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Hanuman: Thaaat’s right, sonny! There’s no better, more satisfying route to seeing a successful natural evolution other than through healthy bodily growth and development, made possible through exercise, keeping a balanced diet, and just living healthy! It’s just the best way!

Just stick to the plan, and you’ll be a chest-pounding brawny monkey in no time! If you ever need help with any of those things – dietary tips, exercise routines, or even a little spar – I wouldn’t mind lending you a hand! Hoo hoo!

I personally keep a balanced diet of seafood, fruits, and grains, with the occasional grubs. For exercise, back in my day, I hiked mountains, lifted large stones, did physically taxing errands like lugging large buckets of food or water for long distances back to my settlements, and had some fighting bouts with friends, family, and even battle veterans until I reached my final stage. It can be grueling, but hoo does the hard work pay off!

… Does that help at all, young one? Pardon my prattling!