed and freaked out for that reason for certain. It didn’t seem like it was supposed to be funny, but about Pearl’s issues with Greg.

Amethyst laughed at the dream, but I didn’t think that had anything to do with the dress thing- she was laughing before that happened, simply because it was Pearl’s embarrassing fantasy about Rose. 

However, it’s totally valid to feel it was like that of course, that’s just the impression to the scene I got, I see now what you’re saying and  if you were offended or uncomfortable then it obviously shouldn’t have gone down that way.  I agree it should have been handled another way (like having Rose’s outfit transform too- though checking again we couldn’t really see the outfit- maybe just switiching them out with a zap?) to avoid that implication. The show should have done better.

aiojvjkj----moisjfiosjfosj-deac asked:

Ladyloveandjustice, I don't follow your blog and am sorry to pester you but would you let people know about this change org petition that's going around tumblr to stop Vic Mignogna from voicing Rin in the Free! anime? He's homophobic and has a reputation for hitting on/engaging in sexual intercourse with under-age girls. People in the Free! fandom want him to be fired because we feel he poses a danger to young fans who he'll have access to at conventions.

I’m not sure how you knew about me if you don’t follow my blog, but sure, guys there’s a petition to get Vic McEggnog fired from this position, and considering his reputation that would be in the best interests of the young female fanbase of Free!

bumblebeemont asked:

Hey, Wonder Woman is going to be in a movie! Sure, she'll be a supporting character behind two male leads in a movie from the guy who made Sucker Punch, but it's the thought that counts, right??? :|


no thoughts are counting

i want her to have her own movie not be second billing to Superman and Batman swinging their dicks at each other

I mean maybe we’ll luck out and the reason she’s in the movie is to scold them both for being fucking machismo driven losers and break up their fight like she did in the new frontier special. That’d be a pretty fittting debut

haha as if can you imagine the current set of DC movies doing something like this especially Zack Snyder and David Goyer.

i don’t have high hopes.

smokincaterpillars asked:

What are your thoughts on Madoka Magica post-Rebellion movie? I know that the relationship between Madoka and Homura was meant to be heartbreaking and sweet, but I can't help but see it as toxic and unhealthy after seeing that movie and rewatching the series.

haha I hated the ending to the rebellion movie. Believe it or not, there are a lot of things I like about Madoka as a show, but the Rebellion movie threw them all out the window. 

People can criticize mg shows all they want, but it’s undeniable they tend to have big themes of solidarity between women and the importance of female friendship, and I think it’s hard to deny that’s a valuable thing to have. 

Yet Rebellion turned the big driving female relationship of Madoka into this toxic, abusive, unhealthy thing. Homura was not the healthiest individual in the show, but she respected Madoka’s agency and seemed to genuinely care about her. But in Rebellion, Homura goes against Madoka’s will to “claim her for herself”. 

What also really doesn’t fucking help is how Homura’s queerness is evident in the movie (people say it’s canon in the movie but idk I’m pretty picky about that stuff, there’s still room for straight people to deny it so I’d say they could have gone harder) and it’s her “love” for another girl hat drives her to become black swan lesbian satan. Like, unfortunate implications abound.

 Also, we have Homura taking control of Kyubey’s system and erasing him undeniably framed as this horrific thing, which…a girl taking control of a system that exploits girls and dismantling it completely is shown to be a sign of how out of control and evil she is. She becomes just as bad as the system. She should have just accepted her fate. Just think on that. Think about all those wonderful implications. (And DO NOT try to tell me Homura wasn’t framed as evil. She had a yandere laugh and everything).

Basically Rebellion destroyed any veneer that Madoka was intended to have a sliver of a girl-positive message in there. Which, looking into how the show was made, it obviously never was- Urobuchi didn’t even know the genre, he based it off porn games for Christ’s sake, not to mention all his nonsense about how magical girls would naturally have to become isolated and detached from the world (wtf) and how the girls were full of hubris, hence their fall.

lobobathory asked:

Any thoughts about yuri? I just came back to reading yuri recently after few years outside manga fandom and I am sincerely surprise by the lack of magic girls yuri. I mean magic girls has such a potential with homosexual romance (vide: Utena) but all I can find in Internet is high school yuri. Could you give me some tip what I should read? Because I feel a little bit too old to read high school nsfw manga. Mature yuri maybe? Yuri about 20-30 something?

