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may be a bit late but Megop if you're still doing the ask meme? no worries if you don't want to tho :)

(You’re good!  Let’s go with some pre-war, IDW fluff <3)

Who said “I love you” first:  Megatron, surprisingly.  It was through one of his many letters to Orion, which got progressively more poetic and sexual intimate as time went on. 

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background:  Probably neither.  Their phones are mostly about function and not much else.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror:  Both.  They almost have mini conversations with them, which is why they mainly use sticky notes instead.  (“Nice aft.”  “Thanks, you should see it from up top.”  “You free after work?”  “Definitely.  I’ll be waiting… <3″)

Who buys the other cheesy gifts:  Neither of them are really into cheesy gifts per say.

Who initiated the first kiss:  Orion made the verbal indication which left them both standing there, silently pressed up against one another, but it was Megs who actually initiated the lip lock.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning:  Megatron.  He’s very affectionate when he first wakes up (provided he got a good night’s sleep that is.)  He always tells Orion how beautiful he is with the morning sunlight playing over his frame.

Who starts tickle fights:  They don’t really do tickle fights…

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower:  Megatron, though usually Orion will just ask if he wants to join when he’s getting in.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch:  Orion, as his work schedule is a lot more flexible.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date:  Both of them were a little awkward, but not anything that would have spoiled the date.

Who kills/takes out the spiders:  Megs squashes them whenever he sees them (he’s got a real thing against organics)  Orion takes them outside.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk:  Megatron, though he will deny it to his dying day.

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TFP Knock Out, Breakdown, Bumblebee and Megatron reacting to a cybertronian s/o giving them a hug out of nowhere, please? Love your blog!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

Thank you so much! <3

Transformers Prime:

Knockout is a little surprised, and probably jumps to be honest. If he’s busy, he might scold you a little, but returns the hug anyway. He loves any affection from you.

Breakdown thinks it’s cute. He tries not to let you take him off guard, though, because he’s worried he’ll accidentally hurt you. He loves that there’s a hight difference between you, it just makes it all the more sweeter.

Bumblebee loves it. Affection is his favourite thing, especially with his s/o, so any hug is welcomed. He’ll buzz and beep away happily afterwards, and probably ends up hugging you at random times too.

Megatron is startled, though not outwardly. He doesn’t react much at all, although if he’s busy he might tell you to get off. Inwardly, he thinks it’s so sweet and he’s a little touched.

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Just think, What if Optimis Prime and Megatron never started the war, what would have happened to them..? Why?

Listen. This is probably going to sound like a joking response, but I want you to know that I am 100% serious when I say that if the war never started (I assume you mean they still overthrew the old leadership but didn’t go to war with each other), Megatron and Optimus would be married and living somewhere in semi-retirement. Megatron is still writing poetry. Every few months they have to come out of retirement to save Cybertron from some mess or another. They are happy and in love.

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Tfp Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, Knockout, Breakdown, Dreadwing , Shockwave & Predaking realize that they are in love with their shy and sweet human friend? Would they deny it? Would they accept it? P.S. crush loves them too. Just to scared to admit

I feel like I just did this ask??? Maybe I started it at some point and forgot to finish it– Shit. I have the mind of a toddler. 
Yo, I would be scared to admit to a 40-foot murder machine too.
Short scenario thing followed by some headcanons, ‘cause I do what I want and fuck the rules.


