Get to Know Me

1. What is you middle name?
2. How old are you?
3. When is your birthday?
4. What is your zodiac sign?
5. What is your favorite color?
6. What’s your lucky number?
7. Do you have any pets?
8. Where are you from?
9. How tall are you?
10. What shoe size are you?
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
12. What was your last dream about?
13. What talents do you have?
14. Are you psychic in any way?
15. Favorite song?
16. Favorite movie?
17. Who would be your ideal partner?
18. Do you want children?
19. Do you want a church wedding?
20. Are you religious?
21. Have you ever been to the hospital?
22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law?
23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
24. Baths or showers?
25. What color socks are you wearing?
26. Have you ever been famous?
27. Would you like to be a big celebrity?
28. What type of music do you like?
29. Have you ever been skinny dipping?
30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
31. What position do you usually sleep in?
32. How big is your house?
33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
34. Have you ever fired a gun?
35. Have you ever tried archery?
36. Favorite clean word?
37. Favorite swear word?
38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?
39. Do you have any scars?
40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?
41. Are you a good liar?
42. Are you a good judge of character?
43. Can you do any other accents other than your own?
44. Do you have a strong accent?
45. What is your favorite accent?
46. What is your personality type?
47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
48. Can you curl your tongue?
49. Are you an innie or an outie?
50. Left or right handed?
51. Are you scared of spiders?
52. Favorite food?
53. Favorite foreign food?
54. Are you a clean or messy person?
55. Most used phrased?
56. Most used word?
57. How long does it take for you to get ready?
58. Do you have much of an ego?
59. Do you suck or bite lollipops?
60. Do you talk to yourself?
61. Do you sing to yourself?
62. Are you a good singer?
63. Biggest Fear?
64. Are you a gossip?
65. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?
66. Do you like long or short hair?
67. Can you name all 50 states of America?
68. Favorite school subject?
69. Extrovert or Introvert?
70. Have you ever been scuba diving?
71. What makes you nervous?
72. Are you scared of the dark?
73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
74. Are you ticklish?
75. Have you ever started a rumor?
76. Have you ever been in a position of authority?
77. Have you ever drank underage?
78. Have you ever done drugs?
79. Who was your first real crush?
80. How many piercings do you have?
81. Can you roll your Rs?“
82. How fast can you type?
83. How fast can you run?
84. What color is your hair?
85. What color is your eyes?
86. What are you allergic to?
87. Do you keep a journal?
88. What do your parents do?
89. Do you like your age?
90. What makes you angry?
91. Do you like your own name?
92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they?
93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child?
94. What are you strengths?
95. What are your weaknesses?
96. How did you get your name?
97. Were your ancestors royalty?
98. Do you have any scars?
99. Color of your bedspread?
100. Color of your room?

Please ask I'm bored

Hey look, actual “unique” questions
1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
2: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
3: Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
4: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
5: Do you like to use post-it notes?
6: Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
7: Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
8: Do you have freckles?
9: Do you always smile for pictures?
10: What is your biggest pet peeve?
11: Do you ever count your steps when you walk?
12: Have you ever peed in the woods?
13: What about pooped in the woods?
14: Do you ever dance even if theres no music playing?
15: Do you chew your pens and pencils?
16: How many people have you slept with this week?
17: What size is your bed?
18: What is your Song of the week?
19: Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
20: Do you still watch cartoons?
21: Whats your least favorite movie?
22: Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
23: If you’re a girl, bra size? If you’re a guy, pants size?
24: What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
25: What is your favorite food?
26: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
27: Last person you kissed/kissed you?
28: Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
29: Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
30: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
31: Can you change the oil on a car?
32: Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
33: Ever ran out of gas?
34: Favorite kind of sandwich?
35: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
36: What is your usual bedtime?
37: Are you lazy?
38: When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
39: What is your Chinese astrological sign?
40: Are you horny?
41: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
42: Which are better legos or lincoln logs?
43: Are you stubborn?
44: Who is better…Leno or Letterman?
45: Ever watch soap operas?
46: Are you afraid of heights?
47: Do you sing in the car?
48: Do you sing in the shower?
49: Do you dance in the car?
50: Ever used a gun?
51: Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
52: Do you think musicals are cheesy?
53: Is Christmas stressful?
54: Ever eat a pierogi?
55: Favorite type of fruit pie?
56: Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
57: Do you believe in ghosts?
58: Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
59: Take a vitamin daily?
60: Wear slippers?
61: Wear a bath robe?
62: What do you wear to bed?
63: First concert?
64: Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
65: Nike or Adidas?
66: Cheetos Or Fritos?
67: Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?
68: Ever hear of the group Tres Bien?
69: Ever take dance lessons?
70: Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
71: Can you curl your tongue?
72: Ever won a spelling bee?
73: Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
74: Own any record albums?
75: Own a record player?
76: Regularly burn incense?
77: Ever been in love?
78: Who would you like to see in concert?
79: What was the last concert you saw?
80: Hot tea or cold tea?
81: Tea or coffee?
82: Sugar or snickerdoodles?
83: Can you swim well?
84: Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?
85: Are you patient?
86: DJ or band, at a wedding?
87: Ever won a contest?
88: Ever have plastic surgery?
89: Which are better black or green olives?
90: Can you knit or crochet?
91: Best room for a fireplace?
92: Do you want to get married?
93: If married, how long have you been married?
94: Who was your HS crush?
95: Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?
96: Do you have kids?
97: Do you want kids?
98: Whats your favorite color?
99: Do you miss anyone right now?

