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SERIES WARNINGS: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse



I was just 18 years old when it happened, she was 14. We were scared, insignificant children who knew nothing of the true horrors of the world, god, I was so naive back then… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I remember sitting in her bright bedroom as I told her the news, her face was expressionless, like she didn’t believe me. Seeing her like that was more painful than the loss of our parents, and being the one to break it to her was even more agonising. That day was the hardest day of my life… I’ll never forget the sound of her cries that night as she wept herself to sleep. Within a matter of hours my smart-ass, annoying little sister had grown up into a vulnerable, frail young woman. I never intended to hurt her, I only wanted what was best for her.

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Word Count: 3122
Author’s Note: I had two Scotty requests come in nearly back to back. One was for ‘Scotty lovin’, and the other, from @hesgonnalovethis requested a fic where the reader was younger than Scotty, and had to convince him the age difference wasn’t a terrible thing. I hope I’ve met both these requests in this fic. Enjoy!
P.S. Ensign Stabby is not my original idea. I saw one of the many ‘humans are the scariest aliens’ posts a while ago that referenced Ensign Stabby, and thought it was exactly the kind of shenanigans they would get up to in Engineering. So please know that I totally borrowed that, and credit belongs elsewhere!!!

The Enterprise was the most coveted assignment in the entire fleet, and you’d managed to pull an assignment on the ship as your very first out of the Academy. You couldn’t have been more thrilled. Or at least, you thought you couldn’t be more thrilled. Then you met your supervisor, and you were even more excited. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott was a rising star in Starfleet, and was approaching living legend status, just as most of the other senior crew were.

You reported to Engineering and were astonished to discover the man himself waiting to welcome you.

“Ensign Y/L/N?” He asked, as you walked into Engineering. You nodded. “Welcome to the Enterprise. I expect you’ll want to settle into your quarters? Follow me.”

He led you to your room, firing off random information about the ship as the fixtures in the halls prompted him. He keyed in the authorization to open your quarters, and showed you in.

“These are your quarters. Keenser’s are on your left and Kevin’s are on your right. You’ll learn to not mind Kevin, he has a thing against pants. Your replicator has standard programming, but I’m sure you figured out how to rig them in your first year at the Academy. If you’re having problems with getting it set for your preferences, I can give you a hand,” he rambled. He almost seemed nervous. “Laundry and housekeeping bots come through on odd days. Keep an eye out for Ensign Stabby.”

“Ensign Stabby?” You echoed.

“It’s a floor cleaning robot, and a group of junior engineers thought it would be amusing to equip it with a blade,” Scotty explained, lifting the cuff of his pants slightly. There was a sharp tear in the leather of his boot.

“And you call it Ensign Stabby?” You wrinkled your brow.

“He’s a right ornery wee bastard, too,” Scotty nodded. You shook your head and sighed. It seemed the Enterprise wasn’t that much different that the Engineering dorms at the Academy.

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Michael x reader

Request: “Hey, me again asking 4 something, could u please write something where the reader is with the blinders(kills 4 them)she and Michael are an item, she sees him fuck Charlotte at the wedding and kill someone idk helping Arthur or gets involved in the fire”

Authors note: Changed it up a tiny bit hope it’s OK

Warning: Swearing, fluff, violence

You were pottering about the betting shop waiting for a family meeting the first time you met Michael. You were at the family meeting because Tommy is technically your legal guardian for another year before you turned 18. Thomas and your brother, Matt, had grown up together and when our parents died Matt was your only living family left. When the boys went off to war Polly looked after you, as you were only a year older than Finn you all became very close. Matt didn’t make it back from the war and Tommy refused to ship you off to a family you didn’t know so at the age of twelve Tommy took you into his family and signed himself up to be your legal guardian.

Polly walked in proudly showing off her son. You were polite and happy for Polly but you don’t know what it was about Michael that you didn’t like you just really didn’t like him. About a week later he was standing munching on a tomato and reading some papers whilst standing in your way.

“Move.” He looked at you in shock. This was pretty much the first time you had spoken to him and he pinned you for the shy type.

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Moonlight Reign Ch.3

A/N: Heeeere it is at long last. I got AP exams and tests to take so it looks like it’ll be a solid month before I update anything again, gotta get my college stuff in order bleh, but I’d love it if y’all asked me questions and what not!

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Word Count: 2.4k

Chapter Summary: Yoongi gets answers, and it becomes time for you to say goodbye to someone

Warnings: Bones breaking, blood, violence, mention of panic attacks

You were silent the entire way home. Your brain was flushed with confusion, uncertainty, and a self-scolding voice that kicked in when you found yourself in situations like this.

“…Hoseok, he’s the guy who knocked you out,” Jin was explaining the people in the gang you had been roped into, “He’s a nice guy, really, he just is… protective,” You rolled your eyes, “Yoongi is the same way, he just really cares about this empire we got going,” Jin spoke and you noted the stark difference between Yoongi and the kingpins you were raised by, “I’m Jin, more of a corporate guy, but I can certainly throw down,” You broke a smile at his demeanor, and he noted that from the rearview mirror as he drove, Jungkook in the driver’s seat, “That about does it, I figured you should know, since you’re our nurse now.”

A nurse.

The playful nature in the car was wiped away at the reminder of all the events that went down today.

You were a fucking nurse now.

You were a fucking nurse again.


“And that’s how you do stitches, cool huh?” Your father spoke as he stitched up your leg, “It’s also a lesson on why you shouldn’t accept the challenges the underlings give you,” He grumbled, “It’s hard when the doctor is hurt.”

You giggled a bit, a 25-year-old underling bet a ten-year-old couldn’t land one slash in a knife fight, and you won with a total of 14 slashes to his one. Your father preferred you to nurse more than fight, but he was not one to completely stop you, “But I won,” You whined.

He sighed, “And just because I win chess, doesn’t mean I like giving up my queen.”

You nodded, “Why isn’t there a princess in chess?” You asked, constantly curious.

“Because the king would die before he would sacrifice her,” His lips twitched upward for a moment as he stood, “I’ll see you for dinner.”


“Y/n?” Jungkook flinched back as you were startled back into your shitty reality.


“We’re here, so did you need me to walk you-”

“What are you planning to do with Byungjoo?” You asked and Jin sighed, laying his forehead on the steering wheel.

“We can’t tell-”

“Are you going to kill him?” You choked out of your throat that seemed to be trying to let out a sob.

You were overwhelmed, to say the least. Your uncle sold you out, and now you’re in with a gang that is seeking the first man who broke your heart, your father, and you curse yourself for not wanting either shitty men to die. You wanted to cry. Crying used to make you feel so much better, but you never cried in front of people, so you were struggling to keep dry eyes.

Jungkook sighed, “Worse.”

You nodded, understanding that meant endless torture until he was begging to die. You clenched your fist as you recalled your own meeting with “worse”, “Jungkook, I need you to walk me to my place,” You whispered.

He huffed in response, “Why do I-”

“I am going to faint or go into a full-fledged panic attack, and I’d like to do that in the privacy of my home-”

You were cut off by Jungkook ripping you from your seat to the double doors of the complex.

Jungkook was well trained in your attacks since he was basically your only friend. Now he understood why certain things made you tick or freak out. Jungkook now understands why you were hyperventilating once upon seeing a man that looked like your uncle in a coffee shop, why you weren’t scared of gangs, because you had faced the scariest ones of that time, “Okay, breathe, 1, 2, 3, 4,” He whispered in your ear.

By now, he knew the general routine. He caught you if you passed out, set out water for you, put an ice pack on your forehead, and practice breathing with you until you told him to leave so you could cry with a sense of dignity. However, he didn’t know if he could help like that anymore if he’s part of the reason you’re in the state.


“Alright, Byungjoo, let’s get straight to it,” Yoongi paced in front of the man tied to the metal chair, plastic surrounding him in the room that made Byungjoo sweat, “Where is your beloved brother?” Yoongi inquired.

“He’ll kill me,” He whispered, defeated and Yoongi grabbed Byungjoo’s left ring finger, breaking it as he screeched.

Yoongi chuckled, “Not if I have you,” He spoke accurately, “You see, let me tell you a story, hm? Maybe that’ll wiggle an answer out of you,” He mused, “My parents were big technology buffs, did a lot of shady jobs, but for a big payout, you may know them, the Mins?” Byungjoo shuddered and began sobbing, as Yoongi snapped each finger on his right hand, “I was twelve when two men came into my house, and shot them, right in the head, sending a little girl with green hair to fetch me, she wore a face mask, but her eyes were so sympathetic, like she knew the situation well, and upon seeing a boy much older than her sobbing and trembling with fear, she took down her mask and mouthed the word, ‘run’ and I did, I ran and ran until I gathered up the resources to burn you to the ground,” Yoongi knelt down to eye level with Byungyeol, breaking another finger, “But you technically did that all on your own,” Yoongi chuckled as he looked at the broken man, “What a sad sight, wasted brawn and no brains, that’s what made it so easy to show the world what you and your slightly smarter brother have done.” With that, Yoongi snapped the remaining fingers like twigs.