You were meant to be nothing more than a bargaining chip and he treated you as such for the first month of your capture. He would hardly even look at you and when he did it was with such hate and disdain you felt like you should melt under the burning gaze. You’re not entirely sure when that had started to change, or even why, but it had. What had drawn him to wondering about you is that you only asked for one thing, a tv. It was a strange request when you could have demanded to be let go, not that he expected you to, you rarely talked and if you did it was near impossible to understand. He decided to provide. It started with curiosity as to what these strange tv shows were, anything from Steven Universe to Myth Busters was played. Curiosity soon turned into a willingness to just simply watch tv with you which devolved into ignoring the tv and discussing things with each other. He couldn’t define the exact moment he started having feeling for you, but he could define the exact moment he shoved them so far to the back of his processor it would take a miracle to bring them up. 
~He pretends he doesn’t care. He can’t show such a weakness to the rest of his crew.
~He does allow you more freedoms, however. 
~If anyone dares to assume they could bring harm to you they are terminated.
~While he won’t show direct weakness such as allowing you on his shoulder or in the bridge, he does show less direct ways.
~Those less direct ways are making sure a trusted eradicon watches over you at all times and that you have things you need such as a comfortable place to sleep and good food. It’s best not to wonder how he got it.
~He’s aware of your feelings, but, similar to his own he brushes them aside and tells you to do the same.
~He may be the leader of the decepticons, but Starscream is prove enough some will look for any excuse to overthrow him and you are a good one.
~He will resign himself to handing you over to Optimus if he has to, makes it look like a trade.

He was rarely in charge of keeping up with you, so rare in fact you didn’t even know his name for the longest time. The fact that neither of you talked much didn’t help your relationship blossom very quickly. You were almost certain you were going to leave that ship, dead or alive, having no idea who the big, lanky, noodle bot was. Somehow you managed to finally find out when he looked over his shoulder to the name ‘Soundwave’. You decided to try to talk to him, it was something to do and what did you really have to lose? You’re life… But you weren’t thinking about that. You talked and you were sure he was even listening until you mentioned a tv show and he flashed that across his visor, he was asking you if that was what you meant and so you nodded. A curt nod and you smiled, so he was listening. From there you talked to him and found it easier and easier to notice his posture and body language, finding you knew what he was saying without a flash of something across his visor. It meant a lot to him to have someone, even if they were human, able to read him so well, better than even Megatron. As your relationship grew so had his feelings and he was realizing, much too late, he would have to do something.
~Admits it to you, though entirely on accident. When a person can read another as well as you can read him it’s hard to hide anything.
~Makes sure you understand neither of you can do anything about it.
~You understand this, Megatron would kill you and might hurt him. It’s not the thought of death that has you scared, but Soundwave hurt.
~Similar to himself you can’t keep anything from either so you both figured out the other’s feelings very quickly.
~Will pretend to lose you to an Autobot if he thinks you’re in danger.
~Will secretly email either Ratchet or you directly to keep in touch with you.
~The bots don’t like it, but Optimus will not allow anyone to get involved in your relationship, they are simply to keep you safe.

He had just been keeping you around for company at first, it did get dreadfully lonely without the ability to fly. You were something he would get rid of eventually. No reason to keep you around once he’d grown bored. Thing was, he never grew bored of you. Though you were shy and sometimes mumbled to the point of being incomprehensible, you were sweet and you treated him with dignity and respect. You were also incredibly smart, able to hold conversations with him about science studies and war plans. He was impressed and amazed by your level of intelligence. He’d even begun to teach and talk to you about cybertronian technology and history. He was sure why that had started either, it just flowed from him naturally. As he was staring down at you, working out what he’d given you to study, he realized he… May have a problem.
~Denies the shit out of it.
~It’s bad enough to have you as a /friend/. A love interest? Nope.
~He’s also scared you’ll end up dead if anyone ever found out he was fond of you and it would only get worse if they knew he loved you.
~He’s vaguely aware you feel the same, but he’ll lie to himself and tell you don’t.
~It’s easier for him to pretend you hate him, that way he doesn’t feel compelled to confess to you.
~That doesn’t mean you don’t notice the way he looks at you or the way he seems extra gentle with you.
~He’ll leave you in civilization when he thinks he’s going to come into contact with any other bot or con.
~No one has seen you yet and he intends to keep that way for as long as possible.
~Will give you to Optimus if he thinks for a moment Megatron knows about you.
~He’d rather take a beating and having you living than both of you be dead.

