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Rose: “But you or your Zombies are welcome to come and take them, as long as the tree stays unharmed.
As an evergreen monster tree, maybe you want to plant one of these in your territory? It is scary, big and dangerous but tasty.”

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Luffy: TOOORRRAAAAOOOOOOOO!! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! Hammock told me you were here and--IS THAT JINBE!? HIII JINBEEEE! AND CROCODILE!? MINGO?! AND MORIA?! D:< SO MANY PEOPLE I'VE BEAT UP! WHY ARE YOU WITH THEM TORAOOOO?!

It’s super effective.

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Write a drabble about something you enjoy doing when you are not working.

.“Something I enjoy when not working.” Georgia frowns, she works to much for this question. She smiles as the figures the answer out! “Oh! There was this one time when my cousin Moria took me to this place that I could of swore was an illegal bar, with a fight ring and everything… I have no idea why Moria goes to those things, so dark and filthy, anyway not what I was going to talk about. While we were there a few members of her, well I guess our’s since I started working for her, Consortium showed up and we started talking, then Dominic showed up and it was a bit awkward at first because of how we last saw each other, long story and it involved the beach, anyways! We decided to head out, with Dominic and Arlunce, Moria’s… fiance I think? Anyways funny story, but to some it up, Moria was asking some blunt question, I may of said something to make her mad, and she made Dominic and I go out on a date. Moria left at that and Dominic and I kinda nervously stood right there until we decided to get back at Moria and go crash her night with Arlunce by taking our ‘date’ to where they were at and being as obnoxious as possible, and it actually turned into a fun and wonderful night!. I am not sure exactly how Dominic felt at the end of it, but I will admit that it would be nice to see him again, and possibly go on another date.” Georgia blushes as she says the end. “I do hope he is okay though, I know the members of the Consortium do like to find trouble.. which is my job to fix”

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If Law loves Luffy does Hancock love Corazon then?

Hancock : I dont know any Corazon, what are you talking about? Now…

Hancock : Why… does my room look like that anyway ?

Jinbe *bouf* : … Hah?

Jinbe : Did you finally ask for a brain, Boa? Nice! Wejejeje

Moria : Behave, Jinbe, it’s not a way to speak to a lady.

Magic anon 4/9

Part 2

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Oi, does that geezer Sakazuki still get mad when someone tells him how much they hate enka?

Ah, hmm I suppose so, but no one tells him that.

This is the state Sakazuki is 98% of the time when he’s on duty so if you feel like pissing him off, I pray your death will be quick.

Oooh, but for you, Moria. I hope your death will be slow and painful. 
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