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wow your writing in the gods and monsters series is amazing! i've always loved greek myths and you bring them to life and add a different twist that makes it better than anything i've ever read about mythology!! if you have time, could you do a continuation of the Hades and Kore story? Kore/Persephone is one of my fav goddesses and i can't wait to see where you take her story!

(continuation of: x, x)

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has so little left to lose, only an overbearing mother she yearns to escape.

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she fights and swims and survives. She is picked up on the shore and carried to safety in Hades’s arms.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has everything to lose. She lets the water take her, and she drowns.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, it kills her.


Kore wakes up after falling unconscious while being carried by the King of the Underworld. Her skin is fully healed, no longer blistering and burning. She’s naked under the soft blankets, but she was naked when she dove into the river, so she’s not too worried about it.

“I didn’t know you were a goddess,” someone says, and she turns her head to see a little girl sitting by her bedside with black skin and grey eyes and hair. She’s glaring at her, “I wouldn’t have tried to kill you if I’d known. You shouldn’t touch my water – it’s not good for you. It will kill you. It does not care what you are.”

“It did not kill Achilles,” Kore says, pushing herself up so the blanket falls to her waist.

The young Lady Styx huffs and gets to her feet, pushing open the long wardrobe on the other side of the room. “It did, actually. What my river takes, it keeps.” Kore raises an eyebrow. Styx doesn’t explain further, only places a dark blue gown on the bed. “Hecate put some of her old things in here for you. She’s taller and thinner than you are. But you are a goddess. You can make it work.”

“I can,” Kore agrees, amused. She pushes herself out of bed, and her hair falls into her face.

Her hair has been a dark brown her whole life.

She strides over to the wardrobe and pulls it open, starring at herself in the mirror.

Her hair has turned pure, snowy white. The hair on her head of course, but the rest of it too. Her eyebrows, the light hair on her arms and legs, going down her navel, the hair between her legs – all of it white.

“You’re lucky nothing worse happened,” Styx scolds. “My river usually does much worse than that.”

Kore touches one of her new, pale eyebrows. “That is an excellent point, Lady Styx.”

With some clever magic, Kore pulls on the now perfectly fitting gown. Hecate doesn’t tend to bother with them, only dresses up if there’s some sort of celebration that requires her attendance – something that hasn’t happened in a long time, ever since she irritated Zeus and Poseidon to the point that they called for her head on a spike. The gown is old, even by their standards, but its beautifully crafted, stars plucked from the heavens and sewn into the bodice, waves from the seven seas curling around the long skirt. “This is very valuable,” she says, “Is Hecate sure she would like me to have it?”

Styx shrugs, “She said it was a young woman’s dress, and however she may look, she’s not a young woman any more. It’s my favorite dress of hers – I was quite cross that she gave it to you, but I did almost kill you. So I suppose that’s fair enough.”

“Ah,” Kore says, not quite sure how to respond to that. “I see.”

Styx grins at her and grabs her hand. The child goddess’s skin is freezing to the touch, but Kore doesn’t flinch back out of fear of being rude. “Come with me now. Hades wants to see you.”

The girl leads her through the twisting hallways to a polished wooden door. It’s not the throne room, where Kore thought that the girl would take her. She’s seen the grand inner chambers of Poseidon and Zeus’s homes before, of the lesser gods even, and Kore braces herself for something just as grandiose and intimidating.

Styx opens the door and pushes her inside before vanishing.

Kore blinks and looks around.

The room is smaller than she expected. It’s lined with shelves packed with scrolls, and mounted on the opposite wall is large map that’s constantly shifting and changing, and it take her almost a full minute of looking at it to realize it’s a map of the underworld.

“You’re looking better.”

Kore’s eyes snap down, and it’s only then that she notices the figure of Hades, King of the Underworld, hunched over his desk. His hair pulled in messy low ponytail, and there are dark bags under his eyes. He’s in a simple black chiffon, one no more presumptuous than any mortal noble would wear. He’s the most unassuming, unremarkable thing in already unassuming, unremarkable room.

Suddenly, she feels over-dressed.

“Thank you,” she says, not knowing what else to say. She feels – awkward, almost, in front of him, which isn’t something she’s ever felt with anyone. She wants to climb into his lap and rest her head against his shoulder. She wants to force him into some proper clothes for a king. She wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until he loses those bruises under his eyes.

She’s never wanted to do any of those things for anyone before. She doesn’t even know him.

Although – she knows he came for her. That he found an intruder into his realm and picked her up and soothed her, carried her to safety and washed her of the corrosive water of the Styx. He placed her in his palace and did not touch her as so many other men would have touched her.

So perhaps she does know him. At least a little.

He rests his chin on his hand while he looks at her. “Hermes came with a message from your mother, demanding your return.” She doesn’t even have the time to panic before he continues, “I denied her. If she wishes to speak to me in person, I told her she is welcome to step into my realm herself.”

“She won’t do that,” Kore says, “She fears your realm. She fears how her power means nothing in your domain.”

Kore had never known her mother to fear anything – except the land of the dead. She’d grown up thinking Hades must be a hulking, formidable figure to pull fear from her mother’s breast, but that’s clearly not the case.

He smiles, and it’s the first hint of sharpness she’s seen from him. “I know. There will be consequences, of course. But those are my concern. You are a guest of my realm, Goddess of Spring. Walk where you please, and do as you please. No one will stop you.”

