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“Everything made sense. All her life, she was the runt, the baby of the family. Her sis—half-sisters would always pick on her, always blamed her for being the reason why their mother ran away. When, in reality, their mother was dead,”

Red comes forward, revealing the truth and the lies of Misty’s life. Not only was her mother actually dead, but the man standing before her was her father.

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What are some examples of racism in ballet and who are some ballerinas who are faced with this

unfortunately, there are a lot. the ballet world has a history of not hiring and/or not promoting dancers of color. a lot of dancers of color have been rejected based on “body type” reasons which is a terrible and racist excuse. more dancers of color have been asked to drastically change their bodies to even be considered for casting. institutionalized racism runs rampant in the ballet world.

  • misty copeland, an african american dancer, was originally rejected by ballet companies under the guise of “You have the wrong body for ballet,” as seen in this under armour commercial, saying that she lacked the right feet, achilles tendons, turnout, torso length, and bust.
  • furthermore when misty started at abt, she was the only black female dancer out of 80 dancers.
  • precious adams was told to bleach her skin by one of her teachers while studying at the bolshoi ballet school, and she is not the only one who has been told to do this.
  • the houston ballet, a company with 47 dancers, has only 2 black  dancers, both male, and Houston’s population is 23.7 percent black
  • nashville ballet has one black female dancer among nine other women, but luckily has begun working with project plie to try to increase diversity in their programs
  • michaela deprince overheard one of her directors saying “we don’t put a lot of effort into the black girls, because they end up getting fat”
  • Out of the English National Ballet’s corps of 64 dancers, only three are black.
  • the bolshoi ballet has no black dancers OUT OF OVER 200 DANCERS
  • similarily, the mariinsky ballet has no black dancers out over 200 dancers as well, and very few asian dancers as well. 
  • no black ballerina has danced the female lead in Swan Lake at Covent Garden, and misty copeland was the first black female dancer to do odette at abt
  • lauren anderson was the first black ballerina to dance swan lake in 1996
  • 2012 Britain saw its first black swan with the debut of Celine Gittens at Birmingham Royal Ballet
  • Ella Havelka was the first indigenous dancer ever appointed to the Australian Ballet in 2007
  • yuhui choe still hasnt been promoted after being a soloist for seven years and doing tons of principal roles- which hasnt been openly said to be because she is a korean dancer-but come on.
  • michaela deprince said she experienced both overt racism “from some ballet moms who seemed to be eager to express their opinion about black girls in classical ballet” and subtle racism from “from schools, especially from summer intensives, and companies.”
  • out of almost a hundred dancers, the royal ballet has less than a dozen black dancers, and many of its asian or hispanic dancers have faced stagnation in the ranks.
  • pacific northwest ballet has one cuban male principal, one mongolian male principal, and no principal ladies of color. there are no female soloists of color, and two male soloists of color. 
  • maria tallchief was one of the first native american dancers in 1942, and unfortunately since her era, we have seen very few others. 
  • new york city ballet’s principals are also very white as well- out of 22 principals there is only one dancer of color- amar ramasar. the soloist rank has two dancers of color- craig hall, and georgina pazcoguin. new york city’s population alone is more than fifty percent people of color.
  • the nutcracker is basically a GIGANTIC RACIST STEREOTYPE, no matter how much we love or hate it, it’s obvious that all of the second act divertisments are overblown caricatures
  • san francisco ballet has two asian female principals, three cuban principals, and one brazilian principal.
  • angela harris, formerly with the georgia ballet, said “Race is always present in our lives; often we are not considered just good dancers, but good black dancers. “
  • Lauren Anderson faced racist death threats in the 1990s for daring to dance in supposedly white classical roles.

racism is RUNNING RAMPANT in the ballet world and these are only a few examples. and unfortunately the ballet community on tumblr tends to ignore this- blindly pretending that racism isnt present in ballet, or ignoring when these cases are brought to our attention. i know that i have inadvertently done this as well, contributing to the silencing of the voices of dancers of color. 