You were never something he really cared about, just a creature he had to watch over. A nuisance really, like a pet he didn’t ask for. He mostly ignored you, that is until you started asking questions about his work and complimenting how good he was. How could he ignore such a sweet and gracious accolade? You’d be lying if you said you weren’t amazed how he managed to stay full concentrated while at the same boasting about himself. It was… Oddly endearing. After that he found that he could stand your company a little more, especially when you said you would willingly help him get clean, but only with his thorough instruction. You’d rather not ruin something as pretty as his finish. Honestly that’s probably when he started to fall for you. Your sweet gestures of helping him, thanking him, telling him how good he looked and meaning it. It was all too much for him. He couldn’t have stopped himself. He definitely had a huge problem and he wasn’t sure how to handle it.
~Doesn’t hide it from you, he loves you and he wants you to know.
~Tells you, you both need to keep it hidden from everyone else, except Breakdown. Who, if we’re being honest, knew KO loved you before KO did.
~Breakdown /constantly/ teases KO and KO is high-key annoyed with his shit.
~KO keeps you on his shoulder at all time unless he’s busy with a con, then it’s Breakdown’s job to watch you.
~He won’t let you out of his sight, or the medbay, much. He realizes he’s being overprotective, but he must be.
~He is very affectionate in private, but almost never affectionate in public. He finds that it’s far too dangerous.
~When Breakdown is killed his sends you straight to Optimus, he can’t watch you constantly and there’s no one around to help him.
~The decision to switch to the Autobots hinged almost entirely on you.

As with Knockout you started out as nothing more than an annoying pet he never asked for. Most often he was left being the one to watch after you and make sure you didn’t escape. Or try to escape. You never talked and that was just fine by him, he didn’t care what you had to say. In fact, anytime he could he’d hand you off to Knockout so he didn’t have to deal with you at all. However, that quickly changed the first time he heard you speak, looking up at him from a table he had just haphazardly set you on. He was just about to sneer and ask you what you were looking at when you complemented him, telling him, very quietly, how cute his face was. His insult died in his vocal processor and his sputtered indignantly as Knockout laughed in the background. If he wasn’t so flustered he would have turned around and decked Knockout in the face. He didn’t believe in love at first anything, but maybe he could change that sentiment.
~He doesn’t deny it? Okay he denies it, but to himself. It’s hard to deny it to others faces when he’s sputtering and yelling at people just for mentioning him being a little nicer to you.
~Fucking calls you pet. No, he /will not/ stop.
~He does it in private because of how pouty and red you get, he thinks it’s adorable. In public, it’s because that’s what he has to pretend you are to him.
~He trusts KO to watch you when he can’t, KO likes you enough because you compliment him and help him with your tiny human hands.
~After he comes back from getting kidnapped and you cry and tell him how scared you were, he actually admits to himself that he really does care about you.
~He makes KO agree to take you to Bulkhead if anything happens to him. KO begrudgingly agrees, he’s sure nothing could ever happen to Breakdown.
~KO comforts you when Breakdown is killed, holding you in his servo and gently stroking your head.
~You take comfort in each other until he decides it is time to keep his promise. 
~It doesn’t matter how much you hate him or what you scream at him, he’s keeping you safe for Breakdown, even if that means both of you losing your only connections to him. He will not disrespect Breakdown’s death.

You were an assignment, that’s all you were ever supposed to be. An assignment. It didn’t matter to him that you never spoke and hardly looked up. He didn’t care. You wouldn’t be his problem soon enough anyway. That didn’t stop him from being gentle with you, probably the gentlest of all the bots to hold you. You’re fragile and more useful to them alive than dead. He doesn’t bother trying to talk to you, he sees no reason. That doesn’t stop you, however. After all, eventually you get bored of the silence, it’s disconcerting at best. He almost drops you when you speak for the first time, he hasn’t ever heard you speak. He looks down at you, he didn’t hear you, you’ll have to repeat yourself. When you tell him again that he’s an amazing fighter, from what little you’ve heard, he flusters a bit. He’s not as bad as Breakdown, but he does trip over his words just a bit as he thanks you. From then on you find it’s a bit easier to talk to him, both of you talking quietly. He finds your quiet and respectful nature charming and he finds it… cute when you get embarrassed around him. When he finds himself growing more and more attached to you, he kind of panics. If someone were to find out… You’d be killed.
~He doesn’t deny it, he’s not stupid he can’t deny that he loves you. However, he never speaks of it.
~He’ll also ignore anyone that asks him about it.
~He’ll speak of it only to you and is quite surprised to hear you feel the same.
~He’s pretty much the only one allowed to watch you now. Will come up with respectful excuses to make sure of this.
~He barely pay attention to you when you’re in front of others. He doesn’t need anyone to see how he treats you.
~In private he’ll gently stroke your head/hair and allow you to sit upon his shoulder.
~He adores when you kiss his cheekplates and then get flustered about it.
~Will probably find it best to send you to Optimus, he does not trust that he can protect you.
~You find out about his death through Optimus himself.

