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Well I unfollowed you. You're too slow. Even if people stick up for you, you're not very good...

Okay. I’m only posting your bullshit so other people can see it and laugh at how stupid you’re being. I don’t normally get mad at Anons, but you are being very rude and not understanding at all. It is disgusting.

I have anxiety. I am nervous 24/7. I ask myself if I am an annoyance, or perhaps a burden to people I love. Why? Because I’ve had a pretty shitty past and people haven’t been too nice to me. So it transferred to here. I am too nervous to ask more popular blogs to rp or plot. Well it’s my problem. I’m opening up more slowly, but SLOWLY. I’m going at my own pace so I’m not uncomfortable.

Let me get something straight with you. No one will change just to make you happy, okay? That’s not right and it’s not how life works. This is a fun rpblog that I run. Don’t like it?

Fuck off.

That simple, Ma Cherie! :D now leave me alone.


Hey, Luke, it’s me. I know I’m not supposed to be calling, but I am not doing really great right now, and– I was just wondering, if, do you remember in The Way we Were, how Katie and Hubbell broke up because his friends were joking and laughing, and the president had just died, and she yelled at them and he was mad and he was going out to Hollywood, and, I mean, which she hated, and he broke up with her and she was really upset. And she called him and asked him if he would come over and sit with her because he was her best friend and she needed her best friend, and he did. And they talked all night, and they went out to Hollywood, which was a disaster, but it was good at first. With the boat, and uh, putting the books away. I’ve seen this movie a lot, so if you don’t remember the putting the books away scene, don’t feel stupid or anything. I was just sitting here thinking about it, because…

Let me just make something clear

If you want to go see Split for whatever reason I am not mad at you. I’m not thrilled but I’m not going to yell at you about it or call you a horrible person. All I ask is that you remember this is a work of fiction and not an accurate representation of DID. and that you ask questions if you have them to help you understand what DID really is. I would be happy to answer questions. is a great site for info on DID. I personally am not going to see it because I don’t agree with how it represents people with DID and feel like it would probably upset me but if you really really want to see it I won’t blame you…I blame the people who made the movie and even then I tried to work with them rather than against with the PSA petition but they are ignoring us so time for a different approach I suppose…I just want to be understood and not feared. Of course I wish people wouldn’t see it but I know some people will no matter what and I respect their choice. So go see the movie if you really want to see it but don’t let it effect your opinion of us. ~Amelia

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i am new to ifnt and rly dont wanna make anyone mad but i don't see the big deal abt woohyun. yes he is hot and can sing but why does every1 love him so much? i dont mean it in a bad way jst that i dont see how he is more popular than others. also i dont see how his voice is so different to other kpop singers? but then again i am new so maybe i dont kno wht i am talking about. pls help me to understand more?

You caught me at the absolute pinnacle of my Woohyun feels, which happens every year around his birthday. And therefore (with a little help from my friends) I have constructed this little list of reasons why Woohyun is absolutely deserving of the amount of love he receives from Inspirits and why it’s kinda hard not to love him, even if he isn’t your favourite member…


Woohyun is known for having what many call a ‘power-house’ vocal. You can always rely on him to hit those incredible high notes in INFINITE songs. He’s known for being able to bellow out his lines; his voice is strong, loud and instantly recognisable. But he also pours a lot of emotion into his vocals, every note dripping with it. His solo album Write.. and his subsequent appearances on Immortal Songs 2 showcased another side to his vocals too; a softer side, gentle, quieter but without lacking that trademark emotion in his voice. It really proved he’s a versatile vocalist, and not just there to yell at the top of his lungs (but it’s still incredible when he does). Here is Woohyun performing on Immortal Songs 2. This appearance earned him the highest score for an idol on the show at that point. 

He is (in my opinion) one of the best live singers in kpop at the moment. I can’t think of many people who could hold a candle to him, really. Yet he is still improving and working on his voice; he still admits he has far to go. 


Woohyun is known for being the ‘fan idiot’ in INFINITE. He’s got a different heart for every occasion and is usually credited with popularising the ‘finger heart’ that everyone uses nowadays. In 2012 he came 3rd in Weekly Idol’s Fan Service poll (as voted by idols), and the video shows some good examples of him showering Inspirits with love. He consistently refers to fans as his ‘girlfriends’, to the point his twitter bio even says it (팬=여친 fan=girlfriend). But his love for Inspirits runs deeper than superficial hearts and displays of cuteness. INFINITE and Inspirits have had a close relationship since debut, and it has continued on to this day. During One Great Step, INFINITE’s first world tour in 2013/14, Woohyun personally went out to buy roses and small rings to present to fans at their shows, spending his own money. He wrote and composed the song ‘함께 (Together)’ during OGS, and dedicated it to Inspirits, saying it was about fans (see the lyrics here). 