He’s already looking back down at his papers, eyebrows drawing together as he scratches out a series of numbers and rewrites them. It’s a clear dismissal, but Kore can’t bring herself to move.

She’s never met this man before. Yet he stands against her mother, yet he welcomes her to his realm, yet he permits unrestricted access to his home, yet he grants her every freedom he’s able.

“Thank you,” she says again. He gives an absent nod, already reaching for another scroll.

She leaves as quietly as she came.

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this dream is short but this dream is happy
—  Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

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Hit me with a cool fact of the brain!(short if possible?I have duslexia)Thanks!✨

Ok from where you’re sitting right now I want you to try and slowly scan the room from left to right in one smooth motion. It’s not possible- instead, your eyes move along in little jumps called saccades. Now I want you to lift your pointer finger up and move it along from left to right, following it with your eyes. You’ll now notice your eyes no longer move in saccades but follow your finger in a swift motion known as a “smooth pursuit”. This movement allows our eyes to closely follow a moving object and evolved to aid us in catching prey or keep away from predators. Autistic people, abuse victims and those under the influence of alcohol or drugs often show a lack or defecit of smooth pursuit.

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any tips for making scenes surprising without just using the word "suddenly" all the time?

Yeah, let me see what I can do! So I got a list of words or phrases to use instead of ‘Suddenly’:

  • All at once.
  • Abruptly.
  • Swiftly.
  • All of a sudden. (because it’s like ‘suddenly’, but not completely)
  • Immediately.
  • Instantaneously.
  • In a moment.
  • In the blink of an eye.
  • Before anyone had considered the chance…
  • Before long.
  • Before they knew it.
  • In an instant.
  • Not realising what was happening…
  • Before they could comprehend what was happening.

This is a hard one! There aren’t honestly that many synonyms for suddenly, but these are ones that I use, I hope they can help you XD Good luck on your writing, lots of love from Yasmine xox

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i'm buying some books and idk what to buy. i've read tfc, and like trc and books like that. but i'm buying pjo and idk what else

ummm i read a ton of different genres so i’m not sure exactly you’re looking for but here are my all time favorites:

  • vicious v.e. schwab (sci-fi, adult, series) 
  • shades of magic v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • i’ll give you the sun jandy nelson (contemporary, ya lit, standalone)
  • the song of achilles madeline miller (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • the book thief markus zusak (historical, ya lit, standalone) 
  • aerial ethereal krista & becca ritchie (contemporary, na lit, series)
  • aristotle & dante discover the secrets of the universe benjamin alire sáenz (contemporary, ya lit, series)

and some underrated/books that have stuck with me/books i really liked:

  • monsters of verity v.e. schwab (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • carry on rainbow rowell (fantasy, ya lit, standalone) 
  • addicted krista & becca ritchie (contemporary, na lit, series)
  • artemis fowl eoin colfer (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • an ember in the ashes sabaa tahir (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the rest of us just live here patrick ness (contemporary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • timekeeper tara sim (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • the alchemyst michael scott (fantasy, ya lit, series) 
  • legend marie lu (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 
  • history is all you left me adam silvera (contemporary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • more happy than not adam silvera (contemporary, ya lit, standalone) 
  • blood of eden julie kagawa (fantasy & supernatural, ya lit, series) 
  • ruby red kerstin gier (sci-fi, ya lit, series) 

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Any tips on how to subtly make a (good) protagonist spiral down and become evil/the villain?

Aw yeah! I love this idea and I can’t believe I haven’t answered this sooner, sorry anon :/

It’s mostly about dropping subtle hints the whole way through, but here you go:

  • Morbid childhood. It doesn’t even have to be morbid- having a tendency to pull of dolls heads, ripping their siblings pictures up then blaming it on someone else, drawing rather graphic images, etc.
  • Make them mad. Have a person that’s making them insane.
  • Have a reoccurring incident that makes them more and more frustrated.
  • Toxic characters are key.
  • Deceitful characters. Make the protagonist oblivious as to what is happening to them.
  • Mind control, controlling actions.
  • Have a villain become friends with the protagonist and snidely dropping hints and unanswered questions that lead the character to insanity or curiosity- depending on their self awareness.
  • Just plain curiosity. Being overly interested in the dark, villain-worthy traits and not thinking twice about it.
  • Guidance from friends, siblings, family, the new kid who moved into town and is making it there goal to befriend the lead character, etc.
  • Denial of something, leading them to be rebellious.
  • Rebellion in a whole new light! Make the character rebellious and have them not understand what they’re getting themselves into.

Drop any ideas ya’ll have! I think this is a really clever thing tow rite about and I definitely need to have a go at it- not to mention get better at it… Good luck with your story though! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

a small feel good rant about what happened yesterday because it really made me feel happy: (don’t rb)

so i went to this art place for 3 days, it was a beginner class and tbh, i wasn’t sure why I went but I did anyway. On the last day, they asked the class to make oc’s and gather what they learnt in the class onto paper. I didn’t pay much attention in that class because they were touching on the very basics of art so I just doodled whatever I wanted. At the end they wanted us to show what we’ve done to the class

this is what i did^^

It was just a bunch of messy scribbles to me, nothing special and I didn’t think it was that good. I saw everyone in the room in shock though, idk what they were expecting from me but they were stunned. I saw this one kid around 10-12 years old’s eyes light up, she even started drawing her oc’s different expressions on the side of her paper before she presented. One person in their mid 20′s said that he actually had a crush on the biker girl and really loved her design, another guy said he loved the fluidity of my art, and said that it breathed life into the characters and that no matter what style people draw in, these expressions can really move a story along and impact an audience.