He was sure he wasn’t meant to be capable of love. He was sure he had set that to be non-existent. However, he couldn’t ignore the tight feeling in his stomach or the way his processor tried to distract him from his work to think about you. An organic. You had been brought on board for no other reason than to provide him a guinea pig. That’s all you had intended to be. However, you talked science and you were quiet, regardless of it being because you were shy or scared. You were not overwhelmingly stupid nor loud and he enjoyed that. He began to find he liked your company far more than just as an experiment. It was illogical and what was more illogical is that he hadn’t killed you for it. The defining moment in his processor that bloomed like a punch to the light was when he needed to use the word spaghettification and where you were usually quiet and reserved suddenly you were giggle snorting and couldn’t seem to gain control of yourself. One word in his processor had him very concerned; cute.
~What is love? Baby don’t hurt him.
~He won’t deny it, per se, but he won’t admit either.
~He is aware of your feelings almost immediately after, if not before, you are. He tells you they are illogical.
~He sees no reason to be affectionate with you, but will allow you sit on his shoulder or robotitty while he works if his work is not particularly dangerous.
~He won’t give you to Megatron or Optimus, gives a compelling argument as to why it is imperative you stay with him.
~That argument is complete bullshit and the urge to tell someone how illogical he, himself, is being is very strong in him. He will tell you once you are alone. Don’t laugh, he’s being entirely serious.
~You probably laugh at him anyway and he actually says the word “Cute” this time.

Honestly, he probably picked you up purely out of curiosity, some jewelry you were wearing or a watch was bright and it caught his attention. He had been curious about the small creatures around this planet and you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Of course, you realize this until much later. Now you were just screaming as you flew God knows how high up in the air. You were being kidnapped by a /fucking/ dragon. Be careful what you wish for you, you suppose. He dropped you rather roughly before transforming to stare down at you. You’ll never forget the marvelous look of ‘what the actual fuck are you’ on his face. From then on, he kept you with him, growling and threatening anyone that dared to come near you. You were his and therefore not to be trifled with. You enjoyed the attention, though he was concerned with your quiet nature and shyness. It took a while for you to finally speak more than a yes or no or a few words. However, when you spoke to tell him how grateful you were for him protecting you and how much his attention meant to you his was amazed. It was just a few nice words, but to him it felt like a speech and it hit him like punch to the chest. Oh.
~Deny it? He doesn’t even keep it a secret. You are his queen/king.
~He treats you with such respect and dignity. You will feel like royalty.
~He tells you that he loves you quiet often and, when you say it back, he’ll smile gently and kiss your head.
~He’s very affectionate with you both publicly and privately, though publicly it stays with simple kisses and holding you in his servos.
~While he’s far more open, you’re more reserved and quiet, it’s a good dynamic for the both of you.
~He wouldn’t hand you over to anyone unless he was sure you would get hurt otherwise. And it wouldn’t be any decepticon he’d trust with you.

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Do you think Megatron would have been as intimidating and influential as he was had he not been carrying around that big honking piece of overcompensation he called a cannon?

Megatron was intimidating and influential back when he was armed with nothing more than a standard issue mining drill, and those things couldn’t cut mercury.

Megatron would have been intimidating and influential armed with a gift basket.

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(I might've sent this before, idk if it either didn't send or something went wrong, sorry if you got it multiple times xD) How would MTMTE Fort Max, Megatron, Tailgate and TFP Breakdown react to their human s/o introducing them to cute, innocent little furballs everyone loves AKA kittens? And how would Breakdown react to them saying his head-spike thingies remind them of cat ears?

No worries! Sorry this is so late!

