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the real struggle = how much i love reading, and how much it totally screws me up lately when i finish a good, thoughtful book

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Um, hey, don't know if you'll see this, but, i've been starting to write a Witcher fanfic and I'm tying to put as much research in as I can. So I was wondering if you knew a good way to take notes on characters, ext. And also, I'm trying to write it in third person, do you have any tips? I'm mainly used to writing in first person... Anyway, thanks for your time!

That’s so cool, I’m sorry I’m replying so late! I’m not 100% sure what this fandom is, but (if I’ve got it right) isn’t this a book series? If i got that right, then that’s super great and I hope the plot line isn’t too confusing! Hehe XD

I was actually talking to a user who was also struggling with getting things on paper- I think we all struggle with it, don’t panic! Here’s how I tend to get all my ideas on to paper before drafting or writing:

  • Bullet points. They’re great.
  • Mind-maps.
  • Storyboards, almost like a comic strip for your plan!
  • Write in a different colour for each character.
  • Split your paper in to 4 boxes and see if you can do the same with your story- Beginning, conflict, climax, resolve.
  • Give your characters real traits, feelings and personalities.
  • If you don’t like your idea, scarp it! You can go back on yourself, it’s okay!
  • Let your idea have room to breath. Allocate a certain notebook or diary to that particular story, not just a few pages. Learn from my mistakes…
  • Check lists! They’re great if you’re writing a certain chapter and want to include particular aspects in it. Tick as you write.
  • Split the personality into categories when taking notes on characters: What’s their most common emotion? Social status? What do they always tend to avoid? How well do they know [insert character name]?

Also you asked about writing in third person, so I’ll let you know that it’s great and you’ll love it XD I made a post a while back about what it means to write in 1st, 2nd and 3rd and you can check it out Here. I hope that helped a bit, it totally sucks when it’s all in your brain, but you can’t seem to get it on paper! Good luck and lots of love from Yasmine xox

Neverender AU

(fair warning this is a really long post)

AU where Manolo gets fed up with bullfighter training and runs away from San Angel to escape the Sanchez legacy with nothing but a small pack, his swords, and his guitar on his back.

He spends days searching the harsh desert for Joaquin, who had by now been out on his own for at least a year. Manolo thinks perhaps he can be a soldier. It isn’t being a musician, but that’s not a choice he can make in San Angel, not as long as his father is around trying to force him to be the kind of man who could slaughter innocent animals. And if he can just track down his friend, well.. perhaps being a soldier would be bearable as long as he has Joaquin. He might even be able to help protect people, too. And he would still have his guitar.

But unfortunately he gets lost trying to find Joaquin and decides to stop in a small town one night, spending what little money he has to stay at an inn, and by some amazing luck he happens to overhear some guy gossiping about a soldier from San Angel who helped save his daughter from some bandits awhile back. Manolo excitedly interrupts the man and describes Joaquin to him, and the man confirms that it was indeed his childhood friend. Manolo sits down and tells him that he’s trying to find this soldier and if they could help him out. The man asks him who he is and how he knows Joaquin, and with a wry smile he answers,

“He’s my brother. My name is Manolo Rivera.”

The man beams at him and excitedly offers him his family’s horse to travel with, and while Manolo is hesitant to accept such generosity, the man is insistent on helping out the brother of the man who saved his daughter’s life.

So he presents Manolo with a beautiful Criollo mare with a soft white blaze on her forehead and sends him off in the direction Joaquin left. Manolo rides off, astounded that people could be so grateful to Joaquin that they’d be willing to give him a horse for free just for associating with him.

Perhaps being a hero wouldn’t be so bad. It certainly was treating him better than being a Sanchez.

And so Manny travels from town to town all over Mexico with his horse(whom he had named Estrella for the star on her head), going by word of mouth trying to find Joaquin and visiting all the towns the soldier had been to. And in every town he was surprised at the incredible generosity he was shown for his association with the soldier. Some people welcomed him into their homes, some let him eat for free, some gave him things. One family tried to give him a hawk to hunt and send messages with, but Manolo and the ferocious bird couldn’t seem to get along, so they gave him a small white and blue parakeet they had been keeping as a pet, which Manolo adored more than anything because it loved to sing, and named it Juanito. In return for all these gifts Manolo would repay their kindnesses with beautiful music from his guitar.

