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Rose: “But you or your Zombies are welcome to come and take them, as long as the tree stays unharmed.
As an evergreen monster tree, maybe you want to plant one of these in your territory? It is scary, big and dangerous but tasty.”

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Luffy: TOOORRRAAAAOOOOOOOO!! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Hammock told me you were here and--IS THAT JINBE!? HIII JINBEEEE! AND CROCODILE!? MINGO?! AND MORIA?! D:< SO MANY PEOPLE I'VE BEAT UP! WHY ARE YOU WITH THEM TORAOOOO?!

It’s super effective.

Little Brat

Overall Summary: You are the oldest of the Durins and you live your life happily until the day Smaug attacks. That is when you lost the trust of your little brother, Thorin.

Chapter Summary: The mysterious dwarf is revealed.

Pairings: Thorin x Sister!Reader; Reader x OC

Word Count: 1761

A/n: Just picture Jason Momoa. That’s who I’m basing the OC off of. Just imagine it. 

Previous Chapter: Chapter 5

Next Chapter Chapter 7

Master List

Gilrin had still looked the same as ever, which was strange. He should’ve at least gained some gray hairs over the past century. You had some of your own which was neatly hidden, but you guess that he just aged differently.

He was in typical dwarven garb. He did not have a long beard; it was only two inches past his chin and a bit thin. You remembered him mentioning that he had a hard time growing one and you had guessed that it never grew. His long hair was brushed into a bun, but there were a few braids woven through out. If it wasn’t for the clothing and familiar scar on his eyebrow, you would’ve guessed that he was just a very short man.

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do you still take request? Can i request a doomcio prompt where Lucio and Akande have been dancing around each other for a while already and then one day in a battle Lucio is separated from Overwatch and get injured to the point of unconsciousness and Akande finds him and brings him back to talon and orders Moria to save him. I really like the idea of Moria raising an eyebrow and being like "so this is who your infatuated with." when it comes to Akande's relationship with Lucio.

((I’m always taking requests))
Akande remembers the first time that he saw Lucio for the first time, his heart had sunk when he saw the laughter in his eyes and the music in his laugh. He glided on melody and spoke softy. Akande went home defeated that day. Initially he tried to deny what he was feeling, they were on the opposite sides of the same coin, he tried avoiding him both coincidentally and in battle, but it seemed the more he had tried to avoid him the more frequently Lucio seemed to pop up more frequently. He saw him once at the grocers once, but more often than not it was in battle. He swore that Lucio would wink at him or flick his tongue knowing that he would see it, punches would linger, but maybe it was just him- at least that’s what he thought at first. That they were coincidences, subconscious things that he did out of habit that was more rational- more logical. He let his mind go to extremes- at least that’s what he thought before he had started playing back. They teased each other a lot, but they never came to close to each to do anything well nothing major.
It was like a game they were playing-at east to Akande- maybe it was just how he was brought up or the morales and path he had chose to lead, either way it didn’t matter. As long as they winks and lip licking and the dirty looks continued. He found it thrilling and honest, he often daydreamed about taking the little medic and running away with him Those were days were he let his imagination get the best of him. They were on opposite sides, conflicting ideas, somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that it with would never work out, never grow out of the stage they were already in, but he was okay with that. For some unexplainable reason he was okay with that, but at the same time it hurt.
They were at the Temple of Anubis, it was supposed to be a simple in and out job, but those overwatch snobs had gotten there-leaked intelligence or something like that making it difficult.
He had a bullet wound lodged in his shoulder. It would’ve been no big deal but he didn’t see where it had came from. He needed a moment to collect himself so he dove into a shop that had been long since abandoned since the fight broke out. It was small and quant, something he might have missed if he had been out on leisure. What he didn’t miss however was Lucio hunched in a chair spilling onto the table. He knew it was him, if the glowing skates weren’t enough , he recognize the hair anywhere. A small pool of blood had formed on the table. Akande was stunned for a moment. Lucio was an easy kill like this, it wouldn’t have been honorable, but it shattered his heart to see him like this. So close to the brink of death it wasn’t fair. He carefully made his way to the Dj, pushing him more up right. He searches for visible wounds when he thought that he would be okay he slowly lifted him up.
“Akande?” Lucio weekly groaned as he was being moved.
“Shhhhhh, it’ll be alright.” He said going out a back way of the shop. When he emerged he could still hear the whirl of bullets and flurry of commands. He took alleyways and back roads making sure to conceal both of them. If there were official rules to this war he would be breaking quite a few of them. It seemed like it took forever for Akande to make it to the tank they had came on.
Amelie, Sombra and Reaper wouldn’t understand, but he was certain that Moria would.
“Moria?” He asked, often times she would join in if the battle started, most times she held back.
“Yes Akande?” She asked, looking at a blue liquid in a beaker having brought her most recent project with her.
“Can you help me, he’s hurt.” He asks, lying a groaning Lucio, who had been in and out of consciousness the entire journey from the shop to here.
She sighed and turned, any looked of annoyance was replace with almost glee.
“So this is who you’ve been pinning after isn’t?” She asks, looking down on the overwatch medic.
“He’s dying.” Akande says, ignoring the question.
“He’s not dying he’s just in pain.” She began her work as Akande watched with jealous eyes as she stitched and cleaned him up. She worked in silence, her own almost quiet breath and Lucio’s own short quick shallow breaths. Moria broke the silence when she was done and washing herself. “Be careful messing with doctors” nostalgia and regret filled her voice. “They’ll take your heart and never give it back, they will become everything you deem important and they will always choose you last. My advice, stop while your ahead.” She turned away and went back to working in her project. He gently took a sleeping but stable Lucio, back to the shop and disappeared back into the fight. Moria’s words unnerved him, but he knew what he wanted and he knew the risks.

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Hello! I love your blog. Can I ask how Moria would react to her s/o getting hit on? Like how jelly dose she get?

Hello lovely! I’m really very happy that you enjoy what is written! And of course you can, I very much hope that I could do her justice and that you’re going to like it.

- Moira isn’t really one for jealousy and she doesn’t get jealous easily either, since she feels rather secure in her relationship. And if she feels like there are problems between them or that something is off, she takes her partner to the side to talk with them about it.

- If her partner deals with the flirter themselves, she saunters over once that person is gone and slings an arm around her love’s shoulders or, if they seem upset, asks if something happened.

- If her partner is shy or uncomfortable or otherwise has trouble with telling people off, Moira intervenes. She makes it very clear that they’re together, touching their shoulder or arm and telling the other person to back off. She isn’t possessive in her gestures - she can be protective if her partner looks unsettled - , though she gets serious very quickly if the flirter refuses to listen.

- Moira also doesn’t want her partner to think that she doesn’t trust them or doubts their ability to take care of themselves. She is there if they need support and she gets angry if the flirter doesn’t respect things like a simple ‘no’ or ‘please leave me alone’ and she doesn’t mind being sharp and harsh when she tells that person to go away.

- Moira however, does get jealous and upset if her partner flirts back or otherwise reacts in a way that makes Moira doubt the stability of their relationship. She also, once the flirter leaves, doesn’t hesitate to ask her partner what that was about and if there is something wrong between them.