Transformers MTMTE

Fort Max thinks they’re cute, and is actually amazed that something so small could exist. He’s worried about hurting it, so he hands it back to you pretty quickly.

Megatron thinks it’s cute, but doesn’t want to hold it. He’s also worried about hurting it, but mostly he’s worried Rodimus’ll see and make fun of him. After a while you manage to convince him.

Tailgate loves it. Immediately, he’s almost crying as you place it in his hands; he thinks it’s so adorable. You’re worried he’ll pass out or fry his circuits, so you kind of have to take it from him before too long.

TFP Breakdown loves them a lot, and is probably holding it before you can even ask him. When you compare his head spikes to cat ears, he’s immediately flustered, but he probably makes it weird by saying something like: “Wanna pet me?”



based off of this: Dumb


I’m sorry, I pissed myself laughing when I saw this. XDDDDD

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Can you do Mtmte megatron's human s/o tells him about Valentine's Day when he finds them making heart shaped valentines for members of the crew. He almost forgot about it and when it's the night before, he rushes to make things perfect: food, music, and even somehow gets their favorite chocolate. He feels discouraged though cause of his past crimes until s/o brings him a giant valentine that talks about how they love him and he breaks down crying and hugs s/o to face and they kiss.

I’m a slut for Megatron.

Megatron entered your shared suite after a long day of work to a ridiculous sight. You were sitting on the floor humming a tone surrounded by various cut out hearts that you were decorating. Each had some corny pick up line that was made for specifically for a certain bot. Looking at the one of the finished ones, a red and white cutout heart that read “To:Ratchet - ICU in my dreams”. He didn’t bother looking at anymore.

“What are you doing?” he asked venting out a sigh

“Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so I’m making everyone cards” You said looking up at him with a smile.



He was spectacle of that but he wouldn’t say it out loud. 

“This is the holiday where loved ones exchange gifts is not?” He asked

“Yup and Friends too” you added.

He hummed an answer and watched as you finished up another. This time for Tailgate, he didn’t bother reading it. Curious he asked if the big grey one was for him.

“That’s Whirls! Cant you tell? The big yellow dot for his optic.” You pouted while looking at the card.

“That’s an optic?” He huffed out a laugh at your expense, a muffled yes was his reply. “So where is it then? Where is my card?”

“Not here.” You declared.

“Not here? Where could it be then?” He asked and pretended to search the suite. 

“Megatron” You whined “Can you just wait till tomorrow? Yours is special. Ya know? I put a lot of work into it…” You  were wringing your hands in that nervous gesture you always did.

Frag. He thought. He had prepared nothing and now he needed something.

“Alright” He replied. “I’ll be back later”

“Where are you going?” You asked in confusion.

“Work. I forgot I had one more thing to do.” he bluffed and turned to walk out the door.

“Yeah… Alright” You mumbled under your breath as he shut the door.

Thus began the night from hell. Megatron was looking for anything that remotely could resemble the gifts shared among humans on valentines day. What do human femmes even want? He questioned. He couldn’t obtain any plants that were traditional to earth. And jewelry made for Cybertronians’ would weigh you down. Wracking his processor he tried to remember what humans did on special holidays. Food. Humans love food. He turned in the opposite direction and made his way to where you stored most of your food. He had no idea how to cook, but he figured maybe one of your books could aid him in his struggle. Finding out what to make was a hassle but when he returned to your suite later with a plan. He found you passed out and curled up next to your stack of valentines. Gently he picked you up and moved to the berth you shared so you could both recharge in peace. 

The next morning you woke up with a grin. You kissed Megatron on the cheek with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and you were off. Skipping down the halls passing out your valentines with the up most cheer. A good portion didn’t understand what was going on, but with a short explanation from you gave them a good idea. Some got a kick out of your jokes, others not so much. You were completely oblivious to Megatron basically sweating bullets the whole day. You had agreed earlier that you would meet up back at the suite after he was done work. He would have a short amount of time make your meal and obtain the music from Swerve. 