At Dream Concert in 2016, Woohyun performed as a solo artist for the first time, and even other fandoms began to feel jealous at the amount of attention he gave to Inspirits. [Even more reactions here] He sang just for them, never taking his eyes off their section of the crowd and taking out his earpiece to listen to them singing along. Okay, so later all of INFINITE roasted Inspirits for not being able to sing well, but at least Woohyun then tried to explain how to sing properly.

It should be noted too, that after this performance, Woohyun and INFINITE gained a lot of new fans who were impressed by him. 


As I mentioned above, Woohyun wrote and composed ‘함께 (Together)’ for INFINITE while they were taking part in their first world tour. During their movie, Grow, which showed the behind the scenes of OGS, you see Woohyun jumping up in the middle of eating to go and compose. 

He was excited about this song and wanted to share it with the rest of INFINITE once he was finished, asking them to contribute to the lyric writing too. Then his solo album Write.. was released in 2016 with 3/6 tracks having Woohyun’s direct involvement: ‘향기 (Scent/Nostalgia)’ which was entirely written and composed by Woohyun, and ‘Gravity’ and ‘Everyday’ which Woohyun co-wrote and composed [source]. You could tell he had worked extremely hard on these songs, and could tell how proud he was of them when he spoke about them in interviews. Whenever Woohyun takes the stage, you know that the energy and enthusiasm he exudes isn’t just an act… He truly loves singing, is passionate about performing and wants to share his talent with the world. For example, look how stupidly in his element he is performing Everyday in Singapore during INFINITE’s second world tour ( © Honey Tree ) :


Those were just three main points focused on Woohyun as a singer, performer and idol. There are so many other sides to Woohyun too, and so many reasons to love him. 

  • He loves cooking, and his instagram is full of videos of him making food
  • His relationships with the other INFINITE members are really sweet. Just one recent example would be: even when everyone was teasing Sungjong and being kinda mean (including Woohyun), he did then reassure him that there would be plenty of INFINITE schedules soon and that he needn’t worry. He’s also super affectionate with the others, and you’ll often find him touching them or correcting their hair/touching their face/leaning on them.
  • Actor Woohyun!!! He’s been in multiple dramas, but my personal favourite is Hi School Love On, where he played Shin Woohyun… Please watch it if you haven’t already, it’s so good (and it’s all available on KBSWorld’s youtube channel with subs, here)!
  • His friendships with other 91 line celebrities, especially SHINee’s Key with whom he debuted as the special sub-unit ToHeart in 2014
  • Like you mentioned, he is ridiculously good-looking and is known for not having had any surgery - that nose and that jawline are aaaaallll natural, ladies ~~ 
  • He loves football and plays for FC Men (FC 멘), an all-star team affiliated with the Suwon Bluewings alongside other celebrities. 

My closing statement is this: usually when you stan a group you’ll have a favourite member, one you look at more than the others, one you might pay a little more attention to during MVs or performances or shows. But then often (and in most cases when it comes to my Inspirit friends), you end up loving them all. Your bias might even change (maybe even many times). You’ll find it hard to stick solely to one member, especially when the rest of the group are so damn lovable. Soon enough, you realise you’re OT7 biased and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do yourself a solid and give Woohyun a chance. I’m sure you’ll see why everyone likes him so much in no time. 

jungkook jealous smut...

