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Rose: “But you or your Zombies are welcome to come and take them, as long as the tree stays unharmed.
As an evergreen monster tree, maybe you want to plant one of these in your territory? It is scary, big and dangerous but tasty.”

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Luffy: TOOORRRAAAAOOOOOOOO!! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Hammock told me you were here and--IS THAT JINBE!? HIII JINBEEEE! AND CROCODILE!? MINGO?! AND MORIA?! D:< SO MANY PEOPLE I'VE BEAT UP! WHY ARE YOU WITH THEM TORAOOOO?!

It’s super effective.

W/ HIGH ELF 80€. 

Will you Marry Me?- A Short Cherik Fanfic

This Cherik fanfic is dedicated to @fassandavoy. You need this right now. If you ever feel down you can always read this over and over again. I hope this helps and I’m sorry that this is short. But please enjoy.

“Erik wait! Erik please” called Charles as he ran after Erik in the rain. Erik had misheard his actions and thought the words the came out of his mouth were for Moria but in reality they were for him. Charles being unable to propose to Erik properly had asked Moria to help him practice and with her agreement he got on to one knee and held out the ring he purchased.
“Erik, you are my love, my everything. You gave me hope when I didn’t. At first you were my friend but soon we found each other and fell in love. The world was not the same without you…”
It was going so well but unknown to them Erik had decided to come for a visit. To visit Charles. To visit his love.

“will you marry me?” Asked Charles.
“ yes, yes. Oh Charles yes…” Replied Moria as she smiled widely her arms wrapping around Charles neck. Suddenly, there was a large bang at the door and a slight sound of crying as the figure gone out of the way.
“ is that…?”
“ oh no” said Charles as he stuffed the ring back into the box. He glanced at moria with a “ I’m sorry” look and she understood what he ment. Charles smiled back and ran as fast as he could and out of the door. The rain was heavy and the fog was masking the buildings around them so Erik was hard to see.
“ please Erik, Erik please….” Called Charles, his arms and legs working in unison trying to keep up with his boyfriend.

Erik stopped and looked around and there in the distance not too far away was Charles.
“stay away from me, just go away” Erik said he’s arms folded and his mind unable to forgive Charles.
“ please Erik listen to me” replied Charles as he ran closer to Erik until they were finally face to face.
“Erik please, I love you, you know that. Look..” He said as he hands touched Erik’s face. He’s thumb stroking he’s cheeks and he’s eyes waiting to meet Erik’s as they stood in the cold and raining environment. Erik soon turned his head and finally meet Charles’ eyes.
“ I love you too but..”
“ but it was for you, everything was for you and I’m sorry you felt that way but trust me you are my everything” said Charles as he leaned further, closer to Erik until they were kissing in the rain.

The further they kissed the more of the rain soaked their hair and clothes. It may have seems so cliché but Charles didn’t mind for he was with Erik and Erik was with his Charles.
“ never let go” whispered Erik as he smiled widely, he’s forehead touching Charles’s and Charles laughed as Erik picked up Charles and swang him around before Charles felt his feet touch the ground again.
“ lets start again shall we?” Said Charles he’s arms still around Charlie’s waist. He let go for a brief moment as he got the ring our of his pocket and took Erik’s hand and kneeled down on one knee in the wet ground.
“ Erik, you are my love, my everything. You gave me hope when I didn’t. At first you were my friend but soon we found each other and fell in love. The world was not the same without you…Erik Magnus Lehnsheer, will you marry me?” Said Charles.

Erik began to cry once more and cupped his other hand to his mouth and nodded still shaking for the moment of bursting our crying but he held it in.
“ yes, yes now get up before you get more wet” cried Erik as Charles slipped the ring on erik’s fingers and got up as Erik pulled him to his chest.
“ I told you so” mummered Charles as he embraced Erik.
“ shut up and just kiss me” laughed Erik and so they did.