The teacher herself (a published manga artist) couldn’t stop smiling!! she was so happy, and what really stuck with me is that she said my art reminded her of light, the characters were full of energy and emotion and even though I just scribbled whatever onto the page it felt as if the characters had their own lives and I somehow put it onto a piece of paper. The class kept going on and on about my art and I stood there and didn’t really know what to do?? I was never complimented like this about my art and knowing that it made people light up when they saw it and become inspired really impacted me and I’ve never seen a reaction like that. Everyone was so happy and they loved it!! 

The teacher then gave me her business card and told me that she will contact me about getting real things published/having my work in a gallery etc. and I was overwhelmed! I didn’t think my art was at that sort of level and I thought there were alot of places I still needed to work on (which I do) but knowing that she said she needed someone like me in an industry “a young kid with alot of talent” can really move things along and inspire alot of people.

The kid asked for my number, another girl asked for my account and number so I could help her draw, another guy said he wanted to see more of the biker girl, one guy said he hoped he’d see me become big one day. Finally the teacher pulled me aside and told me that what I did was going to stick in these people’s minds and help them draw in the future, she gave me a bunch of comic books and her own book. I didn’t know what else to do other than thank everyone and we took a group photo and put our art together. 

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ok but speaking of tintin what does his fellow journalists, the one working in the same newspaper as him, think of this adventurous guy

Honestly, I feel like it would be Complicated.

Like his fellow journalists feel like they should be annoyed with this guy.  There he goes, travelling all over the world while they’re stuck doing local news, probably thinks he’s so good getting all these far-flung impossible stories, it’s not like they can be real anyway he must be making them up, no one just fights gorillas in towers in Scotland that doesn’t just HAPPEN.  He’s frustratingly popular and his articles are always in high demand and he hardly ever seems to come into the office, does he think he’s better than everyone else?? fuck that guy.

That’s how people think they should feel about him.

Except for the little problem that Tintin is too damn likable for his own good.

Every so often a new journalist will get hired on, and they’ve seen this guy’s articles, they’ve heard the stories, and they’re all ready to be nasty (and jealous) of this guy… until the very next time Tintin comes into the office and they talk for like five minutes.  At which point you can’t help but like Tintin, because Tintin seems to genuinely and sincerely like just about everyone else.  Tintin absolutely thinks you are fascinating and he can’t wait to talk about the latest article you’ve been investigating about greengrocer price hikes and he might tell stories about his adventures if prompted but he’s so engaging and so humble about it all, as if being invited to fly to the fucking MOON is no big deal, and he just happened to be in the right place at the right time that every single reporter leaves feeling… well, not only good about him but good about themselves.

So yes, Tintin, despite all expectations and common sense, is incredibly well-liked by his colleagues.

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Hi! So I'm currently working on a book but I can't describe the characters features. Mine are basically basic. I wanna know how you would describe him. He is tall, like incredibly tall. Green eyes, stubbles you can clearly see even though he shaves, shoulder length chestnut hair. That is literally how I described him in my drafts.. can you help?

Sounds great! I think when it comes do describing a character you need to do it sparingly, but with a lot of impact. I like to compare my characters to the other characters, to put it into perspective for the reader.


We’ve all read those stories that have the odd splash of metaphors whenever they need to describe a characters eye colour (the most common being ‘Eyes the colour of the ocean’ or some variation of that!), but have you thought about it in a way that has specific significance to you? So many metaphors are used for eye colour, but what about not being cliché and instead adding a metaphor for their hair or skin colour etc? What shade of green were his eyes? Army green? The colour of ivy? Or were they a mix of greens and browns, a tornado of colours on a paint palette? 


Being 5′3 and ready to fight anyone, it’s difficult when a 6′6 dude comes up to you and can pretty much step on you. When you say your character is tall are we meaning that he is tall compared to you? If so that may be a problem because the reader wont specifically know your height, but in other terms if it’s written in first (I) or second (You) person that might be easier to just state him as tall. If it’s written in third (They) it might be easiest to state their height in comparison to another character. You might say that another character only comes up to his chest and they use to think they were fairly tall before meeting him. Another way you might exploit your characters height is by comparing their actions to that of the other characters. Maybe you have another character who is use to scaling their kitchen to reach the baking tray in the top draw, but he comes along, not stretching one bit, and reaches it down for them. You get the gist?


Okay, so this one is difficult because there is such thing as over-describing and that’s when the writer has stated so much about the character that they’ve left nothing to the imagination and the story becomes controlled by the writer. If it’s not a main feature or something that isn’t exactly relevant, then don’t write it! It’s that easy. I see a lot of writers saying things like “His eyes were wide and his cheekbones were sharp. He had thin lips and a button nose” As much as that may sound pretty, it seems as if the writer is showing through and explaining the character how they see them, not how the reader sees them. This is the same as when you read a book, then watch the movie and look at the characters, thinking “this is not what I imagined them to look like”. Instead, use your descriptions sparingly when talking about a characters appearance. 