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“What are you doing?” jungkook asks as she watches a show with jimin, both sharing a bag of popcorn as they watch with glazed eyes, jungkook thinking they are sitting far too close.
“Hyung?” jungkook asks and jimin looks at him surprised at his angry expression.
“Jungkook?” jimin asks and jungkook takes a deep breath knowing he is being unreasonable right now.
“Please, give me and my girlfriend a moment.” he says slowly and jimin is out before she could blink, knowing the other was mad.
“We were just watching a tv show…” she started off but jungkook held up a hand for a moment of silence between the two of them.
“You know how sensitive i am about things like this.” jungkook states and she looks down at her hands as he walks closer to her. “Tell me…how much i mean to you more then jimin does.” he says shakily as he crawls onto the bed close to her but not touching her.
She leans in and kisses him and he groans into it, grabbing onto her neck and deepening the kiss like his life depended on it. She puses the bag of popcorn and the other snacks onto the floor as she climbs onto his lap and he pulls away and pants as her lips trail down his neck.
“I love you…no one else.” she whispers, unzipping his jacket and working on his buttons on his shirt as he lays back against the pillows, and lets her kiss down his body, with his eyes closed, letting her take all the pain in his heart away, letting her kiss away the hurt, and the anger.
“y/n” he whines and she climbs back up from his stomach and he locks lips with her like he needed her to breath, lifting himself off the bed and holding her head in his hands to keep her there, like he would lose her if he let go and she fists his open shirt for something to hold onto. It felt like the best thing kissing her, like the world revolved around them for a moment, like every nerve in his body was being touched as he kissed her.
He shrugged off his jacket and shirt letting them drop onto the floor as he clumsily works on her shirt pulling it up and over her head and untying his pajama bottoms from around her waist.
Realizing it wasn’t going to work shoving the pants off her body, so he rolls the two over to lay her on her back, needing her like he never has at this moment as he quickly helped slide her clothes off and then clumsily takes off the rest of his clothes crawling back onto the bed.
“Don’t ever stop loving me…promise.” he begs and she agrees instantly before he is pushing himself inside her and making her moan at the feeling of him completely surrounding her as her hands explore his skin making the experience then times better than it was before because of the fact it was her, and he loved her more then anything in the world.
His thrusts inside her slow and sensual, making love to the person he loved the most, like it would be the last time he would ever make love to her.
“y/n” he moans lowering himself so he could kiss her to try and keep her quiet in the hotel room where his hyungs are on the other side of the wall, not wanting to share the cute sounds with anyone else.
“Kookie.” she whines holding onto him as he speeds up a bit, needing to breath properly for a minute so he hides in her neck, panting in her ear as she grips onto him harder.
“I know baby.” he breathes gripping onto the sheets like he is going to rip them from the pleasure of it all.
She chants his name as she gets on the edge of release, falling over the edge with his lips connected to hers as he moans into her mouth as he falls off the edge with her, riding out their orgasims with a few more thrusts before stilling on top of her to take a breath.
“I love you.” he whispers before pulling out of her and rolling over to lay next to her and pull her against him for some much needed cuddles.

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Somewhere Foreign (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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Newt Scamander x Reader

WC: 1176

Warnings: I said arse lol 

Note: Hello! This is the first fic I have written in a very long time so forgive me if it sucks. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and am a huge fan of Fantastic Beasts, so when Kari told me to write about Newt, I was like definitely! So here it is, and I hope you guys enjoy!! Keeping my fingers crossed! OH! And feedback would be great!! <3         

-  Darcy

How could it have been possible?

Though the question should not even be asked since it’s crystal clear how it was possible. The damn suitcase went completely mad, again.

Put a protective enchantment, you said. Not only would it keep it from opening, but it will lock the creatures in securely, you said. Did he listen? Newt never listens. Now we are running around this foreign city looking like a pair of loonies who have absolutely no idea where they are going. However, who were you to turn down a bit of adventure? You smirked. In fact, you found all of this amusing. How could it not? First, Newt was socked in the jaw with a suitcase by a very frightened muggle. And second, the Niffler got away and is now trifling through some poor woman’s purse probably. And third, the pair of you got picked up by an auror outside of a Muggle Bank.

“Where do you think that little bugger ran off to?” you asked breathlessly after losing sight of the demoted auror from MACUSA.

Newt looked at you, his cheeks flushed from the exercise. “No idea. I reckon he’s probably stuffed into some woman’s purse ransacking her jewelry.”

“HA! I was just thinking the same thing! Perhaps we should just start snatching purses,” you suggested in a playful tone. Newt looked over at you with a smirk, “There’s an idea.”

Suddenly you saw Ms. Goldstein’s face appear in the crowd behind you, looking for Newt and you.

“Merlin’s beard!! She’s like a pop-up book from hell!” you exclaimed. Newt laughed but shook his head at you. You pulled the both of you into an alleyway between two flat complexes. Newt and you flattened yourselves into the wall as much as you could as soon as Ms. Goldstein walked by. Once in the clear, Newt looked over at you.

“A pop-up book from hell?” he smiled at you. You couldn’t help the sudden swell of blood to your face. He was close enough to touch, and your fingers were itching to grab a hold of that one little stubborn lock that keeps falling in front of his eyes.

“Yes, it was the first thing that popped into mind and you know how I just blurt out stuff. I can’t stop myself.” You took a step back from him, unconsciously. Newt laughed, “Oh believe me, I know. On the boat you went full mental when some muggle’s suitcase made you trip.”

