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Some f1 au bonding between my favourite drivers lol it’s in present tense because I wanted to try it out but since this is the first time please excuse any tense fail.

“Why do you like him?” Mokuba asks.

“He’s got a nice ass,” Ryoma replies and Mokuba laughs. It’s a couple of days after the Australian Grand Prix and Tezuka has flown home, but Ryoma had media commitments that forced him to stay behind. Now he and Mokuba are slightly drunk and lying around his hotel room.
He doesn’t like the look Mokuba’s giving him, it’s far too knowing.
“Come on, you can tell me,” Mokuba wheedles him.
Ryoma sighs and drapes an arm over his eyes. He’d quite like to sleep, not talk about his brand new boyfriend and what feelings he has for him.
“He’s nice,” he says eventually.
“Aand?” Mokuba asks, stretching the vowel to an absurd length.
“I dunno. He just gets me.”
“Is that why you took him into the mountains for a month?” Ryoma didn’t need to move his arm to see his best friend’s Cheshire Cat grin.
“Who told you that?” He asks, trying to make it sound as if it weren’t true.
“Bane-san. He either called it ‘romantic’ or ‘stupid’. I can’t remember which.”
Ryoma is going to kill his chief mechanic the next to he saw him.
“Yeah well,” is the only answer he gives. “We both wanted some space.”
Mokuba hums in response and Ryoma feels the bed move as he rolls onto his back.
“Space from me?”
Well, there wasn’t any point in lying. “Partly. I needed to get over last season. Tezuka helped.”
“I just seems like something you wouldn’t do.”
“It wasn’t like I was running away,” Ryoma shrugs. “Just didn’t want to be f1 driver Echizen Ryoma for a bit.”
“How did Tezuka take finding out who you really were?”
“Dunno, I just mailed him some plane tickets,” Ryoma replies and Mokuba cackles with laughter. “When I picked him up he seemed to have finally put my name into google.”
“That is very you. You’re so mean!”

The adult Mokuba headcannons that no one asked for

-Mokuba is literally the biggest deadpan snarker (Seto is so proud)

-He cut his hair short once but decided never again and keeps it a couple of inches past shoulders

-Studied overseas (but secretly kept tabs on how his big bro was through a secretary and Daimon the butler)

-Has to talk Seto out of the more wild ideas he has. He tried to talk him out of forming Duel Academy but was unsuccessful.

-Has the Kaiba!ego (trademark) to a lesser degree. Got him in trouble several times in high school.

-He learned to duel but isn’t overly talented at it and only did it because its so important to Kaiba Corp’s technology.

-Goes walking in the public park where he and Seto played at when feeling particularly nostalgic.

-Has a business degree.

-Kaiba Corp employees want to be on his good side because even though he is a lot more lenient than Seto he is not afraid to embarrassingly fire you in front of everyone if you mess up one too many times.

-He spent the entirety of his teenage rebellious stage exasperated with Seto (he does that even still sometimes, having Seto as an older bro can be stressful)

-“really big bro? ANOTHER Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet? This is the third one!”

-“Seto, I know that its your favorite card but maybe you should make Kaibaland merchandise for things besides the Blue Eyes”

“A school for dueling? Really big bro? Why not just throw another tournament instead its a lot less stressful? Plus what would the curriculum even be???”

-Pegasus sent him the first Kaibaman card that was made. Mokuba was overseas in school at the time and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and laughed so hard it woke up his practically comatose roommate.

-His fashion sense gets more casual as he ages.

-Is forever salty that Capsule Monsters didn’t stay popular.


#The Big Brother I Never Asked For

During the course of trying to draw this set, I came to the realization that Gozaburo’s eyebrows are furry cheese wedges and that drawing the Kaiba Corp building (which is under a category of Things I’m Bad At Drawing) is remarkably like drawing a ketchup bottle.

And also I had a worse sleep schedule than usual and The Great Bleeding started.  I’m hoping the fact that I’m on vacation time for the next two weeks will help with actually, like, getting Jam January’s to-do list actually done.

(….There’s a con in the middle of it though, yeeps.)

I’ve noted that I’m following my headcanon that Noa is actually a bit older than Seto.

Also I’m deliberately not being clear on which version of Gozaburo’s fate we’re going with here, partly because I couldn’t decide.  This set also assumes a lot of things in the original backstory as outlined by Noa’s arc did go in similar directions, at least for Seto.

There’s going to be at least one more set of these because there’s at least one more important story point I want to touch and, you know, this sure skips a lot of in between things.  :P

nefer-seshen  asked:

"Do you have a jacket I can borrow?"

Mokuba turned his head to the female when she asked that, and goodness it was so cold outside in this late Autumn weather and this poor girl looked like she was shivering. He sighed with a smile, “Here…you can have my jacket.” He slipped off his black jacket and put it around her shoulders, “Next time, however, remember to bring one…weather man’s never one hundred percent right, you know.” He chuckled lightly.

Meme II Accepting II @nefer-seshen

I mean, after Seto and I were adopted, Gozaburo kind of just forgot about him… I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think he was just acting out because he was replaced. If I were Noah, I’d be really mad and hurt too.