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*gulps* um, please Seto A5, Pharaoh Atem D6 and Mokuba in D5? ;w;. If it's too hard I don't mind having only one char!! xwx

They were all good faces, so I couldn’t resist making it a scene (and I’m not the only one about to make a scene probably. I can’t decide if surprise!birthday present for Mokuba or if Atem got the opportunity to babysit and didn’t waste it)

On the Subject of the Kaiba Corporation.

I have many thoughts.

  • Kaiba-Corp is primarily a videogame developer. Its full, official title is the Kaiba Electronic Gaming Corporation. It was marketed for a while as KEGP, but the name didn’t stick. Kaiba-Corp was too ubiquitous.
  • Seto, and the company by extension, doesn’t believe in unpaid internships. All interns are paid the equivalent of $10 per hour while in school or training. If, after reaching full certification, a given intern is still with the company, they are offered a salaried position.
  • Paid parental leave is offered to all employees, regardless of gender. This applies to adoptions as well as births. Anyone who questions this policy quickly comes to understand that Seto Kaiba’s reputation as a human thunderstorm isn’t nearly as overplayed as people think.
  • The man is dangerous.
  • Medical leave is similarly offered.
  • An extensive daycare center is required in all locations, and is personally staffed by Seto himself; he trusts no one’s judgment but his own when it comes to the qualifications of anyone he hires to watch over children. If he wouldn’t trust them to look after Mokuba, they aren’t hired.
  • Each member of a given team is given a framed print of the official box art for the projects they work on. These prints, along with numerous other posters and photographs, decorate the entire building. Asked about this policy, Mokuba once explained: “Niisama never wants the people here to forget their mission, or that they should be proud of it.”
  • Though a relative newcomer in the industry, Kaiba-Corp has become a household name. Its innovations, particularly those tied to Solid Vision holograms, have ensured the company a place in gaming history. Seto regularly refuses to accept awards various sources attempt to give him in recognition of his company’s phoenix-like rise to glory. This has less to do with humility and more to do with the fact that he hates award ceremonies. Rumor has it that this hatred stems from the Battle City tournament.
  • Kaiba-Corp has no specific dress code, owing to the fact that — during his early years as its CEO — Seto himself never would have managed to adhere to one.
  • Anyone who questions Mokuba’s presence in, and influence of, Kaiba-Corp is given exactly one chance to explain themselves. If their reservations have to do with the strain that comes with being part of a multi-national corporation at such a young age, they are allowed to stay. If their reservations have to do with his qualifications, or “clear lack thereof,” they are let go immediately.
  • Seto was asked once what his job meant to him, as the CEO and figurehead of his own company. Seto said: “I exist, in the context of this company, to right the ship. My job is to ensure that my people are able to focus their energies on their projects, rather than roadblocks. My job is to give my people a platform on which to thrive. If this corporation is a machine, then I am not a cog. Nor am I an operator. I am a mechanic.”
  • Seto’s philosophy is to remove any and all distractions from his employees, so that they can focus themselves properly on the jobs for which they have been hired. In other words: when you work for Seto Kaiba, whether as an executive or as part of the cleaning staff, you never have to worry about money again.
  • Ever.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog Masterpost (1.7)

Since it can be hard to find blogs/get found in our crazy big fandom, I created this list to help network between any and all YGO fans. Check out these super cool YGO-centric blogs below (listed in alphabetical order):

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If you run a YGO blog and want to be added to the list, just message me! And please signal boost so we can get more people recognition!! <3 

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GOD I'm cracking myself up thinking about Kaiba not understanding the Youth and their Ironic Memes™ but still wanting to be able to relate to Mokuba like any good parental figure and like calling him into his office just to tell him, in all seriousness, 'Mokuba. You. Are. Valid. MOKUBA DON'T YOU LAUGHT AT ME WHILE I'M VALIDATING YOU!!!'

Oh my fucking god

Imagine Mokuba going, “sure bro, you are valid too” and Seto thinking he got some great youths honor by hearing that when Mokuba is just messing with him

I don’t think he’d be that clueless, personally, but I like to picture Mokuba sending him texts with shit like “oh, worm?” and Seto wondering why is Mokuba always talking about worms, does he want pet worms, that’s weird but if it makes him happy

Mokuba, as requested by anon!

i was given too much freedom and ended up drawing him in my worst favorite outfit

still taking suggestions~

The Ask Mokuba is now open, ask him questions.

Hello there Puppyshipping people, I have decided to allow Mokuba to answer questions about how he deals with puppyshipping in the house. If you ever wish to ask him questions please do, but they must be puppyshipping related.

Mokuba: Hey everyone, I don’t know if anyone wants me to answer their questions but i’m here.

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Hi! This is kind of inspired by your latest comic/ficlet of Isis meeting bbYami, but could we see more of bbYami and Kaiba interacting? I know we've already gotten some season 0 revisions, and we've seen Kaiba spoiling him rotten (though it kind of seems like Yami gets spoiled by everyone) - could we see first time Kaiba and bbYami like bonded? Or him trying to pronounce Kaiba's name? (What does he call Kaiba anyway?) (Sorry these asks tend to ramble)

It’s more of Yami and Mokuba are friends and Kaiba often meets the baby as a result. In general, Kaiba’s always had a soft spot for children (even during his season zero jerk phase), and anyone who is genuinely with Mokuba for his company (and not for money and power) is an okay child for him. 