You gasped hyperbolically, “He did it on purpose!! And all you said was sorry repeatedly! I had to defend myself!” Newt laughed loudly, “I had to apologize. I was apologizing FOR YOU.” You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing, “You arse.” You looked behind him and began to realize the crowd was getting bigger. You were about to mention to Newt before you realized he had gone silent. You looked back at him.

Newt was looking down at you, his freckled face flushed, and his sideways smirk was in play. He looked away at the wall as soon as he realized you were staring right back. His next words were stumbled. “S…Some…Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are partners.” You raised your eyebrow quizzically, “How do you mean?”

He looked at you for a split second and instead focused his gaze on my arms that were crossed on your chest. “We’re very distinct, you and me. People.. They like you, they….” he stopped lost for words, his jaw flexing. He began to play with his fingers nervously, his head bowed down and all you could see was the tip of his nose.

You took a deep breath before you spoke. “Newt..?” He lifted up his face a little, but still did not meet your eye. “Newt, you are absolutely bonkers.” He half-choked out a laugh. His pink rimmed eyes looked over you, wonderingly. “Newt, you and I? We might be different in attitude, but there is something very similar about the both of us.” He cleared his throat and asked, “What is that?” You took a step closer and whispered in his ear, “We have both been detained by the Magical Congress.” You both laughed at the same time, resulting in his shaking form now being an inch from you.

Picket peeked out from his pocket and pulled your jacket, making you close that gap between the both of you. Newt was surprised and thought you were falling so he gripped you closer to him. You looked up at him, his blue eyes locked on yours. “ (Name)…what I didn’t finish saying before, was that….you are.. More… well, more than me. And you…make me into a much better person. I mean….I like myself better whenever I am with you,” his hands on your waist began to loosen and he began to take a step back. However, you pulled him back to you, and put your shaking hand on his red cheek.

“I like myself better when I am with you as well,” you gulped silently, and pushed his reddish brown hair behind his ear. Newt’s hold on you became tighter.

 “Newt, I’m going to be very honest with you, as honest as if someone had just spilled a whole vial of Veritaserum down my Pumpkin juice this morning. But from the very first moment that I saw you, I knew that I was going to fall for that damn quirky smile and that very sweet, sweet demeanor that you hold.” You finished your speech really fast and turned your burning face towards his shoulder.

But, Newt surprised you when he laughed. You looked back up and his whole face was the most happy that you have ever seen it. “(Name), I have been in love with you since the very first moment you called me an arse. Though I do wish I could have said it first. But sadly, you beat me by just a smidge.” You laughed, tears falling down your cheeks. He rested his forehead on yours and as soon as he started to caress your cheek, you couldn’t help yourself anymore.

You pulled away in order to meet his eye, and before you could say anything, he kissed you. Newton Scamander, the shy, perfect, sweetest man, the love of your life kissed you first. And at that moment, he wasn’t shy. He gripped you inconceivably closer. His reddish brown locks now resting on your face, while the both of you were once again lost in a place that was foreign to you however staggeringly comfortable the both of you were in each other’s arms. You pushed his head in closer, and as the kiss deepened, there was a loud noise coming from somewhere close. The both of you pulled apart, breathlessly. “Merlin’s beard! Once we find that little bugger he won’t hear the end of it!” he said, annoyed. You laughed, “I think I’ve rubbed off on you.” Newt smiled at you sweetly, kissed you one more time, and said, “I certainly hope so.”

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Headcanon. Archie is the first person Veronica tells about her feelings for Betty idk I just feel like it would be a thing where she's ranting at him and says something about how it's so fucked up that people like people who don't like them back and he's thinking 'betty isn't even mad at me for not liking her back anymore but you're still mad at me for her' until Veronica gets real sad and says something like I just want her to love me or something and he realizes that she likes Betty but idk

So I took this ask as a prompt and wrote a little one shot based off of it.

I wrote this at 2 am so it’s kinda rough but I still hope you like it.


His day had started off well enough; early morning football practice, which wasn’t really all that great, hadn’t it been for the fact that a great new melody for one of his songs had popped into his head.

Humming the tune as he walked through the halls, he was stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of Veronica Lodge at the end of the hallway; clearly out for blood. Just as he was about to turn the other way to escape her wrath, he heard her shout out to him.

So much for that plan.

As he turned around he saw Veronica walk towards him with a fire in her step that showed that she meant business. And here he had thought this was going to be a good day. Stupid.

“Archie Andrews! Don’t think I didn’t see you.”

He had only hoped.

“I need to talk to you actually, Ronnie, but can we please go somewhere else?” He said defeatedly. Knowing damn well that if Veronica wanted something, she was going to get it.

She glared at him suspiciously but followed him to the music room, which was surprisingly empty for once.