“He’s…he's…” Byungjoo was coughing up blood after Yoongi struck his stomach, urging him to speak, “He’s at…”


“You can leave now,” You blanched, watching the news as the noticeably worried reporter offered more questions as to what exactly Bangtan will do tomorrow, and you wished to know the answers as well, “No? Not leaving?” No reply, “Then can I talk to Byungjoo before you kill him?”

You knew Byungjoo was weak, and you knew he gave up your father’s location before Bangtan so much as made him bleed, so he had little time to live, and despite a mutual distaste for each other, it was customary to bid him goodbye, as family.

Jungkook shuffled from behind the couch you sat on, “I never said we would-”

“Please,” You cut him off, looking into his eyes, playing into whatever care he had for you, and it was working, “I won’t try to kill him, I promise.”

“Fuck, y/n, you’re really putting me in a tight spot,” He cursed and tears welled in your eyes.

“Look at me, Jungkook,” You pleaded, and he saw a girl with tear stained cheeks and nothing but pain all over, “You put me here, now please, let me see my uncle one last time.”

“I can’t-”

“Call Yoongi,” Jin’s voice rang out from the door, “He’ll allow it.”

“Y/n, you just had an episode, shouldn’t you rest?” Jungkook seemed genuinely worried, but you shook your head, “Not until I talk to him.”

“I’ll call Yoongi, okay?” You nodded, “Just go and rest for a bit at least, you need to slow down,” Jungkook negotiated and you relented, going to your room to lay down.


“What?” Yoongi’s deep voice greeted as Jungkook gulped at his angry tone

“Y-Y/n, she wants to talk to her uncle before we…are done with him,” Jungkook sighed.

“Why did you tell-”

“She’s a mafia baby, not an idiot, come on,” Yoongi sighed this time, “She was freaking out earlier, and then suddenly she was begging to talk to him.”

“She’s just trying to cope it seems,” Yoongi observed, “Bring her over, I’m sure he’d be delighted to see her with all the nonsense he’s been babbling,” Yoongi looked over his shoulder to see a crying grown man hunched over.

“She did this… it’s her fault…”

“Yeah, he may snap before I can kill him myself, he seems to have never been tortured before,” Yoongi mused, “But I got what I wanted so tick tock goes the clock, I’d head here quickly, I already sent Namjoon and some guys to fetch tomorrow’s main event,” He looked at the clock, “Once I get Byungyeol, I have no reason to keep Byungjoo.”

“Hey, Min Yoongi!” Yoongi hung up as Jungkook cursed, “Y/n, let’s hurry, now,” He called out as you scrambled to get ready to leave.

You situated yourself in the car as you reviewed today’s events to steady your mind, “Min Yoongi, that’s his full name, right?” You asked and Jungkook almost swung his head on the dashboard.

“Way to go, Kook,” Jin chuckled, “Just tell her all our secrets.”

“He’s a world-known CEO screw you,” Jungkook seethed, “Besides she’s one of us now.”

Jin simply shrugged as you shuddered.

“Min,” You racked your brain through each Min you killed, or helped kill, searching for why it is you haven’t been dealt the same treatment, why you were given a job and not a death sentence, “How unbelievably common.”

“You okay?” Jin inquired upon hearing your mumbles.

You nodded, not bothering to keep track of where you were going, because you knew this would be the first of many times you would be encased in your new main headquarters, “Did I kill his family?” Jin shifted ever so slightly, “Nevermind, you can’t answer that.”

The building that the car halted in front of was grand, looking like another company building, and in a literal sense, it was. Decked with minimal windows and a white exterior, the interior was fairly refined and modern. Too remote to stumble across, but even with, no would expect so much blood has been shed in the establishment that the walls could bleed red and no one would be surprised.

At the entrance you could see little worker bees rushing, just like a corporate office, except they were decked in various types of garb, holding various illegal substance and firearms. They stuck out like a sore thumb, but that was because no one would ever bear the pain of noticing them, even then the land was under their corporation, making the establishment legal, unlike its inner workings.

You caught the eyes of several busy bees, most likely wondering if that was the new addition they heard about, “Doesn’t look like much,” You heard a few people mumble.

“Jimin has such a big mouth,” Jin cursed.

“Yes, I do,” Jimin concurred, walking towards you, “But when we have a legend as our pretty nurse, I can’t help it,” Jimin was like a siren, beautiful, tempting, and dangerous, and he was giving you eyes that looked like a cage, “Hello, sweetpea,” He may as well have been a wolf licking his lips at the sight of a red hood, “Follow me.”

“You go with Jimin, Jungkook and I have to do some work,” Jin patted your shoulder, and you concluded Jin was trust itself.

“Don’t be creepy,” Jungkook scowled at Jimin as he walked behind Jin.

“How is he doing?” You asked as Jimin led you to the soundproof basement.

“I thought you wanted him dead.”

“He deserves nothing less than a painful death,” You clarified, “But family is family, and believe it or not, my family had some certain customs, one of which is that we always say goodbye.”

“Why is that?”

“I wasn’t picked up until I was able to walk,” You stated, since when your infamous father took in an infant, it spread like wildfire, engulfing your existence into just a mafia baby,”I was raised to only help when they figure out how to do it themselves, but if one of us never figure out how to live correctly, we have to help them say goodbye,” You explained as Jimin tried to register the philosophy, “Shit ones or not, family is family, it’s the closest bond I’ve known.”

The basement was basically a prison with interrogation rooms that doubled as torture rooms. However, the color scheme was white, like a mental institution. How cryptically perfect.

Jimin led you down the never ending hallway, and opened a door to reveal a spectator area from a one-way mirror and in front of the mirror was Byungjoo, beaten, broken, and humiliated for the first time in his life. Yoongi was standing, watching him, “He’s really lost it,” He mused, “He’s gonna be dead when Namjoon gets here or when he does something I don’t like, whichever comes first.”

“You found my father?” Yoongi took note of your mixed feelings and simply nodded.

Yoongi went to open the door to your uncle, “Be careful, he has no binding on him anymore, and I told him why he’s here,” He warned and found himself amused by your quirked eyebrow as your question died in your throat when he opened the door and closed it behind you.

Yoongi watched through the window as you stood in front of your uncle, “Byungjoo,” Your voice was firm, “I’ve come to say goodbye,” Your voice shook as you watched your broken uncle and cursed yourself for feeling bad. Sure, you were ready to kill him, but your weakness was your empathy and he was utterly pitiful now.

“I’m gonna die?” He asked, throat dry. His pure confusion was almost heartbreaking.

You swallowed, nodding, “They found father, we’re done, Byungjoo, for real this time.”

“You did this,” His voice was hoarse.


“YOU LET HIM LIVE!” Byungjoo was now the one to dive at you, hand encasing around your neck as you hit the mirror glass hard with the back of your head, alarming Yoongi and Jimin who were encased within their mindless chatter.

Byungjoo showed no signs of letting up as he squeezed your neck with a vengeance, “NOT ONLY DID YOU SHOW YOUR FACE YOU LET HIM GO!”

Yoongi gripped the gun in his hand, which Jimin took notice of, “Wait, I thought you weren’t going to kill him until he met with Byungyeol,” Jimin reminded Yoongi.

The leader stared at the scene before him, his blood unintentionally boiling, “Well, he’s doing something I don’t quite like.”

Your vision was becoming spotty as Yoongi and Jimin came running in, and you now knew why Yoongi was letting you live; you did the same for him, “By-Byunjoo-” You tried to reason with him before taking force, when he only squeezed harder, you kneed him in the stomach as Yoongi saw the chance to pull the husky man off of you. However, Byungjoo kept his grip, slamming your head into the ground you had slipped down to repeatedly, making the last thing you saw before you passed out was Byungjoo being shot in the head, the blood spraying onto your face.

King and Lionheart

JILY CHALLENGE | @mslilyevans vs @lamelylimes 

A/N: So, I’ve head this idea for a while now and this prompt helped me put it down on paper. If you hadn’t guessed by the title, it’s based off of this song King and Lionheart by Monsters and Men. Hope you enjoy!

royalty + so you’re the rebel knight who has decided to conquer my land and oh shit with your helmet off you’re actually pretty hot au

Summary: Lily didn’t like the fact that she had to serve the new prince. 
Word Count: 13,625
Rating: Explicit | AO3

The clash of swords greeted Lily’s ears as she pulled on her armor. They were under attack. This city hadn’t been attacked in over a thousand years, and some idiots had decided to attack when Lily was having a bad day. No matter. They would be deposed of quickly, and Lily’s life would return to normal.

Quickly, she marched down the stairs of the keep and ran straight into Marlene and Dorcas.

“What are you two doing here?” Lily demanded to know. They had left before she had to join the fray in the courtyard.

“We’re being overwhelmed,” Marlene explained. “There’s too many.”

Lily snorted. “We’ll figure something out. Now, let’s get back down there and fight.”