I will definitely add to this post some more if I think of anymore points of description. I totally get where you’re coming from though, it’s difficult to get the right balance of describing and leaving it to the reader, I struggle too! Good luck, lots of love from Yasmine xox

it's a date

request: none

warnings: violence, harassment

a/n: hi I’m in love with Gaston, like yeah he was a major asshole for the last hour and a half of the movie but i like to think he had a soft side, you just had to be patient enough to see it. SO PLEASE REQUEST GASTON IMAGINES THANK YOU (or other BATB characters xoxo)

You sighed as you turned another page of your book. You tapped your fingers aimlessly on the table as the tavern bustled with people. You continued to read your book until it was taken out of your hands. You gasped and looked up to see two men standing in front of you holding your book.

You glared as you calmly said,
“Give me back my book.”

The two men smirked as one of them said,
“We just wanted to talk to you miss.”

You stood up and held your hand out for the book,
“I’m not asking again, give me back my book.”

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So (for those of you who don’t know) I’m a substitute teacher. And this week, I made the specific effort to be at a specific school on the day when I knew David Wiesner (award winning author and illustrator of 10 AMAZING watercolor, handpainted, children’s books) would be there.

I tracked him down in the school library to ask him to sign a copy of his book Sector 7. I was super nervous because everyone else (who went to/worked at the school) ordered theirs ahead of time. I was terrified he’d say no because I’m a lunatic with anxiety. When I got to the library, my anxiety kicked into high gear because HALF THE TEACHERS WERE THERE FOR A SPECIAL BREAKFAST!!!

I stood awkwardly in the library holding my book for 15 minutes while I waited for him to be alone because I was embarrassed to be asking him for his autograph and didn’t want him to say no in front of another teacher. Finally, I saw an opening and asked him to sign my book. (I explained that I was a substitute so I couldn’t order one.)

Not only did he sign it, he also drew a character FROM THE BOOK on the title page along with his signature and “To Giselle”. It was so great! I also told him that my dream is to be a writer, and he gave me some bits of advice for how to break into the world of writing children’s books (which I want to do in conjunction with YA and maybe adult books, though that’s more of a question mark.)

It was a brilliant experience. BUT it doesn’t end there. Today, I went to a different school, where I was a substitute librarian. Why was I a substitute librarian?? Because David Wiesner was presenting at THAT school, and the librarian was going to be with him all day helping him with his presentations. I had nothing for him to sign today, but I got to hang out with him a bit before school and talk to him. AND I GOT TO HAVE LUNCH WITH A 3 TIME CALDECOT MEDAL WINNER!! And he actually talked to me and asked me questions about my life and career, and it was amazing!! I’m still freaking out!!!

And that is the tale of Giselle’s first networking experience as a writer. Please excuse me while I die in a corner from over excitement.


I am Spiderman -Tom Holland

A/N: I kind of got carried away, this is totally what my father did when I was little and asked him a question! FLUUUUUUFF and stuff


You were sitting on the couch, Toms arm wrapped around you and you were watching a movie. He placed a kiss on your temple every now and then and you went up and down his thigh with your fingertips.

“If you keep doing that we’ll have to take this into the bedroom, darling.”, he said into your ear his voice muffled because of your hair. You looked up woth a smirk to say something when you got interrupted.

“Mom? Dad!”

“Livingroom honey!”, you yelled back and a couple seconds later your ten yesr old daughter was standing infront of you. “I’ve got this homework. Could you help me out?”, she asked sitting down on the carpet and placing her exercise book on the coffeetable. “Of course. What is it?”, Tom asked and looked over her shoulder.

“So there are questions I have to answer and some of them are about my parents. So how did you guys meet?”, she asked and took her pen ready to write her sentence.

“Well.”, Tom started and you closed your mouth leaving him to tell her. “It was around the time where I started shooting spiderman…”

*** Flashback***

Friday - 6:55

Every morning started the same. Exact same time. You took your keys, shoulderd your bag and closed the door behind you, leaving your parents house. A black car drove down the street while you took off to the bus stop where you hopped on the bus 207. Your ride lasting 12 minutes, you were down town at 7:07. It took you about 15 minutes to walk to the café where you were working. So you walked into the Hots'n Buns at 7:22, making the bell above the door ring painfully loud. Right about then Mrs.Walker walked by you like every morning. She had grey puffy hair, was about 4"11 and had round glasses on her nose. “Morning me lady.”, you greeted her and tapped your imaginery hat and she smile back at you. “Right about time.”, she joked and you chuckled. “7:22. As always Mrs.Walker.”, you said walking past her into the kitchen. You entered the kitchen at 7:25 and took your cooking apron off the hook and put it on. “Hiya.”, Maddy greeted you while hanging her own apron back. “What’s up? Something new?”, you asked and she shrugged. “No newbies. Suit-Man two coffees. Perl-lady 5 buns. Mrs. Walker two Baguettes…”, she said and took a deep breath.

“And hoodie-boy two croissants and one large black coffee.”, you both said simultanously and grinned at each other.

“Alright. I’ll see you tomorrow.”, she said and I nodded.

“7:25 you know it!”, I yelled because she was already going out the door.

At exactly 7:30 you were standing at the counter ready to take in the orders. You were known by the staff and the customers for your punctuality. It was just a thing that you tried to keep up. For no exact reason but it was fun. Exactly 8 hours later you hung your apron back and took your stuff to get out of the Café.


You didn’t know if you got jinxed or something because the next morning you woke up late. Only 10 minutes but very important 10 minutes. Meaning: You’d be late. You didn’t get to have breakfast, you missed your bus and had to take 305 to get to town. It was already 7:17 when you got down town and it was 7:32 when the bell above the door rang. Was it more annoying this morning or was it just your nerves? You did not get to meet Mrs.Walker with her two baguettes and her genuine smile. Which was bad enough. So it was 7:35 when you entered the kitchen where Maddy was waiting with her hands on her hips. You shot her a glare and she threw her hands in the air.

