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Wait. Wait. Do you like Hatoful Boyfriend? *^*

((I LOVE THOSE GAMES SO MUCH, EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! Nageki is my favorite character, though I also care a lot about Ryouta and Anghel and Kazuaki - well at least I find Kazuaki really interesting. Also, did you play Holiday Star?? That’s what made me love Nageki even more, though that was so bittersw– AUGHJSDKF))

P: You’re going to break my neck like that!! Don’t you also have an art blog for things like these??

想いよ 届いてよ
物語が終わる前に …

i wanted to make up for my low effort nageki drawing with another low effort nageki drawing. this song made me cry twice yesterday. alternate color version and a detail thingy under the cut!!?!?!??!!?!?!?

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Things I love: personality swaps & hatoful boyfriend. So here i present… hatoswap. yeah

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♡: Accidentally falling asleep together

After a night of partying, Yuuya and Nageki had managed to somehow get back to Yuuya’s apartment. Even if they hadn’t been drinking all that much, it was still a bit difficult to stay awake when they got home. Therefor Yuuya had made the sofa bed ready for Nageki, but they had both agreed on sitting up with the tv on until they would fall asleep. 


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