The other girls nodded, and Lily stepped in front of them, grabbed her helmet, and left the safety of the Keep.

Unfortunately, Marlene was right. They were vastly outnumbered. Lily didn’t know if she’d ever seen an army this size before. No matter, they’d still defeat them. No one marched on this city and lived to tell the tale.

Drawling her sword from its sheath, she marched into the crowd of those fighting, dying, and fleeing. She came in contact with an enemy sword for a few moments before she delivered a death blow. These idiots had no idea how to guard themselves properly. Scanning the crowds, she searched for their leader. If she could take him out, then they’d stand a better chance at winning. Lily always found that quickest way to defeat your enemy was to break his spirit.

Just as she spotted the man fighting in the middle—the one who was no doubt their leader—a long blast sounded from the horns that signaled to Lily that she needed to put her sword away. She did so immediately. Looking around, she spotted McGonagall striding out of the castle and into the courtyard. Everyone went silent, no one daring to move at the sight of the old women walking through the courtyard. She made her way up to the man sitting atop his horse.

Lily watched quietly. Her leader spoke to the man softly and she couldn’t hear a thing they were saying, even if the courtyard was dead silent. Finally, McGonagall turned around.

“We will surrender,” the women announced. “Anyone who lifts sword against these men will find themselves in the dungeons.”

Lily nearly dropped her sword. What was happening?

Just then she heard a whoop. Turning her head, she saw the knight she had been heading for pulling off his helmet. Why did the bastard have to be cute?

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seeking arrangement - pt.1

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung 

Genre : Sugar daddy!Tae, lots of smut and fluff coming soon 

Word Count : 3285

Description : Working as a secretary for Kim Taehyung, CEO of one of the biggest company worldwide, has filled your bank account up in a record time. But when even your wage as his secretary isn’t enough to pay your college tuition anymore, your boss is willing to increase your wage but in another different way than being his secretary…

A/N : I finally finished the first chapter and it’s crap. But I still hope you like it a little bit. I have been in a writer’s block for a while and not writing everyday had worsen my writing ugh 


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Can’t stop thinking about you

Finn Shelby x Reader

Request:  Im glad u like the idea,can u please write:(takes place at the wedding)u are Grace sister,you can see the hostility between the families,but u and Finn flirt,u get stuck in situations,Arthur & Tommy speech,the fire,u decide to move with Grace 4 Finn

Author’s note: I couldn’t fit everything in but i hope you still enjoy it, I thought it was super cute and happy just like finn is! Also Grace didn’t die in this imagine!

“You look stunning,” You say staring at your big sister as she twirls around showing off her dress, you both laughed at this. “And this house, I miss you so much Grace.” You and Grace looked completely opposite with your brown hair and dark brown eyes but you were always very close growing up considering the age difference, as she was 30 and you were 17.

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Ties that bind - Part 1: At first sight

Characters: (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Harvelle), Crowley McCloud, Castiel Novak, Dean Winchester, Benny Lafitte, Ben Braeden, Asher (OC), Mike (OC), Santo (Y/N’s dog)

Pairing: Reader/Dean (eventually)

Warnings: Violence, robbery, gun shot wound, language (I think that is it for this one)

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: This is an AU and it is partly based on some of my real life experiences. It will revolve around some of the kids at the group home where Y/N works. Not all their faiths are happy ones but some are! I will use lots of characters from the show. It will have a lot of angst but it will also have smut and fluff like always!

This chapter: Y/N Harvelle is a social worker and she is called down to the scene of a robbery by her boss because one of the kids that live at the group home where she works is involved. 



“Damnit!! Santo that’s not funny! Bring it back!!”

You were practically skipping on one foot across the room trying to catch your 6 month old germen shepherd pup who had chosen to run off with one of your shoes just as you were about to leave the house. You were already late and in no mood for any of his shenanigans.

“Drop it!” you pointed at him and spoke in a firm tone when you finally managed to get him cornered. Santo stared back at you for a few seconds before he reluctantly did as he was told. “Good boy,” you mumbled as you retrieved your shoe and put it on. You led him out back and into his pin. You checked he had plenty of fresh water before you petted him goodbye and practically ran for your car.

Just as you put your key into the ignition your phone rang somewhere down in your purse, “damnit!!” It had been a shitty morning! You had woken up late. You had managed to drop Santo’s kibbles all over the floor (not that he had minded that one bit) and after you had finally shooed the puppy out of the way and got it all cleaned up you realized you had turned on your coffee machine without filling it with water so now smoke were covering your kitchen. Lousy morning and now you were late and about to get scolded by Crowley McCloud.

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So, I’ve been having rivamika/levimika feels with Levi being a Mafia Boss and Mikasa is his young bride. Considering her beauty and proper manners, many believe that the Ackerman Boss has taken a trophy wife, but a certain rookie who just entered the ranks of the underground learns that there’s more that meets the eye with Mikasa Ackerman.

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Investments // Calum Hood - CEO

ok i know i’m supposed to be writing 7 Minutes of Who Pt. 2 .. but I kinda got carried away…

Requested: Nah

Rated: Idk just assume that there’s smut in it.


Four years. That’s how long it took to get over him. It was a college fling. You thought it would be easier to get over him, but it took you four years. You were 6 years out of college and was already on your path to becoming a powerful business woman. You see, while you were in school you had an internship at this corporation hat you never really took the time in remembering because it was such a long name… Or you were just a college student who just wanted to please your parents.

After four years of working for these people, you were finally offered a job today. You and two men were brought to the bosses office. You were brought in, Mr. Williams looking down at his papers. Once you were all in he looked up at you all and smiled.

“I’m glad you guys made it to work today!” He said cheerfully. He was always so cheery.. Almost too nice. You believed to be a powerful man like himself, you had to be serious. “We have one more person who should be here.. where is he..” He started to mumble to himself.

Just as he finished, a man struggling to fix his tie came rolling in. You and the two other men looked towards the door trying to see who it was. Your eyes widened immediately.

“What’s he doing here?” You said aloud by accident. The man looked up at you as you were looking at Mr. Williams

“That’s my nephew.. Ms.Y/L/N is there a problem?” He asked, motioning for Calum to come closer. You looked at the two of them shaking your head. Inside, you were nodding. It’s not like your nephew made my heart break into ten thousand pieces. You wanted to say, but you would sound like a clingy ex girlfriend. How come you never knew Mr. Williams was Calum’s uncle? 

“Great.. Then, you two will be working partners. As for you guys as well.” He said, pairing you and Calum and then the other workers with each other. You internally groaned, but kept a smile on your face. “Each pair will share a office and will be given a department to be in charge of.” He continued, “You may leave now..” Mr. Williams finished.

The four of you guys walked out of his office. The two other men walked off with a lady who would be showing them their offices. Nobody came for Calum or you yet.

“So.. Hey.” Calum said, looking at you.

“Are you doing this to get on my nerves or something?” You asked, crossing your arms.

“If I were doing this to get on your nerves I would have been here in my skinny jeans and t-shirt.” He scoffed. “Not everything is about you.” He rolled his eyes.

“You knew I had this internship since college.” You stated, and Calum nodded.

“Why do you think you got the job?” He rolled his eyes then covering his mouth. You weren’t catching on to what he meant. But then it hit you like a bus, your boss is Calum’s uncle. You started dating Calum and then you got the internship. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” You seethed through your teeth.

“I was only trying to help you out.” He said in a calm voice.

“Why didn’t you tell me! Is everyone here pretending to like me too! For all I know I could suck at everything I do here and nobody would have the heart to have told me to not come back because you are telling your uncle to keep me?” You were clearly mad. Maybe you wouldn’t have reacted like this if Calum had told you before you guys broke up, but now you couldn’t help it.

“You’re overreacting.” He rolled his eyes for what seemed like the millionth time to you.

“Because everything could be a lie for all I know.” You tried to calm yourself.

“Yeah just like our relationship.” You could have sworn you heard Calum mumble but you brushed it off. Honestly, that only hurt you more. Suddenly everything started to replay in your head the day Calum broke up with you.

Someone eventually came to get you two. You were brought to an office that was rather large. There were two glass desks, one on each end of the room. The man explained to you two that you guys can decorate it however you wanted. When he left, he shut the door, leaving you and Calum inside the room, alone. 

“Pick a side.” He said just above a whisper. You walked straight to the side that had the glass wall on both sides. You sat down at the glass desk, and looked up at Calum who had sat down at the other desk already.


Weeks passed by. You had grown to feel apathetic to him again. Whenever you saw him, you would simply nod your head. Even in meetings, you managed to weave your way out of speaking to him. You guys were in charge of the marketing department. Calum had taken most control, but you had about the same amount as power as he did. Other than being a part of the marketing department, Mr. Williamson gave both of you some weird promotion that said you guys in charge of the corporation whenever he was not there. 