“Don’t say nothin’”, you said obviously pissed off and she shook her head.

“You held it up for three years. That’s somthing.”, she said and you shot her another glare.

“I’m not sayin’ nothin’.”, she defended herself and added,“It’s only 10 minutes. Everybody comes 10 minutes late.”

“Not me.”, you growled and pushed the door open to the counter. You wrote Jessica that she could come 10 minutes later because you would stay in ten minutes longer. No one expected that from you but it was your punishment for yourself. Not that you needed it.

Because everything went wrong that day. Only because of 10 damn minutes. Three people complained about their coffee which you couldn’t understand. And then while making coffee for them again the coffee machine went off on you. It just did nothing. So no coffee for already annoyed customers. One woman didn’t pay enough. You saw it, she ran away, you had to pay the rest because you wanted to keep the job. Otherwise your manager would flip his shit. And last but not least: A tiny human being, also called child, decided to drop his cup right before you walked by their table and you slipped on his drink, landing directly in the puddle of ice-tea.

It was after 15:30. Normally you would be gone just now but not today. The lunch rush was over and it was quiet in the Café so you took your chance to repair the coffee machine. You didn’t know how long you worked on it but as soon as you made it work the bell rang. Your back was faced to the room so you didn’t know who came in. “Yes!”, you said triumphantly to yourself and threw your fist into the air. “Hello there. Same as always, please.”, you heared someone say to you with an english accent and you turned around to look at him. “Huh.”, you said and put your hands on your hips. There he was. A young man, probably as old as you, in a black hoodie. He had the kindest brown eyes you’ve had ever seen and it made you smile. “I-I’m sorry, what?”, you asked after he raised a brow and smiled back.

“Oh sorry. I thought you were Jessica!”, he said and shook his head apologetically. Why on earth did he know Jessica? No offense. “What?”, you asked again and facepalmed yourself in your mind for sounding so dumb. “Sorry, you must be new here. I’ve never seen you here before. I’ll have a Latté and a Brownie please.”, he ordered again and smiled but you didn’t think of moving and raised a brow at him.

“No I’m quite old. You probably come in here for the first time.”, you suggested and put the Brownie into a paperbag. “Actually I’ve been coming here for the last year everyday.”, he said with a grin.

“Name?”, you asked with a small grin on your lips as you took a cup and a pen to write his name.


“Well Tom. I’ve been working here for three years and I’ve never seen you around.”, you said while writing his name.

“What a shame.”, he teased you and you looked up immediatly to see him smirk.

“Which means you always came in too late. After I ended my shift.”, you said and put the cup into the coffee machine.

“Naaah. I’ve been coming in everyday exactly at 15:36. Punctuality thing of mine.”, he said and you looked at him over your shoulder. It hit you right then that you always missed this cutie for a year because you always left at exactly 15:30. Everyday.

“Well it’s your lucky day then. Cause I came in late today and thus I had to work longer.”, you explained and took the coffee off the machine. “You’re welcome.”, I smiled at him putting the coffee down on the counter. “Thank you.”, he chuckled and took the coffee into his other hand. He looked at you for a longer time and then shook his head lightly still smiling.

“Alright. I gotta go.”, he said and you nodded. “Off you go.”, you said and smiled back. “See ya.”, he said and turned his back on you and walked towards the door. “If you come in earlier, maybe.”, you called after him and you were sure that you heared him laugh. You checked the time when he went out the door. 15:40. That was your call. You went into the kitchen and changed shifts with Jessica who came in earlier. “Did you see Tom? What a babe am I right? I’ve been trying to get his number for a year now. Do you think he noticed?”, she asked you while you were hanging your apron back on the hook. “We’ve had a chat. But not about you, sorry.”, you said and shrugged. While you walked out of the kitchen with your normal clothes on, Jessica walked to the counter. Right about then you bumped into a chest because you were checking your phone.

“Sorry.”, you both apologized at the same time. Realising the voice your head shot up and you looked into those beutiful brown eyes. “Hey.”, he smiled.


“What are you doing here? Problem with the coffee? People been complaining all day. Thought I fixed the darn thing.”, you said and looked at his cup of coffee.

“No! No. I just…forgot the sugar. And, you know…”, he said and I shook my head.

“I actually don’t know. Are we out of sugar? Are you gonna complain about that? Look man,my shift is over. You can give your compl…”, you started but he cut you off.

“No! No complaint. Jesus. What happened today?”, he laughed and you huffed in relieve. “A lot.”, you chuckled.

“So I actually came back cause…I felt dumb. For not asking for your name.”, he said insecurely and you laughed out loud. He looked taken aback for a sec and you gathered yourself together immediatly.

“You came back for that?”

“Yeah?”, he said now unsure.

“Why don’t you call the number I wrote on the cup, Sugar.”, you said and pointed at his cup. “Wha-…ohmygod.”, he blurted out and sighed. His cheeks blushed and I chuckled. You looked down and saw just then his weird looking red boots. “Hey! What’s up with those?”, you asked and pointed at his feet. His head shot up immediatly and he looked horrofied. “I gotta go! Sorry, I’ll call to ask for your name!”, he called while running out of the café.

“Y/N!”, you yelled after him, not reslly sure if he heared it or not.


