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{OOC:And here it is folks! The new Team SexCorp Production of Whiter Straighter! Took us 8 hours to finish it, but it’s all done now! 

We all know the story of Cecil and Lot 37, but never did we hear about the story of the mysterious Lot 38. 

     After purchasing Lot 38 for his dearest boyfriend, Diego the C.E.O. of StrexCorp discovers his newest purchase is becoming more of a nuisance than a gift for his beloved Kevin. 

     How else is he supposed to deal with the snark, the back talk, and the corruption of the one thing he knew to be perfect? With a little force leading to drastic measures, the C.E.O. plans to make things right. 


Moosey as Steve Carlsberg

Tom C.V. as Diego the C.E.O.

Nab as Kevin

The Charl as Charlie

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Moosey (ask-mooseandfriends)

Tom C.V. (askthebusinesspartners)

Nab (askthebusinesspartners or kevinrunsfree)

The Charl (charlieextremes)


Just a few screenshots from the video I took over the weekend with the Three Musketeers! [And with our fantabulous powers combined- we become - THE FAB FOUR AND OR TEAM FREE LOVE!]

I wish I could have stayed longer and I know you’re all having fun without the baby in the mix, but that’s okay! JUST THINK OF ME AND REMEMBER!

The lovely Fab Four~