There he stood in their shared suite. He had mass-displaced himself for this occasion and it was doing nothing to quell the sinking feeling he had. The soft piano music played in the background and on your small table sat a cube of high grade and a sandwich with a cup of water. A grilled cheese to be exact. He had no idea what humans considered fancy in consumption. But this…this didn’t look like what humans eat when they are celebrating with loved ones. Still staring down at the table, with his back to the door you came waltzing in 

“Some of the guys were comparing their cards to see who got the best one. I still think…” she trailed off. “Hey whats all this?” You asked coming closer to him and the table.

“I…I made us dinner. But I do not think this is what it should be.” he answered somberly. 

“Is that grilled cheese?” You asked with a chuckle. He nodded in response. “Yum!” You smiled up at him, and went to sit down. He followed your lead and sat opposite of you. As you enjoyed your sandwich he sipped his high grade.

 “Ya know” You started “this is really good for someone who’s never cooked before.” The meal lasted for about five more minutes. 

“Be honest with me…” he began with his helm in his hand “This meal… It is not a common food usually eaten for this holiday.”

“You can eat whatever you want” You said narrowing your eyes at him. 

“That’s not what I asked…” he vented.

“Megs…No it’s not exactly a common food one eats when they go on a romantic date. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are here with me, that you made an effort. Most men from my planet don’t even try on days like this. They mindlessly pick up some flowers and chocolates at a convenience store and that’s their contribution to the holiday…. I think its time for my present now.” You finished.

You got up from the table and walked over to the berth. You were fishing around underneath it as he watched you drag out a giant red heart. You walked back over to him and unfolded it. It was completely blank.

He stared at the blank card and then looked up at your nervous expression.

“Here me out.” You started. “I’m not dissing you or anything right now. I know that’s what it looks like.” You were fumbling over your words now, and placed the heart on the table. You got down on both of your knees and grabbed his servo. “ I couldn’t think of what to write. I could have written a corny line down, or just that I love you… but it wouldn’t have been good enough. I love you, a lot actually.” You chuckled then continued “I know you doubt that sometimes because of the past. But that doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you, for you. Your a kind mech whether you know it or not. Maybe a little hard headed sometimes but you have a beautiful soul. You doing this proves that. Thank you for today Megatron, I really do love you” You whispered. 

He was staring down at you blankly. You were about to ask him whether or not he was ok when he let out a powerful vent and hunched over, dropping his head into his servos. You immediately stood up when he let out a pained whirling noise. You knew that noise but you had never heard it come from him.

You called out to him as you tried to pry his servos from his face. 

“An old mech like me…” He said brokenly “I’ve done terrible things y/n…” He trailed off again but you got the gist of what he was saying.

“You may be a old crabby mech sometimes, but I sill love you” You joked as he reached out to grab at your waist. He buried his helm into your chest.

“Thank you, my Spark” came his muffled reply.

Smiling down at him, you placed a kiss on his helm. You whispered  “Happy Valentine’s Day Megs”.

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TFP cons getting their afts handed to them by the Old Bot Reader? (Ahh, your writing's good~)

Thank you! <3 I hope you don’t mind if I only do a few. You can totally ask for more, tho! I love the old bot saga! 

In reference to This Post


- He thinks you’re around the same age as their scout or rookie until he actually gets up close and personal with you. He could see the age in your optics, even though it wasn’t in your(very aesthetically pleasing) frame. 

- When you took him down, he was more than surprised. He simply looked up at you with a smug grin when he was down, your blaster held between his optics; shoulders moving as you vent. You were as worn out from the fight as he was.

- “Go ahead. Offline me. Take the glory.”

- You step back from him, keeping your blaster pointed at his frame until you were a safe enough distance to transform and flee.


- Even he’s surprised, in your injured state, when you take him down with your bare servos.

- It was literally fists in a gun-fight, and you won. Even you know you shouldn’t have won that.

- You had taken the seeker down with a grace he hadn’t expected, dodging his blows and attacks with a surprising amount of ease. Next thing the seeker knew, he was pinned underneath you, a deadly look on your faceplates making him shrink up in fear.

- He could tell you were no young ‘bot. The way you fought was completely different from the scout and rookie, and certainly wasn’t the style of a wrecker.