“This better be good because I’m about to go off on you in about two minutes” she said, crossing her arms in defiance.

“Whatever you’re going to say about me and Betty, I know, okay?” He said, sitting down in front of the piano. “I’m a douchebag for stringing her along and hurting her just because I was too blind to see that my best friend has a crush on me.”

“So whatever you have to say, save it.” He looked down at the keys. “I’ve already told her I’m sorry a million times, and she has forgiven me! No hard feelings.” He dared to look up at her but her face was unreadable.

“Are you done?” She said, looking unimpressed.

“Yes.” He was.

“Betty stood at my door crying Archie! No, sobbing actually, because you rejected her for being ‘too perfect for you’.” Veronica said to him accusingly. “Who even uses that lame old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ excuse anymore?”

He did apparently. “Look Ronnie, I know you’re mad at me and all, but you haven’t talked to me in two weeks and now you suddenly come at me out of nowhere.”

“Betty has moved on, why can’t you?” He asked her gently.

She looked at him for a while before sitting down next to him by the piano. Laying her head on his shoulder and sighing deeply.

He looked at her; careful to not make any sudden movements that would disturb her from her thoughts, seeing not quite anger, but sadness reflected in her eyes.

“I just know how much it sucks when someone you like doesn’t like you back. I don’t wish that feeling on anyone. Especially not Betty.” Veronica finally answered, her voice having lost all the fire it once held.

Archie put his arm around her then, feeling her completely deflate against him. He knew there was something he wasn’t seeing. A piece of the puzzle he was missing; but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

“I’m sorry for being angry at you Arch.” She said. “It just seems hardly fair when you love someone so much but they are completely oblivious.” He felt her words vibrating against his chest.

Suddenly, it clicked.

“You’re in love with Betty…” He says hesitantly.

Veronica is silent for a long while then, letting the sentence hang between them, making the air feel thick with unspoken thoughts. Because even though her face showed no sign of discomfort, he felt her heart rapidly thudding against his shoulder.

She looks up at him with a sad smile on her face.

“I’m in love with Betty.” She finally says, sounding so certain that he almost doesn’t believe that she came to that conclusion just a few seconds ago. Just like that, it was as clear as night and day. Veronica was in love with Betty just like the earth revolves around the sun, as sure as the currents of the sea.

“But that doesn’t matter.” She says, looking up at him “Because I’m in love with Betty and she’s in love with you.”

We’re lying in bed, about to have sex, we have been making out for a few minutes, our clothes are off.

I’m insecure about my body and my skills in bed, you were the first person I ever had sex with and I can count on my fingers how many times we did it.

You got frustrated with me, I was confused about where to put my hands and how to please you; after guiding me 3 or 4 times, you just got mad.

You questioned my sexuality, asked me if I really do like girls. Offered to be just my friend, said we don’t need to have sex, asked again if I really do like girls, if I really am attracted to you.

That hurt me, I had been questioned about my sexuality before, but never by you.

I was so hurt, so embarrassed, my insecurities had gotten the best of me. They kept me from being with you.

You are skilled in bed, and you know it. You even boast about it.

I am not, you knew I was unsure about that, you knew you were the only person I had ever been with, even the only person who had ever seen me naked.

I ran off from the bed and the bedroom, I couldn’t formulate another answer other than “I love you, of course I’m attracted to you.” I couldn’t tell you that I lose my breath when I see you naked, that I dream and fantasize about your body. That you heat me up just by saying good morning (that also warms my heart and soul).

I went into the bathroom and turned the shower to the hottest setting, started crying like crazy. I was humiliated, I was hurt. I couldn’t tell you half the things I was feeling; my mind had too much running through it.

You came in.

I was shocked.

You’re always so respectful, you always knock and ask.

This time you didn’t.

You walked right into the shower, hugged me, touched your forehead to mine, apologized.

My heart was full. I had known before you were the one I wanted for the rest of my life but there, right then, I knew I loved you more than ever. My heart exploded with happiness.

We washed each other, I washed your hair and found out you don’t like using shampoo to wash your ears. We made out, made fun about how our bellies touched because they’re not perfectly trimmed.

It’s one of my happiest memories with you.

I have HPV

I was told 2 hours ago.

After 30min of crying and then another 30min of irrationally thinking, I’ve finally calmed my nerves to talk to people openly about it without looking crazy. I talked to my parents, my partner, and my friends. Everyone has assured me how common it is and given me their own experiences. Literally every other female friend I have has it. What I’m actually mad about is how uneducated I am about HPV to begin with. Up until the phone call with my gynecologist, I really had no clue what it was. My friends who have HPV didn’t even mention it once to me either. Granted I’d never ask them about their health issues unless they needed me to know or want me to know, but why is HPV held in such secrecy? My friend Lauren recommended for me to watch Ali Wong’s stand up special “baby cobra” because she talks about it in one of her sketches.