“So…you guys met in a café?”, your daughter said after Tom finished his detailled story and his mouth dropped which made you laugh. “Yes sweetie.”, you answered for him and watched how she wrote down ‘They met in s café’.

“Isn’t that a little minimalist of you to…”, Tom started with an offended look on his face but you cut him off.

“You’re doing great Rose. Anything else?”, you chuckled but she shook her head, so her brown locks bounced up and down. “Go finish your homework then. We’ll go out for dinner later.”, you told her and she got excited.

“Can we get McDonalds?!”, she exclaimed and raised her hands. “It’s Daddys turn to decide.”, you said and looked over to Tom who was still shocked. “And…he will tell you after you finish your homework.”, you added after seeing that he wouldn’t answer. She took off with her book and you shook your head still laughing.

“We met in café…We met in a CAFÉ?”, he sighed after she was gone and you let yourself fall onto your back and held your belly laughing. “That’s what she got? I’m gonna have to have a talk with her.”, he said and you playfully hit his shoulder. “Shut up!”, you said and he looked at you. “What are you laughing at?”, he said with raised brows.

“She asked you how we met. Not our whole dating life.”, you teased him and sat back up. “I didn’t tell her about what we did at our second date.”, he teased you back and you raised a brow. “I can’t quite recall that?”

“I’ll show you, Sugar.”, he said and leaned in to kiss you. You placed your hands on his neck and pulled him closer. He put his hands on your waist and let his fingers gently slide under your shirt.

“I’m done! Ew gross!” The voice of your daughter made you jump apart. You looked at eachother in disbelief and Tom broke the silence. “Daddy wanted to show you what Mommy and…”, he started but you muffled his voice by pressing your hand on his mouth. “Tom!”, you said in disbelief and looked up at your daughter. “Go get your coat Rose. We’ll be there in a sec.”, you told her and she took off again.

“You’re unbelievable.”, you said and took your hand off his mouth.

“I am Spiderman.”, he smirked.

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Request: hi:)) could I please request a 13rw oneshot with Zach Dempsey x Reader where Zach is basically in love with the reader but she’s totally oblivious and all his friends joke and stuff about it but in the end he kisses her or something and then they get together pretty plss

Requested by: @clemmyclueless

A/N: Ok so this is my second fic so bear with me but i thought this ask was really cute so here goes nothing! (sorry its so short!)

Warnings: None

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Fem Reader

Originally posted by knightlley

“Hey hotness” Zach said smirking.                                                              “Hello Zach” Y/N responded as she shut her locker and turned to him.           “Want me to help you out with those books?” He asked trying to be helpful.      “Nah, its alright, I got it” Y/N said as she walked away. Zach watched her walk away until she entered a class room. He turned around and walked over to his friend group and started to talk with them. 

“I saw you talking to Y/N over there. Is she still very oblivious?” Justin said turning to the group The rest of the group laughed.                                       “Hey, its not her fault. I’m just not obvious enough…I guess?” Zach responded second guessing himself.                                                                                     “Dude shes so oblivious that she wouldn’t know your flirting unless it hit her in the head” Bryce said laughing.                                                                            “Shut up Walker.” Zach said angrily.                                                                    “Hey don’t get mad at me for speaking the truth” Bryce said while throwing his hands up in the air.                                                                                            “Whatever, I gotta get to class.” Zach said as he slung his back pack over his shoulder and walked away from the group heading to his next class.

Zach sat at his desk daydreaming about Y/N. He loved how her smile was radiant and how she was just like a big ball of sunshine. When ever she was around, it was like the whole room lit up. He just loved how every little thing she did was beautiful. Like how she would twirl her hair between her fingers when she was bored. Or how she would twist her silver ring around and around her finger when she was nervous. She was just so beautiful that she didn’t even have to try. Zach was quickly woken up from his daydream when Y/N bumped into him. 

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention” Y/N said apologizing.                                        “Its alright. You can bump into me any time princess” Zach winked at her.        “Um ok?” Y/N said confused as she walked away.                                              “Hey wait up!” Zach yelled running towards Y/N.                                                “Yes?” Y/N asked Zach.                                                                                      “Can I walk you home? Your house is really close to mine so ill be walking that way anyway” Zach said.                                                                                       “Sure, you can walk me home” Y/N said shrugging.                                          “I totally get it if you don’t want m- wait I can?” Zach questioned.                       “Yup” Y/N said popping the p.                                                                            “Alright sweet” Zach said nodding to himself.

As they walked together they talked about everything and anything. They talked about how they lived so close but never really knew. They also talked about how they were in almost all the same classes but never really talked before. They even laughed about some things and Y/N laughed at Zach’s jokes (even though they were really cheesy). When they got to her house he walked her up to the door. 

“So I guess ill see you on Monday then?” Y/N asked as she began to unlock her front door.                                                                                                     “Actually I wanted to ask you something” Zach said stopping her from what she was doing.                                                                                                            “So I’ve kind of really liked you and I don’t know if your not getting my hints or you don’t return the feeling but if you don’t that’s fine and I underst-” Zach got cut off by Y/N crashing her lips on to his and kissing him. He was surprised at first but once he registered what was going on he kissed back. Y/N pulled away and started smiling.                                                                                              “God I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for like forever now!” Y/N said giggling.                                                                                                              “Wait. You so you’ve liked me the entire time I’ve liked you?” Zach asked.          “Well I’ve always liked you but I never knew if you returned the feeling so I never asked you out.” Y/N said shyly.                                                                  “What? I thought I was being super obvious.” Zach laughed.                            “Really? hmm I never noticed, But then again i’m very oblivious” Y/N said smirking.                                                                                                             “Ya. I kinda figured that out, but would you like to go out tomorrow? Maybe to Monet’s?” Zach asked.                                                                                        “I’d love to” Y/N said giving Zach a peck on the cheek. She then turned around and went inside the home.                                                                                  “Sweet” Zach said feeling all giddy inside. He turned around on his heel and started to walk home feeling very happy and he wished tomorrow would come sooner.                      