- He wasn’t given much thought as your grip tightened on him, and he winced, about to open his mouth and speak; only to be interrupted by you.

- “Consider this your only mercy.” And with that, he was released, fleeing from the dangerous autobot that could’ve easily offlined him.


- When he encountered you on the field, he wasn’t afraid to admit he was checking you out. You looked around his age; with a very… pleasing frame, along with being very easy on the optics. You weren’t too bad in the trunk area, either.

- When you actually fought with him, though, he was beyond pissed; you could easily overpower him at any point but you seemingly insisted on toying with him.

- He charged at you with his saw at the ready, only for him to be flipped over your back and pinned to the ground, a deadly glare in your pretty optics. Both terrifying, and a huge turn-on.

- He’s not sure what brought you to being merciful to him. You had released him after staring him down, pointing your blaster at him as you backed away; spinning around and transforming with a grace that left him pretty surprised. If you were as old as your frametype suggested, there’s no fragging way you should be that hot.


- What the frag?

- Within minutes, the large mech had found himself pinned down by the bot smaller than him; a blaster between his optics  and his arms pinned to either side of him by Earth rocks. You had caused an explosion that gotten him lodged in a space between two large masses of Earth rock, completely immobilizing him. How you managed to, he had not a single clue; that was something to think about at a later time. If he got out, that is.

- You were glaring down at him, almost judging the ‘con where he stood. He refused to give you any indication of fear in his gaze; sending a sharp glare right back to you.

- What surprised him, though, was when you pulled back your blaster, and retreated; leaving him to comm in for help with a question in his processor.


- The battle of the fucking century between you two.

- You’re agile and graceful but still with a heavy amount of force in your blows; with accuracy in your shot definitely no vehicon has. Soundwave can predict your movements to a certain extent, but you somehow still manage to keep him bouncing on his toes. You’re a foe he’s never met before, and isn’t in the autobot database. 

- He’s overthinking. And that’s where he makes his first mistake. 

- He’s pinned to the ground with a blaster at his forehead and a blade at his chest, your legs keeping his limbs down. You’re analyzing him, and he can tell. 

- He does nothing but stare. He couldn’t see you becoming unnerved at all, or uncomfortable; and that’s what gave him the unfamiliar sense of worry. There was a 90% likelihood, with the unknown origin of this bot, that he would not come out alive.

- But as you stood and released him, keeping your stance and a blaster pointed at him, even the emotionless mech felt something as you turned and retreated.

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prompt: if the bots/cons HAD to write using traditional pen and paper, whose is complete chicken scratch? who writes too small/big? who dots their 'i's' with hearts? who writes in cursive that could rival a calligrapher? (any verse)

Transformers Animated Autobots and Decepticons

Who has neat writing: Icy (Blitzwing), Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Sentinel

Who’s is messy, but legible: Optimus, Hothead (Blitzwing), Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Jazz, Blackarachnia

Who’s is practically unreadable: Ratchet, Lugnut, Random (Blitzwing)

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TFP Megatron and Arcee headcanons?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Eeeey my first Transformers Prime request! I’ll be doing only SFW headcanons for the two since it’s not specified if NSFW was desired. If you want, just shoot in another ask and I’ll get to work on that. )


✦ Does the human want to know why they’re the constant target of attempted kidnappings? It’s because Megatron has a thing for them. Clearly that means the best solution to this is to get his servos on the human.

✦ What draws him to this organic, this little being whose entire lifespan will be a mere footnote compared to his? He isn’t sure and that’s what vexes him. Something about the human’s smile and the way their eyes light up whenever they laugh causes his vents to hitch and his spark to ache. It’s a weakness, they are a weakness. A weakness he’s willing to embrace. Provided he gets the human and keeps them to himself forever and ever.

✦ If Optimus becomes the guardian of the human since someone needs to look out for them, considering the attempts to capture them and all, expect the Decepticons’ efforts to get them to double. Megatron is a petty, jealous ‘con when it comes to Optimus and will not take well to the news of the Prime getting closer to his human.