Both of your incomes started to raise. By the time three months passed, you two were the wealthiest workers in W&V Corp. This also meant, you guys made your appearances in magazines and the newspapers often. Suddenly all these luxuries were thrown at you. Mr. Williams got both you and Calum had stylists, publicists and many more workers working for you. Life was good.

Calum and you were now both sitting in your office, going through papers for the next investment. As much as you didn’t want to talk to him, the time had to come.

“I think we should invest.” You said to him, still looking down at the papers.

“I don’t think we should.” He said back briefly.

“Why not? They are offering 5.5 million dollars and is run by very powerful men and woman as well.” You reasoned.

“Exactly, they are powerful. If we fuck up anything with them, they will not hesitate to take our names and drag it in the dirt.” he said back as if it was obvious.

“Then we tell our people not to fuck up. You can’t just turn down 5.5 million dollars, Calum.” You started to raise your voice. Even if you weren’t talking to him directly, at meeting, Calum would always find a way to disagree with you. 

“How about we ask my uncle.” He said sighing. With that, he picked dup his phone and called your uncle down to our office. Within minutes, Mr. Williams was in our office, sitting on the couch we had bought three months ago.

“So what was it you wanted?” He asked, taking a sip of the water Calum had gave him. Calum looked at you as if he was asking for you to explain.

“So.. The Clifford’s want to invest with us.” You started, “They are offering us $5.5 Million and I don’t think that we should turn it down.” You told your boss.

“The Clifford’s are a very powerful company, Ms.Y/L/N…” He started, “However, 5,5 millions dollars is the highest investment we got all year. This just proves how hard you are working.” He complimented you.

“So we are investing?” Calum asked and his uncle nodded.

“I don’t see why not, it will only give publicity to our name as well.” Mr. Williams said. “Are we done here?” He asked and you nodded. With that he left the office.

Calum went back to sit at his desk, resting his arms on his desk, his head in his hands. He looked through the papers as you watched him intently. Out of nowhere, Calum took the papers and threw them in the air. He stood up from his seat and put his hands on his hips. He was very angry.

“I don’t get why you’re this angry. I just got us the best investment for the company.” You told him.

“You or my uncle aren’t thinking rationally! This just puts ten thousand blocks on our shoulders! We are nothing compared to The Clifford’s!” He started to raise his voice. You stood up, walking over to him carefully.

“So what? We are quickly on our way to meeting them at the top. You should be thinking that we are lucky they even want to invest into our company.” You said, now standing in front of his desk.

“You.. You drive me fucking crazy.” Was all he said. He was breathing heavily, his hands still on his hips.

“You drove me crazy.. Now I can’t help but feel nothing when I think of you.” You said, speaking in a monotone voice.

“I just wanted to give you the world.” He spoke. You were no longer talking about this investment.

“I would have never let you.” You managed to crack a smile.

“I know.” He chuckled.

The two of you looked at each other. You were now behind Calum’s desk with him. You were leaning on the desk, as Calum stood in from of you. No words were exchanged. 

“I could still give you the world.” He said, moving closer to your body.

“I have the world.” You said back, now looking up at him.

“I could give you the galaxy then.” He chuckled. Calum placed his hands on your hips. The familiar feeling his hands on your hips was nice. For some reason, you longed for this moment.

“I don’t want to galaxy. I just want you.” You whispered. You let the words fall out of your mouth. He was your drug. He could make you feel like you could say and do anything. 

Calum smirked as if he heard what he wanted to hear. He brought one hand to your cheek and the other to spread your legs apart so he could stand between them. He walked closer and leaned his head down, coming close enough to simply brush his lips against you. He was waiting for you to give in. So you did, you crashed your lips to his. It was a hungry kiss. There was no passion. It was simply for both of your own enjoyment. 

Calum tugged at your hair lightly, making you whimper in pleasure. He slipped is tongue into your mouth and took full dominance. He used his hands to lift you up on the desk. You used your hands to balance yourself, so you wouldn’t fall back from the force Calum was using. 

“I could take you right here.” He mumbled against your lips then pushing his tongue back into your mouth.

“Lock the doors.” You said back. Calum detached himself from you and quickly walked to the door, locking it. When he walked back, he picked up his office phone. He quickly told your secretary not to send anyone in. When he hung up, he did not hesitate to attach himself to your body. 

There was nothing sweet or passionate about this. Immediately, your dress was teared off your body, as Calum’s shirt was making it’s way off. You were sitting on his desk in nothing but your bra, panties and your feet with your 5 inch heels dangling. Once Calum was shirtless, there was not a second that passed that your hand made it’s way to his crotch, unzipping the material and tugging the nice pants down. His hard on was very evident in his tight boxers.

Calum kissed down your chest, stopping at your breasts and letting them spill from your bra. He took both of them and sucked on each of them, then letting this leave his grip. He moved further down your chest, stopping right above your crotch. Chills ran throughout your body when he pressed a kiss right to your heat. You tugged at his hair as he licked up your clothed slit. Calum looked up at you. Your head was thrown back, soft moans escaping your lips. When he detached his lips from you, you whimpered, wanting more.

“Calm down, baby girl.” He chuckled. Calum pulled down his boxers, enough to let his member out. He pushed your panties aside, and took no time to push himself into you. 

Your body instinctively brought itself closer to Calum’s as you readjusted to him. You have to admit, you have never met a man who was as big as Calum’s. He thrusted into you, both of your moans filling the room. He quickened his pace, wanting to make this last, but also wanting to make it a quickie unless someone actually needed to see the two of you. You were holding onto Calum so you could keep yourself steady. He brought one hand to the small of your back, keeping your pressed against him as he continued to thrust faster. He hand another hand on your wait, bringing it’s way to your clit. Once there, he applied pressure to the nub, making you reach your climax within seconds. At the same time, both you and Calum released your loads.

Heavy breathing. That was all you heard. 

“I think I have another investment.” Calum breathed. He was really thinking abut investments at a time like this?

Tell me, Mr. Hood.” You breathed back.




Rather Be

This is the first scenario of Jay Park week!

Jay Park Week: So from now until next Saturday (10/10/15) I will be taking questions and scenario requests only for Jay Park.

So if  you wanted any scenarios written or questions answered about Jay Parkthis week is the week to do it because I will be prioritizing all Jay Park questions and scenario requests over anything else.

Please note: I will still take into account any requests or questions sent in concerning other groups/idols during this time, but they will not be answered/written until Jay Park week is over.

So get requesting guys! :D To request click here

Request by @happygiuli: First of all, YEAHHHHH A JAY PARK WEEK😍😍😍😍 it was time for this😍😂 so and second, can you do a scenario where he is your best friend and a heartbreaker but he has a special place at heart for you ( i mean, that he sleeps with other woman but he’s secretly in love with you) but you are in a relationship (i think i write it wrong)? Happy Ending or not you can decide!

Argh I loved this request so much tbh, so sorry if it’s a bit long…I think i got carried away, haha! 

-Admin Kitty

Originally posted by anko-an

Your lives were so wildly different from one another’s that it was a wonder you and Jay Park were best friends.

Your life was unfiled paperwork and an array of different coloured pencils splayed across your desk; unorganized and never quite relaxed. While Jay’s life was a line-up of girls screaming his name, a manifestation of cameras all aimed at him, a crazed concoction of dance, music, clubs and all things luxury.

 But you did have one thing in common; your lives were both impossibly hectic.

You worked two separate jobs that required you being flown all around the world like a yoyo, while Jay was busy being South Korea’s dream boy.

You were head down in a mass of paperwork at your desk when the phone began to shrill.

Not in a rush to start organizing your workstation, you grabbed for the phone, glad of the distraction.

“Hello?”  You murmured, removing what appeared to be a small post-it note from your left eyebrow.

“Whatcha’ doooooin?” A voice said in a sing-song voice.

As soon as you heard Jay’s voice, it felt like every nerve in your body relaxed.Your face melted into a puddle of smiles that he couldn’t see. 

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Telling Stories (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Prompts: “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours. Why don’t you make up a future for me?” & “You know my name?”
In which… the reader is a nurse at a hospital where Hercules is brought—he’s extremely sick, and is getting worse as the weeks pass. However, over the course of those few weeks the reader and Hercules become very close, but he is only getting even sicker as time flies. When Hercules knows he is finally near the end, he calls in the reader and talks to her one last time.

Anonymous asked: 374 & 273 with Herc?
// I cried while writing this, so prepare yourself accordingly my Ham-fam.

Y/N L/N had just clocked in for the day, her assignments already tucked under her arm as walked into the nurse’s longue to put her things away in her designated cubby. She was in her uniform: a pale blue  long-sleeved dress with a white apron tied around her waist, her H/C tied up in a somewhat messy up-do. Pieces had already fallen out of it, the pieces framing her sweet-looking face—Wendy, Y/N’s friend, was also in the room, putting her things away as well. “Did you hear about that new patient?” Wendy asked Y/N curiously as she watched the H/C woman push some of her hair behind her ears. “No, I haven’t. Bad case?” Y/N looked at Wendy’s grim face, and Y/N’s heart fell. “Really bad. I think he’s on your roaster, too.”

