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if you had a jojo stand what would it be? *o*

So i don’t know if you know about it but there’s this amazing fangame called the seventh stand user where it’s basically an amazingly well done self insert fanfiction of stardust crusaders. (i recommend this game 1000%) At the beginning of that game you take a personality test to determine the stand you get, and i got [JOYKILLER] and i love him and he’s my son. on the other hand, my “original” stand here is [BLACK BAlLOON] which is a hit song by the goo goo dolls which also has another hit, iris (which is my name). 

honestly, time to bring it back


Ronan observing Adam & Adam observing Ronan in The Raven King [x] [x]

I can’t wait to get back to writing :’D

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I’m laughing, I’m crying
It feels like I’m dying
I’m laughing, I’m crying
It feels like I’m dying

- Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

Send me a ∞ and I’ll put my music on shuffle and tell you my favorite lyric from the song that comes up first !!

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have you aged soramaru up to ship him with kotaro?

I  considered  not  answering  this  because  I  have  a  feeling  I  know  who  this  is  from ,   and  I’m  not  amused .   Going  around  my  block  is  pretty  fucking  low .   Regardless ,   in  case  this  is  not  from  who  I  think  it  is ,   I’m  sorry  for  the  assumption ,   and  here’s  my  answer :   I  changed  his  age  before  I  started  shipping  him  with  K.otarou ,   with  the  proof  being  in  this  link .   As  I  mention  in  the  post ,   I  felt  his  age  more  accurately  suited  eighteen  based  on  the  length  of  time  that  passed  during  D.onten  ni  W.arau ,   and  the  sequel .

As  a  side  note ,   would  it  matter  if  my  reason  for  choosing  to  make  him  eighteen  was  for  a  ship ?   This  is  a  common  occurrence  within  the  role  playing  community .   I  follow  several  people  that  have  aged  up  their  muses .   Anyway ,   that  is  really  all  I  have  to  say  on  the  matter .   If  you  don’t  approve  of  what  I’m  writing ,   I  encourage  you  to  unfollow  me / blacklist  my  url !   Thank  you  for  the  ask .   I’ve  been  waiting  for  this ,   to  be  honest ,   but  I  won’t  be  answering  anymore  like  this !

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(Little TMI) My day was a little weird... I woke up and got dressed but my bra didn't really fit right. So I went to Livera, and got measured. Turns out, I went from a B to a D almost overnight. So I had to buy all new bra's, which meant spending 130 bucks on only 4 bra's, because they're all priced like they're made of gold.

Holy fuckkk, that’s crazy omg! Such a huge size jump overnight, fingers crossed they stay they same now. And as soon as you hit D/DD bras suddenly jump up in price but get uglier. It’s honestly rude, but hopefully you got some cute bras after spending 130 on them 😂😂

  • Him: So yeah. That happened.
  • Me: Sounds like you had an eventful day.
  • Him: Oh, most definitely. *looks around* Don't you ever get bored from being in here alone, especially on a day like today?
  • Me: I'm not alone right now *smile*
  • Him: *even bigger smile* Hey! Let's play a game. I'll ask you a question and then you can ask me a question. Kind of like 20 questions, but..not.
  • Me: Okay.
  • *we proceed to ask each other questions. He asked me my favorite color, and I asked him his favorite food. So on and so forth. This went on for about 10 minutes while I was shelving. Then people actually came in*
  • Him: I guess I should let you do your job. I don't have to like it, though. *smile*
  • Me: We can always pick up where we left off next time.
  • Him: Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that *smile* Well, Bailey. It has been a pleasure, as always. I hope you feel better, even if I kind of like the stuffiness. Until next time.
  • *He once again reached for my hand to shake it, so I gave him mine, and guys.....................................HE. KISSED. MY. HAND.*