✦ He confesses his feelings in the most overdramatic, villainous way possible. When a competent Decpeticon finally captures the human - Soundwave, most likely - Optimus leads the team in getting the human back. Megatron and Optimus duke it out and are generally yelling at each other, exchanging barbs before Megatron starts talking about how he’s lost so much to Optimus already, there’s no way he’ll allow him to take away his human.

✦ So the cat’s out of the bag and the human is out of the cage after Optimus is able to knock down Megatron long enough to get them and have them escape. Naturally the human is unsure of how to feel about this situation. Not every day you get a warlord to fall in love with you but they also have a warlord in love with them. Team Prime and the human are going to have a long chat about this when they finally escape and Megatron goes back to plotting.


✦ At first the human will think that Arcee doesn’t like them at all with how she’s aloof around them and doesn’t want to even speak with them. Every time they try to approach her for something, she waves them off or hands them over to Bumblebee or Smokescreen. (Sometimes literally. She. Just picks them up and hands them to a confused ‘bot as she walks to somewhere else. At least she’s very careful when handling them.) It worries the human a lot because… Did they do something wrong? They were only trying to help her out like polish her armour and get her energon and little things like that. Maybe she thought they were being condescending or something…?

✦ It’ll take Jack pulling the human aside to explain hahahaha no. That isn’t the case at all. Arcee likes them a lot but is scared of opening herself up again considering what happened to her last two partners. Hearing this will help strengthen to become closer with Arcee, now refusing to let her push them away. She gets frustrated by their efforts, at first, before they start to worm their way into their spark. She doesn’t realise it until one day she sees the human laughing with Raf and paling around with Miko and finds the sound of their laughter beautiful and their smile mesmerising and. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no she caught feelings.

✦ Confessing will have to be done on the human’s part and they need to be serious about it. No joking around, no attempts to pull ‘haha kidding and haha no for real I have feelings for you’ - They gotta show Arcee that they want to be with her despite their differences in a lot of things, that they’re willing to make this work because they love her and want to give her the world since her smile is one of the most dazzling things they’ve ever seen.

✦ Very protective after they officially become a couple. She doesn’t want her human to get hurt and she has Jack to watch out for. Will run herself ragged to protect both of them and it’ll take both humans to get her to not do that. Her human will do what they can to help her unwind and relax when she returns to the base after she’s been out on a mission. Which includes kissing her faceplates and cuddling sessions. Very important stuff.

✦ Loves to flirt and tease their human as their relationship strengthens and grows. Witty banter and a flirty back-and-forth is expected now, to the point Jack groans and leaves the room since the couple don’t seem interested in getting a room anytime soon but no one is really complaining about the change in relationship Arcee has with the human. If anything they’re happy for her. She starts to open up again, starts to loosen up again and Optimus can’t help but watch the lively conversation Arcee has with her human with a small smile on his faceplates. It’s been a long time since anyone has heard her genuinely laugh.

Oh my gosh, so I didn’t remember seeing this part, I must have been doing something else when I was watching it so I just HAD to look for it and it was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. ((I know you were probably asking me to create something, but lemme just share the moment for everyone who hasn’t seen or doesn’t remember this beautiful MegaScream moment.))

So the insecticons had Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp all under mind control, and made them go after Megatron and Optimus, so Megatron shoos them away with a weak blast, and calling them fools, as per usual, but noticeably more gentle/lenient since he knows they’re under mind control, which is something Megatron himself is really sensitive about.

(Look at them run away in sync they’re really cute…. And Megatron can’t help but watch them, too. [Obviously out of concern, but come on, they really are cute.])

Once the effect burnt out when the insecticon exploded, they come running in like “What happened?”

Then BAM!

The insecticons barrel past the fliers, escaping before Megatron has a chance to punish them.

And what was that? Megatron helping Starscream up? No, my dear friend, Starscream was already standing by the time Megatron rushed up to him. This, my darling, was a pure, honest to god, hand-hold. Serving no other purpose, than to show concern for Starscream.

Heres’s a still:

Like…. Megatron reaches both hands out to Starscream, and I have no doubts he would’ve helped him up, but Starscream was too fast, so instead they share this moment of pure hand holding and a loving gaze, before chasing after the insecticons together.