the fact that diversity has taken this long to start to take roots is terrible. in hundreds of years of ballet history, it has taken until the end of the twentieth century for us to see any progress towards racial equality. the civil rights movement took place in the 60s, and it has taken us even longer in the ballet world to recognize it.

we NEED more dancers of color. we need more dancers of color to be promoted and given the ranks they DESERVE. we need to recognize their experiences and encourage diversification in our art form.

if this is not enough examples for you that racist is very, very present in the ballet world, is suggest you take off your glasses and actually look at the stark reality here. this isnt even all of the examples. i could go through every major ballet company’s roster and find very similar results. i apologize if i have left anything very important out, but please feel free to add. dancers names are in italics and there are links to the articles in which i found this information.

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One of Elsa's lines is totally a Frozen nod, and I love it.

Eh, Misty Knight’s is better in my opinion just because she actually freezes the park fountain and the action is called Let It Go!. But I do like that they decided to give Elsa a slight nod to the movie



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pokemon and ladybug?

<< send me a series and i’ll tell u my least favorite character


Out of all the seasons and characters, I’ll have to say that Misty is my least favorite. Like, she adores Water-types and her Pokemon-that I love. However, she’s is unfairly cruel to Psyduck until he does what she wanted him to do. She also yells way too much for my liking. I used to like her as a kid, but now I just don’t care for her at all.

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Miraculous Ladybug:

Chloé Bourgeois

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I just hate how she’s so vain and self-absorbed because of her status as the mayor’s daughter. She’s unfairly cruel to Marinette and her classmates. Plus she fawns uncomfortably over Adrien and does whatever she can to be with him or near him, such as having poor Juleka locked in a bathroom during class picture day so she can take her spot beside Adrien. That and she stole Marinette’s hat design and tried to pass it off as her own.

However, with season 2 coming along, there’s a certain spoiler that may make me change my mind about her. Just gonna have to wait and see! 

So, cause I’m without tablet this week (will get it back on Sunday), I went and did a work without answering a question.
So, here’s the mane six’s kids. Lemme give ya a short introduction, starting to the top left corner.

  • Luscious Locks, daughter of Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce, big sister to Cotton Pop, nicknamed Luss, got heterochromia (different colored) eyes
  • Cotton Pop, son of Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich, little brother to Luscious Locks, buckyteeth
  • Flora Fauna, daughter of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps, only-child, nicknamed Faun, Male to Female transgender
  • Thunder Shock, son of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, second oldest child, nicknamed Thunder, best friends with Flora Fauna
  • Ball Bruiser, son of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, oldest child, nicknamed BB, loves pulling pranks and taking naps
  • Taaffeite, daughter of Rarity and Spike, only-child, nicknamed Fei, gem collector
  • Obsidian, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sombra, oldest child, no nickname, reserved in nature
  • Misty Skies, daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Sombra, youngest child, nicknamed Misty, smoke powers like her father
  • Storm Razer, daughter of Rainbow Dash and Hoops, youngest child, nicknamed Stormy, was born with damaged vocal cords
  • Zapple, son of Applejack and Trouble Shoes, only-child, nicknamed Zap by some, boyfriend to Enticer

All these and their parents are up for asks as well


“I thought witches were supposed to have cats,” you said and raised an eyebrow.

“Aw, come on,” Misty smiled and rubbed the mutt’s head. “Look at him! He needed a home and we have one.” She made a few baby noises which only made the dog happier, wagging his tail excitedly. Then the two puppies looked at you in unison. 

“Well?” Misty asked. “Can we keep him?”

Remember when a very hot guy that lived on an island, which would be perfect for water Pokemon, asked Misty to stay there with him but she denied because she wanted to follow Ash instead? 

And then the very same guy told Ash that he didn’t know how lucky he was and Ash didn’t understand what he was talking about. 

Give them 10 years and these kids are gonna be married, I swear.


