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Can you do everyone who has died in The Last Mutual Killing Game??? Like on a picnic or at the beach???

This took so long to draw holy crap, this is it guys, the oldest ask in the ask box. And now it’s finally answered. -Mod Komaru


I felt like posting something so I sifted through my art folders and … well… this au is embarrassing but I wanted to share it anyway!

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Mukuro has got to get tickle revenge on naegi omg pls they're so cute

Ok afther some time she finally puts herself together and crushes on him with revenge

But you know…

Makoto isn’t really affected by it. Every time this happends Mukuro is really shocked and thinks that there’s something wrong with him.

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Do you take requests ? Can you draw naekusaba hercules au ? Mukuro as meg amd Naegi as hercules ?

she won’t say she’s in love

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my god, why is everyone in love with makoto? what makes him so special?

Makoto is just…Bright. You can’t help but be pulled toward him.

Yes. I-It was like that for me too…It as if everything was dark around me and then he smiled at me and I felt something warm in my chest…


You are not going to share your feelings for Makoto, Togami-kun?

No. You already know that I love him, that’s enough.