Y/N took her list that was tucked under her arm and looked at the list of names and chores that she would have to attend to today. “Miles Henderson?” “Nope. I think it started with an H?” “Henry Fredrickson?” “More storybook character-like.” Y/N frowned as scanned the list until she hit a name that struck her to be rather storybook character-ish: “Hercules Mulligan?” Wendy snapped her fingers, a small smile making her way to her face as she pointed. “That’s the one.” Y/N looked back down at the name, and bit her lip. She hated when she heard that a patient wasn’t doing well—she felt horrible. That’s why she normally tended to the patients who were definitely going to survive: she didn’t deal with death well.

After bidding Wendy a goodbye, she began to make her rounds. After dealing with some recovering patients (“There’s my nurse with her shining thermometer!” A man with a broken leg cooed to Y/N, the woman rolling her eyes playfully.) She had completed all but one of her tasks by early afternoon, pausing to have a quick lunch with Wendy, (“Did you see him yet?” Wendy asked, taking a sip of her tea. “No. He’s my next stop.”) before walking to the new patient’s shared room. She knocked quietly on the closed door, and entered a moment later. He was in the bed closest to the window, with three men surrounding him. They stopped in their quiet chatter and looked up at the woman, who awkwardly stood there, her hands clasped in front of her.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I need to take his temperature, some blood, and standard work. You can come right back in when I’m done.” Y/N spoke, a charming smile on her face. The three men looked back at their sick friend, before giving him small ‘See you in a bit’ and a pat on his shoulder. They trailed out, and Y/N could’ve sworn that the freckled man murmured to one of his friends: “He’s one lucky guy.” She let out a small chuckle before closing the door behind them. She turned to the man she had been dreading to meet all day—Hercules Mulligan. She walked to his bedside, and took the chair that was placed besides his bed and sat down in it. She pulled out a small notepad and a pencil, and looked up at him with a soft smile. “My name is-“ “Y/N L/N.” He spoke, interrupting her introduction.

She sat back in her seat a little, a bit shocked although her smile only widened. “You know my name?” The man sat up a bit in his bed, wincing at his sore muscles contracted. Y/N stood up, and helped him ease his way further up his pillow, allowing him to sit up at a tilted angle. “Your name is all I heard of from the guy next to me.” He snorted, jutting out his chin to the empty bed a few feet away. His roommate must’ve been discharged today, she thought to herself as she readied her pencil.  “So, how are you feeling today?” She asked; an attentive look on her face. He rolled his head to side so that he could look into her E/C eyes.  He let out a rumbling laugh and then replied, “I can’t feel my toes, I can barely push myself up, and my head is killing me.” Y/N’s smile faded as she wrote down his symptoms, a twinge of fear pricking at her stomach.
This doesn’t sound good.

“Okay Mr. Mulligan, I’m going to take your temperature now. Is that alright?” She murmured, pulling out a clean thermometer from her apron. She paused when she saw he shook his head: “Don’t treat me like a baby, Miss L/N. And the name is Hercules, Herc for short.” He testily responded, a rather significant frown on his face—although it wasn’t from anger, but rather from sadness. This beautiful woman right in front of him had taken pity for him, and he just couldn’t stand it; he doesn’t want her pity, he wants to get better (and maybe get to know her better as well). Y/N looked somewhat shocked at his snap but understood deep down; she mentally chided herself for acting like she was talking to a four year old, not a full grown man.

“I’m sorry, Mr.—Hercules, I mean. And Miss L/N was my mother; I’m just plain, old Y/N.” She shook the thermometer and then slipped it into his awaiting mouth. He chuckled at her comment, “I doubt you’re plain or old Y/N.” She eyed him with a knowing smile on her face, gently pushing his fingers under his chin to close his grinning mouth. She then took her fingers and gently prodded his throat, marking down on her note pad that his passages seemed somewhat swollen. A few moments later, Y/N was ready to take his blood and took the thermometer out of his mouth. 101.3 degrees; she marked it down on her growing list of notes. She tied the special piece of material around his arm to keep him steady as she slowly stuck the needle into his arm.

She felt him wince, and looked up at him apologetically through her lashes. He tried to give her a smirk, but failed as he flexed her hand into a fist repeatedly. “Does it hurt that bad?” She inquired tenderly, her eyes trained on his. He looked away from her inquisitive orbs to the empty bed a few feet away from him. He jutted out his chin again in the empty bed’s direction. “What happened to that guy? Some people came in and took him out in a wheelchair saying he would be back in a few minutes. It’s been hours.” Y/N pulled the needle gingerly out of his muscular arm, and placed it onto a tray. She unraveled the material and tossed it into the garbage bin a couple of feet away from her seat next to Hercules’s bedside.

“I don’t know, I didn’t have him on my roaster sheet.” She shrugged, standing with the tray with his sampled blood on it and walking over to the bed, and picked up the clipboard with the patient’s information on it. “His name is Lance Marcus; I’ll find out for you if you’d like.” Hercules’s eyes locked into her figure, and gave her a lop-sided grin. “I’d like to find out more about you.” Y/N rolled her eyes playfully at the large man, waggling her finger at him. “Only if the price is right.” She laughed, moving her way towards the door. “Well Hercules, I’m all finished for now. I’ll let your friends back in, alright?” He nodded, before releasing a few coughs. “I’ll catch you later Y/N.” He waved, before breaking out into another fit of coughs.

She exited his room to find his three friends leaning right by the door, looking embarrassed that they had been caught eavesdropping. She looked at the men with a perceptive smile, “Hear something you’d like boys?” She asked coyly, walking down the hall, leaving the stunned men in her wake. She dropped off Hercules’s blood at the proper spot, saying a brief hello to the doctor in charge of blood-work that particular day. “Let me know the results as soon as possible alright?” She asked him specifically, the man nodding. She found out later that day when she asked Wendy that the man, who had been in Hercules room, Lance Marcus, had passed away earlier from an unknown disease.


A week had passed since Y/N had had her first encounter with Hercules Mulligan, only to find that she and he had grown significantly closer. She was assigned by the head nurse Margaret, that she would be Hercules’s private nurse until further notice, allowing her to be at his side throughout the hours of the day. The two exchanged stories and thoughts with one another, and she became friendly with his friends. She found Hamilton to be a man of many, many words, while Lafayette was the charming man from across the sea; Laurens seemed to be a lively young man, and Hercules was the jokester of the group. She enjoyed watching Hercules interact with the three, although he seemed to be doing more coughing than talking. She watched worried as he did so, and would assist him in drinking a bit of water in a glass that was now constantly on his bedside table.

Hercules would talk about his times during the war, telling her how he was a spy on the inside and relaying information unbeknownst to the British officers. Y/N would tell him about her time in medical school, and being ridiculed for being a woman and wanting to help the sick. He looked rather upset about that, claiming when he was better he would go up to whoever insulted her and knock a couple of teeth out. They would laugh, and talk about what they would do together when he would get better. However, as the days drew on, his condition seemed only to be getting worse. He could no longer feel anything below his knees by the end of the week, and all of his hard-earned muscle seemed to be deflating. When Y/N asked the blood-work doctor what the results were of Hercules’s blood, he only shook his head.

“It’s something we’ve never dealt with before; there have been a few cases like this in recent days, and it hasn’t ended happily for most.” She felt her heart palpitate at that statement, and muttered a quick ‘thank you’ to the doctor before hurriedly exiting his office. She walked and walked until she found herself in an empty corridor. She rested against the pale yellow wall, and slid down it as her knees finally gave out. She felt the tears start pricking at her eyes as her breath started to labor. She knew it was coming, she knew—but she just couldn’t bear to see it happen, to tell him. She pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs as she pressed her forehead to her kneecaps and cried. She still didn’t tell him what had had happened to Lance Marcus.

A few moments later, she was up again and wiping her tears away. A few minutes after that, she was by his side once again, and watched over him as he slept, hearing air feebly heaving through his lungs.


It had been two weeks since the doctor told her the news, and she had still yet to tell him. Wendy watched Y/N in pity as the H/C woman slowly hung her coat up, her eyes losing their usual sparkling sheen. It had only been two minutes after Y/N hung up her coat that another nurse came rushing into the nurse’s lounge, her eyes frantically searching. She swiftly walked over to Y/N and grabbed her wrist, “Y/N, he’s gone into a seizure.” At that, Y/N was out of the lounge, sprinting down the maze of hallways, past patients, past doctors, past opening and closing doors. His door was only cracked open when she slammed her way into the room, and she felt her chest tighten when she saw Hercules’s body writhing under the multitude of doctor’s hands. She dashed to his bedside, pushing the doctor’s out of the way as she grabbed his shaking hand.

