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Amethyst: Facet-5 Cut-8xM
Peridot: Facet-2(F5L) Cut-5xG

Hey! @the-a-j-universe , I got one!!!

Peridot has extra in her name because she is in a sub vein where as our amathyst’s kindergarten is no where near as eaten up as homeworld projections are.

no offense but if a trans person tells you their preferred name and you refuse to use their preferred name and make no attempt to correct this mistake then you’re a piece of shit

It’s all very well making lesbians magically become bi because they’ve ‘met the right guy’ or you feel like you can’t write women that are just into women and not about to fawn over a male hero, but somehow it’s impossible to even imagine a previously considered straight guy main character having a fluid sexuality??? Nah mate if sexuality is so fluid in your world then give me bi John Watson. If this isn’t about making a woman who explicitly said she is only into women suddenly start liking a guy for some cheap power thrill then prove it by doing the same with John Watson. That is the point at which I will treat it like an actual decision to explore the fluidity of sexuality (in some cases) instead of just plain misogyny/lesbophobia. 

gravesmistake  asked:

Hey im super new to the fandom but I rly love your blog and I was wondering if you could rec some others?

ahhh, thank you so much ;u; and welcome to the club new friend! i’m assuming, since you came to me, that you’re looking for more fbawtft and/or gradence-friendly blogs to follow then? I don’t know a whole lot but here’s a few i’ve spotted around:

@ladynorthstar / @greisheb / @crazytom666 / @dakotaliar / @thedesertviking / @mto-art / @winterofherdiscontent / @aukives / @88muneo / @cyy-dark / @livesinsinandmisery / @mamaluciscaelum

@newtsobscuro@elisebazinga / @elvishflower / @rxven-clxw / @graveboner / @petricoloer / @credencesbarebone / @johnwatsonfalls / @greyjoyvs / @percivxlgrxves

@percegraves / @yayuijun / @seasons-gredence / @drawsaurus / @imochan / @percivalgravesaurorsquad / @pcrcivalgrvs / @gravebcnes / @lonely-little-credence / @gradenceisreal / @gradence / @fantastic-gays / @2longinshadows / @spygore

there are plentyyyyy more, but those are just the first few that came to my mind. i hope it helps!

anonymous asked:

How would you want a Stydia reunion to go down?

Oh man. There are a couple of ways that I’d wanna see. 

So I think when they finally get inside the train station and everybody is rushing people out, Scott and Lydia are trying to find Stiles. And then from across the room, they hear “Scott? LYDIA?” and Lydia sees him first and just starts running to him. And they practically collide with their arms around each other and he lifts her up off her feet with his face buried in her hair saying “You remembered…you came for me.” Lydia’s nodding and crying, but manages to say “I did,” as they slowly pull apart so they can look at each other. And there’s this one moment between them where Lydia breathes in shakily before saying finally, “And I love you.” And then they kiss.

(And then I die.)


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

  • Keith: Wanna know how punk I am?
  • Keith: [punches a wall]
  • Keith: Take me to a hospital.