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Hey um, I saw your post about Writer's block and it was great but I was wondering if you had any additional ideas/a separate list for Writer's block that comes from depression? Sometimes it's hard even to read at all and I'm desperate to write again

Oh darlin’, I totally get you. I’m really sorry that you’re struggling with inspiration and I really hope that I can help. Depression is the worst and I hope you all know that I’ll always be here for ya’ll. You’re all important and deserve all the love in the world and more. Please never think anything less of yourselves. So, my beautiful Anon, here’s a list formed especially for you:

  • Pinterest- Honestly, it’s amazing. Creating boards of character or plot inspiration can always help. When you feel ready to write again, you’ll have it in picture form. There’s honestly no wrong or right way to do it- just mess about with it!
  • Drawing/Doodles- It is always fun to draw your plot, characters and settings. You can go totally wild and it doesn’t even have to be good! You can write short things that come to mind when drawing the characters, or just draw them how you imagine. Again, there’s no wrong or right. Don’t put any pressure on yourself.
  • Mind-maps- Are always a wonderful idea and if you do feel up to writing then just scribble down some character traits or plot details. If that’s too much, it’s okay!
  • Notes- Writing short notes or scribbling down ideas can always help. I’d say to carry a notebook around with you and as soon as any sort of idea pops into your head, write it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s related to your current idea or not, just write it down. It doesn’t hurt to have a notebook full of stray ideas! Hehe XD.
  • Social Media- Use it to your advantage! Not everyone on the internet is as awful as your parents make out for them to be, so find new accounts, follow new users and connect with other people. Look at all of your talented-selves and connect with other users on here is you like. We all have something in common and it’s always worthwhile to connect with new people.

I hope this helped a bit and I really hope it gave you some inspiration. I know how hard it is to find inspiration at these points and I’m always here if you need to chat. You don’t need to stress. Even if you write three words, it’s better than nothing! I’m really proud of you and can’t wait to see your book in stores XD Lots and lots of love from Yasmine xox

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This isn't kpop related but your bio says you like to read. Could you recommend a few of your favourite books?

ANON! Of course! I read a lot of fantasy/YA, so excuse my bias. 

Some of my favorite books/series are:

1) Red Rising (Pierce Brown)

Sci-fi YA. I like to call it Hunger Games meets Enders Game. Honestly one of my favorite series. The world building, the fantasy, the suspense. Pierce Brown is a master and this series is something else.

2) Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)

Fantasy YA. I love this series - absolutely adore. The first book is fantastic but it’s the direction in the next few (5/6 are currently out) that make me truly adore this world. It takes on a life of it’s own.

3) Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J. Maas)

So, I’m a Sarah J. Maas fangirl. LOL this book is a twist on Beauty and the Beast, set in the Fey world (not similar to Addewid if you read my fanfic blog lol). Anyways, it was book two of this series that dragged me deep.

4) The Wrath and the Dawn (Renee Ahdieh)

Sigh. This is a two book series that honestly had me on the edge of my seat and even crying at one point. A beautiful story - and very original retelling of A Thousand Nights.

Keep reading

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can you pleeaasee talk about the build up of elio and oliver's relationship?? like, by the time they first kiss, is the audience wanting to scream at them through the screen to get together? Because that's how i felt reading the book!

Spoiler warning, m’loves… 

I know what you mean - the book, after being in Elio’s head for weeks of the summer at that point and his every thought consumed by what he wants to do with Oliver, by the time they kiss you’re more than ready for development in their relationship.

So personally, I didn’t feel so much urgency for them when they kiss in the film and I think that’s largely because you’re not too aware of the end of summer at that point. Until Elio confesses his feelings, their flirtation and attempts to get each other’s attention, see if the feeling is mutual, is amusing and sweet - particularly Elio’s jealousy and mood swings. After they kiss and Oliver hasn’t verbally confirmed anything, stops the kiss, disappears… that creates more of a tension that makes me want to scream at them than the actual kiss itself. By the end of the ‘Futile Devices’ sequence, as a viewer I need something more to happen and it’s so frustrating that Oliver has seemingly withdrawn, seems to be trying to leave it at just the kiss, and Elio is now pursuing Marzia as well. By the time they’re counting down the hours to ‘Midnight’, I was ready to bang their heads together and yes, scream at them! So for me, the build-up after the kiss was more tense, more scream-at-them-worthy than the build-up to the kiss. However the immediate moments leading up to the kiss - confession, bike ride, conversation at Monet’s berm - do have their own anticipation of something big about to happen after all the hints that they really do like each other and if I hadn’t read the book first and had no idea what to expect, I probably would have been more on edge wondering what exactly would come of Elio’s confession.