I love yuri when it’s not just fap material for dudes! I reccomend this ginormous yuri rec list, which includes some yuri about older ladies. Here’s some yuri with trans characters that are solid. A lot of those are about older ladies.

Have fun!

nineteenninetyonenostalgia asked:

Do you have any thoughts on the relatively recent relationship in the DC New 52 between Superman and Wonder Woman? Personally I don't care for it.

Yeah, it’s a notp. I’ve gone into it before but the reasons I’ve seen people ship it are usually misogynistic and misunderstand both characters. Lois is an essential part of Clark’s character because falling in love with someone from earth shows his essential connection to humanity- and the fact that Clark admires someone like Lois- who is vulnerable and mortal and often underestimated, but will put her life on the line for her principles and has integrity and dedication- as HIS hero and love shows what kind of man he is. Taking that away takes away an important part of his character that HAS BEEN THERE SINCE THE INCEPTION AND STUCK AROUND FOR MOST OF HIS HISTORY BECAUSE IT WORKED! Lois is essential to give Clark humanity. His parents are another human connection, and of course DC took them away too. DC comics does not currently get Superman. At all.

I’ve seen a lot of SM/WW shippers be really gross about Lois too, so yeah, that definitely sours me on it. Especially the “man of steel woman of kleenex” shit, which is supremely disrespectful to the woman involved and ignores the fact Clark has PRETTY GOOD CONTROL OF HIMSELF considering he doesn’t crush everything. 

The reasoning for Clark and Diana seems to be they’re both the strongest so they should be together. Which is bad reasoning and honestly the idea you shouldn’t be with someone who’s less physically strong because that’s the most important form of strength? That only superheroes can understand each other? That WW and Supes are gods that shouldn;t be with humans? Fuck off with that.

And my other hugest sticking point besides Lois is Diana is just going to be overshadowed by Superman in DC and everyone else’s eyes if she’s connected to him in that way. I’ve seen people refer to her as just “Superman’s girlfriend” and when she’s connected to him like that, that’s how people will see her. DC has never given her the spotlight he gets. They will always put him first. She needs her own space and her own love interest. I don’t at all trust DC not to define her by him. Ever.

supified asked:

Hi, so I love your prospective. This is a question that has been bugging me. I realize video games are not your primary form of media, but please bear with me. In many games (most?) with a roster of characters, I have been counting and I find the standard inclusion of female participants is ~30%. What a random number? I mean it certainly can be less, or even more, but that seems an oddly specific and random number. I wonder if you have any opinion on why it seems to be so specific?

I think I read somewhere that 30% women in a group is around the number when people begin to think a group is  ”half” women. 

Wait, no it’s lower than that

We just heard a fascinating and disturbing study, where they looked at the ratio of men and women in groups. And they found that if there’s 17 percent women, the men in the group think it’s 50-50. And if there’s 33 percent women, the men perceive that as there being more women in the room than men.

So yeah, men are SO USED TO WOMEN BEING INVISIBLE that they literally think 30 percent women is “mostly women”. Like 30 percent is genuinely what men percieve as a “huge female presence”. That’s probably why it hovers around that number. Once it reaches 30 percent, male creators are likely to percieve it as going above and beyond the call for inclusivity and stop there. Misogyny makes for bad math.

rainstickdays asked:

Ok in Crystal is it just me or has all of the lgbt stuff that made the original so iconic been stripped completely clean? I'm actually worried that when Haruka and Michiru appear they'll be like... Sisters and have they're own boyfriends or something. Y'know, something to affirm them as hetero. It might be due to the cut down nature of the plot but this is something that really annoys me.

I wouldn’t say all of it has been stripped out- Usagi’s literally swooning over Rei upon meeting her was actually something the original 90s anime actually toned down, and the original anime also had Rei profess interest in boys for no apparent reason and gave the girls potential love interests (Urawa for Ami and Yuuichiro for Rei- and Minako’s backstory as Sailor V was changed from her literally choosing her the Senshi over her first serious serious guy crush and killing him to protect her princess, later declaring that yeah, she values her princess over any potential heterosexual attraction and is fulfilled as long as she has her girlfriends (stating this WHILE REI IS HANGING ALL OVER HER SUGGESTIVELY)….to an older man not being attracted to her so she’s totes heartbroken). 

