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How do Nekomatas get along/interact with domestic or wild species of normal cats? (Since Ukai used to hunt with Akkuro who was a normal hawk, I was wondering what kind of interactions Nekomatas had with other feline creatures ^w^)

That’s an interesting question! I’ve not toyed with this idea since cats are known to be solitary creatures; then again, they go wherever the food-providing slaves - I mean, masters - are, don’t they?

Generally, Nekomatas don’t keep house cats. This is mostly because there aren’t many in the area they live in. The more affluent ones do keep and train large jungle and mountain cats for a variety of reasons: companionship, a status symbol (Hey look! I’m wealthy enough to feed a beast twice my size!), and even combat purposes (refer to said beast twice their size).  

Much like Karas and birds, the kitties understand each other and are able to coexist peacefully most of the time. Not all cats listen to reason, after all. I’d like Kenma to have a snow leopard-type of cat, so here’s the boy and his feline friend, Amayuki. :) 

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[reader] who sits in the back of every staff meeting and makes snarky comments under their breath about everyone the whole time and [tsukishima/kuroo] who arrived late and sat next to them and can barely hold in their laughter" lmao pls i need this in my life



silly but cute au prompts

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His golden eyes scanned the area for an empty seat as he tried to surreptitiously slide into the conference room. Usually he’d take a seat on the couch nearest to his boss, so he could provide assistance whenever he needed.

But today he was late. It was a relief when Kenma had told him that their boss would still be anticipating his presence in the conference room, when he had arrived. At the same time he wondered what Mr. Nekomata would have him do once the meeting adjourned.

Kuroo scuttled to the only empty seat in the back, beside the secretary of the Accounting Department. You were always sitting there, he’d observed, and casually took notes whenever concerned. He didn’t usually butt in or talk to other people during these meetings, but he at least paid attention to his surroundings.

So far, the meeting was progressing as usual, and Kuroo took notes. There hasn’t been much reason for Mr. Nekomata to ask him—it was mainly discussions on the departments’ past activities; their department wasn’t very hands-on, especially since all of the systems were currently in a very satisfactory operable state.

The conversation moved to other matters. One interim officer brought up the subject of the office-wide Christmas party and that it was time to start preparing for it. She eagerly offered herself up for the position of organizer, despite, Kuroo recalled, the other numerous projects she was head of.

“And Barbie Doll’s at it again,” he heard you mumble. “I wonder how her Botox holds up under all the stress she’s going through. Well, it’s not like she’s doing anything right anyway, so I shouldn’t really wonder.”

Kuroo stared at his tablet, mouth open in shock.

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kuroyaku; kuroo tries to confess to yaku using shakespeare, and it does not go as well as he expected; birthday present for @natroze; 4k.


Kuroo Tetsurou has a problem.

The problem is 160cm tall, has spiky brown hair, and receives as though it’s what he was born to do.  The problem is constantly yelling, constantly fighting, constantly working to improve his skills.  The problem has wide brown eyes constantly sparkling with mischief and a grin that makes Tetsurou want to punch him in the face.

The problem is one of the other first-years on Nekoma’s boys’ volleyball team.  He’s a pain in Tetsurou’s ass, and Tetsurou doesn’t know what to do about him.

Tetsurou watches Yaku now, practicing receives on the other side of the court.  He’s intently focused, crouched down like a cat waiting to strike.  Tetsurou remembers what he’d said the previous day, when Nekomata asked what their goals for the next year were.

To dominate at Nationals.

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I've noticed something! Saint Purrtrick came to my yard and was laying on the red silk pillow today and it occurred to me, rather than having a regular tail like the other cats, he just has two little white puffs. What do you think it means?

Hi! St. Purrtrick is based on a cat legend in Japan. There are many variations but my favourite is that if a cat lives for a very long time, their tail will split into two and turn into a spirit. This is why St. Puurtrick has really bright eyes and have an ethereal puursonality to show that they are in fact a spirit of a cat :D They also have puff balls for tails because I think their design is based on the Japanese bob-tailed cat, known for their short and pom pom like tail! ^^

St. Puurtrick’s Japanese name Nekomata literally means forked tails but the kanji for “mata” could also be read as “repetition” and can mean “cat again” referring the cat to have a second life. If you want to know more about them, you just google Nekomata and you can read all the legends associated with them. A little warning tho, some of it may not end happily :S

Thanks for the ask! I really love writing these little trivias and I hope you Nekollectors enjoy them too! :D

~ Nekollector Nora