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I almost named my kid Vash x///x

*spit take* LMAO nonnie! Although I suppose it’s better than naming them “Million Knives.” 😂

You probably could have pulled it off without scarring the child forever by giving them a normal middle name they could use. That or give them the middle name “Vash.” Either way, they would have a good reason to abbreviate their name in an old timey, Victorian sort of way on resumes.

As long as nobody found out that V.R. Jones wash short for “Vash Robert Jones,” they’d be in the clear.

If you have another kid, you should definitely use that approach. When they ask why you named them that way, you can tell them some lady on the internet thought it was a great idea. I’m sure they’ll understand. 😉


But unlike Knives, who probably HAS no reason for his hiatus… I will hang my head in shame, and say that I utterly underestimated the time needed for school and its many art assignments/projects. Oops

But NOW it’s winter break, and ASK MILLIONS KNIVES RETURNS. So drop a question! And be wary of any sharp blades that might pierce through your keyboard as you type. If it happens, and you lose a hand, I am not responsible.

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