So I can’t pretend the original 90s anime did not add lots of needless heterosexual affirmation. It did. That’s a fact. 

What the original 90’s anime was, is much better written than Crystal, and any dalliances with boys were always incidental to the plot and also. though not as directly stated as in the manga, pretty easily trumped by female friendships. Minako gave up LoveInterestMcVolleyball (what even was his name) to continue fighting with her friends, even if she didn’t explicitly state that. Rei pretty much stated she valued her friendship with Usagi way more than any attraction she had to Mamoru.  And there’s no way they didn’t know what they were doing with some of the moments they had between Usagi and Rei down the line.

Usagi was willing to attack and potentially kill Evil!Mamoru to honor her friends sacrifices and even refused to kiss him because her friends had died without romantic happiness, and if they don’t get it, she’s not getting it.

The 90’s anime did add in a lot of pointless heterosexuality, but it showed bonds b/t women as most important and there was a general “sisters before misters” undertone there. It also balances the sting of the pointless heterosexuality by developing the relationships b/t the girls way more than the manga ever did. And added additional queer stuff like Kunzite/Zoisite, at least.

Crystal kept Usagi’s super gay reactions to meeting all her girlfriends,something the 90s anime failed on re: Rei and stuff, but then chose to be really hyperfocused on Usagi’s relationship with Mamoru even more than the manga was- cutting out really small important moments of the girls interacting (Mako’s rabbit of the moon crack, everyone hanging out w/ Rei teasing Usagi and Mako comforting her) even. 

And then of course it decided to give all the inners SUPERDESTINED male love interests that did not exist in the manga (sans Minako/Kunzite implications, which again existed in the manga mostly to show how Minako has always put her duty to her princess and allies before a man) which yeah, I do consider erasing queer undertones in the original manga mostly because REI. DOESN’T. LIKE. MEN. AND. EXPLICITLY. STATED. SHE. NEVER. WILL. IN. THE. MANGA. AND. ABSTAINED. FROM. THEM. IN. HER. PAST. LIFE.

This is a decision worse than the 90s anime made because these love interests aren’t incidental, forgettable and always secondary to female friendships- because in Crystal Senshi x Shittenou are set up as this HUGE IMPORTANT DESTINY thing that is JUST as important as the inners relationship with Usagi if not more so. They gave up fighting the Shittenou bc of their love even though it would mean danger to Usagi. I’ve seen arguments that it’s because the Shittenou were victims rather than feelings for them, but there’s really nothing in the text to support that- Usagi interrupts the Shittenou attacking the Senshi by yelling something to the affect of “don’t take advantage of girls in love!” so. I’d love to believe that, but Crystal isn’t giving me any reason to 

I mean, you can’t even blame it on shock because Minako knew. She knew beforehand. And she still gave up here (and that makes no sense bc she was willing to attack Kunzite before IN THE SHOW so…whatever bad writing).

So yeah, the potential to read Rei as homoromantic/aromantic ace is gone. Kunzite/Zoisite was a 90s anime thing so that’s gone.  A lot of it has been stripped away- all that remains is the bisexuality of Usagi expressed in earlier episodes and that’s dropped as soon as she and Mamoru become a thing. But most damning over all, we don’t have a vibe of female friendships being the most important. We have a CLEAR vibe of “every girl needs a man who is everything to her”. There’s this really neatly matched set of Senshi/Shittenou and this whole BECAUSE DESTINY reason they have to be bonded, and that’s really bizarre. A girl is destined for a man. All of them. That’s the message. Clumsily adding Senshi x Shittenou like this ruined a lot of things.

You can still read the Senshi as bi if you struggle, but you shouldn’t have to struggle. There’s no indication of bi-ness for any of them except Usagi at this point in Crystal, while there were much stronger undertones in the manga.

Re: Haruka and Michiru- yeah, I’m also at the point where I don’t want Crystal to touch them.