The Most Important” - Pokeshipping Doodle Doujinshi [05|29|2016]

Inspired by @taillow-suift and his post

Ash: “Mmh… mmh…”
Ash: “What happened…?”
Ash: “Pikachu? - Misty?!”
Misty: “I know, Pokémon are the most important to you, but…”
Misty: “… would it be much to ask for…”
Misty: “… being more careful with yourself?”
Ash: “I can’t promise you…”
Misty: “I know…”

Demonic Kookie -BTS (Jungkook,FF) p.3

Type: fluff, demon!au

characters: Jungkook x reader

Summary: Jeon Jungkook, Jungkook, Guk, Kook, Kookie, pain in the ass… no matter how you call him it will be always the same person.

Credits to owners, I do not own any of the pictures and gifs

“ On Halloween, I am gonna hot ass businessman.” “ Fat ass what?” I asked walking into his room.“ Not fat ass, but hot ass businessman, (Y/N).”   He said looking at me with disgust.“ And what are you gonna be?” He asked “Misty.” “M-misty? Like that Pokemon character?” “ Yes..” I said calmly.“ How old are you? Five?” He asked laughing.“ No, I am six you dumb ass!”  I yelled and we started laughing. “ So are you going as sexy Misty?” “ No Guk, just  Misty."n I said, ” How about you will go as my hot ass secretary.“ He said smirking.” Ew, No, you are disgusting, I don’t wanna lose my virginity on Halloween night Jungkook.“ I said Walking out of the room.” Who said you gonna lose your virginity,(Y/N)? You too ugly on that.“ He said walking behind me."What did you say?” I said in an angry voice. “ Oh shit, I didn’t mean it I swear!!” He yelled as he runs away. “ COME HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT, I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT IS  UGLY!!” I run after him. “DONT KILL ME PLEASE,  I AM JUST INNOCENT DEMON!!”

platonic!pearlshipping is my favorite thing in the world so let’s put in some pokeshipping/misty stuff in it too

  • dawn reunites with ash and asks about misty
  • “wtf ash. it’s been years and you haven’t said anything???”
  • dawn knowing about ash’s crush on misty after some kind of intuition within her told her since the lure incident
  • she also plays wingman
  • one time she took the liberty of trying to contact misty without ash knowing
  • misty and dawn being really good friends bc theyre kind of like ash’s babysitters or something
  • poor ash has now three moms watching over him
  • during one of their convos they were talking about relationships (aka dawn trying to tell misty in the most lowkey way possible) and dawn was all “ahaha i cant get this guy to like me, he’s so cold” and misty replies with “hey at least he’s not oblivious” and then pak. now she knows that misty likes ash too (IT IS CONFIRMED, I KNEW IT) and here we see her trying to be like alya of miraculous ladybug,

So I was watching XYZ003 and this character caught my eye.

Huh, he looks kind of familiar. Where have I seen him before?

Hey, he looks a lot like that cute kid Georgio from Pokemon Chronicles. Who was he again? Oh yeah, he was the guy who asked Misty out on a date and subsequently gets rejected because Misty (implicitly) says she still likes Ash.

Georgio is his dub name. Tsutomu was his original Japanese name.

So what’s the little kid’s name in XYZ003?


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For the ask game: Ash/Misty (Pokemon)

3 = I could see why others like it but not at all my taste

I really can see why people would like this ship, but as a kid I really disliked the shippy moments those two had XD I remember being really annoyed that the main boy and girl might have had crushes on each other.

Of course back then, kid me didn’t know Ash was never going to grow up.

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Thoughts on the image of Misty Knight for the Luke Cage netflix series? Do you think she's going to get the bionic arm and some kind of costume, or will she, like Luke and Jess, just wear regular clothes?

No costume no arm, the series is pre bionic arm (as far as I know) and costume wouldn’t make any sense because she is a police officer in the series, there may be explosions at the end of the series and that’s where she could loose the arm tho, maybe show up with the new one when Defenders airs. All these are just educated guesses.  

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