“Hercules!” She whimpered, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he let out a shuddering groan. A doctor pushed her out of the way, Y/N trying to reach his hand again to no avail. The doctor slammed a needle into Hercules’s arm, and a minute later, his body relaxed. He was back asleep, and Y/N was back at his side, holding his hand. She looked up at the doctor’s desperately, “What’s going to happen to him?” She asked, swallowing thickly. The doctor eyed her, and let out a soft sigh. “I’d give him a day at most.” And with that, the army of doctor’s trudged out of his room. Y/N vaguely heard one of them say: “That poor girl.”

She swiveled her head around to look at Hercules, his face now calm with sleep. She looked at him through tear-filled eyes, and covered her free hand over her mouth as she quietly sobbed. Her grip on his hand tightened as she gasped for air, trying to quiet down her sobs, her body trembling uncontrollably. She felt his own hand tighten around hers about an hour later, a weak groan escaping his lips. By now, Y/N had managed to keep her tears at bay and she watched expectantly as he opened his eyes. He blinked a few times, and looked from the ceiling to her. He studied her bloodshot eyes, her botchy cheeks and her pink face, not saying a word. He squeezed her hand tighter, and that’s when she knew. He knows his time is coming.

Y/N bit her lip to keep her cries from escaping her, and he rubbed his thumb over the skin of her hand. “Y/N, please don’t cry.” He whispered, and patted the spot besides him. She immediately climbed onto the bed, resting her head on his chest as she heard the steady beat of his heart thrumming in his chest. “How can I not?” She whispered, looking up at him. “You’re the only person I care about.” She looked into his sad eyes, and he pulled his arm up to run his fingers through her hair. “Y/N, Lance Marcus didn’t make it, did he…” He trailed off, looking over at the empty bed, thinking his too, would be empty. “These past few weeks have been the best weeks of my life, Herc. I got to meet you, and your friends, and I just can’t—“ She was interrupted by his coughing, which racked through his whole body. She held him as his body shuddered from the coughs, and he let out a breathless laugh as he said: “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours. Why don’t you make up a future for me?” She rested her head down on his chest again, his heartbeat somewhat weaker than before.

“Alright.” She whispered, treasuring the way his fingers ran through her hair. “Well… You’d be better. By later tonight. You have made a miraculous recovery, shocking everyone. Lafayette would bring over wine and we would celebrate. After that, you’d come back home with me, or I would come back home with you, and we would make a life for ourselves.” She heard him hum in agreement, his voice faint, his fingers slowing down. “And we would get married. A nice wedding, all of our friends and family there. We would be dancing and carrying on. A few months later, we would find out that I’m pregnant, and I’d give birth to… What would you want? A boy or a girl?” She asked softly, looking up at him to find his eyes closed, nodding at the imagery. “A boy and a girl. Lacey and Michael.” He answered weakly, and Y/N let her head rest back on his chest once again.

“I would give birth to a boy and a girl. Their names would be Lacey and Michael.” His hand had stopped now, and was resting on her head. She could hear his heartbeat becoming fainter and fainter. “We would watch them grow up, and we would move out of the city and into the country. Own a nice little cottage with a dog and a cat. We would watch the sunrises and the sunsets together as we got older, Herc, and it would be great, so great. Hercules Mulligan, the man with the storybook character name and Y/N L/N growing old together. Hercules, please, grow old with me, please.” She trailed off, her tears dripping onto his shirt as she heard him give out his last breath, his heart coming to a quiet halt.

She hugged him close to her as she cried, her wails echoing off the walls. Wendy, Hamilton, Lafayette, Laurens,  and the doctors slammed into the room, Wendy pulling on Y/N, trying to make her let go of his body, only for her to scream louder and louder: “No! Please, Hercules, I love you!” She was lifted off of him by Lafayette, who cradled her in his arms as she watched the doctor’s take Hercules’s nonexistent heartbeat, and pulled his white sheet over his head. Y/N screamed herself hoarse, Lafayette trying to calm her down through his own tears. But it was over. Her love was gone.


Years and years later after Hercules had passed away, a ninety year old Y/N laid in her bed with her two children sitting at her side. Lafayette, whom she had married a few years later after Hercules died, was on her other side. Her children, Lacey and Michael held onto their mother’s hand, Lafayette holding the other. “I love you all so much.” She whispered, closing her eyes. A warm, bright light filtered down on her body only a moment later.

Y/N awoke to find herself laying on the grass under a grand cherry blossom tree, dressed in white. She sat up and looked down at her hands, which were aged and veiny to find them smooth and young. She pulled a piece of her into her eyes to find it not a silvery white but her natural H/C. She stood and watched a white dress that she was not wearing before flow around her legs and ankles. “Y/N? Is it really you?” Y/N tensed, No it can’t be, it can’t be him it’s been years. She turned her head to find the man she had fallen in love with so long ago standing in front of her with a bewildered look on his face.


endragh asked:

ah OT6: when ryan is a kid he sees what seems like imaginary friends of the other five guys(maybe they talk to him and cheer him on if he is doing something or cheer him up if he is sad?). when he gets a little older he realizes that he is the only one who can see them so he starts to ignore them. he goes through life still seeing them but ignores them as best as he could. when he joins rooster teeth he walks past achievement hunter office and sees them but ignores them thinking they are  still imaginary until burine or someone introduces him to them and then he is really confused.

A/N: This is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written and it’s still under 5,000 words. Pretty sad, huh? Warnin for Bullying!

At the age of five, it was considered normal for a kid to have an imaginary friend.

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Tall, Dark and Handsome: Chapter 21
TITLE: Tall, Dark and Handsome


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic


GENRE: romance / erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Twenty four year old Amelia Hart has never had a boyfriend before. Not wanting to step outside of her comfort zone, she rarely starts conversations with the opposite sex and makes little to no effort in correcting her single status. However, what she did not plan was meeting a man who manages to steal her breath away at every look. A man who does not stop until he gets what he wants. And the one thing he only wants right now just so happens to be her.


Author’s notes: Yup! Hello, it’s a new chapter. This chapter doesn’t have much Tom in it but the wonderful Scott Mackenzie. We’ll know more about Tom himself and what exactly is between these two.

Comments would be splendid.

Chapter 1 |  Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 |Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 |  Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | chapter 12 | Chapter 13  | Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16  | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20

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More To 1 Side Of Her

Title: More To 1 Side Of Her
Character(s) Featured: Wade Wilson (Deadpool), Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Bruce Banner, Thor Odinson
Pairing: Deadpool x Reader
Words: 3,161
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: M (Mature 16+)
Author’s Note(s): Hello, hello, hello my poppets! Welcome back to another Fiction Request after so long. Again, for the many who come to read my stories, I would like to take this moment to say thank you. I feel truly honored and flattered that you are all entertained by my stories and/or ships. I cherish it with all my furry heart. Mew! Okay, we have received a request from an Anonymous admirer. It says: Can you do another deadpool x reader where reader is really nice and sweet around him and the avengers but when her friends come around she’s an insane, badass chick and deadpool is in awe?? (Btw love your blog) I’m really glad you love it, Anon! Please stop again to tell me your thoughts on the story. Hope you enjoy the story, everyone!
Summary: Hey there, kids! It’s your buddy Deadpool here. You know, that sexy ass mercenary who’s in that fucking awesome movie that kicked X-Men straight in their bell grandes before fondling a few of them with kindness. You know who you are…Wolverine. Did you know that’s the only place that’s smoother than baby’s bottom? Clean as a whistle… Anyway, there’s this special girl that makes me wanna unsheath my katana in front of her and shish her kebob if you know what I mean. Your silence worries me. She’s a sweetheart and I mean, sickeningly sweet. Like extreme-obese-kid-hiding-in-the-corner-eating-300-twinkies-while-having-a-diabetic-stroke sweet. Oh yeah, I’m hooked. Apparently, a bunch of her girlfriends, or her lesbian lovers as I always tell myself when I play with Mr. Winky, are coming for a visit and a whole new side of her is coming with them. Haha, coming—Ah, innuendos!