To be real here, Haruka and Michiru were already not very well done in the manga- the manga was more overt about Haruka’s queerness in that she kissed another girl on panel and the manga included pretty serious confirmation Usagi was bi by having her genuinely struggle with her attraction to Haruka- but Haruka and Michiru’s relationship itself? Was not developed at ALL. That was all the anime. It’s the 90s anime that made their relationship great and memorable, and was a big part of making their characters memorable.

In the manga, we got Haruka really seriously aggressively hitting on Usagi and no indication of how that was affecting her relationship with Michiru, which honestly  makes Haruka look like a terrible girlfriend and also the plot point kind of dropping weirdly- I do interpret the whole thing as Haruka being confused about her feelings for Usagi and not realizing they were “destined princess” feelings, rather than attraction, and then their relationship settling into a sisterly one once they cleared that up, but it’s kind of a matter of interpretation where it really shouldn’t be.

My hope for a more manga-faithful reboot was that we’d take the aspects I thought were interesting regarding manga Haruka/Michiru’s storyline- the indication that Haruka was genderfluid/genderqueer, Usagi questioning her sexuality after meeting Haruka, only have this explored even more, with Usagi explicity coming to the conclusion “yeah I guess I like girls too”,….Haruka having confusing feelings about Usagi only ACTUALLY SHOW HOW THIS IMPACTS HER RELATIONSHIP WITH MICHIRU, GIVE THEM BACKSTORY AND DEVELOPMENT, HAVE CONFLICT, HAVE HARUKA BE REALLY TORN AND UPSET ABOUT THESE FEELINGS, AND THEN SHOW THE ISSUE BEING RESOLVED AND HARUMICHI’S RECONCILIATION ONCE THE TRUTH IS REVEALED… and yeah, give their relationship the same level of care and development as anime! Harumichi.


But it’s very, very clear Crystal isn’t going to do that and is INSTEAD likely to make the whole issue with manga! Haruka and Michiru WORSE. Going by Crystal, they’ll stick to the manga but add way more nonsensical, infuriating things that damage the characters. I can only see the whole Haruka x Usagi bit becoming more problematic- I can imagine like, Crystal keeping Haruka’s shit behavior and leaving out the parts where Usagi felt attraction back. Having Haruka explicitly continue to pine over the straight girl and closing off the wiggle room for interpretation the manga at least provided. I can only see Crystal as making Haruka and Michiru with the problems the manga had but worse. And though i really doubt they’d be given a boyfriend even in Crystal, it’s sadly not outside the realm of possibility now.

However, I do at least have high hopes for a third musical if its made- the NEW musicals have shown a pattern of taking the manga but making major improvements, excising flaws and including more character and relationship development for the girls who need it.

There’s a high possibility this would happen with Haruka and Michiru in a new third musical- we’d stick to a lot of the stuff in the manga, but we’d get girlkisses (well the new musicals always have girl kisses bc all female cast, but you know what I mean), references to genderqueerness and more focus on the relationship with the nonsensical and problematic parts of_ the manga reworked, toned down and removed. 


queerjupiter asked:

can u recommend me some good magical girl anime? or any anime w a lot of kickass ladies. like i'm watching sailor moon and utena and pmmm but idk what else to watch????? help?

You’ve come to the right girl! 

For magical girls- Princess Tutu is an utterly FANTASTIC show I cannot recoomend enough- it’s a Swan-Lake style magical girl and a narrative that rips apart fairy tale tropes etc- I can’t reccomend it enough.

Cardcaptor Sakura- I’d rec the anime over the manga, it’s a really sweet and wonderful show with a ton of queer characters and really fantastic character development too. 

Magic Knight Rayearth- I’ve only read the manga and hear the anime has some flaws in  comparison? But what I’ve seen of the anime is good. 3 magical girls in an RPG style fantasy world fight to save it!

Then we have Precure, which is for kids. Most of the Precure series are worth watching imo- I haven’t seen Yes Precure or Splash Star, and Futari really bored me, as did Doki Doki, but the other series are all decent.

My favorite is definitely Fresh Precure though, it had a compelling dark magical girl and the most solid character development and plot out of any of the Precures.