Ask me numbers and get to know me ^-^

1. How are you, really?
2. Pizza or chicken nuggets?
3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
4. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
5. What are you looking forward to?
6. Do you like chocolate?
7. What’s your favourite joke?
8. Are you a religious person?
9. If you had a magical pet snail what would you call it?
10. How do you like your steak cooked? (if you eat it)
11. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?
12. What phone do you have?
13. Have you ever got blackout drunk?
14. What do you think people think of you?
15. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?
16. What’s something you want right now?
17. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
18. In general what do you think about art?
19. What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
20. Marvel or DC?
21. Do you like to talk on the phone?
22. What’s your favourite song?
23. What would you do if you won the lottery?
24. What’s your middle name?
25. Do you have any pets?
26. What was the last dream you can remember about?
27. Are you single?
28. Do you like scary movies?
29. What were you thinking about before you come on tumblr?
30. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
31. What’s your last text message say?
32. What are some things you are scared of?
33. Do you like travelling?
34. If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
35. What kind of people are you attracted to?
36. What do you do?
37. Do you feel uncomfortable if someone who you don’t know is physically close to you?
38. What has been your worst haircut/style?
39. Can you play poker?
40. Where were you when you had your last kiss?
41. What’s your favourite flower?
42. Do you buy from charity shops?
43. Are you ticklish?
44. What do you do for fun?
45. What was the last thing you ate?
46. If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for? (more wishes doesn’t count)
47. Favourite band?
48. Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they?
49. Have you ever been fishing?
50. What was the last present you received?

Almost Autumn Asks

I can’t wait ‘til Fall is here! Let’s pass the time together ☺️🍃🍂🍁

🍁 What is your favorite Autumn hobby? (Or one you’d like to have)
🍺What is your favorite fall drink? (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic)
🌾What is your favorite Autumn scent(s)?
🍂 Where is your favorite spot in your city/town to watch the leaves change color (post a pic, if possible)
🎃 What are you planning on doing for Halloween?
🕸How do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween?
🍻 What’s your favorite fall activity to do with a friend or a group or friends?
🔥Outdoors next to a bonfire or indoors next to a fireplace?
🎩 Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what as?
☔️ What is your go-to rainy day outfit?
🍪 What is your favorite Autumn dessert
👻 Do you enjoy the cute or scary side of Halloween? (Or both!)
💀 Do you like going to haunted houses?
🌧Favorite Autumn rainy day activities?
🍎 Do you have a fall bucket list? (If so, what are a few of the things on it?)
🏈 Do you enjoy watching football? (If so, who are your favorite teams? Or do you just like watching because it’s apart of the fall experience?)
🔮 What is one thing you wish you’ll do this Autumn?
📓 Are you going to school right now? (If so, What grade; if college, what are you studying?)

Get to Know Me
  1. First name? 
  2. Gender? 
  3. Favorite color? 
  4. Favorite book series? 
  5. Favorite character from ________? 
  6. Least favorite character from ________? 
  7. Favorite TV show? 
  8. Favorite movie? 
  9. Favorite music genre? 
  10. Favorite actor? 
  11. Favorite actress? 
  12. Song you last heard? 
  13. Favorite youtuber? 
  14. Nickname? 
  15. Sexual orientation? 
  16. Describe your perfect date 
  17. Relationship status? 
  18. Dream job? 
  19. Star sign? 
  20. Hair color? 
  21. Height? 
  22. Birthday? 
  23. Country you live in? 
  24. Cooking ability? 
  25. How many dates have you been on? 
  26. How many romantic relationships have you been in? 
  27. Favorite fandom? 
  28. Freckles or no freckles? 
  29. Age? 
  30. Which character from _____ would you date? 
  31. Which character from ______ would you be bffs with? 
  32. How many followers do you have? 
  33. Biggest pet peeves? 
  34. Favorite store to shop at? 
  35. Favorite character you wished had lived? 
  36. Most hated book? 
  37. New Years resolution? 
  38. Dream college? 
  39. Favorite holiday? 
  40. Why write?
Ask me anything

1 a fictional character you familiarize yourself with 

2 hair colour you want to try 

3 what do you have as your desktop background 

4 which feature do you like about yourself 

5 which animal do you like best? 