Everybody has HPV, okay? Everybody has it. It’s okay. Come out already. Everybody has it. If you don’t have it yet, you go and get it. You go and get it. It’s coming. You don’t have HPV yet, you’re a fucking loser, all right? That’s what that says about you. 

 A lot of men don’t know that they have HPV, because it’s undetectable in men. It’s really fucked up. HPV is a ghost that lives inside men’s bodies and says “Boo!” in women’s bodies.

 My doctor told me I have one of two strains of HPV. Either I have the kind that’s gonna turn into cervical cancer… or I have the kind where my body will heal itself. Very helpful, this doctor, right? So, basically, either I’m gonna die… or you’re in the presence of Wolverine, bitches. We’ll find out.

When I informed my partner that I have HPV and I’m 100% certain its from him, he was very upset (obviously). But I wasn’t blaming him for anything, I was simply telling him for informative reasons for his future partners. They need to know. Statistically if you’re a sexually active adult there is an 80% chance you’ll get HPV. Its not cancer but one certain strand is 70% more likely to cause cervical cancer in women.

This is information I never knew about and I wish I did. You can take precautionary measures with preventing HPV but really its like something that you’ll get no matter what from my irrational research across Google. They didnt have HPV vaccinations when I was in high school and even when I was 26 it was still a mythical thing that nobody really talked to me about when I went in for my yearly “well woman tests”. My mom didn’t even talk to me about it. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS?

Really, there can be worse things I can be diagnosed with. Honesty, I still don’t know because I won’t know until Thursday what strand of HPV I actually have. But even through this, I’ve found a lot of comfort in my friends with this shared little fucker. It’s opened another world for me and really made me realize that I’m 32 years old and I should’ve been taking care of my body and screenings a lot more seriously. Not only that, openly talking with your partners. 

We’ll see if i’m going to die or become Wolverine next thursday. Crossing my fingers for the latter, but either way, i’m going to be a lot more active in vocalizing my voice in this matter and hopefully you ladies somehow get the motivation to get screening done. You should get a PAP done regardless, but now HPV testing is done right along side it. So if you haven’t gotten one this year, please go. 

PS. If you have HPV, hit me up. I have so many unanswered questions and I’d really love to know your experience. 

711 speculation

Ok, so you know how in 710, Ian has pretty strong reactions whenever Mickey implies that they won’t ever see each other again?

1. When Mickey walks away from Ian under the bleachers, and Ian immediately asks how he’s gonna find Mickey (he knows he’s gonna have to).

2. After they first kiss and Mickey says, “Tell me goodbye then.”

3. The morning after in the van when Mickey says, “Am I gonna see you again?”

4. Obviously, the last scene when Mickey says, “This goodbye?”

In the second two cases, Ian gets practically mad at the thought that this could be his last time seeing Mickey. He acts kind of defensively almost, and he kisses Mickey passionately, and a little possessively both times. So, to me this indicates that Ian does not want to let go.

Yesterday, someone wrote a great post about how Mickey knows this is the end, and that he and Ian are on borrowed time. He’ll take whatever he can get. Well, I’m here to say that Ian knows that too. They both know it. They are gonna try to stay together, but it’s not under tenable circumstances. They’re just trying to hang onto each other however the fuck they can until it has to be over.

Based on those 711 promo pics, it looks like the two of them in the desert at night drinking beers may just be their last scene together. Look at Mickey’s face in the one frame. They’re gonna get a chance to finally slow down and talk, and Ian’s gonna say something (and I really don’t think Trenever has anything to do with it), and Mickey is going to make the decision to go on without him.

I don’t even think he’ll say it explicitly. I think Ian will wake up the next day, and Mickey will just be gone. They’ll be together one last time, that night, and Mickey will realize Ian needs to go back home to his family, or whatever-the-fuck, and that will be that.

So at least Ian won’t leave Mickey? 

Today at work some dudebro tried to quiz me about how to make a drink. At Starbucks. I am a fully qualified barista. At Starbucks. In fact I’m so qualified that I train OTHER people to be qualified baristas. And this guy, this neckbeard asshole, wearing a walking dead t-shirt has the AUDACITY to come into my store, my dojo, order a ‘tuxedo mocha’ and ask me to tell him ‘how i think it’s made’. And then, AND THEN, has the nerve to tell me that he’s, and I quote, ‘surprised you know what it is, most baristas don’t know the secret menu’ !!!???!!!!!? Like, listen here Ezekiel, you come into my cafe, my coffee kingdom, and insult my expansive coffee knowledge because you think no one knows what your basic ass half white mocha half regular mocha princess drink is? Like I’m some fake gamer girl but with coffee??? Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.