“Oh my God, Wade! What did you did to yourself?!” You exclaimed when you exited your bedroom and found Deadpool as he hobbled out of the elevator. He lifted his head slowly, the white from his lens were dull from being dragged across a rough surface. “What? This? It’s not that bad,” He managed to wince, “You should see the other guy. He just ran like he ate a really spicy chalupa, and they were divorcing him and taking the kids with them. He didn’t even buy me dinner, the fucker.” Wade hopped towards you, almost falling from tripping on his lifeless left leg. You caught him in the nick of time, groaning as all of his weight fell in your petite arms. “Come on, I’ll let you rest in my room and maybe check out those wounds,” You told him, sympathetically. “Nooo… I don’t wanna ruin your sheets by making them look like a virgin had sex and her period at the same time…”
After several minutes of arguing, and having to literally drag the grown man, you both made it to your room and onto your large full size bed. “I need to take off your suit”, You stated as you hovered over the collapsed mercenary. He gasped in a shock, “But y/n, we barely know each other. You haven’t even asked my father for my hand.” His hands moved up his chest to cover his pecs. You couldn’t help but smile as you rolled your e/c amused filled eyes.
You started working with the Avengers a few short months now and as the director warned you, it’s been definitely far from an ordinary day at the office. You weren’t a full fledged agent yet, given that your test results were not yet evaluated so you were given remedial assignments. Frankly, they were mainly writing reports, filing them, and repeat. You would take your time however, reading each of their retelling of the events that occurred and imagined how it would be working alongside them. Though they’ve often disagreed with the idea of putting you on the field. “Listen, I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I just think that we should have her positioned elsewhere. Like behind a wall. Three continents away,” Tony suggested to the team, in one of the meetings the Avengers Initiative have on a daily basis. Steve pondered for moment, concerned for your safety if you were allowed to be part of group, “I have to agree with Stark on this, gang. As much as y/n or Fury might believe she’s ready for the field, she’s too darn fragile for the monsters we have to face everyday.”
“I’m all for having another woman around but I’m going with you guys. She’s so innocent, I don’t even think she’s ever insulted anyone let alone harmed them,” Natasha joined in, a strict frown upon her fair skinned face. Clint nodded, a smirk creeping on his lips, and his arms crossed as his body leaned against the black leather chair, “And who would make her famous cookies?! We’re talking about high quality, just-like-mother-used-to-make kind. Who has time to make mouthwatering sweets anymore?”
“I must agree with the archer. Her tempting scrumptious of confectionary goodness is most heavenly,” Thor chimed in. Bruce seemed to be the only level headed of the bunch, “We don’t know what she’s capable of. Perhaps there’s more to her than meets the eye.” *Oh, he also said the title just there! You had one job, Banner! Hello there, Deadpool again. Just wanted to remind you that this isn’t about them. This is a love story. With me. Not them. Me. Just wanted you to remember that.*
“You do know I have wicked regenerative powers, right? Have you read any of my comics?” Wade asked rhetorically as he watched you through his red and black mask. Your pink lips curled into a grin, looking back up at him from cleaning his right bloodied shoulder, “It doesn’t cover blood stained flesh, Wilson.” You managed to wipe off his entire torso, but you were concerned what was the damage behind that mask. When your slender fingers cautiously reached for it, all nonsense left Wade. He grabbed your hands gingerly, his eyes held on to your gaze, “Don’t.”
“Wade…” There was a wave of dysphoria that washed over him. You never saw him like this before. You have read the majority of the files of each Avenger however, Deadpool’s file was so large, it would’ve taken a decade just to get through the beginning of his mercenary career so you didn’t know the full extent of his scars. You held your breath, softly smiling as to assure him you won’t overreact. Frankly, you didn’t know how you’d react once that piece of fabric between them was gone. He sat there, frozen while your fingers found the velcro in the back. Slowly, you pried it open, the loud sound of it ripping apart was amplified by the silence in your bedroom. You finally reached the end of the leather spandex mask, and removed it from his head. Wade’s brown eyes glistened, slightly watery at the brink of spilling a tear. There was a hint of a strong odor, closely resembling sweat however, you weren’t going to mentioned that to the killing machine of a mercenary. His skin appeared aged, wrinkled, and several spots of flesh have rotted off. It was the final stages of an advanced cancer you’ve only read about. Your e/c eyes were glued to his appearance. He wasn’t hideous, you concluded. In fact, he didn’t lose all of his handsomeness. Well, he lost most of it, that’s a fact but there was a tragic beauty that was trapped behind his eyes that you didn’t have the heart to look away. “…You kinda look like a human prune,” You thought outloud. Wade was stunned. You didn’t scream, you didn’t cry in horror, you didn’t even try to beat him with a stick to see if the ugly came out. You used good ol’ fashioned dry humor. “Or maybe like a white Al Roker who lost too much weight, and then laid in the sun to shrivel up like beef jerky,” You added, tilting your head to one side as you continued to stare at his face. “ A white Al Roker… That’s-that’s a new one. An elderly man’s scrotum, a pornstar’s sagging vagina, but a white, wrinkled - Okay, I’m gonna go,” He replied, unsure what to make of this whole situation, until you grabbed his forearm, “Deadpool, what I mean to say is: you’re okay. I don’t mind how you look. I like you. Just the way you are.” With a soft smile and a gentle peck on the cheek, you walked out of your room leaving an extremely confused assassin who was ready to shoot himself in the head because his brain started to hurt from thinking. “I resent that last statement! It’s not hurting. Just slightly hitting itself against my fucked up skull. And I do think! I know my alphabet and everything! K-I-L-L-I-N-G, next time won’t you sing with me?…”

Several days had passed since that fateful afternoon and you continued to be your regular cheerful self, doing your best to assist the Avengers in whatever they need. Though they were already beginning to become quite fond of you, you cemented their affections by making a complete feast of a breakfast one morning. “Damn y/n, if you keep feeding us like this, I’m gonna need another hole on my belt,” Clint smirked, eyeing the large stack of Belgium waffles behind his dark tinted sunglasses. “This is too much, l/n. You didn’t have to go out of your way,” Steve said to you, his bright blue eyes shining in gratitude. You smiled widely, a light blush growing on the apples of your cheeks. “It’s really no trouble at all. It’s the least I can do for all you’ve done for me— Oh Vision, I’m safe to assume you don’t have a stomach so I got you these books on sociology, human civilization, and popular culture magazines instead. You know, for fun,” You handed them to the Vision in which he accepted them graciously. “Thank you, agent l/n. I will read them at my leisure,” He softly smiled, his blue computerized lenses briefly scanned each cover. You turned back to Rogers, “Well actually, I was wondering if I can ask for the day off tomorrow?” You fiddled with your fingers as you asked, averting his gaze. Despite being a great guy, and an incredible leader, Captain America was still quite intimidating. “I don’t see why not. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the occasion ?”
“Does our little girl have a date with a possible degenerate who isn’t good enough for our baby?” Tony teased, before popping a piece of bacon in his mouth. Almost immediately, Deadpool popped his head from the hallway in order to hear your response clearly. Your cheeks flushed even more, a nervous chuckle escaping your pink lips, “No, nothing like that. I’ve never been even asked out.” The entire table went silent for a moment (Wade, on the other hand, yelled in surprise at the discovery. Naturally, everyone paid no mind to him). She really is innocent, they thought but chose to ignore her reply. For now at least. “Some of my very close friends are in town and they invited me to a little reunion at our favorite place,” You explained as you walked back and forth placing a hot beverage in front of each person. “Can we come too?!” Wilson asked, appearing right next to you with his hands clenched eagerly as he waited for your answer. “Wade!” Natasha reprimanded, her hypnotic blue-green eyes burning with annoyance. “Fuck off, Widow — So can we?”
You couldn’t hold back your laughter as you replied, “It’s okay, Nat—Yes Wade, you can come — In fact, you all are welcome, you’re interested. It starts at 8:00pm. Here’s the address,” You patted the pockets of your worn out blue jeans. Finally finding what you were looking for, you handed the small piece of paper to the blonde super soldier before walking towards the elevators. “I’m going to head out now. I have to get ready. I’ll see you guys there?” Everyone nodded, some muttering a yes with a mouthful of food. You smiled at the red and black Avenger, pointed to a spot on the table. Wilson turned and gasped like a five year old girl. There was a large stack of hot, steaming, freshly made pancakes covered with syrup, and a dollop of butter on top. Right beside it was a small card written in perfect script, ‘For Wade’. He was ready to shower you with affection but as soon as he turned back, you were gone.

“Uh, are you sure this is correct address?” Wanda cautiously asked, staying close to her older brother as the entire team walked towards large arena in the seediest part of Manhattan. “I checked with F.R.I.D.A.Y three times to make sure and this is it,” Stark sharply stated, giving his phone with the coordinates a second glance. “I’m afraid this is the location. I looked through the worldwide web and all sites point to this venue. It seems to be where they have annual competitions in a sport called ‘roller derby,’ The Vision stated, placing his hands in the pockets of a dark colored hoodie Tony let him borrow. They decided to dress down for the occasion in order to not be recognized by anyone. Without realizing it, they all wore the same thing; dark washed denim, a large hoodie, and a baseball cap pulled forward to cover their face. “I totally feel like we’re in a gang like in the movie ‘Warriors’—Ever watch that movie? I kicked the shit out of these kids that were dressed like a baseball team. It turned out they were really a baseball team! Ha, who would’ve thought, huh? The little shits deserved it, though.” Deadpool growled menacingly, causing onlookers to be even more anxious. “This has to be a mistake. She wouldn’t be in a place like this,” Cap frowned, worried for you safety. Widow chuckled when her gaze fell upon a large poster advertising the main event, “Wanna bet?” A group of thick, vivacious women, donning roller skates, helmets, and tight boy shorts graced the image with their flirtatious poses and smokey eyes. The last one on the far right was blowing a kiss to any person passing by. Her lips were plumped and red, her waist visible due to the crop top she sported, and displaying an elaborate belly ring that connected to a chain hugged her hips. That skater was you. They looked long and hard at the poster. “No…That can’t be…” Barton drifted in disbelief.