6 tea or coffee? 

7 last thing you bought 

8 christmas or halloween 

meaning behind your url 

10 last time you smiled and why 

11 favourite animation 

12 longest relationship 

13 mention 3 things youre excited for

14 weirdest thing you’ve done when you were drunk/high

 15 last book you read 

16 last time you kissed someone 

17 who was the person you last gave a hug to 

18 how did you celebrate your last birthday 

19 something you love doing 

20 what would you love to be/ do when youre older 

21 fave subject at school

22 something you regret and something you dont regret doing 

23 fave colour 

24 best childhood memory 

25 any siblings? 

26 where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

27 fave outfit 

28 fave chocolate 

29 which magical world would you transport yourself into? 

30 something that makes you laugh?

31 which are 3 of your favourite paintings 

32 something you’d love to do but never did 

33 what was the last present you got and from whom  

34 favourite drink 

35 something you’re good at 

36 describe the perfect date 

37 dogs or cats? 

38 take a selfie and post it 

39 fave pizza toppings

40 favourite alcoholic beverages  

41 favourite hangout 

42 happiest memory you have 

43 summer or winter? 

44 want any tattoos? if so what? 

45 how did you celebrate christmas and nye 

46 how do you plan on spending today? 

47 favourite movie

48 mention a place you’d really like to visit 

49 your favourite book and why 

50 mention something that fascinates you 

51 ever done drugs? 

52 favourite song 

53 last time you got drunk? 

54 favourite quote 

55 have you ever been abroad, if so where? 

56 weirdest dream you’ve ever had 

57 where do you like going in the weekends 

58 any hobbies? 

59 favourite meal 

60 top 3 blogs on here

GET CURIOUS: ASK ME, reblog and I'll ask u too!

U can pick 3 or even 4 questions! C'mon, let’s play:

1-How are you?
2-Post a picture of yourself.
3-Do you ever wish you were someone else?
4-What is your entire name?
5-How old are you?
6-Age you get mistaken for:
7-Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality:
8-What did you do on your last birthday?
9-What is one thing you would like to accomplish before your next birthday?
10-What is your hair color?
11-Have you ever dyed your hair?
12-What is your eye color?
13-If you could change your eye color, would you?
14-Do you wear contacts/glasses?
15-Your opinion about your body and how confortable you are with it:
16-Have you ever considered plastic surgery? What would you alter about your body?
17-Say 3 facts about your body:
18-Do you have any tattoos?
19-Do you have any piercings?
20-Left or right handed?
21-What’s your sexual orientation?
22-Do you drink?
23-Do you smoke?
24-Do you have any pets?
25-Where do you work?
26-Something you are working on right now:
27-Do you have any “rules” about food?
28-Where are you from?
29-What would you say is your best quality?
30-What do you think you’re really good at?
31-What do you think you’re really bad at?
32-What talent do you wish you’d been born with?
33-Are you a bad person?
34-Are you nice to everyone?
35-Say 3 facts about your personality:
36-Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
37-What is your ideal bed? Why?
38-Do wake up cranky?
39-Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?
40-What do you think about the most?
41-Share 2 habits:
42-What you want to be when you “get older”?
43-What are your career goals?
44-What is your ideal career?
45-Is your life anything like it was two years ago?
46-Do you replay things that have happened in your head?
47-Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
48-Say 10 facts about your room:
49-Do you have any phobias?
50-Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist?
51-Are you allergic to anything? If so, what?
52-Ever broken any bones?
53-Ever come close to death?
54-Things you like and dislike about yourself:
55-A random fact about yourself:
56-What are three things most people don’t know about you?
57-An unknown fact about your life:
58-Share something about yourself others might think is weird:
59-Five weird things that you like:
60-Do you have a facebook? If so, would you add the person who sent you this?
61-Do you have any pictures on your Facebook?
62-Describe yourself in one word/sentence:
63-A quote you try to live by:
64-A famous person you’ve been compared to:
65-Weird things you do when you’re alone:
66-Something you do without realising:
67-5 things you want to change:
68-Someone you’d like to be for a day and why:
69-Leave me a compliment:

Ask Me (Almost) Anything
  1. Favorite food?
  2. Favorite dessert?
  3. Favorite board game?
  4. Favorite superhero?
  5. Favorite supervillain?
  6. Favorite music genre?
  7. Favorite city?
  8. Favorite type of hat?
  9. Favorite YouTuber?
  10. Favorite Twitch streamer?
  11. Favorite author?
  12. Favorite instrument?
  13. Favorite line from your least favorite book?
  14. Favorite school subject?
  15. Favorite chemical element?
  16. Favorite photo of yourself?
  17. Disney or Dreamworks?
  18. Achievement Hunter or Funhaus?
  19. Cats or dogs?
  20. Wine or beer?
  21. Early, on time, or late?
  22. Dream job?
  23. Movie that made you cry?
  24. Book that made you cry?
  25. Song that made you cry?
  26. Last time you got a haircut?
  27. Longest your hair has ever been?
  28. Earliest memory?
  29. Do people describe you as sweet or salty?
  30. What’s one thing you still have from your childhood?
  31. Go-to song to feel happy?
  32. Do you jaywalk?
  33. Are you superstitious about anything?
  34. First thing you do in the morning?
  35. Quote that’s stuck with you?
  36. A sound you can’t stand?
  37. Last time you cried?
  38. Last time you laughed so hard you cried?
  39. How many followers do you have?
  40. How many posts have you liked?
  41. How many blogs are you following?
  42. How many blogs do you have?
  43. Describe your favorite article of clothing you own.
  44. Describe your favorite book in one sentence.
  45. Describe a person you know and strongly dislike.
  46. Describe a person you know and like.
  47. Describe your current/most recent crush.
  48. Describe a time you felt alive.
  49. Describe a time you felt scared.
  50. Describe your biggest regret.

Give me the numbers.
1. What’s your middle name?
2. What are you listening to right now?
3. What was the last thing you ate?
4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
5. Do you drink?
6. Do you smoke?
7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone?
8. What is your hair color?
9. What is your eye color?
10. Do you wear contacts/glasses?
11. Dogs or cats?
12. What’s your favorite animal?
13. What’s your favorite television show?
14. What’s your favorite movie?
15. What’s your favorite band/singer?
16. How old are you?
17. Do you have a crush on anyone?
18. What’s your sexual orientation?
19. What’s your favorite color?
20. What was your most embarrassing moment?
21. Do you ever wish you were someone else?
22. What were you like when you were a kid?
23. What would your dream house be like?
24. What last made you laugh?
25. What is your favorite word?
26. What is your least favorite word?
27. What turns you on?
28. What turns you off?
29. What is your star sign?
30. What are your favorite books?
31. Do you have any siblings?
32. Do you like to dance?
33. What is your definition of cheating?
34. Have you ever cheated on someone?
35. Do you regret anything?
36. Do you have any phobias?
37. Ever broken any bones?
38. Ever come close to death?
39. What is your religion, if any?
40. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/therapist?
41. Are looks important in a relationship?
42. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
43. What is your favorite season?
44. Do you have any tattoos?
45. Do you have any piercings?
46. How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
47. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
48. Who is your celebrity crush?
49. Are you a virgin?
50. Do you get jealous easily?
51. What is your favorite type of food?
52. Do you ever want to get married?
53. Who was your first kiss with?
54. Have you ever been cheated on?
55. What is your idea of the perfect date?
56. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
57. Do you believe in aliens or life on other planets?
58. What talent do you wish you’d been born with?
59. What is your saddest memory?
60. Do you believe in love at first sight?
61. Do you believe in soul mates?
62. Have you ever dyed your hair?
63. Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
64. Would you go against your moral code for money?
65. What are three things most people don’t know about you?
66. Who are you jealous of?
67. Do you sleep with a stuffed toy?
68. How long was your longest relationship?
69. Is the glass half empty or half full?
70. What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you?
71. Who is your most loyal friend?
72. Are you in a relationship?
73. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, what is your favorite thing about him/her?
74. Are you a bad person?
75. Are you a lover or a fighter?
76. What did you do on your last birthday?
77. What is your favorite quote and why?
78. If your best friend died, what would you do?
79. If you had to go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
80. If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
81. What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?
82. Are you happier single or in a relationship?
83. Who were you in a past life?
84. What is your happiest childhood memory?
85. Have you ever experienced unrequited love?
86. Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
87. If you were the president, what would you do?
88. What is your ideal career?
89. What is your political affiliation?
90. Are you conservative or liberal?
91. Is the male or female body closest to perfection?
92. Do you like kissing in public?
93. If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change?
94. Where would you like to live?
95. Where would you go on your dream vacation?
96. Describe yourself in one word.
97. Describe yourself in one sentence.
98. Where do you see yourself in five years?
99. What is your greatest accomplishment?
100. What is the meaning of life?
You can also come up with any question you wish to ask me!