So in every town Manolo visits, he gets to hear firsthand all the stories of Joaquin’s exploits. A few are truly spectacular tales of heroism, but a lot of them are mostly small acts here and there, like saving a puppy with a thorn in its paw or delivering babies.

Unfortunately there are a fair few stories that, as it turns out, aren’t quite as heroic as Joaquin used to tell him the couple of times he had come home to San Angel. The soldier had clearly exaggerated or in some cases outright lied about the way some events had unfolded, clearly in an attempt to hide his shame the few times he had made a mistake or let somebody get hurt.

In one particular town Manolo is told a more tragic story about how Joaquin had accidentally let a young girl die because he had gotten carried away while fighting the bandit who had kidnapped her. In his carelessness he had been more focused on showing off and hadn’t realized the little girl had been wounded, and by the time he had defeated the bandit she was already cold and lifeless, and Joaquin had been stricken with guilt. The girl’s family had been outraged and ran him out of town.

Manolo had been shocked to learn of these events, until another citizen mentioned in passing that it was about that time Joaquin came to visit, and upon seeing the confusion on Manolo’s face, they explained that ever since Joaquin had let the little girl die, he had made sure to come back every few months to do some work for the town and spend time with the little girl’s family, trying desperately to make up for his mistake. Eventually the parents had forgiven him and he was now treated like part of the family, a fact that brought a huge smile to Manolo’s face.

And so Manny waited in the town a few days awaiting Joaquin’s return, and at last his searching came to an end when the gloriously decorated soldier rode into town, completely aghast at finding his childhood friend waiting for him.
After a long evening catching up, Manolo manages to convince Joaquin to let him tag along and train him as a solider. Joaquin of course isn’t happy that Manolo has chosen this path where he could get hurt or be killed(not that that couldn’t happen in the bullring, he muses), but some selfish part of him wants nothing more than to travel with his closest friend by his side, and surely two can protect Mexico better than one?

So they set out and travel together across Mexico, and Manolo trains hard under Joaquin’s excellent tutelage. Admittedly despite becoming a decent soldier, Manolo never becomes particularly great at fighting, but he’s quick and agile and can dodge like no one’s business, something that Joaquin is eternally grateful for since he’s not exactly invincible like he is.

Manolo never does return to bullfighting, though he and Joaquin visit San Angel every once in awhile. At first Manolo is hesitant to face his father, knowing full well he had disgraced and discarded the Sanchez name in favor of his mother’s, but the Carlos he faces is a tired, broken man with defeat in his eyes. It takes all Manolo’s strength not to waver, until finally Carlos pulls his son into a firm embrace, catching the soldier completely by surprise. The Sanchez man pulls away and gazes at his only son with relief plain in his eyes, clearly just happy to see him alive and well. They never quite make up, but Carlos treats his son as his equal from then on, not having any choice but to respect Manolo’s decision if he wanted to continue being a part of his son’s life.

Manolo and Joaquin travel together for several years, and the legend of the mighty hero of Mexico extends to be the legend of two brothers fighting side by side for the good of all, the invincible Joaquin Mondragon and the swift Manolo Rivera.

The other day I was really spaced out in my english class bc I haven’t really been sleeping enough, and a guy was calmly reading something he had written for class when he screamed “FUCK” as loudly as he could. I love my classmates, I never stay bored for long. 