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to our returning victors, Artemis’ Amazons!”

The place was packed, crowded with punk rockers of every age screaming for the team rolling into the track. It smelled of alcohol, cigarettes, weed, and another strong odor Steve chose to ignore as the Avengers pushed their way to the barricades. The announcer kindly handed the mic over to the captain who waved eagerly at the audience, “How you doin’, New York?!” They roared in excitement at being acknowledged, few even chanting her own name. “Alright, alright! Shut the fuck up now, I’m talkin’!” Tony raised an eyebrow, confused by the positive response she was receiving despite insulting them a few seconds ago. “I know the gang and I are excited to be coming home as champions for the second row but we were shitting bricks when we got a blast from the past! You remember her. Our little pussycat has come back to play for this night only! She sharpened her claws for this special occasion. So before she turns back into an adult, put your hands for our one, and only…Vixen!” You rolled beside your best friend and waved vigorously to the masses of supporters. Pressing your small hand to your red lips, you blew a kiss to them and even purposely pressed your arms together to show more of your cleavage. Everyone’s mouth dropped at your provocative behavior. You never behave like that in the tower. You even blushed when you accidentally saw Thor shirtless!
“Hello my fucking, sexy people! I hope you fuckers are ready for a hell of a game because this Amazon is ready to slit some throats, drink these bitches’ blood, and wipe the floor with these cunts!” You yelled into the microphone as your devotees clamored for you. They rushed closer to the bar that divides you from them. Wanda, Pietro, Clint, Vision and Natasha were pressed up against it, almost squeezing the life out of them. They would’ve been more responsive to the action but they were stunned from hearing you cuss for the first time since…well, ever! Vision was more neutral in reaction, since he himself have read swear words in several different languages. Steve’s mouth hung open, not believing what he just heard. Tony, for once, felt uncomfortable hearing those filthy words uttered. Most of all, because they were uttered by you. To the entire team, it felt like they just watched a baby smoke, drink, and cuss at the same time. It was rather disturbing. Deadpool, on the other hand, was in awe. As the game began, he watched you bodily harm every member of the opposing team, so much to the point they bled. Wade never found you sexier then covered in streaks of the crimson liquid. Out of nowhere, he held a counter to see how many times you cursed. *It was 354!* He shivered in delight with each hiss, or growl. “Ah, I think I just came a little,” The mercenary whimpered, once he saw you extend your arm and hit the opponent in the throat.

The tournament reached its end and naturally, Artemis’ Amazons won. The cleaning crew entered the track and began the daily routine of cleaning the blood off the smooth surface. Wanda, and Bruce grimaced at the arena that appeared more of a crime scene than a sporting event. “That was the most violent contact sport I’ve ever seen…” Banner said incredulously. Pietro smirked, placing his hand on his shoulder, “You obviously never watched a rugby match, my friend.”
“Hey guys, I’m so glad you came!” You exclaimed, running towards them with your arms open wide. You hugged them one or two at a time before you continued to dry your h/c hair with the black towel around your neck. “Did you enjoy yourselves?”
“Let me have your babies!” Wilson professed, grabbing both of your hands in his as he looked straight into your eyes. “Wait, that’s not right. I wanna put my mouth hole on your mouth hole!” You laughed at his responses but you understood what he was trying to say. At least, you hoped you did. The rest of the team shook their heads in embarrassment before Tony spoke up, “Were you always…”
“Always what?”
“This dirty?” The red and black Avenger wagged his hairless brows suggestively. Romanov stepped in, hitting Wade upside the head, “What Tony was trying to say is, were you always this…” Even she couldn’t bring herself to say it. How can you ask someone if they’ve always cursed like a drunken sailor? It was Rogers’ turn to try, “Did you always…”
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, they wanna know if you always cursed,” The scientist said, exasperated by the delay. Iron Man placed his hand on his chest, taken aback by even Banner’s potty mouth, “Banner…” Your hands rested on your hips, shifting your weight to one side as you watched Earth’s mightiest heroes bicker back and forth over the timid physicist’s cry. Wade shuffled himself next to you, his gloved hands behind his back. You turned your head to him, waiting for him to say something but his eyes remained on them and he stood there silently. “…Do you do anal?” He finally said, inquiringly. You smiled widely, moving in front of him, pressing your behind against him, and placing your hands on his groin, “Oh yes, I fucking do.”

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Hello Sweetheart :) It’s my birthday and you’re my fav blog, so I thought I’d kindly ask for an imagine :) You're a Police officer but are often in touch with helping the Avengers on several cases, so you and Bucky somehow grew close but None of you admits your Feelings. One time while you helped them on a Mission, you end up getting shot but Keep fighting till you finally collapse straight into Bucky’s arms. After you get out of surgery then, he finally asks you on a date & cares for you ? :)

Originally posted by leafierleaf

A/N: I’m your favourite blog? Awwwwwww! I love you! And I wish you a happy happy birthday, I hope I’m not too late! 
Word Count: 1476
Warnings: Swearing, blood, weapons, hospital

 “Always a pleasure, Captain”, you said through your radio device, checking your gun one last time, before turning to your colleague. You were sitting in a van, made for undercover missions, next to you another officer, slightly younger than you.
His name was Wheeler and even though this was the first time you worked with him, you couldn’t help but to like him and the undestroyable excitement in his eyes.

He was no newbie, nor was this his first outdoor mission, yet, it was the first time he would work directly together with the Avengers.
Something not every police officer could write in his résumé. 

The Officers that were chosen to assist the Avengers were specifically picked by you and your boss, selected because of skill and trustworthiness.
More than once you had helped them, not officially, but because you chose to. You had formed a rather close bond to most of the Avengers since the attack of New York where you had tried your best to get as many civilians into safety as possible.

And you had grown especially fond of one of them, even though he had joined the team only much later.
James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes. Or ‘The Winter Soldier’ how you had called him for weeks in your headquarters. You knew many people who still kept to that name, even considering him a possible threat, but you thought him a full member of the Avengers now, and you trusted him – as you trusted all of them – with your life.

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Vlad Masters is a man of great influence...

… and it isn’t hard to guess that he has made some enemies in the industry during his ascent to the top. I’ll bet many times former employees or partners have attempted to ruin or embarrass him, or even cause him physical harm…

… Of course, by some miracle Vlad Masters would come out of everything unscathed, reputation intact – if not better than before.

So what if one day, he screws over the wrong company? What if he drops a lucrative deal like a hot potato and it pisses people off???

It might have started out with what Vlad saw as empty threats– over the phone, through the mail– but it ended when six masked men armed with guns and grenades made an unceremonious entry into the building…

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Captain Jones (1/1)

Author’s Note: This is for @zengoalie​ on the occasion of her birthday! I have had the honor of meeting this amazing woman in person. She is so much fun and so kind. And she introduced me to the joy of Frito scoops with homemade guacamole. We shared laughs and gasps of mutual appreciation for Colin O’Donoghue (bless) along with a bunch of other amazing people at the premiere. I hope you like this prequel to Captain Hook. It got a little headcanon-ny there - forgive me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks to @lenfaz​, @kat2609​ and @amagicalship​ for beta’ing.

Rated: M

Summary: Once upon a time there was a legendary pirate. We all know the tale. But what happened before there was Hook? Before there was Milah? How did he come to be that dashing rapscallion who was confident with women and seemingly less confident in his ability to button his shirt? A pre-Captain Hook tale of a chance meeting with a woman who helped shape the Killian Jones we all know and love….


Nearly three score evenings had passed since he and his crew had embarked on their first journey under the skull and crossbones - a symbol that struck terror into the hearts of many - but that set his own heart aflame with righteous vengeance. He no longer set store by the dictates of corrupt monarchs masquerading as wise and benevolent rulers. The moment his brother’s hand had turned cold, so had his feelings towards the king who had killed him just as sure as if he had poisoned Liam himself.

Unfettered by rule of law, living under their own form of democracy, the crew had proven both resourceful and daring. At present, his men were raucous with the unbridled excitement borne from the completion of a well-executed mission. His men. Killian wasn’t certain he would ever grow used to that notion.

Once they were ashore, the mission of his crew was somewhat singular in nature.

He swirled his rum disconsolately, catching a glimpse of Tierney sweeping a softly curved red-head away from the bar, in the direction of the stairs, her giggles filling the air. Killian half-smiled as the ruddy-cheeked boatswain met his eyes before being dragged by the collar into a room.

Killian looked back down at his drink. It had been easy to forget his pain in the thrill of slipping past a Naval Brigantine to overtake a vessel loaded with valuables bound for the East Isles. It had been easy to lose himself in the logistics of just how one chooses to extract said valuables from the target, once it was captured. Wading through the thorny undergrowth of pirate justice, meting out who lives and who dies, took rather more emotional energy than he had initially bargained for when he raised the Jolly Roger high. But it was energy he was glad to expend, because it ultimately kept his thoughts on the present.

All he wanted to do was forget about the past.

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