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Thank you all so much for 100+ followers! I love you all! Sorry it took so long to make.

There’s an extra picture I will post later of all the Luna followers together.

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Indeed, I’m back to life and I’m going to bring you a special crossover arc with the Sailor Ponies blog. It won’t affect the current events, it’ll be set a lot earlier than what’s narrated in my blog and- well, make sure to follow me and the Sailor Pony blog, Mutey will share some interesting adventures with Sailor Magic and her friends!


// Back to business!

Hello everyone! I know I disappeared without a word but I had to deal for the very first time in my life with cronic pain. Let’s call it ‘backache’, it took away every energy I had and I had to get daily shots and curse in man languages before being even remotely able to deal with it. Guess what, it wasn’t funny.

So- Twilight was basically forgotten because I was stuck in my bed and I batrely touched my pc  at all. Now? Now I can at least sit on a cair for a couple of hours without crying and- it means a lot. And I wanted to get my hooves again on this little girl. She though I abandoned her forever, pft, look how happy she is to be alive again.

In the meanwhile I forgot how to pony so, yeah, the last picture alone took me, like, three hours *thumbs up*

Anyway, I will probably FINALLY complete the things I had left AND contact again all the bronies and pegasisters I left behind.