His eventual gift giving is more of a way to assuage his guilt over the Death-T incident, as it affected Yami to the point that the baby forever became hesitant with being playful around him.

The first time Kaiba met Yami was when Mokuba kidnapped brought Yami to their house to play train Yami to be his lackey.

“Mokuba, you don’t kidnap people! Especially babies!” 

“Why not?” Mokuba asked, genuinely confused. “You do it all the time.” 

“I kidnap people who have the ability to walk back home and talk!” he sputtered, not to mention those people tended to be from rival companies or KC employees who’ve given away trade secrets. He regretted teaching his brother the grittier side of business if he was going to make it a habit to kidnap children younger than him. “And who are potty-trained!”

“Ey!” Yami shouted.

“He feels insulted,” Mokuba translated.

“He can’t say my name right and is wearing a diaper, his arguments are invalid.”

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"Do you have a jacket I can borrow?"

Mokuba turned his head to the female when she asked that, and goodness it was so cold outside in this late Autumn weather and this poor girl looked like she was shivering. He sighed with a smile, “Here…you can have my jacket.” He slipped off his black jacket and put it around her shoulders, “Next time, however, remember to bring one…weather man’s never one hundred percent right, you know.” He chuckled lightly.

Meme II Accepting II @nefer-seshen

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[the kaiba brothers watching someone get sent to the fucking shadow realm] mokuba: 'you know what bro? big. mood.' seto: 'indeed, mokuba. big mood indeed.'

Ok but what if Mokuba meant it in the ironical, millennial “wish I was dead too” way and Seto completely missed that nuance and he’s just trying to be relatable without having any idea on what exactly is mood


#The Big Brother I Never Asked For

During the course of trying to draw this set, I came to the realization that Gozaburo’s eyebrows are furry cheese wedges and that drawing the Kaiba Corp building (which is under a category of Things I’m Bad At Drawing) is remarkably like drawing a ketchup bottle.

And also I had a worse sleep schedule than usual and The Great Bleeding started.  I’m hoping the fact that I’m on vacation time for the next two weeks will help with actually, like, getting Jam January’s to-do list actually done.

(….There’s a con in the middle of it though, yeeps.)

I’ve noted that I’m following my headcanon that Noa is actually a bit older than Seto.

Also I’m deliberately not being clear on which version of Gozaburo’s fate we’re going with here, partly because I couldn’t decide.  This set also assumes a lot of things in the original backstory as outlined by Noa’s arc did go in similar directions, at least for Seto.

There’s going to be at least one more set of these because there’s at least one more important story point I want to touch and, you know, this sure skips a lot of in between things.  :P

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I'm always over the moon when I find fellow fans who can appreciate Kaiba's relationship with Yami Yuugi/Atem even if they don't ship it romantically, because it affects Kaiba's development so much and I just have a lot of feelings about my wet garbage son tbh. I like the metas you post- lots of good material and interesting points <3

Thank you! <3 I definitely appreciate his relationship with Atem– I feel like, although it’s definitely unhealthy to some extent, it’s really helped him grow as a character and made him realize that there’s more to life than having to be “the best”. Atem teaches Kaiba so much: about friendship, trust, teamwork, and that it’s okay to lose and that it doesn’t make you any less of a person. We see so much of Kaiba’s hard-wiring Gozaburo put on him come apart over the course of the series, and it’s really a beautiful thing. I think that’s why DSoD was so heart-wrenching… because we see the damage that Kaiba is left with when Atem actually does leave (for good)… and following the manga cannon, without Kaiba’s knowledge or presence. That loss is the hardest for him to let go of… and he’s endured a lot of loss over the years.

 His trust for Atem becomes so strong and beautiful… gah <3 Atem is almost like a role model for him, and the catalyst for helping him become a better person. Again, following the manga cannon, they mirror each other perfectly. Especially the whole idea of the “puzzle” and it being the pieces of their past that when put together, leads them to completing the truth in their heart and ending them in the light. I just love how well developed it is. Whether you look at it from a romantic or platonic standpoint, it’s perfect.

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Adding to the cactus thing: Mokuba (probably from a dare by Joey/Tristan shhhh) starts to put Seto-like things on the cactus. Like, one day there's his favorite tie, one day it's (fake) DM cards, one day it's those damn leather wristbands, the secretaries are simultaniously amused and afraid to start laughing when they walk in and the cactus is sitting on the desk, wearing a fuckin wig and googly eyes

The cactus gets its own mini Blue Eyes replica and Seto doesn’t really have it in himself to take it away so now the Kaiba-cactus has its own Blue Eyes and people have to hold metings and be serious while that cactus is just there with whatever they put on it that day

Also why would Mokuba need a dare to do that he is perfectly capable of dragging his brother by himself

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You know... Kaiba shunning Joey all the time... i wonder if it rubs off on his dragon- like when they go to the park and red eyes B-dragon wants to make friends with Lightning, I wonder if Lightning would turn away from red eyes cuz he sees Kaiba turn away from Joey... *squints eyes* I didn't say anything.... *disappears into the void*

Well you know what they say about pets and their owners…