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Hello. First things first, love your prompts😍 truly brilliant. Second, I need a first line (or paragraph if you prefer) on a young boy age 5/6 following a whistling sound that carries on the wind. For some reason he is the only one that is curious about the whistle and wishes to find the source of it. Do you get my drift or am I not being clear enough? Thanks in advance xoxo

Aw thanks so much, I’m glad they’re of use to you! I really like this idea, I’ll drop you some prompts so you can pick XD Also I’ve sort of named the boy Sammy, I know that probably isn’t his name, but I needed one to work with, hehe:

  • He tugged relentlessly at his mothers sleeve, begging for her to leave the playground the minute school had ended. She was becoming aggravated, he could tell, but showed no sign of it as she spoke to the parents surrounding them. “Sammy, what is it? I was talking!” She asked him, a dash of anger in her tone. “It’s that whist-” He began, before being cut off, “For the last time Sammy, there is no sound!”
  • The sky looked a funny colour and he giggled to himself, joining the stars in funny patterns. “Sammy? Time for bed.” He flipped onto his stomach to face the door to their cottage, his mother turning in the doorway to reenter the kitchen. That’s when it happened for maybe the eighth time that week. His ears perked up and he jumped to his feet, catching his foot on a root and almost losing his balance. He was going to find it. He was, he thought to himself as he ran into the forest behind their cottage.
  • Sammy was always on about the noise these days. His talking therapist had told him it was due to the loss of his father, his mother said he needed a hearing test and Adrian was always right, because he was seven days older than Sammy. That meant that when Adrian had told him it was a warning that the apocalypse was among them, Sammy took his advice and went looking for it. Because Adrian knew his facts and he had a book of supernatural creatures for 10+, which was naughty because they were only five.
  • “Sammy, slow down!” Charlie was running behind him, heaving lungfuls of air as he slowed. Sammy swung round, not the slightest bit out of breath, he was well accustomed with running here every night to try and wait up for the whistling sound. Only Charlie knew that, though. “Do you hear it? I think it’s getting louder!” Sammy exclaimed, Charlie didn’t look convinced. He hadn’t heard it from the beginning, only once thinking he’d heard, but to no avail. Sammy dragged him on, not giving him a moment to catch his breath.
  • “So, will you come?” He asked hopefully, watching her with bright eyes, unblinking. She huffed a little and her scrawny hair fanned out behind her. Sammy always thought she was like Hermione from the Harry Potter books his mother used to read to him. Unlike Hermione, she wore glasses and had long blonde hair, but the connection of being ever-so intelligent was there. She knew everything, she was sure to know what the noise was and maybe even had heard it herself.

Are these okay? This was really fun XD It was like being prompted to write prompts! If you need anymore help, don’t hesitate to message me, I’d be happy to try and do what I can. Good luck on your story, lots of love from Yasmine xox

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Do you consider clothing sharing and/or swapping to be more of romantic or very close platonic thing?

This is something I’ve thought a lot about! So, I remember when this ask came through- I’d just answered an ask commenting on ways to incorporate fluff XD Personally, I think it could be both; I know that’s really unhelpful, but I think it totally can. I always share clothing with my two closest friends, it’s a fact of being comfortable with that person and I don’t know if it typically has to fall into one or the other category. I think if your characters (assuming we’re talking about characters!) are emotionally close, confide in others and respect their relationship, they would totally fall into the category of sharing clothes- sometimes without even realising. I would say: It seems to be fairly domestic, so use that to your advantage!

I hope that sort of answered your question? I totally get what you mean because I’m a total over-thinker…! Good luck on your writing and lots of love from Yasmine xox

Omg so I spent a few hours before giving up on my programming hw (bc I couldn’t figure out damn templates ) and just never turned it in (it was due last night at midnight) but my prof sent out an email saying that book problems with templates can be simplified so

anonymous asked:

I love your blog, it's perfect. I need some advise. I'm writting a book about this HUGE family of travelers. Each character has the name of the city where they were concebed. It's a big tradicion that started with grandma Atlanta. The main character, Palermo (Italy) hates his name cause it means idiot in many languages, and unlike his family, he doesn't like adventure, he just wants a home. The thing is, I don't know how to carry on with the story line or how to create an obstacle. Suggestions?

This sounds amazing! I love the idea of having a group of characters to support the leading role and having the protagonist have their ideas swayed by morals and attitudes. Also, I’m loving the idea of cities as their names!