Witchy Plants Questions!

These are not exclusively related to Witchcraft or paganism, and any question that doesn’t explicitly reference one of those things can be answered in any way, not just in a way that relates to your practice! Please, two plants per person!


BELLADONNA: What was the first spell you ever cast?

MANDRAKE: What attracted you to Witchcraft (and/or paganism)?

ROWAN: How did you learn your Craft (e.g. from a teacher, from books, etc)?

HEMLOCK: How do you feel about casting curses, hexes, and other harmful magick?

FLY AGARIC: Do you practice openly, or in secret?

FORGET-ME-NOT: Why do you keep your Craft secret, if you do?

HENBANE: What kind of Witchcraft do you practice most often?

WOLFSBANE: Do you practice a tradition that’s culturally important for you?

MUGWORT: What habits do you have that you’d prefer to be rid of?

PEPPERMINT: When are you happiest?

MISTLETOE: What holiday, festival, sabbat or season is most important to you?

YEW: What was your most recent experience with a spirit?

DANDELION: What do you feel was the most powerful magick you have ever performed?

HEARTSEASE: Have you ever performed love magick? How did it work out?

VIOLET: Are you queer? What does this mean to you, especially with respect to your practice?

BRIONY: What is your favourite way to perform magick?

GINGER: Do you practice complementary medicine and/or herbalism?

STARFRUIT: Do you believe in astrology or use it in your practice?

ELDER: Are you a feminist, and if so are you intersectional?

BAMBOO: Are you in a coven, or where you ever in one?

APPLEBLOSSOM: What’s your favourite phase of the moon?

YARROW: Do you live with a disability? Does it affect how you practice?

MARSHMALLOW: Where do you feel most at home?

HAZEL: Have you ever performed magick for someone without their permission?

WALNUT: When are you most stressed? How do you combat it?

DRAGON’S BLOOD: What physical object means more to you than any other? Why?

Drag Race Asks

RuPaul: What’s your greatest strength – charisma, uniqueness, nerve or talent?
Sharon Needles:  Do you like scary movies, Sidney?  What’s your favourite?
Chad Michaels:  Is there someone you can impersonate to perfection?
Untucked:  What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever said?
Available On iTunes!:  The first five songs that come into your head.
Michelle Visage: Are you a tough critic or a sweet little pussycat?
Bianca Del Rio:  Stone, gold, glass… What’s your heart made of?
Bob The Drag Queen:  Tell us a joke, funny girl!
Santino Rice:  Describe the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn, Amadeus.
Guest Judges:  Name three people, alive or dead, whose opinions really matter to you
All-Stars:  Ever had a brush with fame?
Absolut Vodka:  Favourite drink?
Bebe Zahara Benet:  Do you represent your hometown or not?
Raja:  Did you roll with the cool kids at school?  Or, if you weren’t a Heather, Heather, what clique did you fit with, Heather?
Willam:  A choice of questions – either tell us about a time you were thrown out of somewhere, or tell us about the sickest you’ve ever felt…
Jinkx Monsoon:  Trouble sleeping?  Or trouble staying awake?
Mimi Imfurst:  How far would you go to grab people’s attention?
Drag U:  Condragulations!  You’ve won a fabulous free makeover!  What sickening style icon will it be based on?
Max:  What colour is your hair today, and what’s your favourite colour it’s ever been?
Alyssa + Coco:  Can you hold a grudge?  (Extra points if you tell us all about it)
Tyra Sanchez:   Give us an unpopular opinion.
Katya:  If you could live in any country in all the world, where would you go?
Ongina:  Would you ever shave your head?  (If you already have, we want pics!)
PhiPhi O’Hara:  Is it better to be loved or feared?
Latrice Royale:  Tell us about a time you picked yourself up after a fall (and know that we’re so proud of you, hon!)
Shangela:  If at first you don’t succeed…  Is there something in life where you keep on try-trying-again?
Nina Flowers:  Does your look match your personality?
Violet Chachki:  What’s your favourite physical feature?
Naomi Smalls:  Take the first name of one of your personal idols, and the last name from another.  This makes the name of your brand new persona – now tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Jiggly Caliente: May I call you Jiggly?