Heartcatch Precure is the fandom’s favorite, and it does have an interesting style of animation and I really liked it when I first watched it- also it’s fairly dark for a Precure show, though some of the needlessly dark parts sort of bought down the show finale.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha- I would really recommend the movies over the show, here- they’re a retelling of the show and much better done imo. This is a magical girl show aimed for dudes, and there’s the really uncomfortable part where the 10 YEAR OLD’S magical girl transformation is weirdly sexualized- that’s definitely the one heinous thing about it, otherwise it’s not horrible on that front in the movies. It’s also pretty dark (child abuse, etc). But in the end, it’s a positive story about girls kicking ass? You just have to…ignore the transformation sequence.

For general shows with kickass ladies, see here. My absolute favorites among those (not already mentioned) are The Twelve Kingdoms, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Michiko e Hatchin.

I also have lists of other anime with good female characters here. Kyousougiga, Read or Die, Moretsu Space Pirates and Slayers are all winners on the asskicking ladies front especially!

A show I’m watching right now, Yona of the Dawn, also has a good kickass female lead.

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I don't know if it was added or reworded or what-not with the Coraline part of the Cracked article (because there's something about 'a girl-shaped anchor'), but Coraline actually had to save Wybie at the end of that. He flew down that hill quick and startled the Beldam's hand, sure, but he quite quickly ended up nearly dead, and without Coraline he would have been. On the 'screaming and crying', she's still a 13 year old child- and believe me, most adults would be terrified at that too.

I’ve linked my original draft, you can read the Coraline section and decide if you like how it was worded better. I mostly discussed how Wybie was an unneccesarry addition to the movie imo.

Well, hang on, I’ll include it:

Coraline in Coraline
Neil Gaiman’s 2002 children’s novel Coraline was a cheerful tale about a little girl getting trapped in an alternate dimension where an evil version of her mother wanted to rip her eyes out and sew the buttons on her face instead.

(Caption: Get it, eye-popping 3-D! Because the villain wants to rip out your eyes.)

In 2009 they decided to make a animated movie version of the story, so children didn’t have to rely on the inevitable nightmares they would have after reading the book as their only way to visualize the characters.

In the book, Coraline journeys to the other world by herself and defeats the evil antagonist, dubbed “the Other Mother” with some assistance from a talking cat. The Other Mother’s disembodied sentient hand follows her back to her world, though, and Coraline has to come up with a way to defeat it.

(Caption: Coraline shows a little girl’s tea party can be deadly trap for monsters in this page from the Coraline graphic novel illustrated by Craig Russel.)

Coraline comes up with a really clever plan and tricks the devious hand into falling down a well, then seals it in there. Now the hand will just scrabble around the inside of the well forever….clawing ceaselessly…seriously, who thought this book was okay to include in my elementary school’s book fair?

The movie added an entirely new character that didn’t exist in the book to Coraline’s story, a little boy called Wybie. The kid mostly seemed to exist to give Coraline someone to talk to since she was alone most of the time in the book and a movie needs dialogue. Of course, Coraline has a talking cat she can converse with, so it was still kind of a puzzling decision. Like why would she need to talk to this boy when she has a cat that can speak? My cat can’t even talk and I’d rather talk to him than converse with most people.

But at the end of the movie it becomes clear that Wybie’s purpose isn’t just to be a sounding board, but also to charge in and save Coraline’s bacon. He rescues her from the disembodied hand she defeated on her own in the original story.

(Caption: Wybie rescues Coraline in the movie, but how the hell can he see with that thing on his head?)

It seems like the studio just couldn’t fathom the idea of having a movie with a female lead who defeats all the threats on her own with no male heroes needed. Nope, there had to be some characters for little boys to look up to and he had to prove his worth by saving our fair leading lady.

This is all kinds of silly. If you have the idea boys won’t like a movie without any dudes doing stuff in it because they can’t possibly “relate” to girls (not like little girls have been asked to relate to male heroes in movies for, well, forever), there’s the talking cat! He seems to be a dude! I personally find cats pretty relateable to begin with, they’re lazy assholes who just want everything to revolve around them. I imagine a lot of little boys feel the same way.

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