Hope that answers your question! Of course this is just my take on it - you may find you have a different experience with it :)

Neverender AU

(fair warning this is a really long post)

AU where Manolo gets fed up with bullfighter training and runs away from San Angel to escape the Sanchez legacy with nothing but a small pack, his swords, and his guitar on his back.

He spends days searching the harsh desert for Joaquin, who had by now been out on his own for at least a year. Manolo thinks perhaps he can be a soldier. It isn’t being a musician, but that’s not a choice he can make in San Angel, not as long as his father is around trying to force him to be the kind of man who could slaughter innocent animals. And if he can just track down his friend, well.. perhaps being a soldier would be bearable as long as he has Joaquin. He might even be able to help protect people, too. And he would still have his guitar.

But unfortunately he gets lost trying to find Joaquin and decides to stop in a small town one night, spending what little money he has to stay at an inn, and by some amazing luck he happens to overhear some guy gossiping about a soldier from San Angel who helped save his daughter from some bandits awhile back. Manolo excitedly interrupts the man and describes Joaquin to him, and the man confirms that it was indeed his childhood friend. Manolo sits down and tells him that he’s trying to find this soldier and if they could help him out. The man asks him who he is and how he knows Joaquin, and with a wry smile he answers,

“He’s my brother. My name is Manolo Rivera.”

The man beams at him and excitedly offers him his family’s horse to travel with, and while Manolo is hesitant to accept such generosity, the man is insistent on helping out the brother of the man who saved his daughter’s life.

So he presents Manolo with a beautiful Criollo mare with a soft white blaze on her forehead and sends him off in the direction Joaquin left. Manolo rides off, astounded that people could be so grateful to Joaquin that they’d be willing to give him a horse for free just for associating with him.

Perhaps being a hero wouldn’t be so bad. It certainly was treating him better than being a Sanchez.

And so Manny travels from town to town all over Mexico with his horse(whom he had named Estrella for the star on her head), going by word of mouth trying to find Joaquin and visiting all the towns the soldier had been to. And in every town he was surprised at the incredible generosity he was shown for his association with the soldier. Some people welcomed him into their homes, some let him eat for free, some gave him things. One family tried to give him a hawk to hunt and send messages with, but Manolo and the ferocious bird couldn’t seem to get along, so they gave him a small white and blue parakeet they had been keeping as a pet, which Manolo adored more than anything because it loved to sing, and named it Juanito. In return for all these gifts Manolo would repay their kindnesses with beautiful music from his guitar.

So in every town Manolo visits, he gets to hear firsthand all the stories of Joaquin’s exploits. A few are truly spectacular tales of heroism, but a lot of them are mostly small acts here and there, like saving a puppy with a thorn in its paw or delivering babies.

Unfortunately there are a fair few stories that, as it turns out, aren’t quite as heroic as Joaquin used to tell him the couple of times he had come home to San Angel. The soldier had clearly exaggerated or in some cases outright lied about the way some events had unfolded, clearly in an attempt to hide his shame the few times he had made a mistake or let somebody get hurt.

In one particular town Manolo is told a more tragic story about how Joaquin had accidentally let a young girl die because he had gotten carried away while fighting the bandit who had kidnapped her. In his carelessness he had been more focused on showing off and hadn’t realized the little girl had been wounded, and by the time he had defeated the bandit she was already cold and lifeless, and Joaquin had been stricken with guilt. The girl’s family had been outraged and ran him out of town.

Manolo had been shocked to learn of these events, until another citizen mentioned in passing that it was about that time Joaquin came to visit, and upon seeing the confusion on Manolo’s face, they explained that ever since Joaquin had let the little girl die, he had made sure to come back every few months to do some work for the town and spend time with the little girl’s family, trying desperately to make up for his mistake. Eventually the parents had forgiven him and he was now treated like part of the family, a fact that brought a huge smile to Manolo’s face.

And so Manny waited in the town a few days awaiting Joaquin’s return, and at last his searching came to an end when the gloriously decorated soldier rode into town, completely aghast at finding his childhood friend waiting for him.
After a long evening catching up, Manolo manages to convince Joaquin to let him tag along and train him as a solider. Joaquin of course isn’t happy that Manolo has chosen this path where he could get hurt or be killed(not that that couldn’t happen in the bullring, he muses), but some selfish part of him wants nothing more than to travel with his closest friend by his side, and surely two can protect Mexico better than one?

So they set out and travel together across Mexico, and Manolo trains hard under Joaquin’s excellent tutelage. Admittedly despite becoming a decent soldier, Manolo never becomes particularly great at fighting, but he’s quick and agile and can dodge like no one’s business, something that Joaquin is eternally grateful for since he’s not exactly invincible like he is.

Manolo never does return to bullfighting, though he and Joaquin visit San Angel every once in awhile. At first Manolo is hesitant to face his father, knowing full well he had disgraced and discarded the Sanchez name in favor of his mother’s, but the Carlos he faces is a tired, broken man with defeat in his eyes. It takes all Manolo’s strength not to waver, until finally Carlos pulls his son into a firm embrace, catching the soldier completely by surprise. The Sanchez man pulls away and gazes at his only son with relief plain in his eyes, clearly just happy to see him alive and well. They never quite make up, but Carlos treats his son as his equal from then on, not having any choice but to respect Manolo’s decision if he wanted to continue being a part of his son’s life.

Manolo and Joaquin travel together for several years, and the legend of the mighty hero of Mexico extends to be the legend of two brothers fighting side by side for the good of all, the invincible Joaquin Mondragon and the swift Manolo Rivera.