Angie Ruins Fire Emblem is back! Getting this comment on twitter made me finally pick up a pen and draw out a response. Now I am a little rusty, but I’m hoping to be back with consistent updates now! I don’t know exactly how often at the moment since deadline madness is here with work, but I’d like to at least have a few in a week. I do still have some asks on back log but feel free to throw the blueberry cat family some new asks too!

To the anon that asked so nicely (she says sarcastically) how could I forgive Robert for what he has done? 

Simple. I don’t have to forgive him. 

Aaron has to forgive Robert.

Robert needs to forgive Robert.

But me? He didn’t do anything to me. 

As a fan of Robert, I am mad at him, I know he is better than this even if he didn’t, I expect him to be better, I want him to prove himself because he needs to know that he can be and is enough. But I don’t need to forgive him because he is still the character that has spent more than a year being everything for Aaron and Liv. He is the same person who strives against what he thinks is his nature. He tries and tries and tries. He makes huge mistakes. I want him to grow from this. Whether on his own or with Aaron. 

But he doesn’t need my forgiveness because his pain is my pain, like Aaron’s pain is my pain and I just want to make it better. 

I don’t get why or how you don’t get his pain, anon, but that’s how you feel and that’s fine. Probably how you don’t get how I do. That’s also fine. 

I think we all have different views and definitions on what it is to fan/stan a character. I think it means you should call them out for their shit and expect better.I think you should be angry when they do things they wouldn’t under normal circumstances. (I feel anger towards Aaron and feel ANGER towards Robert.)

But to hate him? To want him to die? To call him a liar and negate everything he has done? To actually believe that he doesn’t love Aaron? When everything up until THIS ONE ACTION shows the opposite? 

I just wouldn’t feel like a fan if I did that. 

I’m not down with Robert losing everything for this mistake. I mean, yeah Rob from 2015 deserved to lost it ALL. 

This Robert? He should lose Aaron. He probably will. He will also lose the family he has come to love. That’s fine. But calling for him to lose Vic and DIane? Really? Why? He didn’t do anything to them. What he deserves is to have both of them yell at him, listen to him and support him in becoming better person. 

If I was writing this show, I would have Robert work on himself first and foremost. I would have him work on his relationship with his family (HIS FAMILY) and Liv. I would have him start therapy to learn why he feels like he can’t keep anything good. I would allow Robert to be there for Aaron if Aaron wanted him to during his aftermath from prison. But I would’t want him to go back to making Aaron his everything because that causes to much pain for everyone. I would work them back together slowly. 

But I don’t write this show and they’ll figure out a way to make it work. Some people will understand and accept it, even maybe love it. Others won’t. It’s the way it goes. 

Me? I will gladly love and support and root for Robert and Aaron through all of it. 

To you,

I am thinking of what you’re doing now and if you had your meal. Do you even think of me? I miss how things used to be. How we were before and how things have changed. Love is not a game and so as the feeling of a person. You know how much i love you and how the words i’ve said came straight from the heart. I was never mad at you. And it’s funny because no matter how hurt i am right now because of you, i still want to hug you at this very moment.

You told me that you will never hurt and will never leave me. You promised things, and of course i believed in you. I am no longer that little kid who do not understand the things around me, i am now that lady who who understand things and i wished it didn’t hurt this much. I love you, i really do. And if you’re going to ask me now, i’ll still whisper the words i always say to you.

I just miss you so much. I miss who you were and the things that you did to me. I miss your voice, the way you call my name, your laugh. I miss everything about you and it hurts to miss someone who doesn’t miss you. Right now i feel so broken because of you but i’m not blaming you. Don’t be so stubborn, i can no longer be there to remind you to all the things that you need to do, i can’t be there now to remind you to always eat on time, to take care of yourself, not to do the things that’s bad for your health, i can’t be there now, but i am praying to God to take good care of you. Don’t worry, i am just here watching you from a far, i am not going anywhere cause i want to fulfill all my promise to you even if you failed to fulfill yours.