So I had a few ideas about carrying on and I hoped they might help:

  • Palermo finally settling down, only for his family to be taken from him and he journeys to get them back. As much as he may disagree with their ways, they are family and he won’t let a grudge ruin his family.
  • Palermo is forced to journey with his family, only to meet a lover and beg to settle down. The family makes a pact that he may only return to her after their journey is completed, this also comes down to whether the lover has stayed true and waited for him instead of moving on.
  • The travellers lose Palermo and he becomes aware that as much as he hated travelling, he liked it a lot more when he was with his family. Throughout, he meets new travellers who show him the ropes and help him in survival. 
  • Palermo is captured and taken overseas to a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. His family have yet to discover his disappearance and Palermo hopes they’ll come sooner. The warehouse is filled with men and women who claim he is the ‘destined one’ and that they are relying on him to save them. 
  • Palermo is captured (much like above), but falls in love with the capturer and is made to choose between returning to his family and living with his loved one. The family have travelled miles, only to find he was safe all along and become desperate for him to return with them.
  • The city that the travellers are staying in is falling to ruins due to a curse that is causing famine, leaving the citizens ill and malnourished. The family make to leave, only to find the city has been cursed shut and all members the family are to stay put. Palermo discovers he has a gift, however, and he refuses to tell the family of it in the case that they make him break the curse for them to leave. He loves the city, but does he love his family the same?

How’s that? I can do more if you like, it was super fun! I hope it all works out and we can read it sometime XD Good luck and all my love, Yasmine xox

my mom is being so rude rn wtf

“Thirty-five years ago I was a staff writer for the New Yorker, and I was working on a biography of Oliver Sacks. I had about fifteen notebooks full of interviews. We were meeting for dinner two or three nights per week. But at some point he asked if I could leave out the fact that he was gay. And I couldn’t do it. His sexuality tied him up in knots. And I thought those knots helped explain why he became such an amazing neurologist. So I agreed to stop writing, but we remained good friends. Shortly before he died last year, he called me and asked me to finish the book. So I’m trying to figure out where to begin. Thirty years ago I was going 100 mph in an aircraft carrier, and I was asked to stop on a dime. Now I’ve got to figure out how to start it back up.”

  I have been working on this since FOREVER because I wanna it to turn out good or at lease decent. This was a collaboration between me and @herobrinekid200 . It was just a normal sketch of PlushTrap at first, then my friend drew her SpringTrap next to my PlushTrap. I found it adorable, if you ask me. So at home I ripped the paper out of sketch book, scanned it into the computer, re-sketched it, and went all crazy with color, shading, and all that stuff. It took hours and was somewhat difficult because I draw with mouse, I somewhat messed up but I might fix that later.

  Anyways, I hope you like it @herobrinekid200 , it took hours but lol doesn’t really matter. I just hope you like it-

  And of course, I hope all you wonderful people like it too. :3

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Thank you for pulling me out of a year long book slump. I just finished timekeeper this morning and can no longer look at my family's grandfather clock the same. Your writing was effortless and smooth, and there were no slow monotonous parts other books tend to become home to. The book is now circulating through my friend group and finding new shelves to rest on. I'm going to strive to be able to write with the simplicity evident in your work. Thank you for inspiring this 17 year old ❤❤❤

Oh wow, thank you so much! <3 That means a lot. I’m so glad it brought you out of your reading slump and that it’s hopping between your friends’ bookshelves. I wish you the best of luck with your own writing!

So as you all know I work at Wal-Mart which I actually enjoy because A. It’s my first job that isn’t fast food and B. It’s a small town so everyone is nice. This guy came through my mine with a “How Trump Won” book. Now, idk what the book is about but I’m sure it’s filled with facts and statistics, all that jazz. As I was ringing him out the guy looked at me and asked if I read the book yet. I told him no because I don’t read books about politics. Apparently, this offended him because he got huffy with me, pointed a finger and stated that I need to read it. That I would benefit from it instead of reading Cosmo (I guess because I’m a girl I read Cosmo?) I bagged his book and handed it to him with a smile before saying, “I have a craving for well written literature with character development. I don’t like reading about The Annoying Orange.”