I want you to be happy and i really hope that you’re happy now. And if you’re not happy with me then maybe it’s better just let you go. It hurts, do you know that? I don’t even know how to get up every morning. It really hurts, it hurts so damn much. I wish it doesn’t hurt this much. So here i am now, broken. It’s funny how you told me that you won’t hurt me yet what you made me feel is triple as the pain i’ve felt before. I hope i can do something to lessen the pain. I’m sorry that i wasn’t enough to keep you with me. But i want you to know that i love you. I love you so much. And maybe someday, everything will make sense.

Remember that i love you, always will.


Promptomg could you do a Seb imagine where they’re arguing and he’s really mad and almost yelling and the reader is just sitting quietly and he finally gets pissed off and asks why she’s not saying anything and she just goes “no, you go ahead, keep telling me how terrible I am” and his heart literalLY breaks and ends slightly smutty, thank u ♥

Word Count: 637

Warnings: Fighting

Author’s Note: This is short and not as much smut as I wanted, but I hope you enjoy it!

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“AND THAT’S HOW I’D WIN.” Bull shouts, slamming his pre-written notes on to the table and knocking several of the little painted figurines over.
“You’d win at Witches and Wyverns… By letting me die? Twice?” Sylvan questions.
“Excuse me, why am I the one who succumbs to madness?” Dorian asks, picking up his tiny and far too intricately painted, figurine to inspect it for damage.
“It’s the only way he can win.” Sera snorts, “His bloody character is pants.”
“It’s not pants!” Bull protests, “I’m a strategist.”
“Okay, okay.” Sylvan downs the last of his ale, “So how would you win, Dorian?”

Things you love to do:
- tell me who I am
- compete with me
- remind me of the most traumatic moments of my life
- ask questions you know I’m not ready to answer
- remind me that you have a seemingly better life than me
- rub all of your accomplishments in my face
- use me until you find someone new
- come  running back when it all goes bad
- make everything about you and your life
- ignore my texts until its convenient for you
- replicating my life and my other friends
- getting mad and cold at me but not telling me why
- being passive aggressive
- telling me how much better your other friends are
- judging every decision I make
- using the secrets I tell you against me later on
—  I love you, but you are pulling me back to where I was 2 years ago. You have put me in an awful position lately with your behaviour. I feel like I have yo choose between your life and my life, because either way I feel like one of us won’t survive this. 

Thank you for being a part of the Gotham fandom. Thank you for never being anything less than amazing and kind, thank you for understanding me and enjoying my company. Thank you for noticing my hard work and the way I am bonded with my characters. Thank you for reading my stories whenever you can. Thank you for listening to my ideas no matter how busy you are and encoraging me to keep it up. Thank you for being a great friend and a brilliant artist who always manages to knock the breath out of my lungs. Thank you for Smaylor, Neclan, Julinathy and Nygmobblepot. Thank you for sharing with all of us your talent and ideas. Thank you for being as positive as you can be and reminding me there is still a lot of good in this world when my sense of mind is fading. Thank you for being you, Hattey. I love you.

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@will-grammer….DAMMIT I FORGOT TO DRAW A REPLY! .___. u g h..I’ll do it next time don’t worry.
well anyways….no words can describe enough how grateful I am that I give so many people hope and inspiration in life, especially you..even though sometimes I don’t see it. It is my absolute pleasure to make sure a beautiful friend like you is feeling alright everyday; your mind and ideas are outstanding, and never cease to amaze me! What start off as small talks turn into hours and hours of talking haha~ What more can I ask for?

It’s funny how much you thank me, but really I should be thanking you. for letting me into your life, and listening to your ideas; for giving the chance to inspire through my artwork even though some are just silly ideas! and I should be thanking you for Neclan and Julinathy! you and Lee inspired me so much and tossed me into the shipping pit X’D

Seriously though…Thank you; you, Kelly, Lee, and everyone else whom I love in this Gotham make me full-filled everyday, especially in my darkest days. Make me cry, make me smile, make me laugh til my guts hurt or til i fall off a chair. everything!! No matter what drama goes on in this family, I will never let go. I will forever hold onto you guys with everything I got. 

I love you guys. I love you Alex!

I love you.

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I love you!

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Heard a young straight boy call his friend a Dyke as an insult today. I looked to see and was met with ‘oh look out the lesbian is mad’, I don’t know how I’m meant to react in theses situations, what am I meant to do these people despise me, not because of my sexuality to be clear, but then use it against me like it’s a weakness I have and should be ashamed of constantly asking me if I’m still with my girlfriend for no reason than to patronise me. This is the first time I’ve heard someone say Dyke outside of a joking context between friends and I feel disgusted and uncomfortable in my own skin I don’t know how to react and I hope to god someone puts these little, childish boys in their place one day cause I don’t seem to be able to